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Grammys 2019: Lady Gaga and Ryan Seacrest Had an Awkward Red Carpet Moment

The 2019 Grammys is shaping up to be big night for Lady Gaga, who took home two awards before the show even started. However, the evening got off to a slightly awkward start thanks to a fumble during her interview with Ryan Seacrest. To be clear, it was totally benign—that doesn’t make it any less funny, though.

Here’s what happened: During their chat, Seacrest listed off all the impressive milestones Gaga has accomplished this year and still has to come. “Next is the Oscars, and a live performance with Bradley [Cooper] at the Oscars,” he said before pointing the mic toward Gaga. But he never actually asked her a question, and Gaga called him out for it.

“You’re like, ‘Answer my question but I’m not asking one,'” she said, laughing. Seacrest seemed to be in good spirits, as well, saying, “I’m just acknowledging all the success and the talent.”

He ended the interview with an attempt to make light of the flub. “And here’s me not asking a question: We’ll be right back,” Seacrest said. Gaga just stood there with her mouth agape and looking around like she was confused. It’s unclear if she was actually stunned or just playing along with Seacrest. Eventually, she looked at the camera one last time and said to the audience “We’ll see you later.” Live television, folks! What can I say?

Check out the video for yourself, below:

Twitter can’t get enough of this moment. Here are just a few reactions:

“I’m not gonna be able to wear any makeup tonight,” Gaga wrote on Twitter after she won her first Grammy of the evening. “We just won our first of Grammy nominations for the night. I’m in tears with honor and gratitude. Thank you @RecordingAcad #Grammys #Grammy and my co-writers and Bradley I love you so much thank you.”

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