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51 Housewarming Gifts So Chic You’ll Want Them for Yourself

Gift giving is an elusive art—finding the one present that’s equal parts practical, personal, and thoughtful can take weeks. The best housewarming gifts in particular are difficult to pin down. Do you go the decor route, the kitchen route, or the quirky tchotchke route? How much should you spend? What do you get for your best friend versus your mother-in-law?

No matter your situation, housewarming gifts should perfectly toe the line between utility and novelty. The goal is to find a little luxury or practical trinket that the new homeowner will love but would never think to buy for themselves.

Combing through the internet archives is half the battle, so we took it upon ourselves to scour our favorite retailers in search of the 51 best housewarming gifts. From high-end olive oil and a fancy wine bottle opener to fresh flowers and handcrafted candlesticks, there’s a little something for every new homeowner (or apartment tenant!). Ahead, find the stylish and thoughtful housewarming gifts you’ll want to keep for yourself.

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