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6 Marvel Characters Joe Alwyn Would Be Perfect To Play

I should probably clarify his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or even Sony’s Spider-Man character-based franchise) as a completely hypothetical scenario at this point, but hey, things change. In fact, considering the impressive career that the 29-year-old, English actor has accrued thus far (and in such little time, too), I would not be surprised if Kevin Feige and co. are already looking into which characters Joe Alwyn would be an ideal candidate for.

That also happens to be exactly what I did in preparation for this very list, which names a handful of heroes (or villains) from the pages of Marvel Comics whom Joe Alwyn just might have the chops to pull of on the big screen. The following six characters are who came to mind, starting with one whose traditional time setting might help the actor feel right at home.

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