James Gunn Has A Surprising Choice For Which Marvel Character He’d Be Quarantined With

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The past few weeks have been unprecedented as global concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic greatly alter daily life. Medical professionals are urging people to stay home and self-isolate, in hopes of flattening the curve and reducing the spread of the virus. As such, the population has been finding ways to keep entertained from the safety of their home. James Gunn’s social media has been entertaining as usual, and he was recently asked which Marvel character he’d like to be quarantined with. And his answer might surprise you.

Snyder Cut Fans Get A Glimmer Of Hope From New WarnerMedia CEO

This week, WarnerMedia announced that Hulu founding CEO Jason Kilar had been hired as its new CEO. From a business perspective, it makes a lot of sense, as Warner Bros. is about to launch HBO Max, so bringing on a chief with vital experience in the streaming universe can only be beneficial. Speaking of beneficial, the Snyder Cut kids already think they have found an ally in Kilar, because he’s liking Tweets with the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag, giving the movement hope.

Looks Like Disney Park Passholders Are Still Paying, Despite Coronavirus Closures

When the park was only going to be closed for two weeks, that was perhaps acceptable, but with not only the parks, but a lot of other places shut down for the foreseeable future, there’s a renewed call by many asking Disney to freeze payments as well as extend dates. With so many people losing work, or at least out of work until stay-at-home orders are lifted, the monthly cost of the AP is an expense many are no longer in a position to be able to afford.

Netflix’s Love Wedding Repeat Trailer Has A Twist, But The Movie Will Have An Even Bigger One

Given the world already knows the famous phrase “live.die.repeat” and what that phrase entails in the movie world, there is a hint to the major twist in Love Wedding Repeat’s title. In addition, in the trailer there’s a mention of “thousands of ways it could go wrong” as well as a fun comment from Joel Fry’s character Bryan noting, ‘Have you ever thought, if just one thing in history changed, then you wouldn’t exist?’

Frozen 2’s Bruni And 8 Other Adorable Disney Characters That Deserved More Screen Time

This adorable Moana creature only makes a brief appearance in the film, but I wanted to see more of Pua, especially after the film established a close bond between her and Moana. I understand that taking Pua on the journey put the pig at risk of dying, and this was a journey Moana needed to take on her own, but I think we missed out on some great storytelling and moments with Pua. Heihei was fine, but we may have missed out on great comedic moments from the pair and just sweet moments between Moana and Pua.

7 Funny And Magical References You Might Not Have Caught In Pixar’s Onward

New Mushroomton’s Magic Classes

The concept behind the world of Onward is that, while magic does exist in the world, it’s difficult to master, and other concepts, like technology, made the same tasks easier to accomplish. Magic is supposed to have been left behind, and nobody uses it anymore, but that’s apparently not entirely true, as at least one aspect of magic is taught in Ian’s high school, alchemy.

What The Cast Of Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Is Doing Now That The Trilogy Is Over

Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker)

Mark Hamill has been the central character to the Skywalker Saga for some time, but between the time he began his journey and returned to Luke with this new trilogy he has also made a name for himself in the world of voiceover. He’s famously been the animated Joker and following Rise of Skywalker the actor will delve deeper into voice work with four new projects. He’s going to play Skeletor in Netflix’s reboot of Master of the Universe, he’s a part of the animated TV show adaptation of the Image Comic Invincible with the likes of Steven Yeun, J.K. Simmons, Sandra Oh, Seth Rogen and he’ll have a voice role in the video game Squadron 42.

10 Movies To Stream Or Rent Online Since The New Mutants Is Delayed

The Witch (2014)

While she has definitely branched out into other genres (the recent Emma being a perfect example), Anya Taylor-Joy has spent a good amount of time in her young career establishing herself as a Scream Queen. The New Mutants, in which she plays Illyana Rasputin a.k.a. Magik, is one of many horror titles that stand out on her resume, with Split and Morgan also standing out. The film that first really got her on the map, however, was actually her feature debut, Robert Eggers’ The Witch, and if you haven’t seen it already, now is the perfect time. And if you have already seen it, give it another watch, as it’s a fantastically layered movie that is simply just freaky to live in for 92 minutes.

Where To Stream: Netflix
Where To Rent Online: Amazon

That Thing You Do Songwriter Adam Schlesinger Has Died From Coronavirus Complications

Movie-wise, Adam Schlesinger composed songs for movies like Ice Age: Continental Drift and Music and Lyrics, and his music could also be heard in Shallow Hal (which he co-composed), There’s Something About Mary, Josie and the Pussycats and Two Weeks Notice, to name a few. However, arguably his biggest film credit is writing and co-producing the title song for That Thing You Do!, the 1996 ‘60s-set comedy starring Tom Hanks, Tom Everett Scott, Johnathon Schaech, Steve Zahn, Ethan Embry, Lic Tyler and Charlize Theron, among many others.

7 Actors Who’d Be Perfect To Play Joe Exotic In A Tiger King Movie

Will Ferrell

Of all the choices listed thus far, Will Ferrell might be the biggest wild card. He doesn’t look the part and there’s a chance that the comedy star might push it too far. But, much like Danny McBride, his history of playing prideful, goofy, and overly-confident men-children with little in the way of self-awareness makes him an enjoyable fit for Joe Exotic. Particularly when it comes to movies like Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Old School, Blades of Glory, and Zoolander, among many others, Ferrell likes to play outlandish personalities — often with strange, singular looks — who resort to acts of indecent behavior, aggressive yelling, and other forms of crude debauchery. It’s easy to imagine Ferrell, dressed up in absurd attire with a wild animal, pointing at a camera and shouting something like, “I’m coming for you, Carole!” He’d definitely make the part his own.

Who Could Direct: Adam McKay