Telltale Games Being Pulled From Steam As Liquidation Reportedly Begins

The slow demise of Telltale Games continues this week as several of the developer’s older titles disappear from digital storefronts such as Steam. The studio’s closure doesn’t mean those games are gone forever, though, and anyone who already owns them will maintain access to them.

The shuttering of Telltale Games has moved pretty quickly following the unexpected firing of 250 staff members in September, with the developer going through an assignment process that has led to several of its games winding up in a state of limbo, according to Game Daily. For now, Back to the Future, Tales of Monkey Island and Jurassic World have all been removed from Steam. Those games were all developed pre-The Walking Dead, which is when Telltale’s popularity really took off.

As noted above, Telltale is currently working its way through assignment proceedings, which are quite a bit different than bankruptcy. This process allows a company to quickly shift its assets to new owners, potentially receiving compensation in return. That compensation is typically then used to pay creditors what they are owed, allowing the company to end on a more clean note than simply filing for bankruptcy. It’s a bit of a messy ball of yarn and I’m no legal expert, though, so I don’t even want to hazard a guess as to what the assignment process looks like for Telltale until they’ve made more information available. If they are in the process of selling their properties, though, it could mean any number of their series will be back on the market at a future date under a new publisher.

As for now, the only clear answer we have is that the final season of The Walking Dead will be completed. Telltale fired the vast majority of its employees just as the second of four chapters was getting ready to roll out. The second chapter launched as planned, but it was announced that the rest of the season, along with most other Telltale projects, would be tossed in the bin. Enough folks were kept on to finish work on a Minecraft series the studio is making for Netflix but, after more folks noted they were also being laid off in the following weeks, the skeleton crew of 25 seems to have dwindled even further.

The sudden shuttering of the studio has produced at least one lawsuit claiming Telltale did not follow California law when it comes to such a large closure. Those 250 employees were dropped without warning and, last we heard, without any sort of severance.

The sliver of silver lining to this ordeal is that Skybound, the studio owned by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, stepped in to scoop up some of Telltale’s former employees and, thanks to a deal they struck with the closing studio, finish the final season of the long-running game series.

Eddie Redmayne Admits His Jupiter Ascending Performance Was Bad

Actor Eddie Redmayne has had quite the incredible career, propelled by his breakout roles in My Week With Marilyn and Les Misérables, he quickly played two Oscar nominated roles as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything and Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl. Sandwiched in between his most celebrated roles is his downright strangest acting choices in 2015’s Jupiter Ascending. If you sat through Redmayne’s performances as intergalactic business mogul Balem, it doesn’t play at the actor’s strengths. Don’t worry though, Redmayne knows it too. In his words:

When it comes to acting roles, not all of them can be winners. But as Eddie Redmayne recounts in his interview with GQ, he won a Razzie Award for his Jupiter Ascending role. So even when he cracked a terrible performance, he got recognized for it even if it was Worst Supporting Actor. The sci-fi box office disaster by the Wachowski siblings had Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum traveling around the galaxy with Redmayne’s Balem starring as the villain. His performance featured a very specific choice to have a hushed voice, which Redmayne explained his reasoning behind:

If the creepy whispers weren’t enough, Balem also went into another extreme of forehead-vein-pulsating screeches making the performance… a bit much. Jupiter Ascending was a disappointment overall, as it only made $18 million in its opening weekend with a $176 million production budget. Warner Bros. might have barely made back its money with the film’s overall worldwide gross of $183 million before leaving theaters. So Eddie Redmayne was just bad in a bad movie, what would have been worse was being a weak link of an incredible film.

While considering the box office numbers, not many people even saw Eddie Redmayne’s performance in Jupiter Ascending, it’s nice to see the actor not taking his little performance blunder too seriously and being able to move past it. The Wachowskis may have been behind sci-fi favorites such as The Matrix films and Netflix’s Sense8, but Jupiter Ascending just didn’t hit the right notes with audiences. Redmayne said he signed on to the film because he loved the weirdness of 2012’s Cloud Atlas and never felt so free with the sibling’s directing him on set.

Doctor Strange’s Director Saved The Eye Of Agamotto During Wildfire Evacuation

As you may know, California is basically on fire at the moment, with multiple wildfires destroying a lot of homes and buildings and claiming dozens of lives. The fires have resulted in mandatory evacuations, a harrowing experience that sees people gather their family and pets, as well as grab a few prized possessions to escape with, knowing that what they leave behind is likely gone for good. Among the evacuated is Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson, who made sure to save the Eye of Agamotto. Take a look.

How Scott Derrickson put the Eye of Agamotto back together again after Thanos crushed it on Titan, I don’t know, but it is good to know that it is safe. If you’re going to save something, a priceless magical object should definitely be near the top of the list. Seriously, countless more important things have been lost, but it is pretty cool that the original Eye of Agamotto from Doctor Strange managed to escape the inferno that is currently engulfing the West Coast.

Sadly, Scott Derrickson’s Eye of Agamotto does not appear to have a fully functional Time Stone in it. If only we were so lucky, we could use it to go back in time and prevent these fires from happening and so many homes and lives from being lost.

Lest you think that a prop from a movie was Scott Derrickson’s top priority when evacuating his home, he actually made a bunch of posts on Twitter prior to this one, letting everyone know about his evacuation, and then stating that he and his family were safe.

However, like so many, Scott Derrickson’s home was completely destroyed, along with almost all of his possessions. In addition to the Eye of Agamotto, which was saved, the director did show a few other items that were found when he and his sons were digging through the rubble, including a Doctor Strange action figure. Even amidst such tragedy, Scott Derrickson is still reminding Doctor Strange fans of the Sorcerer Supreme.

Scott Derrickson recently explained that Doctor Strange is about the significance of trauma and personal growth. Hopefully he can take some inspiration and comfort from that idea as he and his family rebuild from this traumatic experience.

Scott Derrickson is just one of many people who have had their lives upended by the wildfires. The indiscriminate blazes have claimed the homes of many people, including several other celebrities as money burns just as easily as anything else (mostly). Neil Young, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke and Gerard Butler have also lost their homes to the fires.

As for Doctor Strange and the Time Stone, we’ll presumably see both in Avengers 4, where Doctor Strange’s master plan will hopefully save the day. Avengers 4 opens in theaters on May 3, 2019. Check out our 2019 release schedule for all of next year’s biggest titles.

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Is Finally Beating Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Where It Matters

Stephen Colbert’s success in late night has been well-documented over the past couple of years, and recently The Late Show hit a milestone that it had yet to achieve. The program beat The Tonight Show where it matters, as CBS is noting The Late Show With Stephen Colbert defeated Jimmy Fallon’s late-night program for the first time in a the key 18-49 demographic.

Last week, The Late Show overtook The Tonight Show in an average of the adults 18-49 demo by a tenth of a point, with Stephen Colbert pulling in a 0.5 rating to Jimmy Fallon’s 0.4. Regardless of whether it was a large or small jump, it was still a historic moment for the CBS program as it overtook season-to-date viewers in the key advertising demo. When that demo is represented via a rolling Live+ 3 day and 7-day season average, Colbert pulled 703,000 viewers to Fallon’s 678,000.

In total, Nielsen Live+ 3 day ratings reported The Late Show With Stephen Colbert pulled in 3.74 million viewers and 0.6 in the 18-49 demo for the week ending on Friday, November 9. The show gained 620,000 viewers in the several day gap after the initial airing. This season, Live+3 numbers have lifted the late night show greatly, and the show has consistently been delivering more than 3.5 million viewers each episode given the additional time to shine.

The recent demographic victory marks the first time that’s happened since Stephen Colbert has taken control of The Late Show, and should be the icing on the cake to the host’s total viewership superiority his program had over The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon previously. That said, with this being the first time he’s overtaken Fallon in the 18-49 demo, it’s tough to say whether or not this was a fluke or the start of another new normal in Colbert’s late-night run.

Granted, it’s not as though things are entirely grim for The Tonight Show, although losing the 18-49 demo for the first time to Colbert may have some concerned. It’s another step Colbert has taken over Jimmy Fallon, as the host struggled at the start but picked up steam after the 2016 Presidential Election and the two have traded blows ever since. Basically a slight stumble, even for the first time in a key demographic, shouldn’t be entirely unexpected in this rivalry.

On the same token, The Tonight Show staff probably isn’t thrilled it lost out last week in the key demographic as it has managed to beat The Late Show previously to date. The 18-49 crowd is one of the most coveted audiences in the ratings game, and if The Late Show can establish a larger hold on the audience it will probably be more cause for concern.

Looks Like Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Are Celebrating Thanksgiving Together

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have dealt with a lot of drama this year. From the cheating scandal to its fallout, it has not been an easy time for the reality TV star and her professional basketball player boyfriend. In fact, it wasn’t even clear if they would remain a couple after their troubles and dismay. But Khloe and Tristan have stuck together throughout all the turmoil presumably because they believe it’s the best thing they can do for their young child, True Thompson.

The public figures continue that tradition next week during Thanksgiving’s festivities. In the spirit of the holiday, Khloe and Tristan are reportedly coming together to celebrate the annual gathering together, putting aside their past differences to enjoy Thanksgiving not only as a couple, but as a family too.

Here’s what we know about Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian’s reported plans for the holidays, courtesy of TMZ. While there were rumors and gossip spreading that the celebrity couple was separating, these holiday plans suggest that Khloe and Tristan are still together and that they’re sticking through it for True Thompson. The only thing the couple is going to be breaking off, as the publication astutely noted, is a turkey wishbone this season.

In fact, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson were expected to reunite sooner, but they are on separate sides of the country at this time. Thompson is currently in the middle of the NBA season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, while Khloe is currently in Los Angeles shooting another season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. They were planning to meet earlier this week, but Khloe is staying in Los Angeles on account of the California wildfires which are currently plaguing the state, leaving many people without homes and leading upwards of 50 people to their deaths as of this writing.

While Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have only briefly discussed the particulars of their relationship in public settings, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is currently showing the fallout of Tristan’s cheating scandal, which has been a very difficult moment to revisit for the high profile couple. Tristan Thompson has reportedly refused to watch these episodes, while Khloe has taken some rather interesting means to keep the focus away.

Overall, it must be challenging for Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson to navigate this delicate family situation while in the public eye. All of their dirty laundry is aired in real time, while Keeping Up With The Kardashians allows each issue to be rehashed in the public forum.

It’s been a turbulent year for Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian. But these Thanksgiving plans suggest they’re trying to put their bad days behind them. For the latest updates on the Kardashians and a whole bunch more, you can be sure to check back with CinemaBlend for all the developments.

Why Empire Went With That Big Lucious And Kingsley Twist

Major spoilers below for Empire’s latest episode, so be sure to watch before reading on.

By the time Empire comes to an end, presumably after another 10-15 seasons, I probably wouldn’t be surprised if viewers learned that Lucious Lyon was actually the secret biological father to every character other than Cookie and his own mother. And, if you’ve seen the most recent episode, you’ll know why this seems like such a plausible possibility, because Kingsley revealed that he at least believes that the Lyon family patriarch is his long lost (not-so-dear) old dad. So, why did those behind the music drama decide to pull this twist out on viewers? Here’s what Empire showrunner Brett Mahoney had to say:

Where this character actually comes from initially — I don’t know whether I should say it or not — but he’s sort of a Trumpian character. In my mind, he was taking over Empire as Trump took over the White House, and as we’ve seen, Trump in any way possible to destroy Obama’s legacy, that’s what Kingsley has been trying to do to Lucious. So that was where the idea came from, but the question that the studio and network kept asking me was, why would he do this? Why would this be so important to him? And that’s where the idea of this being a son of Lucious’ who felt abandoned by him came from.

So, what Brett Mahoney and his writers were after is putting a character in Lucious’ way who wants to completely dismantle everything he’s accomplished in his career. Kingsley wants to tear down the man’s powerful musical legacy, and that was all well and good as a basic idea, but Mahoney and his team were prompted to come up with a strong reason why this character would be so intent on ruining what Lucious has built. You have to admit, Kingsley being the son he abandoned is a pretty good impetus toward that goal.

Of course, that’s not quite everything that Kingsley is hiding from the Lyons clan. The reveal that he believes Lucious to be his father came as he was visiting his mother, who’s in a coma and has been dealing with drug addiction and the poor health that often comes with it for decades. Mahoney notes to Entertainment Weekly that Kingsley also believes his mother’s condition is Lucious’ fault, so it makes total sense that he would do everything in his power to punish the man he feels is responsible.

That’s exactly what Kingsley believes, that Lucious is responsible for getting his mother hooked on drugs. The mother has been basically an addict and suffering from that and having numerous strokes. She’s in and out of consciousness so we will have the opportunity to hear her side of the story eventually. But from Kingsley’s perspective, and that’s what he’s talking about at that dinner, he believes that Lucious is responsible for his mother’s drug addiction and then abandoning them.

Wow. Can you imagine how determined you’d be to take down the man who got your mom hooked on drugs, knocked her up, left her to raise the kid alone and also left her to deal with the very serious ramifications of a deep drug addiction, while you went on to build an empire for yourself and your family? I gotta hand it to Kingsley, he took his time to work on getting revenge. As they say, I suppose it really is a dish best served cold.

Well, it is good to know two things about this whole Lucious is Kingsley’s daddy thing. First, we don’t know for a fact that it’s true, just that this is what Kingsley believes based on Lucious’ drug dealing past and the fact that he knew his mom back in the day. Second, his mom will wake up at some point and be able to give him the facts of the situation, but, right now, he’s working under his assumptions and Brett Mahoney says the Lyons family is gonna pay dearly unless Momma Kingsley sets the man straight soon.

Whether it’s true or not, it’s certainly something that Kingsley believes and this is what has been motivating him on his journey to punish Lucious. Over the next few episodes and beyond, this is something that the Lyons will have to wrestle with.

As you can see, Empire is as hot and dramatic as ever. You can keep up with the rollercoaster that is the lives of the Lyons family when the show airs on Fox Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST.

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Apparently Avatar Was Originally Supposed To Be R-Rated

Although Avatar 2 is finally arriving in the next couple years after being long promised, for now, we can still only look at the Avatar mythology through one, lone entry. But what an entry it was, as it still ranks as the highest-grossing movie of all time. No doubt moviegoers young and old being able to catch it easily on the big screen helped make it such a box office juggernaut, but evidently director and franchise mastermind James Cameron originally intended Avatar to be a more adult offering, as he wrote the tale with an R rating in mind.

Several years before he started bringing Avatar to life, James Cameron was planning to deliver a cinematic adaptation of the manga Battle Angel Alita. More than a decade later, that adaptation, Alita: Battle Angel, is only months away from arriving in theaters, with Robert Rodriguez having directed it instead and Cameron remaining involved as a producer. While speaking with Screen Rant about a particular difference between Alita: Battle Angel‘s version of one of the characters versus how they’re depicted in the manga, Rodriguez revealed the following about Avatar:

Yeah, because it’s a graphic novel they can go really out there and part of what Jim [Cameron] did on Avatar originally, he wrote that to be an R-rated movie. He knew he needed to pull some stuff back so it could be for all audiences, PG-13. And so we certainly keep a good balance I think, especially because with cyborg action you can do a lot more, but I think we keep the right tone. And people who enjoy the graphic novel, we don’t go as far as the graphical stuff but it still really is hard-hitting and they still collect heads and all that stuff.

Creatively speaking, seeing an R-rated Avatar would have been interesting, particularly when it came to the war scenes. Imagine how much more intense that battle between the Na’vi and Colonel Miles Quaritch’s forces would have looked had there been extra gore and graphic elements. Still, like it or not, slapping an R-rating on a movie means it’s not going to reach as many eyes, since the only ways kids will be able to see it on the big screen is if they’re accompanied by an adult.

In terms of reaching the widest audience possible, James Cameron making Avatar a PG-13 offering instead was the right call. Arriving right just a week before Christmas, people across the world came out in droves to see it. Across its initial theatrical release, as well as the re-release in the summer of 2010, it made over $2.7 billion worldwide. No matter what its quality, if Avatar been rated R, it’s highly unlikely, if not just impossible, that it would have made anywhere near that amount of money. And with a movie like Avatar that pours a lot of cash into visual effects, making a profit is even more important.

Given how well Avatar performed commercially, you can be sure that for the Avatar sequels, those will also be rated PG-13. Let’s also not forget that as of last year, Disney also boasts the “Pandora – The World of Avatar attraction area within Animal Kingdom. Avatar obviously isn’t at the same level of wholesomeness as the likes of Mickey Mouse or the many Princesses, but like the action-packed Star Wars and Marvel franchises, it can still cater to a family-friendly demographic. Now that 20th Century Fox will soon be incorporated into the Disney empire… I mean, family, you can bet the Mouse House will want to keep Avatar in that PG-13 territory.

Next month will mark nine years since Avatar was released, and while James Cameron has been saying for most of that time that sequels are on the way, it was only when filming began in summer of 2017 that it was finally confirmed that these projects would see the light of day. One of the reasons it took so long for the Avatar sequels to get off the ground is because new filmmaking technology had to be developed for shooting underwater, as Avatar 2 will spend a fair amount of time in Pandora‘s oceans.

Beyond that, no specific plot details for Avatar 2 or the other sequels have been revealed yet. However, it was reported last month that the sequels could be called (in no particular order) Avatar: The Way of Water, Avatar: The Seed Bearer, Avatar: The Tulkun Rider and Avatar: The Quest for Eywa. None of these titles have been confirmed yet.

On the casting side of things, most of the main cast from the first Avatar are confirmed to return for the sequels, chief among them Sam Worthington’s Jake Sully and Zoe Saldana‘s Neytiri, who now have three children. The most surprising of the returning faces, though, are Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang and Matt Gerald, as all of whose characters died. Weaver has confirmed she’ll be playing someone different as opposed to reprising Dr. Grace Augustine, but it remains to be seen how Lang and Gerald fit into the picture.

As far as newcomers go, arguably the most prominent of the bunch is Kate Winslet, who will play Ronal, a free diver from the Metkayina tribe, in Avatar 2. Along with various other actors cast as Metkayina tribespeople, Jack Champion is playing Javier “Spider” Socorro, a teenager born on Pandora’s human base, while Oona Chaplin and David Thewlis have been cast in undisclosed roles.

James Cameron has confirmed that both Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 have wrapped principal photography, but there’s still a long way to go before they hit theaters. Avatar 2 is scheduled for release on December 18, 2020, followed by Avatar 3 on December 17, 2021, Avatar 4 on December 20, 2024 and Avatar 5 on December 19, 2025 (those Cameron has said those last two movies are contingent on its two predecessors being financially successful.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates on how the Avatar franchise is progressing, but in the meantime, you can look through our 2019 release schedule to learn what movies are coming out next year.

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The Plot Of DC’s Birds Of Prey Possibly Revealed

DC’s live action universe has had tons of peaks and valleys, adding a level of fame outside of each movie’s events. Warner Bros. has announced a ton of projects and cast/crew announcements, with quite a few falling through before they could get started. But while the Lobo movie and Man of Steel 2 seem unlikely, there are a handful of project being actively developed, including Birds of Prey.

While Aquaman, Shazam!, and Joker will be the next DC live-action movies to hit theaters, Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey movie has been assembling its cast and crew. Most recently, the film got its Cassandra Cain in the form of child actress Ella Jay Basco. While this is another exciting step forward, there also appears to be a synopsis for the still developing project, revealing how Cassandra fits into the narrative.

According to the casting news by Variety, Cassandra Cain is exactly what will bring the titular team of ladies together, and what will also put them in conflict with Black Mask (reportedly played by Ewan McGregor). The trio of leading heroes Huntress, Black Canary, and Renee Montoya will unite to protect Cassandra from the Batman villain and Gotham City crime Lord, after she reportedly comes across a diamond owned by Black Mask. Somehow Harley Quinn will also get in on the fun, although it’s unclear what side of the conflict she’ll be on.

Of course, this storyline has not been confirmed by the studio, and it’s still largely a mystery what Birds of Prey will shake up to be. The movie is clearly leaning on mob movie tropes, and is even being reportedly developed as an R-rated project. This should allow for the violence to be stepped up in an unprecedented way, as well as the subject matter and grit.

While Marvel is still dragging its feet over experimenting with an R-rated blockbuster, Birds of Prey and Todd Phillips’ Joker have the potential to be the DCEU’s first two movies crafted especially for adults– which has the potential to really pay off. It could finally give the DC Universe something the MCU doesn’t, and would allow for a movie like Birds of Prey to more closely resemble classic mob movies audiences know and love.

It should be interesting to see if the plot details for Birds of Prey end up staying true, or if things continue to change throughout the development process. The bare bones of Cathy Yan’s movie are coming together, but things are no doubt very static and apt for change at present. Still, more news is coming out of Birds of Prey than long awaited titles like Flashpoint or the Batman movie, so the female-focused project is looking more likely. In fact, it even has a release date, currently set for February of 2020.

Cassandra Cain’s inclusion Birds of Prey has the potential to open up a ton more Batman connections to the shared universe. And considering the uneasy status of Ben Affleck’s role as the Dark Knight, this is a great way to keep Bat-fans tuned into the same Bat-station.

Cassandra Cain is best known for being one of the heroes to don the mantle of Batgirl, which she eventually abandons to go by the name Orphan. She’s typically the daughter of two assassins, which is why her martial arts abilities are so stellar. Her parents are David Cain and Lady Shiva– yet another iconic Batman rogue. So while Cain will be played by a younger actress in Birds of Prey, perhaps she’ll eventually develop into another Batman protegee.

Joining Ella Jay Basco’s Cassandra Cain are a trio of actresses playing some of Gotham’s finest. 10 Cloverfield Lane‘s Mary Elizabeth Winstead is playing Bat-family member Huntress, who has a more violent streak than characters like Batman or Robin. True Blood actress Jurnee Smollett-Bell is playing femme fatale Black Canary, with Rosie Perez portraying Detective Renee Montoya.

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn will also factor into the story, although it’s unclear exactly how. Harley was arguably the best part about David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, and DC has big plans for the fan favorite villain. She was last seen being broken out of prison by Jared Leto’s Joker, presumably leaving her new family behind in the process. Ayer himself supports the choice for Harley to join up with the Birds of Prey, although fingers are crossed for plenty of scene time with Ewan McGregor’s Black Mask.

Birds of Prey is really helping Gotham City get fleshed out for the DC Universe, which will hopefully make way for the various other Gotham-centric properties. Matt Reeves’ mysterious Batman movie is still in development as far the public knows, which has the potential to include the myriad characters introduced in Birds of Prey. There was also another movie announced that will star Jared Leto’s Joker and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, although there haven’t been any updated on that project in quite some time.

Chris McKay’s Nightwing movie is still being worked on as well, with a proper script being developed before anything else moves forward. It’s unclear if Nightwing would bring the title character to Gotham City or his signature city Bludhaven. But if the Bat-family is being included in the story, McKay might need to involve some of the character being brought in with Cathy Yan’s upcoming superhero blockbuster.

Overall, it looks like Warner Bros. is going full speed ahead with the Birds of Prey movie, which should be a relief to all the DC fans out there. Despite all the announcements and vague plans, it’s never clear if DC movies are official until they’re in the can. So the sooner Birds of Prey goes into production, the better.

Birds of Prey is currently set to arrive in theaters on February 2nd, 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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Last Man Standing’s Nancy Travis Defends The Show’s Political Humor

Last Man Standing has made a lot of jokes based on politics over the years, and Tim Allen’s onscreen wife, played by Nancy Travis, has opened up about the political bent of the show and how the humor tries to play both sides, even as the political landscape in America has changed over the years. The actress defended the shows take on politics in a recent interview, noting about the humor:

Tim Allen plays a conservative character, and there are other characters in the family that are more liberal minded. There’s a balance of yin and yang. … We were on the show when Obama was president, we were on the show when Trump became president. We’ve had numerous episodes and successions.

Originally, when Last Man Standing first began airing on ABC, the year was 2011 and we were only partially though President Obama’s tenure in office. Although the series was still doing relatively well in its Friday night timeslot, ABC cancelled the comedy, and licensing fees with Fox were cited as a reason. A year later, Fox just picked the show back up on its own network and the political humor also picked right back up in the Donald Trump era, although Tim Allen has said that the show cannot jump into the immediate news cycle most of the time since episodes are filming a little while in advance. Instead of being super timely, the show is often generally topical.

Speaking to Country Living, Nancy Travis told the outlet that the Baxter family is large-ish and filled with diverse viewpoints, including from Ryan, Boyd’s dad. His character is a democrat and a lot of the big back and forth on the show is between Ryan and Mike Baxter. In the Season 7 premiere, for example, seeing how Trump’s America was going, Ryan considered moving his family to Canada. Mike Baxter was the person who ultimately talked sense into his whole family at the end of that episode.

Nancy Travis believes the differing viewpoints and storylines such as the one above should be something that all comedy viewers should be able to identify with, as families are often diverse and in disagreement about something, whether or not that something is politics.

What we try to do is say, ‘We’re a family and we have some differences, but we’re still a family and we have to live with each other and talk to each other. But also, to be able to find humor in it, to find the comedy and find the humor and be able to laugh at ourselves.

It’s a fine line the show attempts to draw. In fact, the character Nancy Travis plays in Last Man Standing herself has somewhat ambiguous political opinions, although in Season 5 it was revealed that she did vote for Hillary Clinton, believing her vote would help move women’s issues forward. Even with that vote, Vanessa also said on the show that she would have voted for any woman, regardless of political party. Still, even that somewhat differing viewpoint is another example of Last Man Standing not just giving in to Mike Baxter’s political point of view all of the time.

Nancy Travis’ comments are coming a few months after Tim Allen revealed he didn’t think his personal politics should matter to the fans of Last Man Standing. At the time, he noted that personally his politics are not the same as Mike Baxter’s and he’s a little further right than his TV counterpart. However, Last Man Standing is supposed to be a show that anyone can enjoy, even with political jokes. He said at the time:

When you get into this world — these two guys are not the same guy. You know, Mike Baxter is much more tolerant of other ideas than me onstage. Me, personally — Tim Allen is nobody’s business, and really, who cares what I think. Really, in my stand-up it has nothing to do with it. My comedy has been the same since I’ve been doing it for 33 years and it’s about the ultimate political divide — [between] men and women. I’ve been doing that — and that’s all it’s about. And underneath all of that is that you just don’t get the other side, but you love the other side.

When Fox picked up Last Man Standing long after it was originally cancelled, there was some question regarding whether or not Season 7 would have conservative humor like the previous ABC incarnation of the show. Certainly, there were some changes related to the series in its return, particularly thanks to some major changes within the cast, including the addition of Molly McCook taking over for Molly Ephraim. However, a lot of the humor is very much along the same kind of bent as the ABC version of the series.

People seem to still be enjoying the comedy, even with the changes. On Friday nights, the series has been averaging over 6 million total viewers each week. On Friday nights, a lot of shows struggle to do over a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic. This past week, Last Man Standing earned a 1.3 rating. (Other popular shows, like MacGyver, skew older.) So, it seems there is an appetite with network TV viewers for a comedy that sometimes delves into politics.

Although politics come up a lot with Fox’s Tim Allen starrer, his co-star ultimately believes that Last Man Standing isn’t really as much about the political humor as it is about raising three daughters and working through familial issues, noting that politics are “such a small part of our show.” Still, if you aren’t a fan of politics intermixed with your comedy, Fox’s Friday night comedy may not be the series for you.

If you don’t mind a little bit of opposing viewpoints, however, new episodes of Last Man Standing air on Friday nights at 8 p.m. ET only on Fox. You can take a look at what will be joining the show at midseason with our full TV premiere schedule.

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How Instant Family’s Mark Wahlberg And Sean Anders Have Grown As A Team

Over the course of three films together, actor Mark Wahlberg and writer and director Sean Anders have made a lasting partnership when it comes to filmmaking. Now, with their latest film Instant Family heading to theaters, the two are looking to branch out into a more serious, yet still hysterical school of thought. A goal that is only enhanced by their growing bond as a team over the course of multiple movies.

CinemaBlend had the opportunity to speak with both men as part of the Instant Family press day, and the growth of their team is best encapsulated in the thoughts they shared with us. When asked about the subject of how their team — formed through two previous outings in the Daddy’s Home franchise has changed over time, Wahlberg had the following to say:

You can tell the two have immense trust in each others’ gifts, as Mark Wahlberg tends to frequently work with collaborators he trusts. Looking at his past resume, you can see that along with Sean Anders, famous names like Michael Bay and Peter Berg would make the list of those trusted partners who Wahlberg particularly approves of.

In turn, when looking at the films that Mark Wahlberg has made with those directors, you can see that no matter what the actor is doing on screen, it’s all in the name of creating a well-rounded film.

But trusting relationships go both ways. To that effect, co-writer / director of Instant Family Sean Anders certainly shows a deep amount of trust in Mark Wahlberg’s abilities. This is even more important when it comes to this most recent film, as the story behind Instant Family is inspired by Anders’ own experiences with adopting and raising foster children.

As far as Sean Anders’ answer to the question of how he’s grown from working in his partnership with Mark Wahlberg, his noted,

The partnership between Sean Anders and Mark Wahlberg is one of those pairings that seems to be valuable to both the film industry and its patrons. Where it will go next is anyone’s guess, but after the Instant Family, I’m hoping that further steps into the heartfelt comedy arena will be taken. Whatever the future brings us is already exciting to anticipate.

Instant Family hits theaters in early screenings tonight, with its full release taking place tomorrow.