Is Matt Reeves’ The Batman Setting Up A Robin Appearance?

So needless to say we’re about due for another live action Robin on the big screen, but even if The Batman will involve a circus coming to town, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee we’ll see the young Dick Grayson. After all, Batman Returns involved circus performers serving as Penguin’s goons, and while there plans to include Robin in the movie, he was nowhere to be seen in the final product. Plus, because Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne hasn’t been Batman for that long, it might seem too soon to give him a sidekick.

Now Star Wars Fans Are Petitioning Disney To Release The J.J. Cut Of The Rise Of Skywalker

According to the “source,” they were surprised that the Rise of Skywalker that premiered back in December was not the movie they thought they worked on. It details that J.J. Abrams was “devastated” and “blindsided” by a series of changes Disney asked him to make to the film while it was being edited. The House of Mouse allegedly demanded “more fan service, less controversy.”

Parasite Coming To IMAX In Hopes Of Boosting Its Box Office Even Further

Parasite will receive a one-week engagement in IMAX theaters starting tomorrow, February 21, according to Deadline. Bong Joon-ho’s film will play in 214 domestic auditoriums across the U.S. and Canada in the premium format. Parasite was already gorgeous to begin with, and it was digitally re-mastered into the IMAX format for this release, meaning that it should look better than ever on the big screen.

Wendy Director Benh Zeitlin Talks Adapting The Peter Pan Mythos And More

Unfortunately, both Kevin and Sean lost the friendly Oscars wager, granting Jake the power to force them to watch any movie he desired. So this week, they return with painful stories of sitting through the infamous Human Centipede III: Final Sequence. Don’t worry, we don’t get nearly as graphic as the film, and you can laugh along with Jake throughout.

The Openings Of The Two Frozen Movies Are Even More Closely Connected Than We Thought

We got more of Elsa exploring what her powers were capable of, more of Olaf being hilarious, and even more of Anna and Elsa as kids. Both Frozen and Frozen II open with a scene where a young Anna and Elsa play together. In both scenes, Anna is aware of Elsa’s power, so we know that the scene in Frozen II actually pre-dates the one in the first movie, where she loses that knowledge. However, according to co-director and screenwriter Jennifer Lee, the two sequences are even more closely related than we might have guessed, because she says the scene in Frozen II happens the same night as the beginning of the first film. In the special features for the new Frozen II Blu-ray, Lee says…

You Think? Universal Exec Admits The Dark Universe Was A ‘Failed’ Experiment

It often seems like Hollywood learns the wrong lessons from both successes and failures, but Donna Langley seems to have a good assessment of things and what made the experiment that was the Dark Universe such a failure. Namely, while these characters are iconic, there was no urgency to see them onscreen in this fashion, and a shared universe populated with Universal’s monsters is not something audiences were clamoring for.

Will Smith’s Emotional Tribute To Bad Boys Co-Star Martin Lawrence Brings All The Feels

In the middle of the clip, Will Smith goes off on a tangent about moviemaking being that much more enjoyable when you get to do it with someone who you respect and love. Too often, we hear horror stories about cast members who don’t get along, and then have to do everything in their power to fake it when the cameras start rolling. This is not the case for these two, and we love to see it.

Disneyland’s Upcoming Avengers Campus Is Getting Interest from An Actual Avenger

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Mark Ruffalo‘s Incredible Hulk will be needed, as the official casting call specifically lists, Black Widow, Black Panther, Captain America, and Spider-Man as characters that will be needed for the new stunt show, alongside an unnamed “villain” character. Of course, making Mark Ruffalo look like the Hulk as part of a live show is just the sort of challenge I’d love to see Walt Disney Imagineering take on.