P!nk’s ‘Walk Me Home’ Is A Plea For Peace In Our Fucked-Up World

No stranger to anthemic pop ballads — “Try” and “What About Us” say hi! — P!nk is back with yet another foot-stomper that’s tailor-made for some of those aerial gymnastics routines she so adores. On Wednesday (February 20), the singer launched a new era with “Walk Me Home,” which she initially previewed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a couple weeks ago.

“Walk me home in the dead of night / I can’t be alone with all that’s on my mind / So say you’ll stay with me tonight / ‘Cause there is so much wrong going on outside,” she belts over heavy drums and a twangy guitar. The soaring release feels like a fitting follow-up to 2017’s “What About Us,” and in case it also sounds reminiscent of some fun. anthems, there’s good reason — it was co-written by the band’s frontman, Nate Reuss.

Just hours after dropping “Walk Me Home,” P!nk performed the tune for the first time at the 2019 BRIT Awards, where she made history as the first international artist to be honored with the Outstanding Contribution to Music award. Her show-stopping, career-spanning medley included costume changes, dancers, waterfalls, and more, with the pop icon also performing “Just Like Fire,” “Try,” “Just Give Me a Reason,” and “What About Us.”

During her Ellen appearance, P!nk revealed that “Walk Me Home” is the first taste of her upcoming eighth studio album, Hurts 2B Human. She also mentioned that she shot a video for the single with Michael Gracie, the director of The Greatest Showman, so look out for that sure-to-be-spectacular visual feast arriving soon.

Beyoncé And Jay-Z Recreated Their ‘Apeshit’ Video — With A Regal Twist — For The BRITs

Beyoncé and Jay-Z weren’t even at the 2019 BRIT Awards, and they still managed to win the night.

The couple picked up the trophy for Best International Group for their work as The Carters at Wednesday’s awards show, which is basically the British equivalent of the Grammys. Since they couldn’t be in London to accept the prize, the pair sent in a video message that managed to become iconic in just 30 short seconds.

In it, Bey and Jay recreated their classic “APESHIT” video, where they casually hang out in the Louvre, admiring the Mona Lisa. In the new vid, though, they pay homage to Meghan Markle by standing in front of a gorgeous portrait of the duchess wearing a tiara. Beyoncé took the lead in thanking U.K. fans for the award, saying, “Thank you so much to the BRIT Awards for this incredible honor. You guys have always been so supportive. Everything is love. Thank you.”

It’s at that point when Jay deadpans, “thank you,” Beyoncé giggles, and they turn around in unison to face the portrait. You can also hear Blue Ivy’s voice in the background, which is just about the cutest thing ever.

As for the meaning behind that incredible portrait — which I can only assume was custom-made for The Carters and is hanging somewhere in their house — British journalist Laura Snapes pointed out on Twitter that it could represent a public statement of support for Markle. The biracial duchess has been the target of intense media scrutiny lately, and this could be Bey and Jay’s way of celebrating her regality in the face of such turmoil.

Whatever the meaning, this is definitely an acceptance video for the ages. Check it out above.

J. Cole And Ari Lennox Bring The Appreciation For Brown Skin In ‘Shea Butter Baby’ Video

Ari Lennox and J. Cole have come together for a sensual video for “Shea Butter Baby” from the Creed II: The Album that’s all about brown skin. Its steamy nature and fuzzy atmosphere generate a truly mesmerizing experience.

“Shea Butter Baby” is a celebration of browns — brown skin, brown floors, brown decor. Lennox moves wistfully like steam, seeking to enchant her busy partner whose eyes have settled on the glare of his MacBook screen instead of her curves. Heads offer a means of scene transportation, with the camera zooming in to dark fade haircuts and kinky curls to enter in and out of a dreamy existence. In this alternate plane, the walls are covered in chocolate and the brown skin of dancing vixens glistens in the dim light. It’s a feast for the eyes.

Lennox’s steamy movements match her lyrics and the same goes for Cole’s suggestive, yet restrained combination. The visual ends with Lennox and her lover coming together in an embrace that suggests that the festivities will surely continue offscreen.

Dreamville Records – the Interscope label imprint founded by J. Cole that Ari Lennox is also signed to – is preparing to release a new project, Revenge of the Dreamers 3. Cole himself recently released “Middle Child” in January.

Check out the tantalizing visual up above.

Blink 182’s Next Single Was Originally Meant For Juice WRLD, Travis Barker Says

It’s been almost three years since Blink-182‘s last album, California, dropped. The legendary band likes to take time between their releases — Neighborhoods came out in 2011, their self-titled LP dropped in 2003 – so it’s a nice surprise that they have something in the pipeline so soon. If drummer Travis Barker’s recent interview with Billboard is any indicator, it looks like we’ll be hearing new music from them in the next couple of months. And in a weird turn of events, we have Juice WRLD to thank for it. Sort of.

Despite preparing for his MUSINK festival that’s coming in March, Barker found time to speak about playing his band’s new music and its potential “loose target” release date of April, May, or June. When asked what would most likely be the lead single, Barker named a song tentatively known as “Paris.” He says that, originally, the production was slated to go to Juice WRLD.

“It was actually a beat I made for Juice WRLD and before I ever got in the studio with him, I played it randomly and Mark [Hoppus] said, ‘Oh what are you working on?'” Barker said. “They were like, ‘Whoa, we really liked this.” He then says that it is probably the band’s favorite.

This is big for Juice WRLD, a known fan of the band, and someone Barker later shouted out as a stylistic descendent. “There’s so much rap music that’s inspired by pop-punk and punk rock,” he said. “I feel like Juice WRLD is very along the lines of pop-punk with trap drums.”

The last fresh tastes of Blink-182 came in 2017 when they released the deluxe edition of California that included ten new tracks such as “Misery” and “6/8.” We’ll get to hear how the finished version of “Paris” (or whatever it ends up being called) would’ve played as a potential Juice WRLD cut when it drops presumably later this year.

Ariana Grande Surprises Three Huge Fans With Adorable Duet On Corden

Last night’s episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden featured a surprise appearance from Ariana Grande in the sweetest way. The Thank U, Next phenomenon performed an unexpected duet with The World’s Best contest participants, Filipino boy band TNT Boys. Grande’s appearance didn’t only shock the audience and viewers — it made the trio of young singers jump for joy.

Corden introduced the boys who came onto the stage with wide smiles, ready to sing “And I’m Telling You” from Dreamgirls. With Grande watching backstage, Corden playfully told the boys that the singer — who they’re naturally huge fans of — sometimes watches the show. They launched into a performance of the rousing number and Grande rushed on stage behind their backs, sending the boys into a sequence of gasps and bewildered faces when she caught their eyes. Her voice joined theirs in unison as they finished up the number in a chorus of constantly growing grins.

After a brief break, Grande hopped on the couch with Corden for a brief conversation about Thank U, Next as well as her recent making-history news of simultaneously holding the top three spots on the Billboard Hot 100 (for “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored,” “7 Rings,” and “Thank U, Next“). They celebrated her achievement with a cake featuring the artwork of the three tunes. It looked absolutely delicious, but the video cuts before any of it is eaten. Bummer.

Grande skipped the 61st Grammy Awards, even though her 2018 album Sweetener took home the award for Best Pop Vocal Album. She released Thank U, Next earlier this month and fans have already deemed “NASA”  the album’s sleeper hit.

Check out the heart-warming performance and the gifting of the cake above.

14 K-pop Songs To Listen To When You’re In Your Feelings This Pisces Season

By Tássia Assis

If you caught yourself feeling all the feelings or having sudden creative bursts these days, fear not — it’s probably the influence of Pisces season upon us. On Tuesday (February 19), the sun left the eccentric Aquarius and gave way to the most artistic and sentimental sign of the Zodiac.

Pisces is associated with creativity, compassion, emotions, dreams, and intuition. It is also the 12th and last astrological sign, carrying some key characteristics of all the other signs that came before it. As expected from a water sign (like Cancer and Scorpio), Pisces dive deep into the unknown, as the mysteries of life only entice their rich inner world.

It’s hard not to be enchanted by these elusive creatures, but there’s also a dark ocean whirling inside Pisces at this time of the year. Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, the sign’s energy is a creative force and comfort when used positively, but its negative form can drive to self-destructive behavior, like playing the victim, and a disconnection from reality.

During Pisces season, it’s important to keep both of these sides in check, allowing ourselves to dream and to be more vulnerable, but also setting important emotional boundaries. To help you navigate the ebb and flow of the fish season, here is a K-pop playlist with ethereal aesthetics, entrancing beats, and just the right dose of escapism:

(Lyrics via Color Coded Lyrics and pop!gasa)

  1. Ten, “Dream in a Dream”

    What better example of a Pisces than NCT’s Ten? It’s like he breathes art instead of air. Besides being an astonishing dancer, he’s also a talented singer, illustrator, photographer, and so goes the list. “Dream in a Dream,” his first solo through SM Station, is an atmospheric trip that lulls you to another world — just like a Pisces would. Longing for a limitless love, Ten’s beautiful choreography and soothing vocals are the perfect introduction to this emotional season.

    Biggest mood: “I’m staying up / I don’t wanna come down from your love / We’ll get lost together / Let me flow.”

  2. Loona / Odd Eye Circle, “Loonatic”

    It’s often said that Pisces people inhabit their own world, remaining aloof to the mundane life. Loona’s dream-pop “Loonatic” is a savory slice of the sign’s fertile imagination. G-High of MonoTree — who produced the track — is a Pisces himself, and that should explain the authentic fish energy oozing from it.

    Biggest mood: “Remember how we used to play / I am not insane / Dreaming of our own galaxies / I don’t really care now.”

  3. Oh My Girl, “Closer”

    In this breathtaking release, Oh My Girl journeys through a fantastic world inspired by Marion Zimmer Bradley’s book, The Mists of Avalon. The aesthetics meld seamlessly with delicate, fairy-like vocals, and the final product is a sublime Piscean dream packed with symbolism. The 12th sign gravitates toward the occult, which is why many Pisces find solace in esoteric or religious practices, striving to get closer to their truths. Bonus detail: the overhead choreography video reveal formations that mimic the Zodiac signs.

    Biggest mood: “One step closer my heart / One step closer to you / I will put my heart in / The star that passes by in the sky.”

  4. Astro, “All Night”

    With half of the group being Pisces natives, Astro’s magical aura comes as no surprise. And maknae Sanha (born in March 20) is an Aries only by one day, almost joining JinJin, MJ, and Rocky in this zodiacal coincidence. “All Night,” the group’s latest single, is a full-on fantasy of pastel tones, flowers, and classy settings, as they long to talk for hours with their loved ones. Of course, this kind of Pisces romance — who are really good listeners, by the way — was written by JinJin and Rocky.

    Biggest mood: “Call me before you sleep / Call me when you get up / My call log is filled with you / But still I wanna hear your voice and talk to you.”

  5. Taeyeon, “Why”

    Taeyeon is another Pisces gifting K-pop with her ethereal artistry. From the soul-searching “I” to the melancholic “Rain,” the sign’s energy can be found all over her solo work, but it’s “Why” that reveals the fish sign’s darker side. It’s not their love of water and Californian escapades like this summer bop might suggest, but rather the typical indecisiveness of the lyrics that make this a fitting addition to the Pisces playlist. Pisces have a holistic vision of things, making it difficult to distinguish the best from the worst. Even though abundant possibilities should be encouraging, many Pisces natives find themselves asking “why” several times before making a decision.

    Biggest mood: “If I leave now, good, good, good, yeah / Everything I’ll meet, great, great, yeah / My lightened heart, work, work, baby / It already glimmers in front of my eyes / But I hesitate, why?”

  6. WJSN (Cosmic Girls), “Secret”

    Unlike its water companions Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces doesn’t have a shell to protect itself from the harsh world we live in. Instead, the natives of this sign learn to safeguard their sensitive nature by hiding in the shadows — or swimming away. “Secret” is a soft pop track with futuristic sounds and a splendid music video, but its lyrics hold a fearful confession — just like Pisces loves to imagine a thousand and one adventures, but needs to feel utterly safe before revealing their true feelings.

    Biggest mood: “Honestly, I’m afraid / I’m so scared / That you’ll treat me however you want/ So it makes me act strong.”

  7. Zico, “I am You, You are Me”

    Dreamy vibes, idealistic lyrics, and whimsical aesthetics: Zico’s groovy solo portrays the energy of Pisces quite well. However, the phrase “I am you, you are me” goes way beyond romantic love for the fishes, ringing true for friends, acquaintances, animals, nature, and maybe even inanimate objects. Nothing is too weird or too silly for Pisces to understand, and this sense of connection with the world is one of their biggest qualities. However, boundaries are necessary for a balanced life, and even though Zico claims not to care about the honeymoon phase, the day will come when he will need to stand as an individual again.

    Biggest mood: “You are me, I am you / I am you, you are me / If our hearts are the same / Two will become each other.”

  8. Baek A Yeon, “Sweet Lies (Feat. The Barberettes)”

    Oh, sweet Pisces. Another not-so-charming trait of theirs is being so gullible. Baek A Yeon, a Pisces herself, knows it very well. In “Sweet Lies,” a charming bossa nova that perfectly matches her honey vocals, A Yeon laments getting high hopes for empty words — even though she consciously chose to believe in them. Sometimes, Pisces prefers their own version of things, forgetting that it hurts much more when reality eventually hits.

    Biggest mood: “I like it even if it’s an empty promise / Because I can dream for days with this one / Even with just a few words, I’m okay with it / The words that make my night and day.”

  9. Stray Kids, “3rd Eye”

    Stray Kids are young men, and their lyrics often contemplate the extenuating process of growing up. Who am I? What am I doing? Am I you? All these questions are part of the human experience, but Pisces is known to ponder them for pure enjoyment. “3rd Eye” is the kind of intuitive dive the fishes do, enhanced by dreamy synths, odd noises, and a mysterious ambience, as if happening in another dimension. The group interrogates their notions of self, seeking answers from the third eye — a mystical concept that sees things beyond vision — and confronting deep fears and limitations.

    Biggest mood: “Will I be able to awaken it? / Or am I too scared to awaken it? / Or am I on the other side / Closing my eye from being scared of the world’s threats?”

  10. Red Velvet, “Kingdom Come”

    Red Velvet is home to two Pisces, Wendy and Yeri, adding some magic to the group’s distinct flavor. Among their array of dreamy songs, “Kingdom Come” takes the spotlight this time. The track’s velvety darkness provides an intimate, almost spiritual experience, and that is Pisces-branded love in its essence: serious, soulful, and deeply devoted. It doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic relationship, friendship, or a family bond — when Pisces love, they love for real. And once they have given their hearts to you, you will have the most loyal accomplice by your side, until kingdom come.

    Biggest mood: “Baby, I will love you till kingdom come / I won’t wake from this dream, baby / Forever, I got you, you got me / Love you till kingdom come.”

  11. Great Guys, “Illusion”

    Pisces have a penchant for self-pity, but little is told about their own victims. These magical beings sure know how to charm, and their big puppy eyes make everyone doubt they could ever hurt a fly. It’s not that they intentionally hurt other people’s feelings, but some Pisces can be quite elusive: They create an ideal in their heads and make you believe in the fairytale, but are able to drop it without remorse when reality knocks. Great Guys’ “Illusion” is a perfect portrayal of Pisces slipperiness: a seductively dark tune that will leave you enamored — before realizing the danger in its lyrics.

    Biggest mood: “Change the flow of time / It’s an illusion I created / Trust the new flow / You’ll feel a new emotion.”

  12. EXO, “Hurt”

    Pisces can forgive almost anything, but they might be even better at holding grudges. Contrary to their representative animals, the zodiacal fish never forget. And worse — they often wallow in sad songs and old wounds just to feel more, because why not. EXO’s melodramatic “Hurt” would be the perfect track for one of those moments, as Baekhyun’s desperate cries of “you huuuuuurt me” are sure to make anyone feel the pain of a thousand heartbreaks. It’s healthy to be in tune with your emotions, but Pisces might need a little nudge to end the drama-fest before it gets damaging.

    Biggest mood: “Your scent still remains thickly / It ties my feet, I’m like a slave to your dream / Memories like fireworks in a corner of my heart / Disappear like smoke.”

  13. Agust D (Suga/Min Yoongi), “So Far Away (Feat. Suran)”

    Just one look into any of Suga’s work is enough to see the characteristic sensitivity of Pisces, his sun sign. In Agust D, his solo mixtape, the struggles of an acutely aware soul are laid bare, as he addresses depression, social anxiety, traumas, and fears. Pisces aren’t afraid to go deep, right? And by bringing so much of his darkness to the light, Suga arguably found his healing. “So Far Away” showcases the rapper’s wise words and talents, and Suran (who is a Cancer, therefore understanding of watery Pisces) provides a warming feel with her unique vocal color. Even the dreamiest sign can abide this title and feel hopeless, but they also have a special way of turning grief into golden insights. And that’s precisely what Suga does with this track.

    Biggest mood: “Dream, you will fully bloom / After all the hardships / Dream, your beginnings will seem humble / So prosperous will your future be.”

  14. Luna, “Free Somebody”

    Ultimately, Pisces just want to make the world a better place. Perhaps that’s why so many devote their lives to humanitarian causes. And even when it’s something small, like listening to a friend, helping people is what makes them thrive. Luna bears this energy in “Free Somebody,” a ‘90s club track that radiates enthusiasm and makes you believe that change is just one dancefloor away. Pisces season might be a whirlwind of emotions, but if you free yourself and go with the flow, it can surely be an enjoyable dive.

    Biggest mood: “We’re like lone stars from the start / Will you shine with me right now? / Let’s get away from this place a bit / Let’s make our feet more free.”

Masego Is A ‘Textbook Gemini’ Who Creates A New Song From Scratch Every Night Onstage

By Kat Bein

Soul and jazz have always been at the foundation of American musical greatness, but Masego wants to put those roots under a bright spotlight. He’s a tall, thin man with a glowing spirit who cut his teeth singing and playing in church in Virginia, but it was the internet that exposed him to the rhythms that would give his songs a modern edge, and it also opened the doors to a lot of cool collaborations. His debut studio album, 2018’s Lady Lady, is turning a new generation onto the subtleties and sensualities of his self-proclaimed “trap house jazz” flavor.

The singer, songwriter, and producer is one lively band leader, and he brought his merry band of musicians to the stage at III Points festival in Miami over the weekend. While jazz legend Herbie Hancock’s notes still echoed from a previous main stage performance, Masego proved the genre has a bright future with rowdy sensualism on the secondary main stage inside warehouse doors. MTV News caught up with Masego just before his show to learn how he stays humble in the face of growing popularity and how music is a window to the world.

MTV News: Have you spent much time in Miami before?

Masego: Yeah, but usually I come do the show, [and then] leave. I’ve been for Art Basel a little bit so I’ve seen a bit of the graffiti. My band’s walking around here somewhere. They schedule things to fit in between. I’m “cool” now, so everything is just whatever to me, but I bring people that have never been anywhere so they’re like, “Yo, I’ve been researching this for 20 years.” That excitement is healthy around me, because it keeps you wack and I wanna be wack. It’s a better thing to be. My drummer, he knows about all the eating spots everywhere. I do old man things by default, just stay in the hotel room, eat oatmeal, and drink tea.

MTV News: Why do you think it’s gotten to that place where you feel less like you want to go out?

Masego: I started out so green and then I matured pretty fast. I’m now functioning in an “ignorance is bliss” type of way. It’s certain things I just don’t wanna know. I don’t want to meet certain people. I don’t want to know the backstory behind some of the world I’ve created for myself. I super love music. I love hanging on my band. I love traveling. I love nature and botanical gardens. I don’t watch the news too much, and I don’t look too deep into bad news about artists. Unintentionally, when you come somewhere a lot, you get into the motions. I think the beauty of bringing other people around you makes you experience it differently. This is my fifth time in Miami, but now it’s my favorite time because I brought my band with me. It defeats the “coolness” that I developed over the years.

MTV News: Talk to me about these bandmates. How long have you known them? Are they from your hometown?

Masego: It’s a combination of virtual [meetings] and having physical jam sessions in Virginia. Some people would just come to my jam sessions and I’d be the host. I can start an idea like that, and musicians’ drums usually don’t knock. They’re usually trash. My drums aren’t trash. I would just combine that talent with something that was better rhythmically — I thought — and that would just attract a lot of people.

I was the first, I think, in my area that kind of got hip to SoundCloud and how it was such a nice community. The drum production there was amazing. The garage from the U.K. and all that? I was so into that, and I would attract people trying to push their musicianship. And then virtually, I would collab a lot over email. Eventually — I’m real random — I just caught up my drummer, who lives in North Carolina, and I was like, you wanna come on tour for a couple days? And he was like, “Yeah,” and I just never let him go home.

MTV News: You mentioned SoundCloud. This idea of sourcing ideas on the Internet — I saw you sourced your latest release artwork from fans.

Masego: I’m a textbook Gemini. I just need variety and I’m random. This woman put me onto that “Radio” song while I was in Australia. I just wrote to it one day, recorded it one day, and I just felt like putting this out. I forgot to make artwork for it because I was moving so fast, and I was like, let me just see if my fans want to do something. I was expecting a bunch of stick drawings and I was gonna make a funny thing. These were like drawn-out, colored, thought out. I had maybe like 24 usable ones. I’m going to keep on dropping alternative art works for a little bit. It’s just fun. With music, we’re so used to the way it’s “supposed” to be done, and I love to just not do that and put more power in the artist and the fans’ hands, because that’s really what’s all about.

MTV News: Where are you creatively right now?

Masego: I’m really just embracing the jam session. I just did like five hours in the studio with my band. We made about 17, 18 songs. It’s something new each time. When I was at J. Cole’s camp, I was walking around taking in all the energy, and then little haikus came to me, little four-bar lines. I came up with all these hooks, and I just stored them in my notebook, and it made writing songs lot easier because I would go back to it. I like creating that way. I love listening to SoundCloud, freestyling a song over it, and then recreating the music over top of that. Voice memoing, a bunch of stuff. I’m just reading my journals, seeing how I feel about certain things and re-approaching how I’ve made music.

I make a song from scratch every show, just to, again, stop the mundaneness of shows. It’s mood-based, because if I feel like giving this guy a solo or changing the song order, that’s what I do. My lighting guy, he’s stressed out.

You got to just continue to make music. What’s the next story you want to tell? And always understand that someone’s gonna start way earlier in your path than you want them to, and that’s OK. Though I almost don’t even want to sing certain songs, I understand the importance of it. It’s almost like you’re an actor or an actress. You dip into that character for that minute and a half or two minutes and then jump back into this one. It helps my mother, too, when I’m talking nasty in my songs, like, “I was just being an actor, like Will Smith.”

A$AP Rocky On Testing And His Rumored Tyler, The Creator Collab: ‘I Was Bullshitting’

By Kat Bein

Miami’s witchiest hour got a lot prettier when A$AP Rocky rushed the Mind Melt main stage at III Points over the weekend. The three-night music festival saw headline performances from Erykah Badu, SZA, and Rocky’s musical bestie Tyler, the Creator, who appeared onstage with A$AP Sunday night (February 17) to scream through energetic renditions of “Potato Salad” and “Who Dat Boy.”

Rocky’s set may have been the wildest moment of the weekend. “Distorted Records,” “Praise The Lord (Da Shine),” and more tracks from his latest album, Testing, brawled through the speakers, but it was the second half of the show, with absolute bangers from “Wild For The Night” to A$AP Ferg’s “Plain Jane,” that incited the most gruesome mosh pits.

The New York City rapper is truly a madman with a high-art addiction. MTV News caught up with the high-fashion rapper and “Babushka” enthusiast backstage before his set to hear about Testing and his favorite new fashion accessory, as well as whether or not that WANGSAP collaboration is still a thing.

MTV News: Welcome to Miami. You’ve been here awhile, right? You arrived Friday to play with Tyler, the Creator.

A$AP Rocky: Yeah, that’s a while for me, man, because, Miami is the fast life. Technically I spent about – I don’t know how many dog years. I spent about two Flacko years here.

MTV News: Tell me about your history with Florida. You have Kodak Black on your last album, Testing.

A$AP Rocky: Yeah man, shout out to Kodak. I always wanted to work with him, but aside from that, I wanted to put him on a song that people weren’t used to hearing him on, like, the textures. I don’t make songs. I don’t make clothes. I don’t make music. I make textures. Everything is a texture and a feeling, right? I mean it’s equivalent to it at least, and opposed to having him rapping and trying to go for a No. 1 hit, I had him crying on the phone, explaining his plight, his devastation while on the jail phone.

MTV News: Yeah. It’s really intense.

A$AP Rocky: It’s just him explaining and expressing how his child was taken away from him, and how he was stripped of his dignity and freedom. People, they just want to hear me talk about how I’ve got 100 bitches. How I fucked 100 dude’s bitches all day. That being said, Florida harvests a lot of great artists. You’ve got to pick and choose who you want to represent you, or who can help complement your body of work.

MTV News: I want to hear the story about you using “Porcelain,” the Moby sample. That album was huge for me when it came out, and that’s not a pop-off song.

A$AP Rocky: We reached out to Moby, and once we finally got the OK from him, he re-sang the vocals. We replayed the instruments. He’s also in the end of the “A$AP Forever” video. I feel like his cameo being so short, it was that artistic value like we’ve been talking about — [as] opposed to just, let my nuts hang and saying, “Oh look, I got Moby in the video.” Just like how people don’t know Lauryn Hill played a big part in the last track on that album with Frank Ocean. It’s not just getting it cleared. It’s people re-singing stuff and all that. It’s appreciated. Shout out Dean Blunt. Shout out Hector Delgado, man. Shout outs Frank Ocean and shout out Miss Lauryn Hill.

MTV News: That’s interesting. I was talking with my boyfriend the other day about how Dr. Dre will create beats out of samples and then get musicians to replay those samples.

A$AP Rocky: I think it just brings some type of depth to it. It’s already deep, but when you really think about how much effort – it took a lot just to make these tracks. You could easily just sing or rap on a two-track or instrumental and call it a song.

MTV News: When people put their human element into whatever it is, whether listeners realize they’re registering it or not, that energy is there.

A$AP Rocky: What you get is what you manifest. What you manifest is what you get.

MTV News: What are you manifesting right now? What’s up with the “Babushka” track? I saw a kid out in the crowd, all day he’s been wearing it. People are shouting it out.

A$AP Rocky: I want to encourage more people to wear babushkas. Babushka boy.

MTV News: What inspired it in your own life?

A$AP Rocky: When I got this scar right here. I was skateboarding. I was on the half pipe. Just so you know, I’ve got a new story for everyone who I tell about this scar.

MTV News: So it’s shrouded in mystery, and now a babushka.

A$AP Rocky: But the babushka came because I didn’t want to reveal the scar yet.

MTV News: What’s going on with your collaborative project with Tyler? Is that still in the works?

A$AP Rocky: Nah man, I was bullshitting. Fuck Tyler [laughs].

MTV News: You did show up to his set on Friday though.

A$AP Rocky: Yeah, we did “Telephone Calls.”

MTV News: Is there anything else you want to say or mention?

A$AP Rocky: Shout outs MTV. I used to be part of the staff over there, so shout outs to my ex-comrades and ex co-workers. Hope everybody’s well over there. Shout out the world, shout out to music lovers and music makers across the board. I just hope I stay pretty forever and my spirit stays beautiful.

MTV News: Inside –

A$AP Rocky: And out!

Shawn Mendes Channels Elvis With A ‘Hound Dog’ Cover, Hip-Thrusting Not Included

Aside from flexing his abs for a new Calvin Klein campaign, male model Shawn Mendes also took some time this weekend to make some sweet music. Or, more accurately, to cover some sweet music. The Canadian crooner was part of the star-studded lineup for NBC’s Elvis All-Star Tribute, which involved a bunch of musicians you’d expect for a tribute to The King — like Blake Shelton and John Fogerty — and a lot that you wouldn’t, including Mendes, Jennifer Lopez, and Post Malone.

All randomness aside, Mendes nailed his solo rendition of Presley’s “Hound Dog,” flexing his falsetto and looking sharp in a red silk jacket. What he lacked in lip-curling and hip-thrusting, he made up for with undeniable charm.

The “In My Blood” singer also joined Shelton, Malone, Carrie Underwood, and Darius Rucker for a version of “If I Can Dream” that was just crazy enough to work. While Mendes put a little growl into his voice, Posty left fans all shook up with his impressive pipes.

The Elvis All-Star Tribute also included performances from Alessia Cara (“Love Me Tender”), Ed Sheeran (“Can’t Help Falling In Love”), and J. Lo (“Heartbreak Hotel”). See all of the performances on NBC’s website.

Kehlani And Dom Kennedy Confront The Ashes Of A Bad Relationship On ‘Nunya’

Kehlani is the complete catch; she is beautiful, has a sharp tongue, and can sing softly enough to calm even the most violent storm. To have her and lose her has to be a fate worse than death. Her latest release is “Nunya,” an angry message to a distraught lover – a morose, indifferent verse from Dom Kennedy is his rebuttal – about leaving her the hell alone. Don’t let Kehlani’s soothing singing style fool you; this is a rant, not a ballad.

“Nunya” is a little slower than the energetic, feisty Kehlani that the world is used to. Even though it’s a little slower and smoother, Kehlani’s lyrics are daggers. Here’s a plot synopsis: before the events of the song, Kehlani was in a relationship with a man who decided to get friendly with other women. After finding out and leaving, she finds someone else and, of course, here comes the bad guy snooping around. The song is a confrontation of sorts, a climax to the boiling frustration that she’s felt from the entire situation.

“You put on a show/’Cause you don’t want the world to know/That you lost a girl who got it on her own/ It’d be good for you to let it go, let it go, let it go,” she sings, drawing blood with each slash of her tongue. It’s clear that her sneaking ex woke up the long-dormant dragon. Kehlani lets her ex know that her new man has more money and, well, girth than him. Kennedy comes in at this point and gives his own perspective on the situation. He acknowledges his wrongdoing and comes to the realization that he messed up. Yeah buddy, you messed up big time.

“Nunya” appears on her upcoming mixtape While We Wait that is set to drop on Friday. The project will also include her previously released tunes “Nights Like This” and “Butterfly.”

Listen to the agency-claiming tune “Nunya” up above.