Kanye’s New YANDHI Project Looks A Lot Like Yeezus 2

Early Monday morning (September 17), Kanye West‘s Twitter contained two very puzzling items: the word “YANDHI” (written on a Post-It note under Adam Driver’s name, suggesting the two would pair up for an upcoming Saturday Night Live episode), and an image of a bare MiniDisc without any context.

It wasn’t unlike when his 2013 album Yeezus dropped, complete with its artwork of a naked CD with a red sticker on it. Naturally, this caused people to begin speculating that Yeezus 2 was on its way. And then, the details came in — Kanye will indeed perform on SNL on September 29 (with Driver hosting), and that same day, he’ll also launch a project called YANDHI.

Kanye has also changed his social media avatars to a white screen, meaning he could be prepping the beginning of a new era. If YANDHI is indeed a full album, it would be Kanye’s third this year, after Ye, which debuted in June at Kanye’s star-studded Wyoming ranch blowout, and his Kid Cudi collaboaration, Kids See Ghosts. Two weeks ago, Kanye also dropped the new song “I Love It” with Lil Pump, complete with a music video that’s already been parodied for its ridiculousness.

But the news doesn’t stop there! Kanye also took the stage with Chance the Rapper on Monday night to confirm that yes, they are indeed making a joint album together — as they’ve been teasing for weeks now — and it’s called Good Ass Job (a title Kanye’s been teasing for years).

This is a lot to take in, so now’s might be a good time to throw on some music (maybe “Good Ass Intro” or “Ultralight Beam“) and mull it over for a while. And, you know, consider turning on notifications for Kanye’s and Chance’s tweets.

Noah Cyrus And Lil Xan’s ‘Live Or Die’ Video Immortalizes Their Doomed Romance

Two weeks after Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan very publicly and messily announced their breakup, we’ve gotten an unexpected reminder of their fleeting summer fling.

See, brief as their romance was, the 18-year-old singer and 22-year-old rapper managed to be quite the productive couple, recording and releasing the mellow, synth-heavy collab “Live or Die” in August. And on Monday (September 17), they unceremoniously leaked the track’s accompanying video, which immortalizes their doomed love in one very shadowy clip.

Cyrus co-directed the vid alongside Tony Corella, and it finds Xoah in happier times; cuddling and kissing by a fireplace as a spotlight illuminates their moves. Meanwhile, they pledge their loyalty to one another by promising, “When you lay by my side / I see the whole world through your eyes / Ride or die, you and I.” Sure, it’s pretty awkward to watch now, but just pretend you’re seeing it *without* the prior knowledge of knowing these two might’ve broken up over an X-rated Charlie Puth meme.

In happier news, Noah is gearing up for the release of her debut EP, Good Cry, which arrives on September 21. Xan, meanwhile, may or may not be quitting music altogether, so cherish “Live or Die” while you can.

Lennon Stella Dropped “Bad” And It Deserves Your Undivided Attention

Preparing to drop the first music video of her solo career, Lennon Stella set high expectations. With the instantly-catchy single “Bad,” FINALLY out now, the rising queen is delivering.

Pop music stans had reason to believe Lennon would impress. She appeared on Nashville for years with her sister, Maisy Stella, and dropped “Bad” as a demo in July after being signed to RECORDS & Columbia Records. With the song’s official release last night, Lennon already has fans vouching for her.

Along with the single drop, Lennon released the “Bad” music video, which reflects the song’s storyline of an unfaithful boyfriend. She wishes that he would’ve treated her “bad, bad, bad,” so that the breakup wouldn’t leave her “twice as sad.” But seeing how much Lennon thrives in the video, it’s clear that boyfriend is missing out.

Just an hour after the video went live, fans on YouTube cherished this moment Lennon gets huge.

Don’t be late to the Lennon Stella is Famous party. Watch the video for “Bad” and obsess over how much it bops below.

5SOS Rock Glittery Eye Shadow And Transform Into Skeletons In ‘Valentine’ Video

5 Seconds of Summer‘s new single may be called “Valentine,” but its accompanying visual is much more Halloween-esque than anything related to V Day.

5SOS drummer Ashton Irwin gets co-directing credit — alongside Andy DeLuca — on the stark, artsy vid, which hit YouTube on Thursday (September 13). It basically looks like the Queen II album cover come to life, with a few psychedelic touches thrown in, including eerie shots of desserts and instruments. Irwin, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood bare their bones (literally) as dancing skeletons, and there are a lot of close-ups of the guys’ mouths and eyes. That’s great news for anyone who ever wanted to see Hemmings rock glittery gold eyeshadow, which he handily pulls off.

Check out the spooky, groovy vid below, and consider yourself properly prepped for Halloween season.

“Valentine” is the latest single off of 5SOS’s chart-topping third album, Youngblood. The Aussie band recently kicked off the North American leg of its Meet You There tour, which continues through mid-October before hitting Europe. Here’s hoping they resurrect those skeleton costumes at least once on stage this fall.

Estelle and Mistah F.A.B. Are Living Their Best Lives On ‘TRL’

Decades of talent walked into the TRL studio in Times Square this morning, as Estelle and Mistah F.A.B. sat down with host Sway Calloway.

First up, Mistah F.A.B.–who Sway calls one of the best freestyle rappers right now–proved that exact title. In the first ever Flash Freestyle, Sway dropped words and phrases for Mistah F.A.B. to include in his impromptu bars, which he executed with perfection. Mistah F.A.B. wound up shouting out Serena Williams, Colin Kaepernick and incorporating some Bay Area slang.

After Flash Freestyle, Estelle came through ten years after dropping her major hit with Kanye West, “American Boy.” The singer is still going strong, just releasing her second independent album Lovers Rock, a name which points to the rocky relationship of her parents throughout her life. See how Estelle glows talking about the music she’s making now below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.

Eminem’s ‘Lucky You’ Video Sends A Message To Young Rappers: He’s Watching

Since dropping his ninth album, Kamikaze, out of the blue last week, Eminem‘s been in the news a lot. Most of the headlines stem from the rapper’s ongoing beefs with everyone from Joe Budden to Machine Gun Kelly, but it appears Em is now turning the focus back on promoting his new project. After outrunning his critics in the eerie video for “Fall,” Em now finds himself stalked by copycats in the vid for the Joyner Lucas-featuring “Lucky You,” released on Thursday (September 13). (And no, they’re not the bleached Slim Shady clones from the 2000 VMAs… though that would’ve been pretty great.)

The inspiration behind the vid is pretty straightforward: Eminem inspired an entire generation of MCs, and he believes they shamelessly and deliberately copy his every move. The video takes that concept literally, as hordes of hooded, red-eyed men imitate him and Lucas as they rap on top of wrecked cars in a run-down town. Em and Lucas proceed to have some fun with it, making their imitators dab, hump the air, and hop on one foot while patting their heads. Lightheartedness aside, however, it’s clear Em is sending a message to the hip-hop world: they may be watching his every move, but he’s watching them, too.

Though Kamikaze has sparked countless debates about the return of Slim Shady, the album still sold enough to deliver the ninth No. 1 album of Eminem’s career. Maybe this was the revival fans were waiting for.

Lana Del Rey And Jack Antonoff Team Up For The Dreary, Sweet ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’

Last week, Lana Del Rey promised she’d have “two end of summer jams for ya” out soon. The first one has officially arrived via a dreamy video that dropped Wednesday (September 12) for a song called “Mariners Apartment Complex.”

In it, Lana’s voice gets to breathe over lush piano and string orchestration that sounds a little like Chris Isaak’s immortal “Wicked Game.” It’s melancholy as hell, but it sounds good, produced and co-written by pop maestro Jack Antonoff, who helmed both Taylor Swift‘s Reputation and Lorde‘s Melodrama in 2017.

The accompanying video — created with Lana’s sister, Chuck — is simple: a swirling shot of rocks in a rush of ocean interspersed with black-and-white film footage of Lana herself and some associates doing mundane things like hanging out by a fence and cradling a butterfly. But paired with the music, it’s like staying in and listening to a really good song on repeat during a thunderstorm.

The second of the aforementioned jams is apparently called “Venice Bitch,” set to drop on September 18 ahead of a new Lana album due out in 2019.

Until then, we’ve got a lot of romantic, woozy, rainy-day goodness dig into here. Watch the full video above.

Dinah Jane Debuted “Bottled Up” With Lauren Jauregui And Ty Dolla $ign Supporting Her

Fifth Harmony alum Dinah Jane has kept fans eagerly awaiting her solo music–and during New York Fashion Week, she treated some lucky fans to a performance of her first single before it officially launches next week.

Taking the stage at Teen Vogue and Snapchat’s Body Party event, Dinah began solo showing off her vocals before being joined by dancers for some well-rehearsed choreo. Though there’s no full video of the event, fans wasted no time putting snippets together.

The event marked the first time Dinah has performed as a solo artist, following Fifth Harmony’s hiatus announcement earlier this year. Her debut track, “Bottled Up,” is set to drop on September 21 and features Ty Dolla $ign and Marc E. Bassy.

With Ty on board, fans thought a Dinah and Lauren Jauregui reunion could be imminent, since the rapper and Lauren have been dating since last year. Indeed, as Dinah gave the world a taste of her new music, Ty and Lauren were in the audience cheering the entire time. Later, Lauren posted two clips of Dinah’s performance on her Instagram story, supporting her “bby!” and singing along to a portion of “Bottled Up.” Dinah reposted the second story with a message for Lauren: “love you longtime mamas xxxxx.”

Ty captured a ton of the performance, including a selfie-style video of Lauren and him dancing in the audience.

Even on hiatus, the Fifth Harmony women are so supportive of each other. Laurinah (Lauren plus Dinah, duh) is strong, Harmonizers!

BTS On Why Their Music Speaks To Young People And Their Collaborative Creative Process

“Five years ago, in our debut, we talked about schools,” RM said. “We talked about schools with three albums. And then we talked about youth with three albums. And then, folks grow up, right? We’re not going to school anymore, and our attitude to life changed a little bit. What we could talk about now, and the story the world needed most was love.”

So the idea for the group’s record-breaking Love Yourself series was born out of this admittedly “very abstract” idea of love. “We started with that phrase,” RM added. “Somebody said, ‘Love is an ability.’ Many people mistake love with being in love, falling in love. Many people, especially in teenage years, they just fall in love. They think they’re in love… But if somebody doesn’t love themselves, then they can love nobody. Mr. Bang came up with it, and we thought it was really great.”

From there, the group and their creative team conceptualized a four-part series — three albums and one video — about love, loss, and acceptance.

“We meet someone, we thought we fell in love, but someday we must know that we’re different. We’re not the same person. You’re not the one I expected. And then we break up. But what’s in our real mind was that, I just never loved myself, so I could love no one,” RM explained. “We’ve been doing this for [two-and-a-half years], so it’s really risky. This music industry is really fast these days, [but] thanks to our fans — they reacted to us, they felt us, and they told us that they came to love themselves even a little more, thanks to this album.”

This One Direction Stan’s Heartfelt Academic Speech About 1D Will Make You CHEER

With fan accounts on social media and fandom communities gathered online, stan culture might seem contained to the internet. But sometimes, stanning crosses over into real life, and that’s where the real magic happens.

That’s the case for Mallory, a college student at Utah Valley University, whose video of her giving a speech in her public speaking class has quickly gone viral. The topic? One Direction — and the ways the band has shaped her life the last six years.

Mallory’s task wasn’t specifically to give a speech about One Direction, but since she was supposed to give an introductory speech in class, it only made sense. “I figured I would talk about the thing I’m most passionate about,” Mallory told TRL over direct messages, “so people can get to know me best.”

Speaking about One Direction served as a proper introduction for Mallory, who’s been a fan of the band for over six years. She even know the exact date she fell in love: March 16, 2012.

“It was 3 days after their Up All Night album was released in America,” Mallory recalls to TRL about when she discovered One Direction. “It literally happened in one night, I watched the video for ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and then I watched funny moments, music videos and video diaries for about 5 hours with my older sister.”

Mallory mentioned how she’s stanned One Direction before and after Zayn left the group, and how she’s supporting the boys’ solo careers during the band’s hiatus. That’s because, like Mallory says at the beginning of the speech, “One Direction is a lot more than just a band.”

In life’s more difficult moments, “I turn to the family that has always been there for me. The 1D family!” Mallory told TRL. “The fans have been my best friends and my sisters. I actually met my best friend at a Niall Horan concert!”

But it’s also the closeness that One Direction fans feel with the boys that makes them more than a band. From being updated to the boys’ daily activities and watching them grow since their inception, Mallory explains, “it’s like they’re my best friends. And once you start thinking of them as best friends, the impact they can have on you for 6 years can actually shape your life.”

With over 10,000 retweets, Mallory’s speech has even found its way onto Instagram meme accounts. As unexpected as the online reaction has been, she found herself encouraged by the feedback from her classmates, too.

“I received a few high fives on the way back to my seat, even from 22 year old guys who got up and gave their speech about barbecue,” Mallory told TRL. “A few people even stopped me in the hallway to tell me that I crushed it. Honestly, the reaction has been absolutely incredible.”

Mallory is bridging the gap between the internet and IRL for stan culture, so it’s encouraging to see so much love and praise for her speech. From all of the attention, she’s got a message to share: don’t “be afraid to share your passions — even if they seem embarrassing.”