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PatrickStarrr’s Family Gets All Dolled Up For His “Don’t” Music Video

The world already knew that PatrickStarrr was one fierce queen, but he’s showing up the whole royal family in his new music video for “Don’t.”

While Patrick serves high fashion and high class, his family looks the part for their cameos in the video. Patrick’s family got in on the fabulous wardrobe, acting as Patrick’s fans and staff of the bougie hotel where he arrives in the video.

Right from the start, Patrick’s mom, delightfully known as MamaStarrr, fangirls out over her son in a performance that’s straight out of VidCon. She’s clearly been taking notes and looks absolutely stunning in green.

PapaStarrr — that’s Patrick’s dad — dazzles in grey as he walks behind Patrick and his man in the video. I’ve never seen a top hat so perfectly worn.

Rocking his purple hair, Patrick’s brother Peter serves up PatrickStarrr’s own makeup line as the bell boy before playing a member of the band later in the video.

Patrick really put his brother Paul’s acting skills to the test, as he slips and falls carrying a stack of newspapers, no stunt double necessary.

The family appears here and there throughout the rest of the video, adding a special, personal touch to “Don’t” for Patrick. His brother, Peter, commemorated the music video shoot with a family photo.

See the whole Starrr family star in the “Don’t” music video by PatrickStarrr below.

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