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Madonna and Swae Lee Are Breathless Lovers On ‘Crave’

The soft jazz music of a noir thriller clung to the cool nighttime air like an evening breeze. Car horns popped softly in the distance and the chatter of the after-nightclub crowds grew dimmer. A mysterious man in a pinstripe suit stood in a wide alleyway between two closed restaurants with a cigarette in his mouth, unlit, and his left leg in a triangle as he leaned against a wall. 

After a few moments, a woman with frosty blonde hair turned the corner and slowly walked towards him. She looked fierce, tired, and ready to call it a night. Her eyes were locked on the manilla folder in the man’s hand that he gently flicked when she got close. He sighed, told her that she was late with the air of a teacher’s nagging tone, and handed it to her. She opened it and looked at its contents, smiling. Inside was a picture of Swae Lee. “Your next mission, if you proceed to take it, is to make a song with this chap,” the man said. The man reached for a lighter from his breast pocket and prepared to explain the task’s parameters. When he looked back up, the woman was gone. The folder too.


Madonna has intertwined her voice with Swae Lee for a happy new record about innocent love called “Crave.” The pair are obsessed partners who realize the power of their attraction and aren’t afraid to test the waters. The track is set to appear on Madonna’s forthcoming espionage-themed album Madame X that’s set to drop on June 14. It’s nearly impossible to listen to this without a smile sneaking to the corners of your face. Listen to it, you owe yourself that much on this beautiful Friday morning.

It’s not quite pleading, per se, but “Crave” bounces along with a frantic tone, one of grasping for affection that’s just out of reach. The pair’s manufactured love for each other here is heavy and the lip-biting is steamy. Madonna sighs and sings breathlessly of her NEED for her partner. She’s far away from home and she misses the safe space of her partner – her head nuzzled on his shoulder. Swae Lee joins her for a breezy chorus about feelings that never fade and strong, dangerous love. “‘Cause you’re the one I crave/And my cravings get dangerous,” the pair sing together, their voices twisting themselves around each other until they lock in place. The goosebumps then fall down your shoulders.

“Crave” is the latest of the vast world that Madame X will explore. Last week, she released an empowering anthem about resilience, “I Rise,” featuring the voice of Stoneman Douglas shooting survivor Emma González. Last month, she released “Medellín,” a tropical anthem with Maluma.

Listen to the song up above.

“Good job, agent,” the man said, curling the cord of the pay phone around his fingers. “The payment that we discussed will be in the account shortly.” He hung up the phone and walked off into the hustle and bustle of a New York morning in Times Square. The woman with the frosty blonde hair put down the phone and nuzzled the fur on her cat’s head beside her. She reclined into the couch, smiling.

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