Jumanji 3 Raises The Stakes For A More ‘Risky’ Adventure, Kevin Hart Says

In the world of Jumanji, one thing is certain: when you play the game, chaos and pandemonium will ensue. 2017’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle saw the classic board game from the 1995 original being turned into a video game, with four teenagers being drawn in and turned into game avatars. That formula will be repeated for Jumanji 3 later this year, but returning star Kevin Hart says the threequel will raise the stakes even higher, resulting in a riskier adventure for the protagonists. In his words:

As Kevin Hart alluded to, a good sequel retains the elements that made its predecessor(s) popular, while also giving audiences plenty of new material to chew on. We already knew Jumanji 3 would be delving back into the video game world, and while Hart can’t divulge any specific plot details just yet, evidently what the teenagers went through in Welcome to the Jungle will pale in comparison to what’s in store for them this time around.

Kevin Hart’s comment about a “new level” to Collider is particularly interesting, as it means that the main characters won’t have to deal with the same challenges they faced last time. Still, with rampaging animals, mercenaries on their tail and an assortment of other obstacles and problems, it’s not like the events of Welcome to the Jungle were a cakewalk. Fingers crossed we get a Jumanji 3 trailer soon so that we can learn what dangers lurk around the corner.

One thing that isn’t changing in Jumanji 3 is the avatars within the video game, as along with Kevin Hart reprising Moose Finbar, Dwayne Johnson’s Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Jack Black’s Professor Shelly Oberon, Karen Gillan’s Ruby Roundhouse and even Nick Jonas’ Seaplane McDonough will all be back, as will Rhys Darby’s Nigel Billingsley, the NPC who guided them in Welcome to the Jungle. As mentioned earlier, the same teenagers will also be playing the game again: Alex Wolff’s Spencer Gilpin, Madison Iseman’s Bethany Waler, Ser’Darius Blain’s Fridge Johnson and Morgan Turner’s Martha Haply.

As for new faces, Awkwafina, Danny DeVito, Danny Glover and Dania Ramirez have all joined Jumanji 3’s cast, although their characters haven’t been identified yet. Filming on the threequel began in January in both Atlanta, Georgia and Hawaii, and is expected to finish at the end of the month.

Welcome to the Jungle was definitely one of the surprise cinematic successes of 2017, receiving many positive reviews taking in over $962 million worldwide during its theatrical run. We’ll have to wait and see if Jumanji 3 comes close to reaching that same level of critical and commercial reception, but going off of Kevin Hart’s comments, director and writer Jake Kasdan has done his best to deliver a fresh story that will ideally put a lot of butts in seats again.

Jumanji 3 heads into theaters on December 13, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for continuing coverage. In the meantime, look through our 2019 release schedule to learn what other movies are coming out later this year.

Paul Rudd Talks Getting Starstruck Around Captain America

Over the weekend the cast of Avengers: Endgame started a press tour mystified by all the secrecy the cast are sworn to until a movie is released. There is a certain bittersweetness to the cast assembling ahead of the release of Avengers: Endgame, because the blockbuster is said to be the culmination of a 22-film journey in the MCU that started with Iron Man.

Over at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ant-Man’s Paul Rudd was asked about something he could actually answer: a moment that has stood out to him during his time with the MCU thus far and it included quite a bit of love for Captain America. Here’s what he said:

After the Ant-Man’s origin was introduced in 2015, the size-shifting superhero was recruited for Team Cap in Captain America: Civil War in a scene that had the Avengers at odds with one another for some exciting match-ups. Looks like Paul Rudd’s first scene among the extended universe when he freaks out over meeting Cap and Scarlet Witch was a lot less acting than one might expect. Rudd continued the memory with these words:

Once Team Cap, always Team Cap! We can easily imagine the Ant-Man actor doing exactly what he described because his character sounded just as starstruck toward Chris Evans’ iconic role when he stumbled out of a van, shook his hand a bit too long, and felt his broad shoulders. Is there any other acceptable reaction? If you have the chance to hold on to Cap’s shield for a short moment, why not?

Paul Rudd joined original Avengers cast members Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth over at Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night. Check out the longer interview below:

Besides his coming appearance with them in Avengers: Endgame, Ant-Man has only appeared with the Avengers in Civil War in that fun airport battle scene. He sat out during Infinity War (much to some FOMO on his side) and as revealed to Ant-Man and the Wasp, became stuck in the Quantum Realm during the time of the snap.

Netflix Has Postponed Its Felicity Huffman Film After Actress Admits Guilt In College Scandal

Following her decision Monday to plead guilty, Desperate Housewives actress Felicity Huffman will now face charges for committing fraud among other parents accused for bribing distinguished universities to admit their kids in the largest U.S. college admissions scandal taken to court. Additionally, Netflix has now decided to pull Huffman’s upcoming movie, Otherhood, from release.

Otherhood was originally set to premiere on the streaming platform in just a couple weeks, on April 26. Following the college scandal, the site has decided to delay the movie’s release, perhaps due to the timing of the intended release. However, no plans for a later release date have been announced. Otherhood also stars Patricia Arquette and Angela Bassett, and is centered on three suburban mothers who travel to New York City together to visit their sons.

Felicity Huffman is potentially facing up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $20,000 after being accused of paying $15,000 to a fake charity that allowed her to have an impersonator sit in and cheat on the SAT’s for her oldest daughter, wrongfully qualifying her for the university, per The Guardian. Huffman recently released a statement detailing that her daughter was unaware of her dealings and showed remorse for her actions. In her words:

Huffman is one of 50 people charged in the scam and one of 13 who have decided to plead guilty on the charges. Her husband, William H. Macy, has not been charged of the crimes. Full House actress Lori Loughlin and her designer husband Mossimo Giannulli are also under fire in this scandal, though their allegations point to up to $500,000 being paid to have their daughters enrolled into USC.

Netflix has also taken action against Lori Loughlin in light of the scandal, as it recently dropped her from the final season of its show Fuller House. Unlike Otherhood, Fuller House has not yet begun filming, but Loughlin could be busy serving out a prison sentence, depending on what the court decides.

The actress was also dropped from her contract with the Hallmark Channel, where she has starred as Abigail Stanton in What Calls The Heart since 2014, along with numerous TV movies. The television show has recently announced the show will still go on even without Lori Loughlin, though changes are currently being made the scripts.

Following these moves by Netflix, one has to wonder what will come of Felicity Huffman’s other projects on the way: a Netflix miniseries called When They See Us from Ava DuVernay which is set for release on May 31 (though Huffman seems to have a supporting role in the project), and her other film, Tammy’s Always Dying. Perhaps the streaming service has decided to postpose Otherhood due to timing of Huffman’s name in the headlines and will still decide to release her titles with them.

Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil’s Angelina Jolie And Elle Fanning Reveal The Conflict At The Heart Of The Live Action Sequel

Disney pulled out a lot of stops in terms of footage this year at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. However, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is really under crunch time to make its release date in 2019 after the studio recently pushed the flick up from 2020. While we didn’t get a full-fledged look at the upcoming live action venture, we did hear from Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning regarding where their characters are when Mistress of Evil picks up.

We also saw some first looks at the movie, learning that Maleficent continues to watch and protect over Aurora at the start of the new movie. However, it’s when Prince Phillip asks Aurora to marry him that events will really begin to ramp up, and Maleficent will meet the queen.

At its heart, according to Angelina Jolie:

This isn’t as simple of a question as it may seem at the outset. Although Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is the follow-up to a story about how Maleficent succumbed to revenge while facing love and loss. Although she cursed Aurora, she also came to care for her over time. When last we left things, Maleficent’s story with Stefan had come to a close but her story with Aurora was just blossoming.

Or as Elle Fanning also put it at CinemaCon 2019:

Previously, we knew from the logline that Maleficent: Mistress of Evil would be picking up “several years” after Maleficent. In addition, we knew the sequel would “continue to explore” the relationship between “the horned fairy” and the “soon-to-be Queen.” What we learned at CinemaCon 2019 certainly expands on that information a little more ahead of the movie’s release a little later this year.

We’ve also known for a while that Michelle Pfeiffer would be a part of the new movie, as that actress is more in demand having returned to the big screen with mother! and Murder on the Orient Express. Now, we know that it will be Pfeiffer’s character who will be causing a rift between Maleficent and Auroro in the new movie and Jolie notes her character is a “smart woman” who just so happens to be Prince Phillip’s mommy dearest.

We haven’t gotten a full trailer for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil yet, but with the live action movie coming in October, we’ll hopefully be seeing more big footage from the movie soon. It’s been nearly five years since we saw the original flick on the big screen and a lot of people are highly anticipating the next chapter. For a full look at the Disney live action projects in the works, take a look at our full guide.

Why Captain Marvel Looks So Different In First Avengers: Endgame Footage

Following the release of Captain Marvel, Marvel made the bold choice to not hold the heroine back and feature Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers in the trailer and recent footage for Avengers: Endgame. While it’s been exciting to see her interact with the more established Avengers, many couldn’t help but notice that Carol looked a lot different than she did in Captain Marvel, with more makeup and straighter hair. Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo explained why Captain Marvel looks so different, saying:

Brie Larson’s first time playing Captain Marvel was in Avengers: Endgame, not Captain Marvel, and the way that shooting schedule worked out impacted the way in which she developed her character’s look over time. As Joe Russo said at the Avengers: Endgame press junket, reported by Slashfilm, Brie Larson was still getting into her character in her Endgame scenes, discovering who Carol was and how she wanted to play her.

As Endgame was her first time in the shoes of the character, Brie Larson experimented and made the choices that seemed right to her at the time. Those choices resulted in her wearing more makeup and having a different hairstyle than what we saw in Captain Marvel. The actress’ understanding of Carol Danvers changed the more time she spent with her and that impacted how she wanted her to look.

Therefore, going in to Captain Marvel Brie Larson’s changed how she looked to match her evolved image of the character and that’s why she looks different in the two films. The Russo Brothers set parameters for how the character should look, but Joe Russo made it clear that the actors, including Brie Larson, have ownership over how they do their hair and makeup. So in both Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers’ hair and makeup were decisions made by Brie Larson and her hair and makeup team.

Apparently some people were up in arms that Carol Danvers appeared done up in Avengers: Endgame, and that such a look didn’t fit with her feminist character. But contrary to the belief that the film was trying to make her prettier, this was ultimately just the result of shooting schedules and an actor taking time to discover what works best for the character and her portrayal.

While this isn’t an in-universe story reason, it does make sense that Carol Danvers would look different. We are used to MCU characters having different looks from film to film, and technically Avengers: Endgame takes place over two decades after Captain Marvel, so naturally she would have changed her look at least a bit.

It will be interesting to see after Avengers: Endgame, whenever we next see Carol Danvers, be it in Captain Marvel 2 or elsewhere, if she reverts back to the Captain Marvel look or finds a happy medium between the two.

See Captain Marvel’s new look when Avengers: Endgame opens in theaters on April 26. Check out our 2019 release schedule to keep track of all the biggest movies coming this year, and for all your movie news, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

Does Marvel’s 5-Year Plan Include The X-Men? Here’s What Kevin Feige Says

One of the biggest things to come from the merger of Fox and Disney is that Marvel Studios now has the film rights to the X-Men. With the confirmation that the upcoming Dark Phoenix will be the final chapter of the existing X-Men universe, fans are looking forward to what appears to be the inevitable inclusion of the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, as things currently stand in the MCU, we may not be seeing the X-Men anytime soon. According to Marvel chief Kevin Feige, the current plan for the next five years of Marvel movies doesn’t include the mutants. According to Feige…

Kevin Feige tells i09 that Marvel had been working on plans for the next phase of the MCU long before the deal with Fox was made, and thus, those plans didn’t include a place for the X-Men. Feige says that those plans haven’t been significantly impacted by this addition, so it likely won’t be until after the current plan is finished that new characters, like the X-Men, will be added.

On the one hand, this makes a lot of sense. While we don’t have a lot of visibility to what Marvel has planned for its next phase, we can assume a lot of work has been done behind the scenes. A lot of that work would go out the window and need to be started over, all with a much shorter turn around time, if the X-Men were made an immediate concern.

While Marvel has yet to confirm anything officially after Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out this July, we do think we know what’s coming. Movies about Black Widow, and The Eternals have been rumored. Sequels for Doctor Strange and Black Panther are expected, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is back on the schedule, though it will now be coming out later than previously scheduled.

And there’s really no need to bring in the X-Men too soon. There are plenty of other characters that can be focused on in future films and the longer the X-Men are left alone, the easier it will be to bring them back in a new, rebooted, form.

At the same time, as i09 points out, Marvel pivoted pretty quickly once the studio made a deal with Sony to get Spider-Man into the MCU, so it wouldn’t be the first time plans had changed because new opportunities had presented themselves. There’s always the possibility that, even if there are no specific plans to bring in the X-Men right now, those plans could always change.

How Shazam! Managed To Keep Its Major Spoiler A Secret

Warning: spoilers for the third act of Shazam! are in play. If you haven’t seen the film yet, please bookmark this article, and come back once you’re caught up.

Despite the fact the comic history behind Shazam! has integrated the idea of an entire family of heroes, all signs pointed to the DC Comics film being centered solely around Asher Angel’s Billy Batson and his super heroic alter ego played by Zachary Levi. Prior to the film’s release, there wasn’t even a whisper about the rest of the family’s eventual appearance during a pivotal moment in the third act. This is a pretty rare occurrence in this modern age of spoilers and leaks, and director David F. Sandberg recently revealed the following strategy was what made such a unique surprise possible:

As seen in this weekend’s #1 movie, Shazam! eventually expands the roster of superheroes to include Billy Batson’s five foster siblings. Just as Asher Angel and Zachary Levi were cast to be the mortal and magic halves of the child/hero coin, there was obviously a need for other adult versions of all the other children in the family. Which eventually lead to the need to cast said adults, without letting them in on any big secrets that could accidentally leak into the world.

It’s an ingenious move that other top secret productions have used to help throw off the scent of any potential spoilers. Basically, instead of having actors like D.J. Catrona or Adam Brody reading for the big showdown at the Chilladelphia Winter Festival towards the end of Shazam, fake scenes were written so the actors would get the gist of their characters during auditions, without revealing the big secrets.

One can never be too careful when it comes to a project as high profile as Shazam!, or any superhero franchise entry for that matter, because while it’s easy to discredit any leaks under the guise of fake spoilers, the eventual truth comes out once those first showings hit. David F. Sandberg not only understands this, but he also broke down the strategy, and one of the alternate scenes written, in the example from his talk with Screen Rant:

Based on the results shown in the film, this method paid off, especially in the case of Good’s portrayal of Darla, because it bases itself off of the very same sort of principal that any good comic adaptation like Shazam! builds its proper screenplay around. While nailing the look of a hero is important, getting the language and feel of the story into the script is paramount as well. If you can put that to bed easily, then you can write the characters you’re tackling in any context, as seen here.

With Shazam! in theaters now, and Shazam! 2 retaining that first film’s screenwriter, it’s probably a safe bet that whomever auditions for crucial roles in that film’s narrative might not even know it until they’ve signed on. So if you happen to be auditioning for Warner Bros and/or David F. Sandberg in the near future, you’ll probably want to make sure you take that SAT prep scene uber-seriously.

The Biggest Challenges To Bringing Rocketman To The Big Screen

A lot of footage was shown at CinemaCon this year, including but not limited to a Hobbs & Shaw trailer and the first 17 minutes of Toy Story 4. Among that footage was another glimpse at Rocketman, the upcoming Elton John biopic starring Taron Edgerton and led by Dexter Fletcher, who did reshoots on Bohemian Rhapsody recently. When asked at CinemaCon 2019 what the toughest part of bringing a real-life person like Elton John to light on the big screen, Fletcher revealed the musical numbers were often the hardest bits.

It’s not just the musicality that was tough but also getting Elton John right in 141 minutes. Dexter Fletcher said:

Onstage at CinemaCon 2019 as part of Paramount Pictures’ panel, Taron Egerton joined director Dexter Fletcher onstage, whereupon he was also asked what was the most difficult thing to manage while making Rocketman. Per Egerton:

That’s a lot to juggle and it’s not always easy to juggle, as we’ve seen with other musical biopics. First and foremost, directors have to service the story they are telling, which is why last year’s Bohemian Rhapsody changed the timeline narrative a bit. Yet, when that happened people were upset about factual inaccuracies in the movie and how it ultimately played out.

So far, Rocketman has already been in the press for allegedly editing down Elton John’s sex life, as well as nudity related to that sex life. Dexter Fletcher has already addressed the rumors, but it just goes to show that people want a movie that tells the truth but that is also a lot of fun. It’s not an easy feat to achieve.

Luckily, it sounds as if Taron Egerton at least got the spirit of Elton John right. Although the actor mentioned the singer has been pretty “hands off” throughout the whole Rocketman experience, Dexter Fletcher had nothing but praise for the younger actor, who also does his own singing in the movie.

In the extended footage we saw at CinemaCon shown on a large screen in Las Vegas, Rocketman looks even bolder and bigger than in the early trailers. If you’ve been a fan of recent musical biopics, this one might even blow those away. It may be my most highly anticipated movie this spring (and yes I’m including Endgame but obviously tastes differ). To see what Rocketman is competing with, take a look at our full movies schedule.

J.J. Abrams Nearly Said ‘No’ To Working On Star Wars Episode IX

Daisy Ridley and John Boyega in Star Wars; The Force Awakens

J.J. Abrams took on a herculean task when he agreed to write and direct the first new Star Wars movies in years with The Force Awakens. While the movie certainly has its detractors, it was largely viewed as a success, and it certainly was at the box office, where it became one of the highest grossing films of all time. In addition to being the creative force behind the first film, Abrams has remained part of the new Star Wars universe as a producer, but that doesn’t mean he was ready to just jump in to direct Star Wars Episode IX. Abrams admits that when Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy asked him to take on writing and directing duties, he very nearly turned the job down…

I wasn’t supposed to be there. I wasn’t the guy, ya’ know? I was working on some other things, and I had something else that I was assuming would be the next project, if we’d be so lucky. And then Kathy Kennedy called and said, “Would you really, seriously, consider coming aboard?” And once that started, it all happened pretty quickly. The whole thing was a crazy leap of faith. And there was an actual moment when I nearly said, ‘No, I’m not going to do this.’

J.J. Abrams has a lot on his plate. As a writer, director, and especially a producer, he has numerous film and television projects rolling at any one time. Adding something like a Star Wars movie is certainly going to throw a wrench in those works in a big way. However, it seems that it wasn’t simply the fact that Abrams had something else he thought he would be working on that caused him to hesitate.

Instead, the major reason J.J. Abrams almost turned down Star Wars Episode IX was because he was so happy with the way that Star Wars: The Force Awakens turned out. As a major Star Wars fan himself, Abrams was incredibly nervous that the first film wouldn’t work, and he largely feels that the movie succeeded. He was proud of his work and proud that he got to make a Star Wars movie. He tells Fast Company that he felt trying to do it all again would be tempting fate…

I was trepidatious to begin with, getting involved, because I love Star Wars so much and felt like it was… It was almost, on a personal level, a dangerous thing to get too close to something that you care that much about. And yet, with Force Awakens, I feel like we managed to introduce these new characters—for some people, new actors—and continue a story in a way that I thought had heart and humanity and humor and surprise. Though of course I’m aware that there are critics of that movie, it felt to me like we dodged a bullet. Like we got in there, we got to do something. And I left loving Star Wars as much as I did when I got there. Like, somehow, it was on a personal, selfish level something I was really happy to have done. Not just excited about doing but happy to have done. And to ask to have that happen again, I felt a little bit like I was playing with fire. Like, why go back? We managed to make it work. What the hell am I thinking?

Originally, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow had been tapped to write and direct Star Wars: Episode IX. However, in the fall of 2017, it was announced that Trevorrow and Lucasfilm had different visions for the conclusion of the trilogy, and therefore had decided to part ways. Rumors have indicated that Lucasfilm didn’t like Trevorrow’s script.

This meant that Star Wars Episode IX had to go from zero, with no script, to completely finished in a little over two years. The release date of Episode IX was originally going to be the summer of 2019, but it was pushed back to December around the same time Abrams was brought on board. This was another reason that the director was hesitant about taking the job. There was so much work to be done in a finite amount of time.

Part of Abrams solution to the problem was to get help, specifically, he called Chris Terrio to ask if the Justice League writer would be interested in co-writing Episode IX with him. Terrio was quite excited to get on board, which helped J.J. Abrams in an unexpected way. According to the director…

And what I realized in that moment was, I hadn’t been aware until then that I needed to work with someone who would scream at the prospect of working on Star Wars. Because I had been through the process, and I was looking at brass tacks: This is what it’s going to take, this is the reality of it. And he was looking at it sort of childlike: Oh my God, I can’t believe we get to play in this world, which I needed to be reminded of. I needed that point of view, because that’s not where I was. Of course, I was excited about what we could do, but I was acutely aware of how little time we had to do a fairly enormous job.

And yet, an enormous job is exactly what J.J. Abrams agreed to undertake. Star Wars Episode IX is in post-production as we speak and we sit here on the eve of Star Wars Celebration, where we expect to finally begin to learn a few details about the story. The first trailer, which will almost certainly include the full title, will probably drop then, and we’ll finally get a look at everything J.J. Abrams has been working on for the last two years.

Abrams was happy with the way he brought Star Wars back and launched this new trilogy. Now he has the equally massive, if not even bigger task, of ending the trilogy in a satisfying way. We’ll see if he truly stuck the landing when Star Wars Episode IX arrives in December.

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Why Annabelle Comes Home Is Very Much A Homecoming For The Conjuring Universe

In the last six years, The Conjuring Universe has become one of the most successful active franchises in Hollywood. It all started when James Wan’s The Conjuring turned out to be a massively huge hit in the summer of 2013, and since then the brand has expanded to include multiple spin-off series, which have actually mostly performed as well or better than the core titles.

As the franchise has continued, it’s expanded in interesting ways and gone to some exciting new places – and it’s in recognition of this that Gary Dauberman’s upcoming Annabelle Comes Home holds a special place the brand’s direction. It turns out the title has a semi-double meaning, as in addition to the movie featuring a plot that sees the titular doll come to live in the Warren house, it’s also seen by the filmmakers as a homecoming of sorts for the entire Conjuring Universe.

This was a sentiment shared by producer Peter Safran during an interview late last year when I had the chance to visit the set of what was then only called Annabelle 3:

To fill in the gaps for the uninitiated, The Conjuring started the franchise with a story that actually spent a fair amount of time in the Warren home, in addition to following an investigation of the relatively-local Perron household. But the movies have slowly moved away from that ever since. Annabelle was really only a slight crawl away as a prequel story with a direct link-up featured at the end, but then The Conjuring 2 took Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga’s Ed and Lorraine Warren to England for the infamous Enfield Poltergeist case with the Hodgson clan. Annabelle: Creation then took audiences back nearly 20 years before the events of The Conjuring; and then The Nun doubled down on both elements of setting by not only going further back in time (by three years), but also by featuring events primarily set in the Vatican and Romania.

It’s been six years since audiences have seen any legitimately spooky action inside of the Warren’s house, but Annabelle Comes Home will break that streak when it’s released this summer. Set over the course of one night, the story centers on Ed and Lorraine’s daughter, Judy (McKenna Grace), as she spends the night with a babysitter (Madison Iseman) the night Annabelle is brought into household’s notorious artifact museum. Unfortunately for them, it’s evil winds up having a very strong influence over the other objects in the room, unleashing all kinds of terrors.

Further discussing the approach of bringing the action back to the Warrens’, Peter Safran explained that there has long been a creative curiosity when it comes to the aforementioned artifact museum, and Annabelle Comes Home will finally be the movie that sees the potential there explored. Plus, he added, it’s an opportunity to directly follow-up on the very first case that audiences were introduced to in the first Conjuring. Said the producer,

There will still be plenty more opportunities for The Conjuring Universe to explore new cities, countries, and time periods, as there are multiple projects actively in development, but Annabelle Comes Home is specifically being made as the film that brings us full circle.

The directorial debut of Gary Dauberman – who previously wrote the scripts for Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, and The NunAnnabelle Comes Home is scheduled to freak out audiences this summer with its June 28th release. And be sure to stay tuned here on CinemaBlend, as I have plenty more stories coming your way in the coming days from my time visiting the set.