Why Counterpart Stuck To One Earth For Its Wild Season 2 Premiere Reveals

Major spoilers below for Counterpart’s Season 2 premiere, so be sure to watch before reading on.

With its first season, Counterpart made for one of TV’s most craftily enjoyable thrillers, despite a lack of awards recognition. Season 2 has finally arrived, and the premiere “Inside Out” interestingly reverted back to the series premiere’s single-Earth approach in bringing audiences up to speed on characters new and old. Creator Justin Marks spoke with CinemaBlend’s Sarah El-Mahmoud during a recent press junket, explaining why Counterpart‘s season opener simplified things, relatively speaking.

Yeah, there are a couple of reasons. One is the thematic reason. You know, the last season ended with the closing of the doors, and we wanted to spell out the divide and the distance between both worlds. The best way to do that, rather than doing a crosscutting pattern where, like we did for most of last season except for the first episode, we wanted to just sort of spell out the chasm between them.

While this episode might have outwardly compared to the series premiere in terms of its singular focus, the situations are completely different now that the two worlds have ceased communication. (Probably not ALL communication of course.) Had Justin Marks and the writers split the narrative in “Inside Out,” the show might not have driven home how radical this standoff is, nor now helplessly stuck Howard Prime and Howard Alpha are in their flip-flopped worlds.

Aside from that narrative-driven angle, Justin Marks explained that Counterpart‘s premiere also pulled back the world-switching reins a bit for the sakes of both the audience and the crew. In his words:

The other reason was a little more pragmatic. It’s been a year. I won’t pretend that the show is easy to digest. And because of the two worlds and the same people on two worlds and all that kind of stuff, I didn’t want to just assume coming into the show again in the second season that everyone remembered where everybody was. We wanted to take a moment to just breathe and reestablish the geography, to remember that Howard Prime was in Howard’s world and Howard is in Howard Prime’s world. Then Shaw is over there and Emily Alpha’s here and Emily Prime’s there, et cetera. So we wanted to sort of take a breath, slow it down and focus on the characters in these two episodes to kind of recharge everything. Then starting in Episode 3, we kind of return to our traditional crosscutting pattern.

Justin Marks also said that this season brought in new crew members, both in the writers room and out, and that it was really in everyone’s best interest to avoid the criss-crossing pattern from the get-go. Considering the premiere introduced Betty Gabriel’s suspicious Naya Temple, showcased Peter Quayle’s lapse in forward-thinking, and brought in a wealth of new information about Emily Alpha, I’d agree that holding all of the action to Earth Alpha was an aces plan.

Olivia Williams’ Emily Alpha had only just woken up when Season 1 ended, so fans likely wondered about her past throughout the hiatus. Thankfully, Counterpart quickly revealed more about the duplicitous and hard-edged woman that Emily Alpha doesn’t remember being before her “accident.” She also appears to have zero interest in returning to her former ways, an outlook that just might appeal to Howard Prime.

Olivia Williams’ dual counterparts are in for some major moments in Season 2, and as Justin Marks explained it, Emily Alpha’s current storyline was part of the original pitch to the network.

So this is where the show has been going, you know? At the very beginning of the process, when I was first talking to Starz about the show, they said, ‘Okay, well that sounds cool for Season 1, but what would Season 2 be?’ And I said, ‘Season 2 is long before we started anything. Season 2 is about the Emily we never knew.’ We were always leading towards that throughout Season 1. Even the mysteries and the secrets that were being revealed in Season 1, which was pretty big, are nothing compared to what we’re learning about her in Season 2.

Those are some pretty loaded words from Justin Marks, considering how twisty-turny Season 1 got, although as the creator, he boasts the biggest insight. Since Emily Alpha doesn’t have a firm grasp on anything, viewers will presumably get to tag along in learning more about her unbalanced relationship with Howard and how under-the-radar her professional exploits were.

It’s this enigmatic exploration that really appeals to Justin Marks when it comes to bringing Season 2 to viewers, as he’s quite excited to peel back the layers of Emily Alpha’s life as episodes go forward. Here’s how he put it.

The real exciting thing is that we have a mystery structure that only Counterpart could do, where you have Emily Alpha who’s woken up having come out of this coma, with very little memory of a certain aspects of what she did and who she was, and is discovering that, or rediscovering it, over the course of this season.

A TV character losing their memory in a context like this can often feel cheap or cheesy in the wrong person’s hands, but Counterpart can easily overcome those odds thanks to all the other plot threads concerning character’s identities and beliefs. And Justin Marks teased what’s coming ahead whenever viewers will return to Earth Prime to see what that version of Emily is up to.

Then Emily Prime, on the other side, is also trying to sort of track down who this woman was. So both Emily Alpha and Emily Prime are both after the same woman, which is who Emily Alpha used to be, and they’re both solving the same mystery. I think that’s something that we don’t really always get to see, and what gives us a very unique structure as it unfolds. Because of course, Emily Alpha stands at the center of Indigo’s plot for reasons I won’t go into, except to say that obviously they tried to have her killed last year, so there must be something important.

Fans shouldn’t count on learning each and every one of Emily Alpha’s secrets in the first two or three episodes, so we should probably expect many more clues in the weeks to come. And since Indigo head Mira isn’t the most welcoming person, those clues might be foreboding for Emily Alpha’s future.

Be sure to tune into Counterpart every Sunday night on Starz at 9:00 p.m. ET. To see what other new and returning shows are on the horizon, head to our fall TV schedule and our midseason premiere rundown.

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How Outlander Is Setting Up A Huge Plot From The Book

Spoilers ahead for Episode 7 of Outlander Season 4, called “Blood of My Blood,” and Diana Gabaldon’s Drums of Autumn novel.

Outlander‘s fourth season is in full swing, and fans of Diana Gabaldon’s book saga know that there’s still a lot of ground for Season 4 to cover before another hiatus begins. The show has been tearing through book material, and a bunch of smaller stories that have seemingly been abandoned or stand alone are bound to come together for one huge plot. The latest episode brought back Lord John Grey, and it added one more piece of the puzzle of what’s in store for Brianna.

This is your last chance to turn back before HUGE spoilers for Drums of Autumn.

In case you’re not up on what happens to Brianna or need a refresher, here’s what’s on the way if Outlander follows Drums of Autumn when it comes to her arc. After Brianna makes her way to the past on her important mission, she eventually secures a companion and travels to the American colonies, where she is raped by Stephen Bonnet when attempting to get back the ring he’d stolen from her mother. Brianna winds up pregnant, and although there’s a chance that Bonnet isn’t the father, she’s still going to be ostracized as an unwed mother in the 18th century.

Working under the assumption that Outlander is following Drums of Autumn, here’s how Outlander is setting up the arc.

Let’s start with the latest development. Lord John Grey returned to Outlander in “Blood of My Blood,” bringing Jamie’s son and a case of the measles with him during a detour on their way to Virginia. The measles gave Jamie the chance to take Willie on an adventure while Claire treated the highly-contagious John back in the cabin. Fortunately, John survived the ordeal, and he and Willie took off for John’s late wife’s estate in Virginia. As book readers know, however, John Grey will not be out of the action in Virginia for very long.

John Grey will turn back up when Brianna is pregnant and staying somewhere a bit more protected than Fraser’s Ridge. She’ll figure out the truth of John’s sexuality and attempt to blackmail him into marry her, as she was being pressured to marry somebody before she gives birth. He eventually agrees to fake an engagement to discourage other suitors, passing the time for Bree’s sake. They become close friends, and when he is grievously injured later on, she won’t take it well.

Where will Brianna be staying while pregnant after leaving Fraser’s Ridge? That leads us to another way Outlander has already set up the arc. Bree will go to stay with Jocasta at River Run, which is safer and more protected than Fraser’s Ridge, even if Brianna won’t be any happier than her mom about slavery. For fans who were discouraged at how quickly Jamie and Claire arrived at and then bounced out of River Run, the location and its characters should be returning thanks to Brianna’s unfortunate circumstances.

As it happens, there was part of their stay at River Run that will be very relevant once Brianna begins living there. Jocasta was sorely disappointed when Jamie refused the status as heir of River Run, not least because she had no other family to leave her estate to. When Brianna arrives, Jocasta has a second shot, and she’ll want to leave River Run to her great niece. Owning slaves won’t be any more palatable to Bree than to her parents, but she can’t exactly leave River Run as easily as they did considering her condition.

“Blood of My Blood” featured a small moment that should have reminded viewers of a twist that seemed monumental back in the Season 4 premiere but ultimately went nowhere. Jamie gifted Claire with a silver ring made out of one of his mother’s candlesticks (before the two took full advantage of finally having the cabin to themselves), as he was deeply troubled by the fact that Stephen Bonnet had stolen the ring he’d given Claire at their wedding, made as it was from the key to Lallybroch.

The replacement ring serves as a reminder of what happened to that other ring, which I take as a sign that Outlander is very soon going to revisit what happened to the first ring that Jamie gave Claire, and that does not bode well for poor Brianna. She’ll spot the distinctive ring on the finger of none other than Stephen Bonnet, who she doesn’t know is a man to be feared when she encounters him and is talked into visiting his cabin on his ship. There, Bonnet rapes her and returns the ring. My money is on the meeting between Bree and Bonnet and then the subsequent rape happening in the next episode or two.

Of course, Brianna’s trip to the past does have devastating consequences for another character, although she can’t be blamed for his decision to follow her back to the 18th century. Nevertheless, Roger is going to suffer horribly in his own way. Now that Bree has made her trip back in time, he is undoubtedly going to follow shortly, and Outlander will begin really setting up his story as well. We’ll have to wait and see how the show handles it.

Obviously, we can’t say at this point just how many details from Brianna’s arc in the past will or will not be precisely adapted for the series. Outlander hasn’t hesitated to make big changes from the books in the past, and the season premiere not so long ago featured a notable one. That said, showrunner Ronald Moore has already confirmed that the rape will take place, so I’d say that it’s safe to speculate that a lot of what happens leading up to and following that terrible twist will be close to how it goes down in Drums of Autumn.

See what’s in store next for the Frasers when new episodes of Outlander air on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Starz. Season 4 has been moving way too quickly for my taste for some key reasons, but it’s been an engaging ride so far. For some viewing options when many other fall shows go into their winter hiatuses, swing by our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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Was The Doctor Who Finale’s Villain Really Stopped?

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Doctor Who Season 11 finale “The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kalos”. Read at your own risk!

Doctor Who closed out Season 11 with the return of a familiar and not particularly lovely face, and also not one that’s been seen in previous seasons. The Stenza warrior, known as Tim Shaw/T’zim-Sha by the Doctor and her companions, made his return as a world-stealing false god harboring bad intentions. Fortunately, Graham and Ryan were able to lock him in a stasis chamber, although it’s up for debate whether or not they really succeeded in stopping him indefinitely.

Ryan and Graham took down the Stenza baddie just before he was going to zap Graham into oblivion with a device on his hand. Ryan distracted Tim Shaw long enough for Graham to shoot the villain in the foot, which he thought the Doctor would be fine with, seeing as it wasn’t a kill shot. The two then locked Tim Shaw within the stasis chamber, with the plan to indefinitely keep him in suspended animation for his wrongdoings.

Though,Ryan and Graham trotted off confidently with their heads held high, both thinking they’d effectively avenged Ryan’s nan and Graham’s wife, Doctor Who gave a massive clue that their plan wasn’t so successful. The alien warrior was seen slowly moving his hand towards the glass, perhaps reaching out in vain for Graham and Ryan’s mercy. However, he may have actually been putting his hands on the glass in order to break free using his device.

The destructive weapon was seen making short work of a hostage crew member earlier in the episode, so one would think the Stenza warrior could use it to break that glass chamber. Without his life support systems, however, Tim Shaw probably realized he couldn’t do it in front of Ryan and Graham and miss a sure shot at escaping. With everyone gone and convinced the threat is over, the villain could escape and live to fight another day in Season 12.

That said, Tim Shaw probably couldn’t do much once he was free of the chamber. The DNA Bombs within his body make it seemingly impossible to leave the planet, and he’s apparently in need of some form of life support to keep functioning. So making the escape permanent would be more of a challenge. Even if the Stenza beast did escape, we’re not even sure what he could do next to continue his quest of revenge against the Doctor.

Of course, Doctor Who is always full of explanations of when it comes to the improbable, and with the Stenza race being one of the only frequently mentioned aggressors of the season, it seems as though their likelihood of re-emerging in the future is high. The question is, will it be Tim Shaw the next time the Doctor makes contact, or will it be another member of the villainous creatures coming to investigate his whereabouts?

This Rotten Week: Predicting The Mule, Mortal Engines and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Reviews

Just remember, I’m not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they’ll end up on the Tomatometer. Let’s take a look at what This Rotten Week has to offer.

Based on a true story, Clint Eastwood plays an elderly man (not a reach, dude is 88 after all) who begins a late-life career change into running drugs for the Mexican cartel. This film appears to be a character study, more than anything — a story about a guy who is desperate to maintain a life and using the ends to justify the financial means. Eastwood looks every bit the part, a grizzled old dude who’s chosen a life of crime even if his moral compass is pointing the other way.

Clint Eastwood directs and stars in this one. He hasn’t done that since Gran Torino _(80%) almost ten years ago. Since then, his directing resume has been up and down with _The 15:17 to Paris (24%) Sully (85%) Jersey Boys _(52%) and _J. Edgar (43%) trending more negative than anything else. The trailer for The Mule looks promising, with a darker tone and Eastwood looking every bit of an old man tortured by his actions. I suspect it finishes well with critics.

Imagine a world where we put out cities up on wheels, and those things toured around the world swallowing up smaller cities in a global race for municipal Darwinism. That’s the concept of Mortal Engines, based on the book of the same name, which puts forth a world where cities are on the move.

This is a steampunk look at the future in which the world has fallen into a state of post-apocalypse and cities are now rolling around sucking up smaller provinces in a fight for total control and survival. Conceptually, it seems awesome. But it doesn’t appear as if they executed well on the story. Early reviews are trending negative. With more than 40 reviews in, the Tomatometer sits at just 38%. Critics seem to agree that the film was a missed opportunity. The concept is so intriguing but the flick gets bogged down in a mundane story.

It really wouldn’t seem we could take Spider-Man in new directions after getting the Tobey Maguire version, a little bit of Andrew Garfield and now Tom Holland carrying the torch into the Avengers-verse. But here we go with an animated take on a new world in which multiple Spider-Men (and other genders/ animals/ beings) exist and the whole story is turned on its head. And oh man, does this thing look good. We get a world in which multiple universes worth of Spider-things are all working in conjunction, and it looks hilarious.

Brought to you by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, of the Lego films, and Sony Pictures Animation which, well, hasn’t had all that good of a run lately, Spider-Verse is crushing it with the critics, currently sitting at 99% through more than 80 reviews. Only one critic deigned to trend negative. Everyone else is loving the new take on the character. And you can see why. Even from the trailer, the jokes are tight and it’s obvious the movie appeals to both kids and adults alike. That’s the secret sauce with animated films and this one looks like the perfect mix.

Recapping two weeks ago:

We had a week off from the Rotten Watch, but two weeks ago The Possession of Hannah Grace (Predicted: 25% Actual: 10%) missed out on the prediction. I’ll take some solace in the movie being in the basement like I thought it would be, but it still finished outside of the 10% range. Critics panned the hell out of this mess, which seemed rather obvious when watching the trailer. It just looked like your color-by-number exorcism horror story without any new plotlines or revelations brought to the cadaver table. Horror movies are something like a dime a dozen and it really takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. This one only separated itself by how bad it was rated.

We’ll be back in two weeks with Mary Poppins Returns, Aquaman, Bumblebee, Second Act and Welcome to Marwen. It’s gonna be a Rotten Week!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gamers Play The Cops Called To Their House

Some games have a special quality to them that just isn’t matched by any other game on the market. It’s capable of bringing people together in ways that you never thought or imagined would be possible. One such game is Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which managed to get some cops who were called to an incident to join in on a game of Smash.

ComicBook.com has up a feel-good story that actually (and very easily) could have gone a completely different direction. It starts when the cops are called on some guys, presumably for a noise complaint. The cops show up all bundled up and decked out in gear, but things don’t quite go down as you might expect.

Instead of arresting the gentlemen, or turning into some sort of tragic evening news story, the cops realized that the two guys were just having some (presumably loud?) fun with the latest Nintendo Switch exclusive, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The duo were invited to play some four-player Super Smash Bros., with the guys who had the the cops called on them. A 10-second clip was posted up over on the Smash Bros., sub-reddit, where one of the gentlemen says that they’re about to play some Smash. We see the two cops standing in front of the TV with the controllers all decked out in their gear with one of them giving a thumbs up, and the two other guys laughing and getting ready to play.

It’s quite a sight to see, given that it’s rare you get a happy ending to a story that could have gone sideways real quick. We know how some of these calls can end up, so it’s great to see that in the end the cops and the guys that the cops were called on managed to come to an agreement to have some fun and play some games.

Given that the holiday season is basically in full swing at this point, it’s a cheery and good-hearted story that definitely helps put gamers in the festive mood.

The game contains one of the largest rosters in all of fighting game history. Heck, you might even be convinced you’re playing a Smash Bros., version of MUGEN.

In the video with the cops and the guys playing the game, only a handful of characters had been unlocked, so it was likely early goings for the gamers and they only likely starting playing. Possibly that’s why they were causing such a ruckus as they were unlocking characters early on and were excited about who they were going to unlock next?

Either way, the new fighting game from Nintendo is making some huge waves shortly after dropping at the conclusion of this year’s The Game Awards. If you already have a copy just be mindful of your neighbors and avoid making too much noise. But even if your neighbors do call the cops on you, it can’t hurt to offer them up a controller so you guys can play some four-player Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Doctor Who Season 12 Will Be Delayed Until 2020, But New Year’s Special Trailer Is Here Now

Doctor Who has had a solid run in Season 11, with its new night and Doctor drawing in audiences. Now that the season is closing out and the New Year’s special (see below) is the only scheduled new episode on the horizon, some may be wondering when Season 12 is set to arrive. BBC America has an answer, and unfortunately, Season 12 will be delayed until 2020.

This means the upcoming New Year’s Day special will be the only new episode of Doctor Who to air in 2019 as the show takes a break to return in 2020. Luckily, the program does not intend to keep audiences waiting until the fall of that year; the official announcement stated Season 12 would premiere in “early 2020,” with Jodie Whittaker confirmed to return.

In happier news, BBC America also released the official trailer for the Doctor Who New Year’s special, “Resolution,” which will premiere Tuesday, January 1 at 8/7.

According to the BBC, “Resolution” is set as the New Year begins — naturally — as a terrifying evil is stirring from across the centuries of Earth’s history. “Will the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), Ryan (Tosin Cole), Graham (Bradley Walsh), and Yaz (Mandip Gill) be able to overcome this threat to Planet Earth?” Find out on New Year’s Day.

Rumors had surfaced earlier in the season that Season 12 would be delayed, as Doctor Who had yet to begin production on the upcoming season. Some were optimistic, but other insiders believed it would be very hard for the British program to deliver the season by October 2019, with little to no production completed before the year’s end. It turns out the rumors were true, and the crew won’t attempt to rush production to make the Fall 2019 release schedule.

While “early 2020” is a bit ambiguous as to when Season 12 of Doctor Who will arrive, scheduling the show to return around that time would imply the reason for the delay truly is linked to running short on time. Of course, there’s little reason to suggest otherwise, as ratings for Doctor Who Season 11 have been some of the best the series has seen in some time, despite criticism from some long-standing fans about creative decisions.

The delay will allow Doctor Who to take a proper amount of time crafting Season 12 for its audience, which has changed throughout the course of Season 11. The show is up 47% in total viewers overall, with BBC America crediting women as part of the growth. The 18-34 demographic of women has doubled in the new season, and the series is now listed in the top 15 of cable dramas for that much sought-after viewership.

It’s unknown whether the decision to make the traditional Christmas special a New Year’s special was made before or after it was clear Season 12 would be delayed. Chris Chibnall may have moved the special at the request of The BBC, to keep alive the streak of years that the network has aired an episode of Doctor Who. The BBC has aired a new episode of the series every year since its revival in 2005.

Doctor Who airs the “Resolution” special on January 1 at 8 p.m. ET on BBC America. It will return for Season 12 in 2020. Fortunately, there will be other shows for fans of science fiction to watch in the meantime, so be sure to check our fall and midseason premiere guides for when to watch them.

Grand Theft Auto Creators File For Maximum Damages From Cheat Maker

Cheaters are really coming under the hammer of scrutiny in recent times. Creating cheats is big business, but those cheats can disrupt the business of big business. This is why companies like Epic Games and now Rockstar are cracking down on cheat makers.

Torrent Freak is reporting that Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, is coming down hard on cheat makers who have released cheat tools for Grand Theft Auto Online, the online multiplayer component for GTA V.

A court claim was filed against the creator of a cheat tool called “Elusive.” It allows players to cheat in the online portion of the game, causing chaos and mischief beyond the control of Rockstar Games. In order to put an end to the cheat tool, and send a message to anyone who dares make such a tool, Take-Two is suing the creators for $150,000.

According to Torrent Freak, the maker of the tool is a certain Johnny Perez from Florida. And Take-Two’s reasoning behind the suit is that the tool is being used to “grief” other players and to sell a product on the back of Take-Two’s property, which the company labeled as “free riding.”

Beyond that, the other issue is that Take-Two claimed that the “Elusive” cheat tool disrupts gameplay within GTA Online and that it creates discord for the “carefully orchestrated” gameplay that Rockstar and Take-Two have devised for the game.

“Elusive” is a paid tool and you do have to dump up to $30 into the coffers of the creator in order to use it online.

What’s interesting is that before going for the maximum statutory damages of $150,000, Take-Two originally sought to reach a settlement with Perez. So why didn’t Perez settle? Well, Take-Two wanted detailed records of all of Perez’s personal finances and his financial history, so that it could determine how to reach a settlement. Perez failed to respond and stopped communicating with Take-Two, so the company decided to go for the jugular to set an example.

Take-Two is also requesting that Perez pay up to $70,000 in attorney’s fees and that he no longer participate in “infringing activities.”

So if Perez was using this as a way to pay for living expenses, it could all go kaput if the court finds itself in favor of Take-Two.

This isn’t the first time a big publisher has gone after a cheater, though. Epic Games also attempted to sue a Fortnite player for distributing a cheat tool, even though the person the company was suing was only 14-years-old.

Take-Two also attempted to go after mod makers in the past as well, claiming that tools used to mod the single-player could be used to cheat in multiplayer. That little stunt cost Rockstar and Take-Two a lot of goodwill from gamers, which eventually saw the company stepping back from such measures. In this case, though, Take-Two doesn’t appear to be stepping back from making sure an example is set for those who make and/or distribute cheats for Rockstar’s online games.

Why Sons Of Anarchy And Mayans M.C. Aren’t On Netflix, According To Kurt Sutter

Sons of Anarchy has officially been dropped from the Netflix library. While Netflix gave no official reason behind the removal of a series that’s been a staple of its catalog for some time, some had theories regarding why it was dropped. Kurt Sutter confirmed that speculation on Twitter, bringing any confused parties into the loop on why Sons of Anarchy was removed and Mayans M.C. won’t be arriving on the service.

Kurt Sutter confirmed that the big reason Sons of Anarchy was removed from Netflix was another jab between it and Disney as the launch of Disney+ looms ever closer. Disney’s acquiring of Fox programming means it now owns the rights to Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C., so one can expect neither will arrive back on Netflix anytime soon — if ever.

Sons of Anarchy‘s removal from Netflix comes after what’s been a bloodbath in terms of Netflix shows that are affiliated with the Disney brand. Netflix has canceled three of its Marvel shows, with many speculating the remaining two will be canceled following their new seasons. The moves appear to be mostly motivated by Disney+’s potential as a major competitor for Netflix, as reports have surfaced alleging Daredevil was one of its top 5 shows at the time of cancellation.

Meanwhile, Netflix subscribers are suffering. That said, those with multiple subscriptions to various streaming services may be in luck, as there are outlets for folks to watch Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C. on streaming. Kurt Sutter mentioned all the other places cord cutters can catch episodes without Netflix.

Kurt Sutter added a foreboding “for now” to his tweet, which makes it sound as though there will be a point where those outlets lose their streaming privileges as well. One would imagine Disney+ will eventually add Sons of Anarchy and other Fox programming to its library, although it’s not been something Disney has made a priority to explain. Instead, the brand has teased two live-action Star Wars series, MCU-related adventures, and a third Sister Act movie.

Even if Sons of Anarchy is a day one add for Disney+, there are still a community of consumers concerned about committing to yet another streaming service to catch their favorite shows. Buying physical copies of seasons is still an option, luckily, which some pointed out in the replies to Kurt Sutter’s tweets. That said, it’s possible that Sons of Anarchy and other classic Fox shows could go in the “Disney vault” and physical copies become scarce in later years.

As mentioned, Hulu and FXNow are still places where a streaming audience can catch episodes of Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C.. For a look at what else is happening on television in the meantime, head on over to our fall and midseason premiere guides.

Watch Jason Momoa’s Game Of Thrones Spoof And More In Barefoot SNL Debut

Jason Momoa is The Man in capital letters. Saturday Night Live put the Aquaman hero to good use last night, using him in multiple sketches instead of hiding him the way they do with some hosts. Of course, they had to give him a Game of Thrones spoof, but they also shrank him down for a hilarious Elf on the Shelf sketch and had him hump a bedpost as Kate McKinnon’s Tiny Tim made it rain on his sexy shirtless “extra” Christmas spirit.

It all started with Jason Momoa’s monologue, which he did barefoot in bright pink pants. Momoa called himself an SNL superfan who always dreamed of doing the show. He also did some singing, so look out Chris Pine, you’re not the only hero who can sing through a monologue.

In Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo, Jason Momoa returned to his Game of Thrones Khal Drogo garb for an afterlife talk show hosted by Kenan Thompson. Some of the many, many departed GoT characters returned for the show, all played by SNL cast members. If only the faceoff between King Joffrey (Kate McKinnon) and Lady Olenna (Aidy Bryant) had continued a bit longer. Stay to the end, not only for the “Khal on the Wall” alternative to Elf on the Shelf, but the end scene takedown of AMC’s Talking after-shows.

The Elf on the Shelf shelf sketch was both a pleasant surprise and super awkward, as Jason Momoa played the elf for a little boy who just hit puberty and … discovered things about his body:

Jason Momoa fully committed to playing “Beef” in the Revenge Of The Nerds-esque Day of the Dorks sketch:

Jason Momoa co-starred in this modern manly spoof on appliance commercials. In a GE ad for Big Boy Home Appliances, Momoa tested out hefty, tall appliances made just for men. Man up ask your wife if you can get some of these for Christmas:

In an “Extra Christmas Carol,” Jason Momoa showed up as a very “extra,” sexy and fierce Christmas spirit. Stay to the end for Kate McKinnon’s Tiny Tim making it rain on the pole-humping and now shirtless spirit:

You can watch more of Jason Momoa’s SNL sketches on YouTube. Matt Damon hosts next Saturday, December 15 on NBC, with Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus as musical guests. Here’s what else is still on TV in 2018 and what’s ahead in the 2019 midseason. And don’t forget that Jason Momoa’s Aquaman opens in theaters Friday, December 21.

Amy Adams Thinks She’s Out Of The DC Universe

If Henry Cavill is out of the DCEU as Superman, does that mean Amy Adams is out as Lois Lane? She seems to think so, but apparently no one has made it 100 percent clear to her. The five-time Oscar nominee brought up her status in an Actors on Actors chat with DC’s newest addition, Aquaman star Nicole Kidman:

From there, the Variety Actors on Actors talk segued into Nicole Kidman not knowing what she was allowed to say about Aquaman, other than that she’s in it as Atlanna. Apparently DC/Warner Bros. keeps a tight lockdown on spoilers, but perhaps they could be more forthcoming with talent.

Amy Adams co-starred in the first film in the DC Extended Universe, Man of Steel. She returned as Superman’s journalist special lady friend in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

But a few months ago, reports came out that Henry Cavill was leaving the DCEU as Superman, with someone else potentially picking up the cape.

Henry Cavill was supposedly meant to have a cameo in the upcoming Shazam! movie but talks broke down. Reports spread that the DCEU was potentially starting over with new Superman and Batman actors — since rumors have long swirled about Ben Affleck leaving the DCEU as Batman.

Nothing has been confirmed on the Superman or Batman fronts, and Warner Bros. followed the Henry Cavill rumors by saying no decisions had been made. It seems like no talks have move forward on this topic because WB/DC are too busy with the nine million other films in development to announce plans for Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.

But someone should really let Amy Adams know where things stand for her Lois Lane. She didn’t come across as just being cagey about her status, it sounded like she knew about as much as the average “source” out there sharing updates.

When you have Amy Adams in your franchise, it would be smart not to lose her. But that’s just my take. Maybe Lois Lane could join Atlanna in their own spinoff — or join the Mera/Wonder Woman spinoff that Amber Heard just pitched. In their Variety Actors on Actors chat, Adams and Nicole Kidman basically begged Hollywood to cast them in something as sisters, so if the DCEU is “revamping” things, maybe find a way to make them sisters so you can keep that kind of talent in-house.