Why Littlefinger’s Death Still Feels Like A Big Deal For Game Of Thrones

Of all the deaths that have rocked Game of Thrones, let’s be honest — there are those that will cast a longer shadow than others. And that is where Littlefinger’s Season 7 demise comes into play. Yes, the Starks got their revenge on the man who had betrayed their family. Now, though, what’s left? Yes, there is reigning Queen Cersei and the issue of the Night King, but do either of these characters bring what Littlefinger did to the table?

When it comes to Game of Thrones‘ arsenal of villains, Littlefinger remained at the top of the heap throughout his run on the series. Always one step in front of everyone, Lord Baelish always had his finger on the pulse of other people’s actions. He was calculating, manipulative, and cunning. So, it makes sense that it took something as supernatural as Bran’s superpowers kicking into gear for the Starks to outmaneuver him… to death.

While Littlefinger got what was coming to him and the Starks added another win in their rightful vengeance column, did it really belong in Season 7? After many seasons on a horrific losing streak, the Starks managed to put in back-to-back seasons dispatching enemies. In Season 6, Jon and Sansa ended the tyranny of the despicable Ramsay Bolton. Fast forward to Season 7, and Bran, Sansa, and Arya kept their House’s streak alive by ending Littlefinger.

Now, we all face the final season without him. Yes, there are only so many episodes of the show’s last chapter to unfurl, making it time to narrow down the show’s once vast field of final players. But of all the characters worth seeing take part in the series’ finale, Littlefinger was chief among them. As a rogue, he was always a wild card.

Would he show up to the Battle of the Bastards with the men Sansa had secretly written to him asking for at all? Or would he screw the Starks over one last time for his own amusement? Few other Game of Thrones characters could keep you on the edge of your seat the way he could. And therein lies a large part of the issue.

We know the Night King wants to destroy the world with his ice zombie apocalypse. We know that Cersei has justified her entire reign of terror for her House, which she claims will be welcoming a new member. You can detest her and everything that she stands for, but you know where she stands and where that could end up getting her when all is said and done.

Littlefinger as an opportunist was harder to predict than his villainous counterparts. He brought the tension. He watched and waited with sly grins galore. While an entire room of people chanted Jon Snow’s coronation as the King in the North, Littlefinger infamously sat back, a knowing expression reaching across his face. He made you wonder, what is he going to do next? Season 8 will kick off without that theory-inspiring question.

And while Cersei and the Night King are certainly villains, the former has her reasons for what she’s doing. In Cersei’s case, she claims to hurt others for what she believes to be a higher purpose that goes beyond what is solely self-preservation — her family. The Night King has a thing for silence, making his motives more inscrutable. He behaves like a virus, not a thoughtfully evil person.

Both Cersei and the Night King’s endgames mean danger to the characters we are rooting for to survive. And while we all want to see Cersei face the music for all of the awful things she has done, we have witnessed a lot go down in the meantime. She faced the “walk of shame” and has lost all of her living children, including the evil-beyond-words Joffrey.

In the past seven seasons, it has not been non-stop sunshine for Tywin Lannister’s eldest child. There has been grief and heartache. So, if Cersei is dealt her final blow next season, it will not be the end of an absolute winning streak. In contrast, Littlefinger’s Season 7 dispatching occurred without his having suffered any such setbacks. He was just here one minute and gone the next, save for a brief attempt to talk his way out of it.

One question going into Season 8 is whether the Starks will face any heat for taking out Littlefinger. They got rid of Ramsay Bolton in a battle. They got rid of Littlefinger in a more assassination-style manner, which meant the siblings foregoing much of a trial for him. With Jon Snow bending a knee to Daenerys in Season 7 and his siblings executing one of their enemies while he was away, the Starks could be in for a bit of controversy when Season 8 rolls around.

Without Littlefinger around in the final season, Game of Thrones has lost a handful of potential. While the Starks knew they did not need him anymore, the show will be missing out on a key ingredient when it comes back for its final bow. Game of Thrones will return for its eighth and final season sometime in 2019 on HBO. Thank goodness, there is a lot of new programming over fall to keep TV fans busy in the meantime.

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Crazy Rich Asians Cut Three Big Scenes, Here’s What They Included

In recent years, the fresh and successful romantic comedy has seemed like a relic of the past… but that was only up until Crazy Rich Asians took the box office by storm. The film is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Kevin Kwan, but as many cinephiles know, book adaptations are famously difficult to tackle because the material is typically much more detailed than a movie can be. And while some of the extra material does get filmed, it can get the axe in the editing suite. The full extent of these cuts is always interesting, and editor of Crazy Rich Asians, Myron Kerstein, recently spoke with me about the challenge to cut down the story, and some of the difficult decisions they had to make, including,

[One cut was] a big set-piece karaoke scene, where Rachel and Nick, they actually know each other in the film, but they act like they don’t know each other. So it’s like this traditional romantic-comedy trope, and it was pretty well done, but we thought in service of the film we didn’t think we needed it.

Wait, wait… we did not know seeing Constance Wu and Henry Golding belt out a cheesy karaoke song together was ever on the table, but it sounds like it would have been a fun addition to the film. The scene served as an original introduction to the couple, however, Myron Kerstein and director Jon Chu decided to take it out in favor of spending more time in Singapore. By cutting this bit, the filmmakers more of the opportunity to set Crazy Rich Asians apart from other rom-coms with its release, making an entertaining cliché such as this not a must.

But that wasn’t the only deleted sequence Myron Kerstein detailed during our interview. For example, there was originally going to be a version of Crazy Rich Asians that spent a bit more time dedicated to Charlie Wu, portrayed by Harry Shum Jr. Said the filmmaker,

There was a big debate about Astrid’s storyline, famously with Harry Shum Jr., but his role was limited. That was actually much bigger. We basically cut a big dance number between Gemma and Harry just in the body of the wedding reception, and that takes a lot of balls to cut Harry Shum. He’s a pretty incredible dancer, but we had to service Astrid’s storyline. There was the scene in the body of the wedding reception that had [Charlie Wu] say to Astrid, ‘You’re better than your husband, you should leave him.’ And we’re like, ‘No, no, no. We want Astrid to do this for herself. She’s a strong woman. You don’t need a man telling you what to do.’ That was a tough call.

Fans of the book know that Astrid’s storyline plays a much larger role in the source material, with past-lover Charlie Wu being someone she reconnects with at the wedding. However, Harry Shum Jr. only ended up being in a end-credit scene in Crazy Rich Asians, as a nod to the novel and to open up a possibility for Charlie to have a bigger role in the confirmed sequel, China Rich Girlfriend. The filmmakers’ conscious decision to have Astrid decide to leave Michael on her own enriches the character as well.

Myron Kerstein further revealed that he and Jon Chu also had to cut a lot of footage from the bachelorette/bachelor party scenes, which even in the theatrical version still see Rachel and Nick overwhelmed with the planned festivities for the bride and groom. As Kerstein detailed,

That section of the movie used to be maybe like 30 minutes in itself, and we had these gigantic set pieces where they’re having the time of their lives on the freighter ship and we thought, ‘Well, do we really need all this material to tell her story?’ And don’t we want to be short and sweet with saying that they arrived in the ship and then get on with their story. It was just a lot of overwhelming amount of stories to keep trimming down. And also in the back of our heads we were thinking most romantic comedies clock in around an hour-and-a-half or so, and we were starting with a three-hour cut… But yes, there’s tons of scenes when everyone wants to buy the DVD.

Since Crazy Rich Asians turned out to be two hours long, it looks like about an hour of footage had to be cut in order for it to follow more in the footsteps of adaptations such as The Devil Wears Prada and less like The Lord of the Rings franchise. The rom-com hit is currently in theaters for you to check out. Of course, after news of a karaoke scene, dance number and more hilarious moments between the cast, it will soon come time to look forward to the home release, likely to be released before the start of 2019.

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Did Gotham Just Cast Shane West To Play This Key Comics Character?

Unfortunately for fans dying for Bruce Wayne’s origin story to continue indefinitely on Fox, Gotham will come to an end after the finale of the upcoming fifth season. The good news is that the early cancellation means Gotham can pull out all the stops and get really wild for its final batch of episodes, and in true Gotham style, that means bringing out the big villains. Now, Shane West has joined the cast as a villain, and all signs point toward him playing a key comics villain known King Snake.

Shane West has been cast as a character by the name of Eduardo Dorrance. Eduardo will arrive in Gotham City with a team of elite soldiers, seemingly intending to help pull the city out of its state of no-man’s-land lawlessness. He’ll have a friend to vouch for him in Gotham, as he’s an old army buddy of Jim Gordon. Despite the fact that they lost touch in the years since leaving the army, Jim will accept Dorrance and his soldiers’ help… until he comes to realize that Dorrance isn’t the man he thought. Jim will discover Dorrance’s intentions are darker than he could have ever imagined, even touching on evil. Ouch for Jim, awesome for viewers!

Now, nowhere in the official description of Shane West’s character (courtesy of Deadline) is there an explicit reference to somebody named “King Snake,” but DC Comics fans will connect a character named “Eduardo Dorrance” to a comic counterpart with almost exactly the same name. Sir Edmund Dorrance was a member of the British Army’s Royal Artillery and later became a dangerous mercenary. He eventually took on the “King Snake” title as a villain, although not without fathering a child that would go up to become the back- and Bat-breaking Bane. Surely Gotham wouldn’t cast Shane West as a character named Eduardo Dorrance without turning him into King Snake!

Shane West’s casting comes not too long after rumors of King Snake’s introduction began to circulate, as did rumors of Bane himself popping up. The eighth episode of Season 5 is reportedly titled “I Am Bane,” which obviously seems to point toward Bane turning up, perhaps seizing his destiny as the young Scarecrow did on Gotham.

That said, Shane West is only 40 years old. He might be a bit young to play Bane’s father if Bane is old enough to begin his villainous journey, especially since West is on board in a recurring capacity. Isn’t it possible that Gotham is putting an especially Gotham-y twist on Bane and revealing that Eduardo Dorrance is Bane? It wouldn’t be the weirdest thing Gotham has ever done, and Bruce would be wise to keep on fortifying his Batcave. If Gotham can use Cameron Monaghan to play two Joker-esque roles without confirming that either identity actually is the Joker, what can’t Gotham do?

Whether Eduardo is Bane or King Snake or some amalgamation of both, he’s just one more villain who will menace the good guys in no man’s land when the fifth and final season kicks off next year, as it sadly will not be back as part of the fall TV lineup unlike many other DC TV shows.

NCIS: New Orleans Cast Geoffrey Owens For Season 5

Cosby Show alum Geoffrey Owens recently made headlines when a photo of him working at Trader Joe’s went viral. The sudden buzz surrounding Owens’ career has resulted in the actor landing roles on TV shows, including an ongoing gig on Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots. Additionally, Owens nabbed a job that will take him back to broadcast network television in a high-profile franchise. Yes, Geoffrey Owens will appear on NCIS: New Orleans in its upcoming fifth season.

Geoffrey Owens will appear as a guest star in the sixth episode of NCIS: New Orleans Season 5. Although he is currently only slated to appear in this one episode, the description of his character indicates that Owens isn’t playing a villain of the week or one of the many Navy officers who float in and out of the series. Although it’s much too soon to say for sure, his character may have the potential to return. Here’s what we know.

On NCIS: New Orleans, Geoffrey Owens will play an old friend of Pride’s by the name of Commander Adams. Still dealing with the emotional fallout of his near-death experience following the shooting in the Season 4 cliffhanger, Pride consults his trusted friend for advice, both medical and spiritual. Pride is experiencing ongoing symptoms of some sort, and Deadline reports that he wants Adams’ thoughts on what could be the cause and what he should do next. Could the new Season 5 leader have something to do with Pride’s uncertainty?

This casting — which will almost certainly be one of the least controversial NCIS: New Orleans moves in recent months — worked out because the show was looking for “someone with compassion, competence, and heart,” according to NCIS: NOLA executive producer Christopher SIlber, who went on to say that those words describe Owens “in a nutshell” and they’re “lucky to have him on the show.” Assuming NCIS: New Orleans doesn’t deal Pride yet another tragic twist by killing off his old friend in that friend’s very first episode, the door may be open for Commander Adams to turn up yet again.

Interestingly, NCIS: NOLA will take Geoffrey Owens back to CBS for the third time in the last couple of years. Although he hasn’t had a regular job on TV for a while, he did appear in episodes of CBS’ Blue Bloods and Elementary, in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Elsewhere on network TV in recent years, Owens appeared on episodes of The Blacklist on NBC and Lucifer on Fox.

Given that Geoffrey Owens will appear in 10 episodes of Tyler Perry’s OWN drama The Haves and the Have Nots in Season 6, Owens may be busy in the foreseeable future. Still, a gig on any NCIS show is a pretty good thing. Assuming his character doesn’t die on NCIS: NOLA, there’s always the potential to crossover over to the original NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles. At least one NCIS actor is on board with more crossovers!

No exact premiere date for Geoffrey Owens’ episode of NCIS: New Orleans has been revealed just yet, but it’s slated to debut at some point in late October. NCIS: NOLA will premiere in the fall lineup and pay off on that crazy cliffhanger on Tuesday, September 25 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

Supergirl Season 4 Trailer Reveals New Transgender Superhero And Agent Liberty

Supergirl will return to the airwaves on a brand new night next month, and the Season 3 finale guarantees that things will be different for the Girl of Steel in her next batch of episodes. Her new villain will be formidable in a way Kara hasn’t had to face before, but the good news is that a new superhero will enter the scene to lend a hand. A new trailer has officially debuted to reveal a look at the villainous Agent Liberty and the transgender superhero Nia Nal. Check it out!

This trailer provides a good look at Nia Nal, a.k.a. the transgender CatCo employee destined to become the superhero known as Dreamer. Played by transgender activist Nicole Maines, Nia Nal won’t be a superhero right off the bat. Rather, she’ll start out as a reporter at CatCo, driven by her desire to protect others. The new footage for Supergirl Season 4 shows Nia Nal in her reporter capacity, and it looks like she’ll be inspired by Kara while they work together. Kara does sure have a knack for inspiring people to fight the good fight, and Nia Nal could be a fantastic addition to the series. The footage of her in the trailer is undoubtedly only a taste of what’s to come.

Less of new villain Agent Liberty can be seen in the new trailer, which is a shame given that he’s one of the most promising of the new Arrow-verse characters this fall. DC TV vet Sam Witwer is on board Supergirl to play the new baddie known as Agent Liberty. In the quick trailer shot, Agent Liberty can be seen with a bloody hole in his shirt, and possibly a bandage across his chest beneath the shirt. Agent Liberty was only heard via voiceover in the first Season 4 trailer, and his words gave the distinct impression that he’d be very effective in his quest to promote a humans-first way of life on Earth. He leads a hate group known as the Children of Liberty, but he hides his dark side under his appearance as a family man. Take a look:

Unsurprisingly, the trailer doesn’t deliver any Winn, although there is a quick shot of his replacement in the background. Kara has a new suit for Season 4 with a mask and no skirt, although it’s possible that somebody else is in the suit, pretending to be Supergirl. What isn’t possible when Supergirl is flying around with her face uncovered and hair flying free can be possible with her face obscured. Could another person be doubling as Supergirl?

Superman is reportedly going to appear in an early episode of Season 4; if so, the show didn’t spoil any of the circumstances by including him in the trailer. We do know that he’ll return for the Arrow-verse crossover that introduces none other than Batwoman, and he’ll be bringing somebody along with him. All things considered, there’s a lot to look forward to with Supergirl‘s return to The CW. It should be interesting to see how it fares as part of the network’s new Sunday night lineup on television this fall.

Ryan Gosling Won’t Take Credit For His Onscreen Bond With Emma Stone

In an industry that can easily breed divas and big egos, actor Ryan Gosling seemingly stands a part, as he has been praised this week by not one but two of his talented co-stars, Emma Stone and Claire Foy, as they both gushed about the joys of working with the actor. The Oscar-nominated star worked with both actresses on Damien Chazelle‘s two most recent films, with Stone as a love interest on La La Land, and with Foy as his wife in the upcoming Neil Armstrong biopic, First Man. When Gosling was approached about the abundance of love by his fellow actors before a screening of First Man, however, he responded by nobly passing the praise onto his director. In his humble words,

While in the ET Online interview Ryan Gosling seems unwilling to point any praise toward himself, the recent comments from Emma Stone and Claire Foy seem to be clearly directed at Gosling. Last week, while at the Telluride Film Festival, Stone got emotional when talking about Gosling, who was her partner in a film that led to her Oscar win for Best Actress for 2017’s La La Land. She said that she loved how collaborative he was and how he taught her about being generous. Stone worked with Gosling prior to La La Land on romantic-comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love. and crime-drama Gangster Squad, so the idea of working with the actor again might have played into her involvement in Chazelle’s musical. Stone said that since her Crazy, Stupid, Love. audition, she felt the pair had an unspoken understanding of each other.

On the other hand, The Crown’s Claire Foy worked with Ryan Gosling for the first time on the film that will follow Neil Armstrong on his Apollo 11 mission and his 1969 landing on the moon. About the experience playing his wife, she gushed about Gosling being “the most generous, kindest, funny actor” to work with. Looks like between the co-stars Gosling being generous is something they can both agree on. Of course, they all have much to thank from Damien Chazelle, who have given them the opportunity to all work together in highly-acclaimed films that have challenged them.

You can see Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy in First Man, in theaters October 12.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Getting A New Game Plus Mode

The reviews are still coming in and a lot of gamers are in love with Marvel’s Spider-Man. The game combines a lot of what gamers loved about the earlier video game iterations of the superhero with some of the latest in gaming tech to help bring both New York and the red-and-blue clad web-slinger to life. And even though the game isn’t even a week old at this point, Insomniac Games is already looking ahead toward the next big update. The snarky spider hero will be able to dive back into the adventure with the much-requested and always beloved feature of a New Game Plus.

Insomniac Games posted up a message on Twitter on September 10th, indicating that just days removed from the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man the team is already working on polishing up the release of a New Game Plus mode.

Basically, for those of you not in the know, a New Game Plus makes it where once you beat the game you can then replay the entire game over with all of the unlocked equipment that you acquired from your previous playthrough. Additionally, most NG+ modes also come with increased enemy difficulty and steeper challenges. This not only gives you an incentive to keep playing the game, or replay the game with your current build, but it also gives you something extra to encounter as you attempt to overcome harder bosses or more difficult enemies.

Marvel’s Spider-Man already comes with three difficulty settings, so maybe someone who beat the game the first time on the easiest setting will have ramped up their confidence and enough suits and skills to try the medium setting. And then maybe after that, they will have the iron will to tackle the game on the hardest difficulty setting available.

Funny enough, the one thing most Twitter users are asking for are more trophies. Yes, more trophies. The thread has multiple people requesting for Insomniac Games to include additional trophies to the NG+ mode similar to what Guerrilla Games did with Horizon: Zero Dawn.

A lot of people were also asking about how the suit carryover will work for the intro cinematic, as well as a few other story-oriented elements that were tied to the early goings of the game.

I’m sure Insomniac Games will work out a polished take on the New Game Plus to ensure that everyone comes away happy, much like From Software’s Dark Souls series. However, for now, we simply have to wait for the developers to finish up the mode and eventually release it in one of the upcoming updates for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The game is currently available right now, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It’s receiving rave reviews from across the board. I imagine that had Insomniac waited just a little bit and released the New Game Plus mode before the review builds were sent out, the score might have been even higher yet.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta Has Already Raised The Player Count

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s battle royale mode, Blackout, has barely been out in beta for a day and Treyarch has already decided to up the player count. The mode launched with 80 players on its massive map and, as of the most recent patch, a total of 88 players are now wreaking havoc on the battlefield at a single time. For folks who felt like encounters were too infrequent, those eight extra players should help beef up the mode’s firefights.

One of the handful of complaints I’ve seen leveled against Blackout during the first day of its ongoing beta was that you don’t come across other players often enough. I’d argue that’s kind of the point of a battle royale mode, but maybe it’s taking Call of Duty fans time to adjust from the game’s typical lightning-fast pace.

Since the mode launched with 80 players on a given map, Treyarch has pushed the dial forward a bit, allowing even more players to join each shootout. While eight players might not seem like a big jump, that puts Blackout just 12 total players behind the “industry norm” of 100 players on a battle royale map, and hopefully it’ll help address what some players feel is too slow of a tempo.

As for why the mode started with 80 players, it was likely due to the fact that Treyarch is still feeling things out when it comes to Blackout. They said from the launch of the beta that it would be a fluid experience, with the team working behind the scenes to see what adjustments need to be made.

There’s also likely a technical aspect to consider. Outside of the occasional reported game crash, Blackout has been surprisingly stable for a beta, which is even more surprising when you consider this is the first time this developer has crammed this many people onto such a large map. The game looks great and runs super well, and I’d wager part of the reason Treyarch didn’t start out with a higher number of players was to make sure the mode stays stable. If having eight more players on the map doesn’t make the whole thing chug, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this become the new norm. Heck, they might even up the number again before everything is said and done.

What’s really great is that this shows Treyarch is treating the beta, well, like a beta. Many betas these days are basically glorified stress tests for a mode that the developer is ready to ship. While that’s clearly part of the focus here, making a change to player count so quickly proves that nothing is set in stone yet. I wouldn’t be surprised to see additional tweaks made throughout the rest of the beta and, obviously, well after the game’s launch as the mode continues to be built upon.

On top of upping the player count by eight, today’s patch also made Duos the featured mode and the quick equip menu now automatically closes if you haven’t used it for five seconds. Item pick-ups now happen more quickly and the Sensor Dart’s effect has been reduced to two minutes.

Kingdom Hearts Is Getting A Free VR Experience Before Kingdom Hearts 3

While we’ve still got to wait until 2019 to play Kingdom Hearts III, Disney and Square Enix aim to tide fans over through the holidays with the launch of a VR experience set within the game’s world. From reliving pivotal moments pulled from the games to smashing Heartless with a keyblade, you’ll get to step into Sora’s oversized shoes when Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience launches for the PlayStation VR.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience, a free download launching for PSVR this holiday season. That’s as specific as the launch window gets, and details about what the pseudo-game will be all about are also a bit vague. That’s for good reason, though, as Shoji points out that the team wants to let players be surprised when they first strap on a headset and jump into the game. They’re also being careful to set expectations, noting that the entire experience should only last about 10 minutes.

It sounds like they’re going to cram a heck of a lot into that time, though, as the experience will let players see key events from Kingdom Hearts‘ history from a new perspective, all accompanied by music from the games. While several of the screenshots look like they’re literally pulled from the original games, others clearly show Sora wielding a keyblade from a first-person perspective while using it to whack invading Heartless.

The only other detail is that additional content will be unlocked as you play, so it doesn’t sound like the 10-minute interactive video is the only thing the KHVRE will offer. My first thought was that the keyblade sequences would be dropped into the interactive presentation, but now I’m wondering if maybe they’ll be additional activities you can keep playing while trying to claim a high score or something. Either way, it’s all for free, so I’ll take whatever Kingdom Hearts goodness I can get at this point.

Speaking of which, that Jan. 25 launch date for Kingdom Hearts III is approaching with a quickness. Hard to believe, considering how long the game has been in development, but we’ve got our fingers crossed that things are going smoothly and Square Enix won’t have to push the game back again. That also means we’ve got a few months left to have additional details about the game slowly revealed, such as additional destination worlds. We just saw Big Hero Six in action thanks to a Tokyo Game Show preview event, and past trailers have revealed locations such as Toy Story, Tangled, Monster’s Inc. and Frozen. Square Enix and Disney will obviously want to keep a few secrets under wraps for the game’s launch, but we wouldn’t say no to at least a few more tidbits in the meantime.

Annabelle 3 Is Set During A Surprising Point On The Conjuring Timeline

Thus far, the timeline for The Conjuring Universe is kind of all over the place. Conjuring 2 takes place after The Conjuring, but the first Annabelle is set before both of them; and Annabelle: Creation was the earliest established point in the continuity up until the release of The Nun. It’s pretty clear that any of the stories in this franchise can be set at any time, which is why it’s interesting to note where Gary Dauberman’s upcoming Annabelle 3 takes place in relation to the other stories, which the writer/director recently revealed:

Annabelle 3, which doesn’t have an official title yet, is set to be the next Conjuring Universe movie that goes into production, and Gary Dauberman, who wrote the first two Annabelle spin-offs, will be making his directorial debut with the horror feature. Back in July during San Diego Comic-Con we learned that the film was going to take place in the Warren’s artifact museum, but that didn’t fully clear up when the movie would be set. Fortunately, Dauberman was happy to reveal that info during an interview last week.

The filmmaker spoke quite a bit about his vision for Annabelle 3, and even noted how his work on The Nun (which he also wrote) inspired his approach. While there has been a lot of talk about how the latest release is atmospherically different than any previous Conjuring Universe title, primarily thanks to the very different setting, the screenwriter found that the production experience in Romania had him very much missing home, which bled into his Annabelle 3 script. Said Dauberman,

Reading this description, you may rightfully now be asking yourself: does this mean that we can expect Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson’s Lorraine and Ed Warren in Annabelle 3? I asked Gary Dauberman exactly that, and while he didn’t take the possibility off the table, he also didn’t mention whether or not it was something that was going to happen:

Annabelle 3 is going into production next month in Los Angeles, and be sure to stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for all the latest updates.