The Best Sexy Lingerie, According to 5 Burlesque Artists

Professionally, Ariana loves a body harness for its ability to strategically highlight specific areas. “Strappy body harnesses are definitely at the top of the list for me,” she says. “I really enjoy that they give the illusion of coverage but you’re really not covering anything.” The British line Studio Pia is a current favorite. Personally, she likes to indulge in garter belts and stockings—particularly since she avoids dealing with those during her act.

As a non-cis performer, Ariana favors shapewear like corsets. “Overbust styles [such as those from pro-favorite Orchard Corset], for those who are self-conscious about lack of breasts, lend a more feminine shape while still being a beautiful piece,” she says. “Everyone’s body type is different; it’s all based on comfort level of exposure, as it is for other women.” Whatever the lingerie, she sees wearing it as self-care. “You can wear lingerie in your everyday life and just have that as a nice, little internal luxury that you have to yourself and makes you feel good,” she says. “You can wear it, like, whenever. Like Madonna wore it as outerwear in the ’80s. It’s whatever you want to make of it.”

Scott Simon

Lily Allure

Lily looks for lingerie with Old-Hollywood style. “I’m a really big fan of Rita Hayworth and the shape she’d get with her undergarments,” she says. She prefers a bra “with a good underwire” and a high-cut panty that “has a lot of leg.” She’s particularly fond of a recently purchased black bralette and high-waisted brief set from Silent Arrow, which she bought after a guy she disliked from college sent her $100 for her birthday and asked for a sexy pic. “I took a selfie over my shoulder, my ass emblazoned with little velvet ‘f*ck you’s all over,” she says. “It was glorious.”

Even attitude, however, won’t save a bad fit. Different brands are cut differently, so it’s important to know your measurements. She recommends making an appointment at a specialty store, one that deals exclusively in lingerie and offers personal consultation; some department stores like Nordstrom offer free fittings and if you don’t live near a retail location, you can get some guidance from their YouTube tutorial.

While it’s tempting to buy online, especially if it gives you the confidence to buy something sheer, strappy, crotchless, or all of the above, there’s nothing like hands-on to guarantee fit and to fall utterly in love, such as Lily’s white, netted lace bra, thong, and garter set from L’Agent. “It looks like a winter goddess, and I just feel so good in it,” she says.

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