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17 Creative Virgo Tattoo Ideas That Are Full of Little Details

Virgos: It’s your season! Before it ends on September 22, are you ready to show your sign some love? Or perhaps you’re just looking to get inspired for next year? Logical, practical, and grounded—you are the ultimate Earth sign, which means you’d likely never get spur-of-the-moment ink. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered up several creative Virgo tattoo ideas that can easily be saved in a perfectly labeled folder you organized to peruse to your heart’s delight. 

From constellations to the designs seen on famous Virgos, these tattoos are full of little details that will speak to your inner earth maiden.

Virgo Maiden Symbol Tattoos

Beautiful and Bountiful 

Virgos are the earth maidens of the zodiac, often depicted as beautiful women carrying other symbols of the sign like a shaft of wheat or an ear of corn. It’s not hard to find stunning tattoos with depictions of women, so you really can’t go wrong here. This Bang Bang NYC tattoo of a woman hiding behind a mask of flowers is particularly gorgeous.

The Strong Maiden

Or you can go with a maiden in a flower crown. like this Virgo-inspired tattoo by Antiek Tattoo. Is it just us, or does her facial expression perfectly embody the sensitivity and strength of Virgos?

Flowers on the Mind

This interpretation by Bang Bang NYC is full of little details that will speak to even the most perfectionist Virgo out there. 

Kaia Gerber’s Wings

The model is no stranger to the tattoo chair, and her Virgo spirit is definitely on display with the pretty, simple designs she chooses for her ink. The wings she’s got on her ribcage is giving us some maiden vibes—in fact, Kaia herself is sort of channeling the maiden right now in this photo. 

Virgo Wheat Symbol Tattoos

Family First

Virgo’s are particularly family-oriented, so you may be drawn to this JonBoy tattoo dedicated to the most important people in your life. The leaves also feel like a nod to the Virgo symbol of wheat. Certainly, it brings to mind the family tree, growing new branches and harvesting what you sow, the essence of family and an idea worth keeping close.

Simple and Beautiful

If you’d like a more straightforward tattoo that represents the bountiful harvest, this pretty design by Bang Bang NYC is just for you. 

Virgo Earth Sign Tattoos

As the World Turns

Virgos are Earth signs—like we said, grounded. What better way to honor your sign than with an intricate piece by Dr. Woo? Wherever you go, there you are, and a Virgo on the move might like having something that doesn’t change on their body. A tat looks the same in every language.

World Leader

What about a more simple map like this one by JonBoy Tattoo? She’s got the whole world in her hands…or more accurately, on her wrist.

A Subtle Nod

The triangle is often used as a symbol for earth, and we love how this tattoo by Bang Bang NYC incorporates mountains into the design.

An Anchor

Keke Palmer—a Virgo!—has a tiny tattoo of an anchor on her ankle, a reminder to herself to always stay grounded. If that’s not an earth sign move, what is? 

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