King Princess Makes Rock Her Kingdom In ‘Ohio’

King Princess has figured out the art of the tease. She’s released the wildly old-timey video for “Ohio” today. The song is actually out now officially, but fans have been hearing her perform it since the release of her 2018 EP, Make My Bed. Everyone’s always wondered when the track would be out in high quality and, now, it’s finally here. Equal parts soul, blues, funk, and pyrokinesis, King Princess’s “Ohio” will melt your smartphone, car speaker, and whatever other listening devices are in the immediate vicinity.

I mentioned this clip as a video up top, but it isn’t really in the traditional sense. It’s more of an unraveling of King Princess’s psyche in real-time on stage. It starts off with the singer in retro garb, wooing the audience of an intimate venue with “Ohio”‘s warm and emotional opening. “How’s it been in Ohio, babe?/ Do you think about me/ When you’re going home,” she sings to a partner. The song’s about King Princess missing her lovely girlfriend who’s moved and left her alone. Instead of wallowing in her misery though, King Princess flips a switch, turning this initially whispering gem into an explosion of sounds, colors, moods, and voices.

Once the song changes into a screaming contest for guitars, the video changes too. King Princess sheds her hair and we’re shown her gigantic performance on a stage through rapidly changing cameras and lights flashing as fast as possible. This fiery show features her laying on the stage, seemingly overwhelmed by the sheer chaos of the moment. And just when you think it’s over, she jumps back up and the lights kick up the intensity. Guitars get smashed and drum sets get destroyed. There aren’t too many words that can describe the genuine beastliness of the moment other than the fact that it’s fucking awesome.

“Ohio” is set to appear on the deluxe edition of King Princess’s debut studio album, Cheap Queen, that’s set to come out on Valentine’s Day. Billboard reports that the new version of the LP will feature unreleased songs like “Best Friend,” “Back of a Cab,” “All Dressed in White,” and more.

Check out the fireball that is “Ohio” up above.

Kim Petras Gives A Big ‘Fuck You’ To Love On New Song ‘Reminds Me’

If being bombarded with teddy bears and candy hearts all week is making you want to puke, Kim Petras has the anti-Valentine’s song for you. On Tuesday (February 11), the German pop star dropped “Reminds Me,” which is basically the thematic cousin to last year’s sulky but slinky “All I Do Is Cry.” Here, Petras asserts that she doesn’t want to keep crying, but after so many sleepless nights thinking about her ex, she’s on her last leg.

“I can’t play that song ’cause it reminds me of you / I can’t watch that show ’cause it reminds me of you,” Petras begins, spilling her thoughts over a springy R&B beat. As per usual, it’s her vocals — one minute, chilly and distant; the next, anguished and in your face — that cut the deepest. “I’m stuck, fucked up, fuck love … You left me cold, you left the pain, you took my soul,” she vents on the ice-cold breakup bop.

“Reminds Me” is Petras’s first new song of 2020, following her stellar breakout year. Her debut album, Clarity, arrived last June, followed by the Halloween-themed Turn Off The Light project in October. But 2020 is looking even bigger and brighter for the 27-year-old. Along with hitting the stage at Coachella in April, Petras announced on Tuesday that she’s joining the European leg of Camila Cabello‘s The Romance Tour.

Hopefully Petras will keep up the momentum and continue blessing us with more music as the year rolls on. In the meantime, revisit her recent interview and stylish photoshoot with MTV News.

Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, And Lil Yachty Brought The Spirit Of Sonic The Hedgehog To Kimmel

Wiz Khalifa, Lil Yachty, Ty Dolla $ign,  and Sueco The Child were the musical guests on last night’s (February 10) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and dashed around the stage for a zippy performance of their recently released Sonic The Hedgehog collab, “Speed Me Up.” Their motor-mouthed verses carried the spirit of the anthropomorphic blue hedgehog onto the stage and if it were as if it, itself, was Kimmel‘s first digital guest.

When Sonic runs in the videogames, his feet propel him so fast that, sometimes, clouds of smoke are left in his wake when he takes off. So for Wiz Khalifa and the crew’s “Speed Me Up” performance, the stage wasn’t filled with mist; it was Sonic’s natural exhaust.

Behind them, a giant screen showed clips from the official music video as well as the movie. Wiz shuffled around stage first, joined by Lil Yachty who rapped dizzyingly fast without stumbling over his words. Ty Dolla $ign came third and switched up some key lyrics to pay homage to Kobe Bryant who died last month, singing “Rings on me like Kobe Bryant, rings on me like number 8.” Sueco The Child appeared last and ended the race in a four-way tie. I’m sure they all need a breather, and a bottle of water, after this sprightly spit fest.

Wiz Khalifa and the guys released the video for “Speed Me Up” in January. The visual finds the four digitized into cohorts of Sonic and race through colorful, movie-inspired levels.

Sonic The Hedgehog will be out on Valentine’s Day so, if you’re single (or have the coolest partner in the world), you’ll be in for a treat. Its star hero will have its revamped design after it was initially criticized following a trailer that dropped last April.

Check out Wiz Khalifa, Lil Yachty, Ty Dolla $ign, and Sueco The Child’s “Speed Me Up” performance on Kimmel up above.

Billie Eilish’s ‘Bury A Friend’ Was Inspired By Sleep Paralysis

Billie Eilish‘s “Bury A Friend” details a strange and slightly horrifying relationship that the singer has with a monster that lurks beneath her bed, who also happens to be her. In its video, you can see her doppelganger, with soulless holes for eyes, threatening to swallow the singer whole. It’s everyone’s worst fear: a monster, near them, when they’re at their most vulnerable while tucked tightly into fresh bedsheets. And according to Eilish in a new interview with Ok! Magazine, it’s this fearful, sleep-related thought that inspired the song.

What’s worse than a monster under your bed? Not being able to move. You’ve experienced the uneasy feeling at one point or another and, each time, you just want to hide under the covers. For everyone, it’s different. But, often, people see, what they believe, are spirits, demons, or other denizens of the night that can keep you awake, and frozen, until the morning comes.

Eilish elaborated on this feeling in her interview. “I have these terrifying dreams,” she said. “Sleep paralysis,  night terrors. It’s like the whole night is terrifying and then I wake up.” She continued on, tying it into “Bury A Friend.” “I probably wouldn’t have made that song the way it is if I hadn’t had sleep paralysis and nightmares.”

It turns out, in this case, that sleep paralysis is good. “Bury A Friend” peaked at No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has been certified platinum. The album it comes from, When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? has not only went double platinum, but it’s also won the trophies for Best Pop Vocal Album and Album of the Year at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

Billie Eilish, Beatles Superfan, Covered A Classic For Her Oscars Performance

Last year, Billie Eilish told MTV, “I think if you listen to my music… there’s so much Beatles inspiration in there, if you really listen for it.” On Sunday night (February 9), the 18-year-old wunderkind brought that love for the Fab Four to the Oscars stage, beautifully covering “Yesterday” for the awards show’s In Memoriam tribute.

With her brother and collaborator, Finneas, accompanying her on piano, Eilish sat on a stool for the moving performance and stunned the crowd with her delicate, whispery vocals. “Now I long for yesterday,” she sang, as images of deceased legends — including everyone from Kobe Bryant to Doris Day — flashed on the screen behind her. She even pulled off a dramatic costume change for the occasion — after posing in a white pantsuit for the carpet, she and Finneas sported matching all-black outfits for the stage.

Eilish once sang, “You really know how to make me cry,” and she definitely managed to get the tears flowing with her Academy Awards debut.

Earlier on Sunday, Eilish teased her Beatles cover by writing on her Instagram Story, “honored to be performing during the in memoriam segment for the oscars tonight covering a song i’ve always loved.” Her Oscars moment comes just two weeks after she gave a similarly heartbreaking performance of “When the Party’s Over” at the Grammys. On that night, she swept the big four categories, winning Album, Record, and Song of the Year, as well as Best New Artist. Clearly, her awards show party is far from over.

Justin Bieber, His Mustache, And Quavo Serenaded The Audience With An Awesome SNL Performance

It’s been seven long years since Justin Bieber performed on Saturday Night LiveHe had a pompadour haircut back then and he handed roses to girls in the audience like a true teenage heartthrob. He made his highly-anticipated return to the show last night (February 8) and gave two thrilling performances that debuted his pompadour-like mustache. Ahead of the release of his return album, ChangesBieber pulled out all the stops.

Bieber’s first performance was for “Yummy” which was built around the stage being shaped like a green box. Initially, he was joined on stage by three instrumentalists bringing a tender mood to the vibrant song. After the brief intro, backup dancers made their way to the stage, flanking him on both sides. They began to follow a hip-hop-influenced routine that Bieber couldn’t help but jump into, fluidly matching their movements and intensity while an enormous grin enveloped the bottom half of his face. It must have felt great to return to the show’s legendary stage with a show of this magnitude.

Later in the night, Bieber’s box-shaped stage turned into a living lyric box for “Intentions.” You read that right. As Bieber and his array of dancers flung around the dimly light stage, blue and pink neon lights would take the shape of words from the song, allowing fans to sing along if they hadn’t heard it yet (after all, the song did just release a day before the show). Quavo came out on stage halfway though, swapping out with the backup dancers. The rapper seemingly absorbed their collective energy and became a dance machine, advising Bieber, towards the end, of which way to move his body as the two performers swayed side-to-side. Following a brief period of prancing up and down like they were shaking a soda bottle, the pair hugged it out before heading off the stage.

Both “Yummy” and “Intentions” are set to appear on Bieber’s forthcoming album, Changes, that drops on Valentine’s Day. The LP will also feature “Get Me,” his collaboration with Kehlani. Bieber also released a remix of “Yummy” that features Summer Walker. The way that it’s named though, suggests that more than one rendition will be coming out.

Check out Justin Bieber’s return SNL performances up above.

‘Cash Rules’ Everything Around Iyla In Her Luxe New Video

After returning with last month’s ex-blasting “Tattoo Tears,” Iyla has a few more things to get off her chest. On Friday (February 7), the rising R&B/pop singer released the EP Other Ways To Vent, which includes a new single, “Cash Rules.” Though its title may suggest Iyla’s all about flaunting her riches, she’s actually doing the opposite, calling out her man for having fucked-up priorities.

“You say cash rules everything around you, what above love?” she asks, before further posing, “What about us? What about trust?” In the Embryo-directed video, she continues insisting her partner is “focused on the wrong things,” even as she dresses in her most luxurious fashions (peep that blinged-out, ruby-encrusted headpiece!) and dines on heaps of gold chains resembling spaghetti.

The song, of course, interpolates the classic “cash rules everything around me” mantra from Wu-Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” In homage to the original, “Cash Rules” features original Wu member Method Man, who raps from a penthouse apartment about giving “Little Miss-Over-The-Top” exactly what she needs out of a partner: “No you don’t care about the things that I got / You only care about me giving everything that I got.”

In a press release, Iyla explained that the video is all about “the disconnect between love and money.” She added, “The messy deteriorated house we’re in represents the state of our relationship. Even though the house is filled with jewelry, money, and I’m adorned in expensive things, we are completely disconnected from each other.”

“Cash Rules” follows “Tattoo Tears” as the latest single from Iyla’s second EP, Other Ways To Vent, out now. Later this month, the singer-songwriter will embark on her first headlining tour, on which she’ll perform her new EP, as well as 2018’s War + Raindrops. Iyla told MTV News last month that her first project was “more summery” but that its sequel “definitely leans on the darker, more ethereal vibe.” She explained, “I think it was important for me to go a little deeper into who I am and get a little more in my feelings. It’s showing the ways that I vent, and music is my way.”

5 Seconds Of Summer Crash Cars And Perform In A Leopard’s Stomach In ‘No Shame’

5 Seconds Of Summer have released the video for “No Shame,” their latest single that’s rife with social commentary. In the wild clip, there’s a lot going on, but one thing that’s a constant is the presence of eyes to see everything, just like we want in our likes-driven society. Their world, which appears so imaginative at first glance, looks a lot like our own the more that you stare at it.

The video starts off in a blinking leopard’s stomach for some inexplicable reason. It’s unsettling, but it’s an attention-grabbing creative decision that drives home the fact that we’re hooked to the wildest design choices immediately. Over the course of the video, each band member shows what they do to garner as many likes as possible. Bassist Calum Hood marries and buys a huge house with kids and showers his family with gifts, the latest being a shiny new red car. Frontman Luke Hemmings fakes his own death and hides as people mourn him at his funeral with a mischevious look on his face. Drummer Ashton Irwin is a plastic surgeon who helps people get aesthetically pleasing faces to drive their own likes and guitarist Michael Clifford gets into a car crash and would rather film the aftermath than get help.

As the situations grow more cartoonish until they’re out of control, we keep coming back to 5SOS’s awesome leopard box performance that ends with a striking twist. Each member of the band removes their face to reveal that they’re basically catfishing the world, being four older men who wear these young masks to entertain the public. It’s a wild ending, but it makes sense right? Are we that driven by the idea of attention that we don’t often use our own faces? I mean, wouldn’t that explain egg and cartoon avatars on viral Twitter accounts?

“No Shame” is set to appear on 5SOS’s recently announced album Calm that comes out on March 27. The LP will also feature both “Teeth” and Easier.”

Check out 5SOS’s important “No Shame” video up above.