Bebe Rexha Has One More Night To Enjoy Her Vices In ‘Last Hurrah’

Earlier this week, Bebe Rexha was nominated for Best New Artist at the 61st Grammy Awards. Today, she’s planning on putting all of her wildest vices to sleep. She has released a new single, “Last Hurrah,” and its weird, oddly mesmerizing, accompanying video. Listen to her new tune below and check out some computer characters holding each other.

“Last Hurrah” is all about tomorrow. The singer rapidly lists the things that she’s done with – drinking, smoking, playing, joking, dating – before revealing that she has one more night to indulge in these vices. On the enormous chorus that she belts, Rexha reveals that tonight’s the night that she goes past the limit, taking in everything until she literally can’t take anymore. “Once I start / I ain’t gonna stop ’til I go too far,” she sings as if she’s convincing herself that she has the power to quit after this.

The accompanying lyric video could have very well served as the official visual due to how imaginative it is. We follow CGI characters in a stunning red atmosphere in various modes of embrace as the lyrics float in front of the characters. It feels oddly futuristic.

“Last Hurrah” is Rexha’s first single of 2019. She released her debut studio album Expectations in June. Check out the wild lyric video above.

21 Savage Speaks Out For The First Time Since His ICE Arrest On Good Morning America

21 Savage has given his first public interview to Good Morning America following his release from detention by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement earlier this week. In a discussion with GMA‘s Linsey Davis, he spoke more about his situation and the circumstances of his arrest.

At the beginning of the seven-minute discussion, 21 Savage explains what happened during his arrest. “I was just driving and I seen guns and blue lights and then I was in the back of a car and I was gone,” he says. The rapper later says that the arresting officials said, “We got Savage,” prompting Davis to wonder aloud if the situation was set up beforehand. “It was definitely targeted,” he says.

Later in the interview, 21 Savage also responds to the running belief that his recent performance of “A Lot,” with changed lyrics reflecting the country’s border situation, had something to do with his arrest. “My lawyers think that,” he says. “I don’t really know, I can’t really say. I would see why people think that, but I really can’t say.” Alex Spiro, a member of the legal team hired by Jay-Z to investigate 21 Savage’s situation, revealed to GMA additionally that the rapper’s celebrity status is also believed to be central to the arrest and subsequent extended detainment.

21 Savage was detained on February 3 by ICE for being in the United States illegally, revealing that he was born in the United Kingdom and had apparently overstayed his visa for more than a decade. Check out the full conversation below.

Rising Rapper Phora Has Been Going Hard For Nearly A Decade — Just Ask His Legions Of Fans

By Ural Garrett

On a rainy, February weekend at a rented Crescent Hills Drive home with a wide view of Los Angeles, Phora is putting the finishing touches on his Valentine’s Day release, “i still love you.” The track’s arrival was hinted at on his Instagram weeks before the drop, giving fans a taste of what to expect from a song that has him more in touch with his melodic side than ever.

“It’s just me tapping into my natural roots,” the 24-year-old rapper tells MTV News. “I’m really pushing the limit to my vocal range. I’ve been really practicing with vocal harmonies and stuff like that. It’s not a rap song. I guess you could call it an R&B song. It’s just my style and me taking a new approach. It’s the same me, just a new approach.”

That same evolving approach when discussing “i still love you” and its accompanying music video is mapped out in typical Phora fashion which, as always, revolves around his fans. Active for nearly a decade, Phora, born Marco Anthony Archer, has amassed over 2 million followers across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and music videos with eight-figure view counts. Coupled with the accounts for his signature Yours Truly apparel brand, his audience is closer to 3 million.

His considerable following hasn’t yet translated to smashing chart success. But just last year he made national headlines by nearly starting a riot at the busy, Los Angeles intersection of Hollywood and Highland while conducting a meet-and-greet at the sneaker store Shoe Palace. Eight people were reportedly hospitalized at the event, where Phora gave out free shoes and Yours Truly swag to hungry fans. Around the same time, he shut down an Orange County mall after giving away $15,000 in cash and even free gas for three hours at a local gas station.

“The fans are the foundation and sometimes artists don’t understand that and they think, oh, it’s just me because I’m a superstar who was just born with this talent,” explained Phora. “Nah, bro. You may have talent but if you let your fans down and they say, ‘You know what? Fuck this dude,’ you’re going to be left with nothing.”

Part of the mindset comes from Phora’s humble beginnings in Anaheim, California, a city better known as the home of Disneyland, where he was not only the victim of a stabbing when he was 15 years old, but two shootings as well — including one in 2015 where he was shot three times in the back. Pouring all those stories into a consistent album and mixtape run that hasn’t let up since 2010, Phora has grown an army of fans that helped him secure a deal with Warner Bros. Records in 2017. His Warner Bros. debut, Yours Truly Forever, dropped that same year, while the follow-up, Love Is Hell, was released in 2018.

“That’s the foundation and I treat my fans like family because, in a deeper sense, everyone is human no matter who you are and I feel like a lot of those people aren’t just fans,” said Phora. “They’re people who have been through the same kind of shit that I’ve been through. You know, relationship shit, family shit, life shit or whatever the case may be. I feel like 99 percent of people — if not 100 percent of those people — have been in my same shoes before at some point in time.”

Phora’s eyes light up when speaking about his fans, even more so when he’s asked about the first note of support he received on his 2010 YouTube debut, “Graff History.” “I feel the verse from, 2:10 to 2:24,” the commenter said. “Kinda relate to it. Good song though.”

“I haven’t seen it,” answered Phora. “I’m going to check that person out and find that person and look for that person and I’m going to hunt them down.”

The track came from RePhlections Of The Truth Mixtape Vol. 1, a project that established him as something of a rap purist. It’s a far cry from his more contemporary, melodic efforts on last year’s Love Is Hell, which featured guest appearances from G-Eazy, Tory Lanez and 6lack, among others. Love Is Hell’s title track also features Trippie Redd. That may have possibly alienated some of Phora’s loyal followers, his earlier material being more rooted in rap traditionalism than the emo-rap sound Redd and his peers have perfected. However, he doesn’t feel like he has anything to prove to the vocal naysayers in the video’s comments.

“I feel like I paid my dues and that was a big part of my life where I showed my respect and gave my respect to hip-hop, from opening up for Rakim to Talib Kweli,” Phora explains. “I don’t want to have a certain sound or be labeled as a ‘insert here’ rapper. I don’t want to sound like anyone else cause I don’t want to be labeled. I wanted to tell my own story with my own sound and that’s it.”

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Phora performs at the 2018 Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles.

Anyone who’s followed Phora over the years understands the other leg of his story involves his Yours Truly clothing brand. He says the brand has taken on life of its own to the point where he’s had to manage over 20 employees on his payroll.

“On the Yours Truly side, you have manufacturing, shipping, shipping fulfillment, screen printers, and ordering blank apparels like hoodies. Sometimes, we gotta go overseas,” he said. “It’s a good thing but, I don’t have an answer for how it’s grown so far and so rapidly.”

What he does understand is the next phase for Yours Truly: a flagship store opening February 24 on Los Angeles’ streetwear capital, Fairfax Avenue. Phora wants his line to be synonymous with the other stores in the area are known for the likes of Supreme, Golf, Dope, and The Hundreds.

“They’ve been doing it longer than we have so we’re like the little bro,” said Phora. “The thing about us and the main reason why we’ve been so successful is because we study. To master the game, you have to be a student first and we look at everything they do. We’re not arrogant to the reality that people have been doing this for a long time.”

While Phora adds to his juggling act, he’s also recording new music for his next album which, at the moment, doesn’t have a concept or theme, other than providing a space for him to unleash all his “emotions, feelings and shit.” 2019 will also be the year he expands his Yours Truly record label, as he begins searching for a diverse array of producers and artists.

“Whether you make happy music, sad music, R&B, whether you play piano and sing ballads, whether you got bars and you really wanna rap your ass off. We looking for anyone that’s talented,” he says. “I want to have a fortress. I want to give everybody an opportunity to shine.”

Releasing new music, owning a full-fledged clothing brand, pleasing his rabid fanbase, and putting the gears in motion to grow his label family would cause anyone to eventually burnout. However, for the sake of the people who put him in this position, Phora doesn’t see himself letting up off the gas anytime soon.

“I feel like a lot of artist have a disconnect with fans and the reason my fanbase is so strong is because I go out of my way to talk to people to look into people’s lives and get a better understanding,” Phora says. “With that, I know how people feel and they just want someone to relate to. People don’t want to feel alone.”

Robyn Lets The Youth Have The Spotlight In ‘Send To Robin Immediately’ Video

Robyn‘s music radiates a thick, sweet musk that is heavy on emotion and atmosphere. Her eighth studio album Honey dropped in October. “Send To Robin Immediately,” one of the LP’s standout tunes, is perhaps one of its most breezy numbers and it has finally received its due video accompaniment. Taste the experience below.

“Send To Robin Immediately” is all about the collective dream that it immerses the viewer in; from its opening forest scene made up of dancing kids and mountains of wafting mists, to the behind the shoulders viewpoint of its ending that follows a trek through a vast field. In between these shots and sets are vignettes of youth that either recalls memories or make you anxious to create similar ones of your own. Shirtless lovers embrace on a dock as the sun burns into the surrounding river, teenagers sit precariously perched on a cliff at night time basking in the beauty of a far off city’s lights, a spinning camera captures a pair’s passionate kiss followed by genuine, heart-racing smiles. Robyn’s weightless vocals and the ethereal production round out the mystifying experience.

In December, Robyn released an equally captivating video for Honey‘s title track. In contrast to the fuzziness of “Send To Robin Immediately,” the video for “Honey” centers around warmth that comes from its red hues and influx of nameless, voiceless, dancing bodies. If it wasn’t clear yet through the course of her 24-year career, Robyn knows exactly what she’s doing with this video thing.

Cardi B And Bruno Mars Sample Jodeci For Steamy Duet ‘Please Me’

Cardi B and Bruno Mars collaborated last year on “Finesse (Remix)” and showcased how their opposing styles – her direct, bouncy punchlines and his stirring, slicing vocals – connected together flawlessly. The pair have now released a follow-up duet, “Please Me.” Instead of retreading “Finesse (Remix)”‘s jubilant ground, their new duet acts like a sexy spiritual sequel that deals in terms of lust. Take a listen to the track below.

It’s immediately clear what’s going on from the moment that the steamy production of “Please Me” begins. The tune sample’s Jodeci‘s sensual 1995 hit “Freek’N You,” an essential tune to score anyone’s bedroom olympics. Similarly, “Please Me” travels to the bedroom, but takes place before anything happens. Cardi and Bruno are two characters; Cardi’s the sexy siren, teasing her partner with her moves, figure, and promises of things to come, and Bruno’s on the receiving end of this sexual punishment, with the promise of imminent intimacy driving him crazy with anticipation. While Cardi breaks down an itinerary of the coming events if she decides to let him sample what’s on the chef’s menu, Bruno turns into the human heart-eyed emoji, pleading for carnal activity.

Cardi B had one heck of a night at the 61st Grammy Awards, making history as the first solo female Rap Album Grammy winner for Invasion of Privacy (she later shared the accolade with the late Mac Miller) and giving one of the night’s most energetic performances of her 2018 tune “Money.”

Cardi and Bruno’s new duet comes after the release of “Money” in October and the brief snippet of a new song she shared on Instagram in December. These could be the bread crumbs leading us to the grand prize – another solo LP.

Watch Lauv And Troye Sivan Haunt Cutesy Couples In ‘I’m So Tired’ Video

Love is all around this Valentine’s Day, but if you’re just not feelin’ the mood, Lauv and Troye Sivan have the video for you.

After releasing their collab “i’m so tired…” last month, the heartbreak kings become “love-scorned ghosts” in the accompanying, DAD-directed clip. It opens with Lauv singing on the roof of a diner and crashing a cute couple’s date, sourly shoving a straw into their milkshake. When Troye’s verse kicks in, the scene moves to a suburban road, where he casually sits atop another couple’s car as they make out inside. Ugh, PDA, am I right?

All the while, the third-wheelers offer up an all-too-relatable sentiment: “I’m so tired of love songs, tired of love songs, tired of love songs, tired of love / Just wanna go home, wanna go home, wanna go home, whoa.”

In a statement about the vintage-filtered vid, Lauv said, “In ‘i’m so tired…’, Troye and I are bitter heartbroken ghosts amidst super-in-love couples who are being… all in love. It was freezing. Troye was harnessed on top of a car and I almost fell off a diner. It was fun.”

Troye added, “The ‘i’m so tired…’ video sees Lauv and I become heartbroken, love-scorned ghosts messing with the loved up couples around us. It was such a good time to make.”

Cardi B’s Pianist, Chloe Flower, Can’t Stop Laughing At Your Grammy Memes

By Emilee Lindner

It only took a few minutes for Cardi B’s performance at the Grammys to go viral on Sunday. Or, more specifically, her pianist went viral. Chloe Flower, with some divine ferociousness, flew her fingers all over a crystal-encrusted piano and then plunked out the monstrous bass line of “Money,” maintaining intense eye contact with the camera the whole time. Inches away, Cardi twerked and her dancers spread-eagled in unison. It wasn’t until she met up with Cardi at an afterparty that she realized she was now internet famous.

“Are you on Twitter?” Cardi asked. “Because you’re all over it.” Chloe checked her phone.

“There were all these memes,” Flower told MTV News. “Like ‘Walking into my meeting like…’ Then they would show my face looking at the camera. It made me laugh so hard.”

Overnight, Chloe gained 50,000 followers across social media. The next day, she signed an exclusive deal with Sony Music.

But this moment has been long in the making. She began tinkling the ivories at 2 years old, eventually training at Manhattan School of Music and Juilliard. In 2010, she signed with Babyface’s Soda Pop Records, laying down piano instrumentals. In sessions with the legendary R&B producer, she picked up production skills — “I don’t like to take breaks, and some of the producers there were taking breaks, so I ended up learning the programming myself.” Since then, she’s produced tracks for Celine Dion, Nas, and 2 Chainz.

On Instagram, you can find Chloe delicately remixing pop songs like Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” or Drake’s “Don’t Matter to Me.” She wears designer gowns and five-inch heels. She plays on Liberace’s own glass piano, on loan to her by the Liberace Foundation. When Cardi saw her account, she got the Grammy gig.

Rehearsals had Chloe practicing her fierceness — something that she honed in on by channeling Beyoncé. Cardi inspired Chloe as well, along with the all-female team who made the whole thing happen: creative director Tanisha Scott, stylist Brookelyn Styles, and many others.

“Being with [Cardi] in the studio, knowing her work ethic, her work ethic is intense,” she said. “She doesn’t just show up and do it, she’s involved.” As for the Best Rap Album trophy Cardi took home on Sunday? “She deserves that.”

On the day of the performance, Chloe was similarly disciplined: She woke up early, hopped into an infrared sauna to sweat for 30 minutes and then started to practice. Because eating makes her sleepy and nervous, she eats very little on performance days, only fruits and vegetables. And in the week leading up to the ceremony, she secluded herself, avoiding pre-Grammy shindigs and dinners with friends — no matter how tempting. In her dressing room she requested a keyboard, where she could practice some more. “I try to mentally prepare,” Chloe said. “It’s a very regimental form. I can play perfectly from home any time, but when you’re in front of a huge audience and the pressure’s there, it becomes real.”

That sort of mental state is indicative of her everyday regimen as well. She practices at least 10 hours a day, sometimes up to 14 hours, but not always in the gowns you see on Instagram. “I’m either in my couture or in sweatpants,” she said. “I don’t, like, own a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I’m always really dressed up or I’m in sweats. Like sweats sweats. Like those huge ones.”

Onstage, Chloe wore a Fouad Sarkis gown that was decided on so late that it was held together with tape. Originally, she was supposed to wear a leggy rockstar-esque dress, but that simply wouldn’t do. “When Cardi saw it, she was like, ‘I want her to look more extravagant. And I want her to look more couture. She’s not going to stand out enough in a short dress.’”

“Because the dress was picked so last minute, my stylist was on the floor underneath me, making adjustments like right before the gate was lifted,” Chloe said. “It was close.”

And because Flower works closely with the Liberace Foundation, they loaned her another piano for the performance — the one Cardi danced on. “If Cardi’s going to be twerking on a piano, it should be that one,” Chloe said. “I know Liberace was up there smiling.”

She wrote a colorful intro to “Money” — one that was completely different from the thunderous track, something to trick the viewer into thinking they were watching a classical recital. Perhaps her elegant-to-baddie mood change was why we were all drawn to her in the first place. Making the piano look badass only helps her overall goal: to promote music education. “I want the world to know that part of the reason I did this is I really want kids to be excited about learning instruments,” she said.

With her newfound fame and Sony deal, Chloe has plans for a covers album with original orchestration — “an iconic female album,” she calls it. She dreams of working with Beyoncé and Ariana Grande, and becoming a go-to producer. “There are not that many female producers out there,” she said. “Which is why I wanna be one of the female producers that people work with.”

And you definitely will be seeing her on stage again. “My ideal concert would be dancers everywhere, pretty sets, piano,” she said. “I loved being on stage with all those girls.”

Lizzo Makes The Guys Cry Tears Of Joy In ‘Cuz I Love You’ Video

Lizzo‘s new album comes out soon so it’s only right that today she releases the video to the song’s powerful title track. The enormous vocal presence here is astounding and, somehow, the black and white visual manages to match the effort in sheer scale. There’s just one thing missing – her fierce woodwind instrument, Sasha Flute. Take a look at the video below.

From the very beginning, things seem just a bit off. From the framing of the camera to the accompanying revealing vocals, it seems like Lizzo is confessing her sins to a priest. But things aren’t all that they seem; she’s actually talking to a significant other who’s incarcerated. As she belts high vocals she becomes the head of her own congregation of chiseled men who stream tears as her vocals soar higher and higher. The entire time, the monochrome presentation paints a retro picture that her exaggerated makeup backs up. It’s a weird, nostalgic experience.

Cuz I Love You is right around the corner and, because of it, we’re seeing more Lizzo than ever before. Last week, she gave The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon perhaps the funkiest show in its history with a disco-ball themed performance of “Juice.” Her performance of the record on Ellen in January was equally spectacular, incorporating both the audience and Sasha Flute for a flashy preview of what to expect when her album hits stores in April. She’ll also be embarking on a tour in support of the LP that same month, so get tickets to hear “Cuz I Love You” and “Juice” live. Who knows, Sasha Flute may even make an appearance

Katy Perry And Zedd Basically Star In Their Own Black Mirror Ep In Freaky ‘365’ Video

Two years ago, Katy Perry‘s “Bon Appetit” video turned the pop star into an actual banquet of food feasted upon by hungry (and presumably wealthy) onlookers. That era of “purposeful pop” might be behind her, but in her latest video for “365” with Zedd, Perry once again finds herself the center of attention — only this time, she’s an android.

As scientists work to transform her A.I. shell into Stepford-wife perfect, Perry sings about falling too hard into something that might just be meant as a fling. You might not even notice what the song’s “about” at first though, because — I can’t stress this enough — Katy Perry plays a frightening robotic 1950s housewife. And Zedd is her human test subject.

When she’s not being a Fifth Element-ized Betty Draper in the dining room, an androgynous Perry delivers the song in a vividly dark-red lab room rocking a look reminiscent of known Ghostbusters foe Gozer the Gozerian (with a touch of Max Headroom). But with her subtle tweaks and twitches, she’s even more unsettling in her humanlike form.

Because there’s a robot involved — much like in Kehlani’s latest clip for “Nights Like This” — there’s obviously a twist, but you’ll have to watch for yourself to find out what it is. Perry promoted “365” on her social accounts with a poster that makes it look like a terrifying dystopian sci-fi horror movie, and hey, maybe it is. And maybe there’s even more where it came from?

Check out all the madness above and try to answer the query posed in the video’s prologue: “Define love.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

Offset Relives His Violent 2018 Crash In ‘Red Room’ Video

Now that the “Win Cardi B Back” campaign is finally over, Offset is moving full steam ahead with the rollout of his forthcoming album that’s coming out on February 22. Today, he has released the video for the lead single, “Red Room.” Take a look at the reflective visual below that, yes, involves a literal red room.

The “Red Room” song itself is about Offset’s upbringing and come-up, looking back at the circumstances that contributed to getting him where he is at today – both good and bad. It makes sense that the accompanying video follows the same format, giving the viewer glimpses of these situations and events in three-second windows. We see the rapper as a child, follow him as he commits robberies, then take a trip to the clink with him as the result of his actions. After experiencing the rush of Offset’s younger, wilder days, the viewer then relives his 2018 car crash from the passenger’s seat. We see the rapper, wounded, limping away from the car which has become a mangled heap.

The release of the video comes after the revealing album trailer he dropped earlier this week, featuring previously unseen footage of Cardi B giving birth to the couple’s daughter, Kulture. At the 61st Grammy Awards on Sunday, Offset’s tongue became a meme as he stared at Cardi B’s performance of “Money” from the audience.