Check Out All The Biggest Pokemon Appearances In The Detective Pikachu Trailer

After decades of gathering fans through video games, trading cards, animation and merchandise, Pokemon is finally making their live action debut next year. Only instead of adapting the anime adventures of Ash Ketchum as he gathers gym badges and tries to catch ’em all, the first live action Pokemon movie is taking its cue from the Great Detective Pikachu video game. For months, fans have been curious about what’s in store for Detective Pikachu, and now we finally have some footage to chew on thanks to the first trailer.

Judging by the reaction on the internet, this Detective Pikachu trailer was a pleasant surprise, which ideally bodes well for the movie itself. More importantly, there will be plenty of Pokemon appearing in Detective Pikachu besides just the eponymous, electrically-charged mouse. Upon studying the trailer closely, you’ll notice quick appearances from critters like Charmander, Dodrio, Squirrel and Pidgeotto, to name just a few. However, for the sake of this feature, let’s go over all the Pokemon who get more significant screen time.


Let’s just get the obvious one out of the day. For decades Pikachu has been the Pokemon franchise’s mascot, recognizable even to folks who barely know anything about the Pocket Monsters. From its mouse-like appearance to its powerful electric attacks, there’s a lot to like about Pikachu, but for Detective Pikachu, many will be seeing the creature in a new light. With one notable exception, Pikachu are like nearly every other Pokemon in that they can only say some augmentation of their name. Now, just like in the Great Detective Pikachu video game, we get to hear a Pikachu speak like a human.

Detective Pikachu‘s eponymous Pokemon is being voiced by Ryan Reynolds. Like his video game counterpart, he’s more intelligent than your average Pikachu and uses his brains to solve mysteries, hence why he’s wearing that Sherlock hat. For this movie, he’s partnered up with Justice Smith‘s Tim Goodman, who is the only human who actually hears this Pikachu speaking English. Pikachu will help Tim track down his missing father, and their journey will be rife with shenanigans.


Those of you who watched the Pokemon anime in its earliest years will remember Psyduck as being a hilarious source of frustration for Ash’s pal Misty. Her Psyduck (which she accidentally caught) would frequently come out of its Pokeball in place of the Pokemon Misty actually wanted to send out, and the few times she did purposefully pick it, it would basically be useless. However, in moments when the Psyduck’s headache got bad enough, it could unleash powerful Psychic attacks that neutralized opponents.

For Detective Pikachu, a Psyduck will be accompanying Kathryn Newton‘s Lucy Stevens, a reporter who crosses with with Tim Goodman. It’s hard to tell specifically what we can expect from this Psyduck, but like others of its kind, it rocks a stupefied look on its face. While it’s highly unlikely that Detective Pikachu will evolve into Raichu in this movie, part of me does wonder if Lucy’s Psyduck might evolve into Golduck, thus making it more competent, but less cute.

Bulbasaur And Morelull

In most of the main Pokemon video games, i.e. the ‘versions,’ you’re given the choice to pick a Grass-type, a Fire-type or a Water-type for your starter Pokemon. In Generation I, a.k.a. Pokemon Red and Blue (and its remakes), Bulbasaur was the Grass-type, and would evolve into Ivysaur and then Venusaur. Ash Ketchum also caught a Bulbasaur early into his time as a Pokemon trainer. In the Detective Pikachu trailer, we see a group of Bulbasaur walking down a creek, with Tim and Pikachu (whose either sleeping or injured) trailing behind.

Accompanying the Bulbasaur are several Morello, Grass/Fairy-type Pokemon that evolve into Shiinotic. Morello were introduced during Generation VII, the Sun and Moon era. They’re plenty cute to look at, but like the Bulbasaur, it’s hard to tell if they’ll be in any way significant to the plot or if they’re just there for decoration, so to speak.


Here we have another Pokemon that provided comedy in the early years of the Pokemon anime. Jigglypuff (which evolves into Wigglytuff, and was later given the pre-evolution form Igglybuff) is a Normal/Fairty-type that’s chiefly known for its Sing attack, which puts any opponent to sleep. In the anime, there was one particular Jigglypuff that followed around the main characters and try to show what an amazing singer it was. Unfortunately, its soothing voice would always put people to sleep, and angered, the Jigglypuff would then use its microphone-looking marker to draw on their faces.

It looks like the Jigglypuff in Detective Pikachu has the same M.O., as we see a guy asleep at his table at a cafe, and the Jigglypuff looks irritated that its audience is catching some z’s. I really hope this cafe didn’t hire Jigglypuff to be the talent for the night, because that thing singing in a public space ensures that your customers aren’t going to order anything else for the rest of the night.


Remember when I was talking about starter Pokemon? Well, in Generation I, if you wanted a Fire-type, Charmander would have been your pick, with it evolving into Chameleon and then, as seen above, Charizard. While not at Pikachu’s level, Charizard is among the more popular Pokemon, appreciated for its incredible fire attacks and resembling a dragon (though it is not also a Dragon-type, to be clear). Ash Ketchum’s Charmander became a Charizard, and while that monstrosity originally didn’t follow Ash’s commands, it eventually became loyal to the lad.

For Detective Pikachu, a Charizard will be competing in an underground Pokemon fighting ring, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the reigning champ. That doesn’t bode well for the starring Pikachu, as we see at the end of the trailer that it will be fighting this Charizard. Fortunately, Charizard is a Fire-Flying-type, and Electric moves are super effective against Flying types. So one well-timed attack from Pikachu might be enough to bring the Charizard down.


Like Morelull, Greninja is a newer Pokemon, debuting during Generation VI, the X and Y era. A Water/Dark-type, Greninja evolves from Frogadier and is the final form of Flroakie. If you’ve ever wondered what a frog humanoid ninja would look like, this is what you get. Ash caught his own Froakie in the Kalos region, which has since evolve into a Greninja.

Three Greninja are shown leaping into action in the Detective Pikachu trailer, and that by itself isn’t much context. But later in the preview, we see these Greninja chasing after the Pikachu, so one can surmise that they’re working for whoever the movie’s main antagonist is, or at the very least someone who’s interests clash with Tim and Pikachu’s.

Mr. Mime

Finally, we have Mr. Mime, a Psychic/Fairy-type (and retroactively made the evolved form of Mime Jr.) that’s one of the original 151 Pokemon. The most famous Mr. Mime is the one belonging to Ash Ketchum’s mother in the anime that does housework for her in exchange for having a place to stay.

Although Mr. Mime can speak in the anime and has its own noise in the video games, Detective Pikachu appropriately, and hilariously, has rendered it mute. You know, like an actual mime! This is much to the chagrin of Pikachu, whose “told” to shove it by the Mr. Mime, and when Pikachu tries to go “bad cop,” he immediately runs into the Mr. Mime’s Barrier. This Pokemon is going to be one tough nut to crack.

Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10, 2019, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for continuing coverage. In the meantime, look through our 2019 release schedule to learn what other movies are coming out this year.

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Stan Lee’s 10 Best Marvel Cameos

Stan Lee’s passing has struck many film and comic book lovers worldwide, and Marvel films won’t be quite the same without his patented cameos. While there are still a few on the way like Avengers 4, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, we’ve gathered what we considered to be the 10 best Marvel cameos Lee did to date, and ones fans may want to re-watch following his death. Listed in chronological order, here are our favorites.


Stan Lee’s cameo in 2003’s Hulk may be one of the things its makers can claim tops other Hulk adventures. Lee’s security guard was seen speaking to another guard (played by Lou Ferrigno) about the need to beef up security in the building. It’s the first time on film Lee spoke as a character based on himself. It also has a connection Lee’s first cameo in a Marvel project, which also starred Ferrigno, The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Stan Lee’s rejected entry to Reed Richards’ and Susan Storm’s wedding wasn’t just a funny moment in the 2007 sequel to Fantastic Four, it was a callback to Marvel comics. The scene was a recreation of 1965’s Fantastic Four Annual #3, in which Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are similarly turned away from the couple’s big day. The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer scene also includes Lee referring to himself by his real name, and not another character.

Spider-Man 3

Stan Lee’s contribution in 2007’s Spider-Man 3 isn’t his funniest but is relevant to the film’s plot. Lee spoke to Peter Parker as they read a news ticker detailing Spider-Man’s saving of a police officer. Lee reminds Parker that “one man can make a difference” and leaves the hero with some food for thought. The “nuff said” really caps this one off, and will probably get a chuckle from Marvel fans for years to come.

Iron Man

2008’s Iron Man was a turning point for the Marvel film universe, even if it didn’t seem as impactful then as it feels now. Lee, of course, showed up for Robert Downey Jr.’s debut as the hero, and the two shared a moment when Tony Stark mistook him for Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. As a brilliant side note, an alleged autographed photo from Hefner to Lee exists on the internet, although we’re not sure if it’s legit.

The Avengers

The Avengers was a huge event for Marvel, so it’s awesome that such a big film featured such a fleeting appearance from the Marvel creator. Stan Lee was seen in a news report after the superhero team saved the day, and dismissed them in stereotypical New York fashion. Lee could’ve had a bigger role in the 2012 movie, but arguably has a more memorable moment with his quick appearance at the end of one of Marvel’s greatest films.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Lee’s cameo in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man is unquestionably one of his best, mainly due to his performance in the scene. Lee obliviously jamming out to music while Lizard and Spider-Man wreak havoc all around him really broke up a serious moment in the film. It’s one of Lee’s best acting performances, and he makes it look so effortless. To be fair, it’s probably because he was never actually in danger of that table hitting him.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Stan Lee once again donned the role of a security guard in 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, although he probably didn’t keep that job. Lee’s reaction when he realized Cap’s WWII outfit is missing is priceless, as he delivered a line that sounds like it should’ve been said by a teenager shirking his work responsibilities. That’s what makes it so great though. Well, that and his dropped jaw while staring at the mannequin.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Lee’s cameo in the 2015 Avengers sequel was a bit beefier than his first, as this time he actually interacted with one of the iconic heroes. The Marvel man shrugged off Thor’s warning regarding his request for some of his millennia-aged alcohol. The scene ends with Lee being helped out of the bar while muttering his catchphrase “Excelsior.” Lee noted he loved that appearance in particular, mainly because of the extended screen time he received.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

For years folks had speculated Stan Lee’s character was connected throughout every film, and while that theory has been teased, but never explicitly confirmed, 2017’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 had some fun referencing it. As Kevin Feige put it when he spoke to CinemaBlend, this cameo does a great job of embodying the “ethereal creative being” Lee was for Marvel comics and a great acknowledgment that he’s “one who sits above.”

Ant-Man And The Wasp

Stan Lee’s joke about the ’60s taking a toll on him is a high point in Ant-Man and the Wasp, which is really saying something given the film’s laughs. It wasn’t the only great joke he had either, as deleted scenes showed Lee delivering several other gut-busting lines that could’ve easily made the final cut as well. The line chosen is especially ironic, considering Lee was a strong opponent of drugs during the era.

As mentioned, there are quite a few still on the way, and a few more opportunities for audiences to see Stan Lee on the big screen in new Marvel films before his cameos presumably come to an end. When they do, it’ll certainly feel as though an era has come to an end, and will be interesting to see whether or not Marvel will continue to honor the creator in future projects.

Fans of Stan Lee who are shocked their favorite cameo didn’t make the list can reflect and share their favorite appearance of the Marvel man on film in the comments below. For more on Stan Lee and some of the other cameos he’s done over the course of his career outside of the world of Marvel, read up on the recent crossover cameo he had with DC.

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Crackdown 3 Finally Has A Release Date

After four years of waiting and multiple delays, gamers finally have a release date for the open-world, physics-based, third-person shooter, Crackdown 3. The game was originally announced way back in 2014 just a year after the Xbox One was revealed, but a number of developmental hang-ups prevented the game from garnering a specific release date… until now.

During this year’s X018 conference event that took place in Mexico this past weekend, Microsoft unveiled a number of announcements for various upcoming projects, including the release date for Crackdown 3. Gamespot picked up the news from the event where it was revealed that the game starring Terry Crews will release on February 15th, 2019. So the game is just three months out from release.

The game will release on both PC and Xbox One. Gamers will likely be able to get their hands on the title through the Windows Store through Windows 10, but some gamers are still holding out hope that maybe the game will make its way onto the Steam store. But others are just happy that the long-delayed shooter will finally release and that it’s even coming to PC.

The X018 event also played host to the new Wrecking Zone multiplayer mode for Crackdown 3, which featured footage of the mode that sees two teams of 10 duking it out in a fully destructible arena. During the conference, it was revealed that every aspect of the arena can be completely destroyed.

The announcement for the multiplayer component was joined by news that it will have two different modes and will ship with at least two maps.

The Agent customization feature from Crackdown 2 is also returning, so players will be able to utilize the customization options to create the kind of Agent that best suits their playing style and appearance. This is a pretty cool feature for those who want to create an Agent that looks cool shooting guns and tearing through a skyscraper to see it physically collapse in real-time.

And speaking of real-time destruction… the cloud-based physics will be making an appearance in the multiplayer mode. According to the developers the multiplayer destruction will be handled by Microsoft’s Azure cloud servers. How well this will all play out in an actual live multiplayer session remains to be seen, but it would be smart of Microsoft to hold a beta test for Crackdown 3 to stress-test the servers ahead of launching the game. The last thing the company needs is for everything to come crashing down (pun intended) on launch day when a bunch of people are attempting to log in and play the game, something that Activision used to suffer from during the launch days of Call of Duty.

There’s also going to be a single-player campaign mode that revitalizes the orb-hunting, verticality that was present in the original Crackdown. And speaking of the original, from the X018 all the way up until November 30th, it will be free to download from the Xbox Store or the Windows Store as a backwards compatible title for the Xbox One. The original also features Xbox One X enhancements, with upscaled 4K UHD support.

Crackdown 3 will be available starting February 15th, 2019 on Xbox One, PC, and as a day-one addition to the Xbox Game Pass line-up.

The CW’s 2019 Midseason Schedule Reveals New Debuts And Changes Nights For One Superhero


9 to 10 p.m.: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Midseason Return)


8 to 9 p.m.: The Flash (Midseason Return)

9 to 10 p.m.: Roswell, New Mexico (Series Premiere)


8 to 9 p.m.: Riverdale (Midseason Return)

9 to 10 p.m.: All American (Midseason Return)


8 to 9 p.m.: Supernatural (Midseason Return)

9 to 10 p.m.: Roswell, New Mexico (Encore of Premiere)


8 to 9 p.m.: Dynasty (Midseason Return)

9 to 10 p.m.: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Original Episode)


8 to 9 p.m.: Supergirl (Midseason Return)

9 to 10 p.m.: Charmed (Midseason Return)


8 to 9 p.m.: Arrow (Midseason Return)

9 to 10 p.m.: Black Lightning (New Time Period Premiere)


8 to 9 p.m.: Supernatural (Original Episode)

9 to 10 p.m.: Legacies (Midseason Return)

Shark Faces Were A Real Problem When Making The Meg Movie

One expects a big scary monster movie like The Meg to have some interesting challenges. Just making big scary monsters in movies is usually a chellenge unto itself. That was certainly true in The Meg, though possibly not in the way you might think. Director Jon Turteltaub says that one of the biggest challenges facing the production was making the film’s monster suitably scary, while most of us would think “giant shark” is pretty scary all by itself, the problem was that the shark wasn’t helping matters, because “shark face” isn’t actually all that scary. According to Turteltaub…

For me, what I found the most challenging with this kind of character is, sharks are notoriously uncute. They’re fascinating and charmless. They don’t even blink. They don’t have shoulders. They don’t have eyebrows, right? There’s no expression. Shark happy and shark eating you is the same face. So, you’re trying to get some drama into this and you’ve got one face to work with. Now if you have the shark go ‘Grrr,’ to be mean and scary — ‘OK, we got that it’s scarier’ — but you just lost some truth and if shark does regular shark face it feels boring, so you’re dealing with that kind of stuff. The more you get the science right, the more you draw them in with the truth, the more real things get, so therefore the more frightening it is.

It’s actually a pretty funny problem to have. In most cases, in a movie, your performer is able to increase drama and tension simply by changing the look on their face, but you can’t ask that of a shark. The massive sea creatures don’t really have facial expressions, so you can’t tell when they’re being angry or vengeful. All the body language and expression that a human actor can give to convey emotion without having to speak, a shark is incapable of. As Jon Turteltaub says in one of the special features attached to the Blu-Ray release of The Meg, sharks have a single expression, and it’s not worth much.

Since The Meg was created entirely within a computer, they could have manipulated the shark in various ways to make it appear scarier, by simply making it look angry, but, as fantastic of the premise of The Meg is, Jon Turteltaub still wanted the film to have as much reality as possible to it and sharks don’t ever look angry. If the story had been entirely fantastic, if the shark hadn’t acted “real,” there would have been very little tension. The reality of the situation is what actually makes it all frightening for the audience.

Without the ability to make the film’s megalodon “look” scary, The Meg had to make their massive creature feature work in other ways. Jon Turteltaub says this was done by making The Meg as realistic as possible. Of course, there was a problem there too. The fact of the matter is that science doesn’t actually know a lot about the megalodon. While the movie strived to get the science right, there were limitations as far as how much science there actually was to get right.

However, this gave the production a lot of room to work. If you don’t know what The Meg actually looked like, you can make The Meg look however you want. Of course, the production still wanted to work within some scientific realities, which meant taking into account the sort of creature this was, as well as the eniornment it spent its life in. According to the director…

The fact that science knows so little about megalodons, Meg, gave us opportunity to fill in the blanks the way we wanted. And we had two issues, one, what did this shark look like, but two, what would this giant shark look like if it lived 30,000 feet below the surface of the water? So, everything from coloration to fin size to mouth shape to snout shape to gills are all up for grabs.

One thing that The Meg wanted to avoid was simply making the giant shark look like a bigger version of the classic great white. This is the image of a terrifying shark that most people are familiar with, but if that’s all you do, you’re not bringing anything new to the table. However, in the case of The Meg, the movie shark has been spending its existence for millions of years deep in the oceans. This has the potential to mean that the megalodon of this film doesn’t even look the same as the creature would have looked when it was swimming the oceans millions of years ago. The Meg was built for the movie based on the best approximation of what the megalodon would have looked like if it were real. What science does know was combined with an educated understanding of the creatures of the sea, and The Meg was the result.

The Meg was a solid hit and so, like the book that came before it, it appears that a host of sequels could follow in the wake of the original. There are apparently early talks being had about a Meg 2. While the film version of The Meg took some significant departures from the original book, a second film could still take inspiration from the second book in the franchise. The book sequel, The Trench, dealt mostly with an offspring of the original Meg that never appears in the film. Still, we don’t know what Meg was up to before the events of the movie, and certainly, we could find all sorts of new and interesting monsters back in unknown depths of the ocean.

If and when the sequel does come along, we can rest assured that The Meg 2 will try to combine the more fantastic elements of the creature feature once again with the scientific realities of the largest shark that ever lived. Perhaps by the time the sequel comes out, we’ll know more about the massive megalodon that can be incorporated into the new film.

The Meg is now available on Digital and Blu-Ray.

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Fox’s The Masked Singer Looks Like The Weirdest Singing Competition Yet

Televised singing competitions tend to follow a pretty standard formula. At the beginning, we’re introduced to a bunch of hopefuls, some of them will be amazing “I can’t believe this person doesn’t already have a recording contract” level singers, while others will either not quite be ready for the big time yet, or they’ll just be delusional about their level of talent. As the weeks wear on, the competitors will be whittled down, we’ll get some live shows that force the singers to be on their game in front of millions of viewers and eventually the show will crown a winner.

Sure, there are differences in judges, expected and unexpected on-stage shenanigans, how they score the singers and the like, but, overall, we get a lot of singing mixed with the tear-jerking personal stories of those looking to break out and make their mark on the music industry. Well, if you’re tired of singing competitions that do the same thing over and over, there’s a new one coming up that might just get you intrigued again. Fox is bringing us The Masked Singer on January 2, and the premise of this competition is so weird that it has to be seen to be believed. Take a look:

I don’t know about you, but this is so weird it just might work. OK, so first off, instead of a group of wanna be music stars trying to take their fate into their own hands by trying out for a nationally televised singing competition, The Masked Singer will have 12 already well-known stars take to the stage to sing their hearts out. The major catch, as you can plainly see, is that each of them will be covered head to toe in very elaborate costumes to conceal their identity and keep things like age, looks, popularity and the width and breadth of their careers from influencing voting.

And, can we just back track a second and talk about those costumes? Whoever is working behind the scenes to create these things is not playing around. No one went to Party City, outfitted a bunch of celebrities and then pocketed most of the cash. Oh no, just in the clip we see a wide variety of well-covered people-sized animals, aliens, elusive DJs, random critters, insects, toys and what turns out to be things that just don’t occur in the real world. Thank heavens, too. I cannot imagine what would happen if someone met any of these folks in a dark alley when they were a little bit tipsy. I have a feeling there might be a few heart attacks in a situation like that. Really, just look at this:

I think we’re looking at a hippo with a hat (which happens to exactly match the hippo’s skin tone), who is also wearing eyeglasses, possibly with a slight tint to them and who, for some wacky reason, has one gold tooth. Who knows what’s going on with the rest of this getup. As far as I’m concerned, if you lower the lights in that studio a bit (or, even without that), this is pure nightmare fuel. Who among us would not be at least momentarily terrified by a sight such as this on a cold, dark night?

But, I digress. The Masked Singer will feature 12 celebrities competing with their, hopefully, lovely voices over the course of 10 episodes. As you can see from the clip, a large part of the show is just trying to guess who is under all the costuming each week. And, the famous folk who will be competing are either not all mainly known as singers, or they have many other talents, as well. All are said to be true household names and have, between them, 65 Grammy nominations, 4 Super Bowl titles, 16 multi-Platinum albums, 4 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 16 Emmy nominations and 9 Broadway shows. So, the people who agreed to take part are no slouches when it comes to their chosen careers or competing.

Like we’ve seen in most singing shows, each week will have one singer getting voted off of the show. At that point, though, the guessing game will be over, because when they’re told to pack their bags, they also finally take off what must be a ridiculously hot mask and reveal who they are. Prepare for everyone to be surprised, because no one, not even the other contestants, know who they’re competing against. But, The Masked Singer has promised to do us all a solid as we’re at home playing our guessing games, because clues to each singer’s identity will be sprinkled throughout each show.

To shepherd us along each week as The Masked Singer moves along with its weirdo competition, we’ll have host Nick Cannon, late of America’s Got Talent, which he hosted from 2009 through 2016, and panelists Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy. I think it’s a nice touch to have two singers on the panel, in order to better evaluate the actual singing that’ll be going on. But, considering the nature of this vocal competition, it’s also nice to have two funny people around to give the audience prime off the cuff comments on the voices, costumes and who might be hiding under there.

In case you’re wondering who came up with this nutty idea, you can credit some incredibly inventive South Koreans for creating the show for that country (where its title translates to King of Mask Singer). It first aired in February 2015, and currently has 177 episodes under its completely covered belt. The show has been such a hit, that it’s already been adapted for several other countries. Shows with the same basic premise have aired in China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, with over half a billion fans around the world making various versions of the show a viral hit and leading to the upcoming American show being touted as part of a “worldwide phenomenon.”

The Masked Singer will debut on Fox on Wednesday, January 2. You can keep your anticipation for this new singing competition in check by checking out our 2018 fall TV premiere guide, and seeing what else is hitting the small screen in the coming weeks.

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Star Trek May Have Just Clarified Discovery’s Place In The Canon

Star Trek: Discovery has ruffled feathers with its aesthetic and plot lines, with assumed continuity errors causing assumed conflict with a lot of existing Trek series that take place after. The Star Trek: Short Treks episode “Calypso” appears to have addressed one of those issues, and it possibly clarified the USS Discovery‘s place in the franchise’s canon. Specifically, we might know why the Discovery‘s advanced tech was never implemented on other Starfleet ships, and why Season 1’s main crew isn’t around later.

According to this far-flung Short Treks episode, something will likely happen in Star Trek: Discovery that results in the crew’s disappearance, along with the ship itself apparently getting stuck in a holding pattern for 1,000 years until Aldis Hodge’s character Craft wakes up inside it. With the ship having its specific position for that long, it seems the Discovery and its experimental technology were lost in space. This may explain why advancements such as the Spore Drive didn’t find their way to other vessels in the franchise.

“Calypso” was set 1,000 years after the events of Star Trek: Discovery, and followed the unfamiliar Craft after his escape pod was rescued by the Discovery. Craft learns the ship is completely unmanned, but that he’s not exactly alone. The Discovery‘s artificial intelligence had evolved into a sentient program that named itself Zora. Zora explained she’d been holding the Discovery‘s position for the past millennium under the instruction of a long-missing captain.

So, the good news for Star Trek fans is that we, at least for now, have an explanation for why the Discovery‘s developing tech and its crew aren’t directly referenced in “future” shows. The bad news is it sounds as though something crazy is going to happen to Michael Burnham, Tilly, and the rest of the crew that results in their fates being unknown in that distant future. What happened to the crew, and why did they completely abandon everything like that?

We’re not completely sure yet, of course, but if Spore Drives aren’t commonplace in lots of known Federation ships in the future, that probably means folks like Paul Stamets aren’t around to share their knowledge of the mycelial network. Perhaps the crew gets transported back to the parallel universe, and can’t find a way back this time around.

It’s also possible the crew isn’t lost and presumed dead, but that they just haven’t returned yet from wherever they are. Star Trek: Discovery‘s introduction of time-travel in Season 1 could easily lead to some pretty wild plot lines going forward. I mean, this mini-episode set up the notion that Starfleet ships might all be capable of evolving into sentient beings if given enough time. So Michael intentionally or unintentionally taking a 1,000-year jaunt into the future isn’t the most far-fetched idea.

There has to be a reason the ship was instructed to maintain that position, and we’re guessing it’s for another reason other than the obvious “captain leaves, and no one returns” song and dance that kicks off other space-faring dramas. It seems like someone is destined to pop up there other than Craft. As for who it could be, or why it happened, Season 2 could offer up some big clues. Let’s just hope Zora finds someone else to talk to after “Calypso” rolled its credits.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on CBS All Access on Thursday, January 17, 2019. For a list of television programs set to launch before the end of 2018, be sure to visit and bookmark our handy fall premiere guide.

Gerard Butler Shares Devastating Image Of Home Burned Down In Woolsey Fire

The California wildfires — including the Woolsey Fire in Southern California — have been devastating. So far, 31 people are reported to have died in the rampant wildfires across the state, and there is more desolation expected ahead. Amid the flames, several properties have been burned entirely in the local area — including the houses of several high-profile people. Gerard Butler was one of those celebrities, and he posted a picture of the devastation on Twitter.

Gerard Butler’s social media post is just one example of the property damage that has been found in the Southern California area, and there is more damage expected to come as the flames continue to spread. Although this natural disaster is a terrible tragedy, filled with sorrow and loss, Butler is touched and moved by the sacrifices made by the local firefighters in the area. The film actor is inspired by their courage.

Additionally, Gerard Butler took the time to ask people to support these men and women in the Los Angeles Fire Department as they continue to battle these flames and dangers. It remains a difficult time for everyone in the area, and he hopes people can help however they can amid this destruction.

In addition to Gerard Butler, other celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Neil Young have also lost their homes in the Malibu area due to the ongoing fires (via Variety). The multiple statewide wildfires have spread across hundreds of thousands of acres. In addition to Gerard Butler speaking out about the Woolsey Fire, Miley Cyrus has also discussed the fire damage of her property. Here’s what she said.

In a follow-up tweet, Miley Cyrus continued to ask people to donate their time, money, and supplies if they could. Cyrus also expressed her gratitude to the firefighters for all their commitment and hard work, and she also offered her heartfelt appreciation for the county’s sheriff’s department.

Neil Young has also spoken out publicly about the forest fires. The timing is especially terrible for the rock star, as today is his birthday. We hope he is safe and kept out of harm’s way during this difficult struggle. We’re glad to know Miley Cyrus and Gerard Butler are reportedly safe, despite the horrible circumstances of this past week’s devastating fires.

Gerard Butler can currently be seen in Hunter Killer, which is playing in theaters. He was also seen in Den of Thieves earlier this year. We hope he finds peace during this very difficult time, and we hope the same for Miley Cyrus, Neil Young, and everyone else in California affected by these ongoing wildfires.

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Why Michael B. Jordan Got Even More Ripped For Creed II

For most people, being in great enough shape to appear in movies shirtless as a professional boxer and a supervillain would probably be good enough, but Michael B. Jordan is not most people. If you’ve seen the trailers for Creed II you may have noticed that Michael B. Jordan is in even more ripped in this film than he was in either Creed or Black Panther. This was a conscious decision on the actor’s part to progress, as he explained:

How’s that for never settling and always striving to improve and grow? Michael B. Jordan saw how he looked in Creed and Black Panther and wanted to surpass that and achieve an aesthetic that was beyond what he had shown onscreen before. That just shows what kind of drive he has, although I think for many people, they would have been happy with that “20-year-old punk” level of fitness.

As we’ve heard, Michael B. Jordan put on 20 pounds of muscle for Creed II and it shows. He looks bigger than he did in the first film while also looking far more cut than he did as Killmonger. The result is an Adonis Creed that looks more imposing and capable than he did in the first film and more impressive than any of Michael B. Jordan’s other roles.

Michael B. Jordan told GQ that he wanted to see his own evolution, and that’s why he got bigger and more shredded than ever before. That’s an admirable attitude to have, evoking the notion that fitness isn’t a goal but a journey that never ends. He spoke in a way that seemed to reflect how he wanted to see himself in the film, as a man and not a kid. Interestingly, this evolution actually works for the character of Adonis Creed as well.

Creed II will see Adonis Creed as the newly crowned light heavyweight champion, not the scrappy up-and-comer he was in the first film. So it makes sense that his physique has improved from the first film to the sequel. Adonis is now a pro and a champ, with more resources at his disposal to be in peak physical condition.

The physical evolution reflects the evolution of the character as he has grown as a fighter, as a man and as a father with a new child. That this is the best we have ever seen Adonis and he still looks outmatched also makes his opponent, Viktor Drago, all the scarier and the drama of the film all the greater.

You can check out Michael B. Jordan’s evolution as Adonis in Creed II, opening in theaters on November 21. Check out our Holiday Movie Guide for that and the other films you can look forward to this holiday season. For all the latest in workout motivation, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

Thank You Stan Lee, For Everything

Stan Lee was the most influential, motivational and awe-inspiring person I never met.

How many people are taking the time today to comment about the impact that Stan Lee’s creations had on their lives? Millions? Billions? That’s the power of Stan Lee’s imagination, the reach of his storytelling. All of us can sing the praises of the worlds that Lee delivered to us, and it still wouldn’t be enough.

This, then, is my own personal thank you to Stan Lee. It may end up sounding familiar to yours.

Stan Lee taught me responsibility, and how those with abilities had to use it, even when — especially when — it was most difficult. Stan Lee taught me sacrifice, and heroism. He taught me about humor, and swashbuckling adventure. He taught me about the sheer power of storytelling, in the unexpected weekly medium of the colorful comic books he helped create.

The laundry list is ridiculous. Spider-Man. The Fantastic Four. The Hulk. Doctor Strange. Iron Man. Thor. The X-Men. Their roots all trace back to the majestic tree of life that was Stan Lee.

Like most bookish kids, I found these heroes on weekly trips to a local comic book shop. It has thrilled me to no end to watch creator Rob Liefeld play THE SPINNER RACK on his Twitter feed, because it’s exactly how so many of us spent long afternoons, lost in the promise of valor and mystery that was teased on these brilliant comic book covers:

But how long before we actually started to think about the man responsible for all of this? Personally, Marvel Comics were the only thing I read cover to absolute cover. This included the damn Mail Bag section, where Stan “The Man” Lee responded to letters sent in by fans.

It was here, in the early-day interactive marketplace, that Stan’s catchphrases of “Nuff said” and “Excelsior!” caught on.

What I never realized, back then, that this obsession with Marvel Comics, the house that Stan Lee helped to build, would be a foundation for a career and a lifestyle that I’m blessed to live today. I love Marvel. In recent years, my passion has transitioned from the comics — which I still peruse but don’t collect, board and bag like I did in my youth — to the movies and television shows inspired by Stan’s creations.

This year alone, I crossed items off of my bucket list that wouldn’t even be possible without Stan Lee’s contributions to our culture and society, which include visiting the set of a movie inspired by my all-time favorite comic book character, then later playing a mind-blowing video game based around the same character that told one of the best stories in the character’s history. Or course, Stan Lee had to have his own cameo in said game.

It’s with the heaviest heart that we say goodbye to Stan Lee, the creator of so many characters that we have grown to cherish over the years. As all who have been affected by Lee continue to weigh in, we open up the comments section for you to share your best memory of something that you wouldn’t have in your life if not for Stan Lee.

Excelsior, dear Stan Lee. Thank you, for everything.

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