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Kate Middleton Just Dyed Her Hair Even Blonder

There are few heads of hair on the planet more discussed, dissected, and photographed than Kate Middleton‘s. Long before she was the Duchess of Cambridge, and future Queen Consort, Prince William‘s then-girlfriend and enviable long, brown hair became a staple in the world press.

Since then, royal watchers (and beauty fans) have clocked every style and color change Middleton has made. Her 2016 bangs were hotly debated (I loved them and sort of wish they’d make a comeback) and some theorize that certain changes in her hair indicate a pregnancy. Lately, she seems to be having fun playing with her color.

Last month, she debuted some gorgeous honey-blond highlights while dropping Prince George and Princess Charlotte off at Thomas’s Battersea for their first day of school.

Aaron Chown/Getty Images

And at Wednesday’s royal engagement at the Natural History Museum in London, it appears she’s changed her hair once again. While it’s hard to tell what’s hair color and what’s lighting, fans online are speculating that the Duchess has gotten even more highlights since last month’s update. Because royals aren’t like other celebrities, we rarely get to learn the details of their beauty routines from their glam squads or the Duchesses themselves—so it’s unlikely we’ll get a confirmation. But the photos more or less speak from themselves. Lighting, color lifting, whatever the effect, her hair looks shiny, vibrant, and healthy.

Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images
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