The Black Widow Movie Has Added Stranger Things’ David Harbour

To say that the past couple years have been good for David Harbour’s career would be an understatement. Along with being one of the lead actors in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, Harbour also succeeded Ron Perlman as the next cinematic Hellboy, and we’ll see how he does as Big Red come next week. But just because Harbour is portraying a Dark Horse Comics character doesn’t mean he can’t jump to an adaptation from another comic book company, as word has come in that he’s been cast in the Black Widow movie.

With Black Widow reportedly gearing up to roll cameras in London this June, the Marvel movie is slowly assembling its cast. Naturally Scarlett Johansson will be reprising Natasha Romanoff, the KGB agent-turned-S.H.I.E.L.D. operative-turned-Avenger, and last month it was reported that Fighting with my Family star Florence Pugh was in talks to join the cast. Now THR has dropped the news that David Harbour will be appearing in the movie as well, although no details about his character were provided.

Captain Marvel Officially Crosses $1 Billion Mark

While so many are already gearing up for Avengers: Endgame, the story isn’t quite over for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s previous entry just yet. Captain Marvel‘s box office totals have been slowly building, with its eyes on the $1 billion mark. Now, the movie has finally crossed that threshold, becoming the 38th movie ever, and the seventh MCU movie, to make $1 billion at the global box office.

The original Avengers film was the first Marvel movie to break the billion dollar mark. More recently, two of the Marvel films released last year, Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War did so as well. This means Marvel will have two billion dollar films this year as well, as Avengers: Endgame is expected to not only break the billion dollar mark but break the $2 billion mark.

Expectations were high for Captain Marvel. The film was the first to be focused on a solo female hero, and coming in between the two big Avengers movies, one that has already become one of the highest grossing movies ever, and another that’s expected to be, Captain Marvel could have been very easily overshadowed. However, the story of Carol Danvers has clearly been able to hold its own, and succeed in a way that not every part of the MCU franchise has been able to.

It also has done better than other female led superhero movies. DC’s Wonder Woman finished it’s theatrical run with a perfectly respecatable $821 million. The Gal Gadot-led film actually did better than Captain Marvel domestically, but Brie Larson’s film more than made up the difference internationally.

The box office numbers, as reported by Variety, are, of course, good news for Marvel Studios and Disney. who have already got this year off to a great start. However, there’s potentially more to it than that. Many have speculated that Captain Marvel is likely to be a major part of the MCU going into Phase Four, since we’re expecting current top line characters, like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, to be on their way out. The fact that the audience has voted with their wallets and approved of the character means that if this is in fact the plan, it’s going to go very well for Marvel.

We certainly expect Captain Marvel to be a difference maker when it comes to the events of Avengers: Endgame, and based on the fact that pre-sale records were broken when tickets went on sale for the movie yesterday, people are clearly ready for that.

The future of the MCU after Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out in July is still mostly a mystery. We know of a few projects in development, but nothing has a release date. Future Captain Marvel movies certainly seem likely following this result.

The Russo Brothers Suggest Watching Two MCU Movies Before Avengers: Endgame

We are T-minus 22 days until Avengers: Endgame hits theaters, and that gives fans just enough time to rewatch the 21 movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date before The Infinity Saga comes to a close. You could do one movie a day, binge them, or you could take part in AMC’s epic 59-hour marathon. But if you don’t have time for that or you’re already committed to rewatching Game of Thrones (seriously, how awesome is April?) the Russo Brothers have suggested two MCU movies you should check out before Endgame. According to Anthony Russo:

Speaking to Fandango, Anthony Russo explains that he, his brother and Marvel endeavor to make sure that the MCU movies are accessible and can bring in new fans and they have been successful in that. The hope is that you could theoretically come in to watch Avengers: Endgame cold, why you would do that is a mystery but the idea is that you could.

Nevertheless, this is obviously a story many films in the making and if you wanted to only hit the bullet points to enter this world or refresh your memory before Endgame, you should watch Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. These picks make the most sense, as they are the last two MCU films the Russo Brothers directed. And that makes them natural primers for Avengers: Endgame.

That you should rewatch Avengers: Infinity War is obvious. These two films were originally conceived of as two parts of a giant film and Infinity War set up the cliffhanger that will need to be resolved in Endgame. You need to know or refresh your memory on Thanos, the Infinity Stones, how they Avengers fought and how and who they lost.

Anthony Russo also says that you should watch Captain America: Civil War because that was the movie that divided the Avengers. That was the first film out of the gate in Phase 3, and it set up the fractured nature of the heroes that continued through Avengers: Infinity War. When Bruce Banner came back to Earth in Infinity War he found out that the Avengers were no more.

The various teams in Infinity War weren’t the product of a divide and conquer strategy, they were the natural result of the heroes no longer communicating with one another and working together. Consider that they might have had more time to save Vision and destroy the Mind Stone if Cap and Co. weren’t in exile and knew about the threat sooner.

To defeat Thanos for good the Avengers must truly assemble and that means healing the deep wound suffered in Captain America: Civil War. We’ve already seen Cap and Tony reuniting in the trailers for Endgame, so that schism will clearly be addressed and if you don’t remember exactly how it happened in the first place, rewatching Civil War is a sound idea.

Which MCU Movies Are You Rewatching Before Avengers: Endgame?

8 Things You Might Have Missed In The Joker Trailer

This morning, Warner Bros and DC Comics released their first look at the Todd Phillips directed Joker film, set to be released this October. While the project has always sounded like a very experimental prospect, seeing it in action just made us all the more aware of how exciting this film could be. Not only is it a period piece, but it’s also a version of the Joker we’ve never seen before; a man who we literally get to see crumble before our eyes.

And along the way through the Cliff’s Notes version that the trailer presented us of said downfall, there were some interesting nods and clues that show a very interesting first look at what the world of Joker is going to look and feel like. Some are quick references to history, others are interesting points of interest that have us thinking what they’ll mean in the long run. All are present in the first trailer for Joker, which you can watch below before we start to dive into the deeper details:

Now let’s take a look at some of the little things scattered through Joker’s trailer that caught our eye.

Joker Debra Kane looking over Arthur from the other side of the desk

The Bob Kane Tribute

One of the legendary forces behind Batman’s creation, Bob Kane was one of the two men that made the Caped Crusader the man that he is. The same applies for his archnemesis, as The Joker was also one of Kane’s legendary creations. So throughout the Batman universe, it’s been a tradition to include his name among the various easter eggs that can be found through various mediums, and Joker gives up one pretty quickly. At the beginning of the trailer, if you look closely at the ID tag of the social worker that’s speaking with Arthur, you’ll see that her name is Debra Kane, undoubtedly a nod to the man who helped both Gotham’s greatest hero, and its biggest villain, come to living breathing life.

Joker Wayne Hall crowded by protesters

Wayne Hall

What would a movie taking place in Gotham be without having at least one reference to the richest, most visible family that lives in the city? Though judging by what we’ve read on Joker’s plot, as well as its cast of characters, it feels like the Waynes will make more than just cameo appearances in the film. Still, when the name “Wayne Hall” flashed up on the screen, it was something we’d totally have noticed without the gold letters and spotlights. Though judging by what we’ve heard about the incarnation of Thomas Wayne in this film, that was probably the only way to play this whole thing.

Joker Joaquin Phoenix looking like a Chaplinesque clown

Modern Times

During the split second of Wayne Hall’s exterior being shown, it’s revealed that Charlie Chaplin’s classic film Modern Times is playing at the grand opening of that very event space in the fall. This is doubly interesting, first because Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur has a bit of a Charlie Chaplin-esque look about him when he’s dancing as a sign spinner towards the beginning. So one of his comedic influences is, undoubtedly, The Tramp himself. But even more surprising is the fact that Modern Times was a satire that drew attention to the economic hardship of the Great Depression era worker, which looks like something the Wayne family didn’t take into account when deciding to use it as their self-named hall’s opening event.

Joker Arthur watching Thomas Wayne make a morning show appearance

Thomas Wayne Gets Political

As if on cue at the thought of his very name, Thomas Wayne appears in the trailer for Joker. First coming in as a voiceover, but then showing his face through actor Brett Cullen, Thomas is afraid for Gotham City. He thinks it’s lost its way, and that only a cold blooded coward in a mask could perpetrate the crime he’s lamenting in this clip. It very well may be a murder, probably Arthur’s first in a possible series. But even scarier is the fact that we’ve previously assumed that while Thomas isn’t the same man he’s portrayed to be in previous incarnations, his deadly fate might be just the same. In which case, this sort of taunting might not be wise in hindsight.

Joker Arthur walking up to decrepit Arkham State Hospital

A Very Different Arkham

Arkham Asylum is one of those locations that undeniably anchors the Batman series in the consciousness of its fans. Usually depicted as a high tech facility with all the bells and whistles and an extremely gothic flavored decorative style, it’s where all of the baddies that Batman catches tend to go to. Before they break out into the world again, that is. But in Joker’s version of Arkham, it’s not even labeled as an asylum, as it’s known in this world as Arkham State Hospital. And rather than look like somewhere you’d expect The Riddler to be hatching his next, post-escape plan, it looks like the sort of run down mental facility you’d expect from the 1980’s lowest of lows. Gritty realism has found a new way to infiltrate the world of Gotham, and it’s super effective.

Joker Arthur looking rather sinister up on the stand up stage

The Killing Joke

One of the plot aspects that’s been brought to mind with Joker is the fact that Arthur is trying to be a stand-up comedian during the course of the film. We see several shots of him going to Pogo’s Comedy Club, laughing it up, and eventually taking his own spot on the main stage. Which nails one particular Batman story right on it’s head: The Killing Joke. Part of The Joker’s origins in the Alan Moore penned story involved him being a frustrated wanna-be comedian, in the hopes of going pro and caring for his pregnant wife. While there’s no wife here, there is his mother. And as we see in some flashes of footage, it looks like he might make it to a certain point of stardom as a funnyman. Which leads us to one of the most surprising references in this entire trailer.

Joker Robert DeNiro doing some late night schtick

The King Of Comedy

Martin Scorsese’s underrated classic The King of Comedy told the story of, get this, a frustrated wanna-be comedian who would do anything to get his moment in the spotlight. That film’s protagonist was played by none other than Robert DeNiro, which was a fact that was not unseen when his casting in Joker was announced to be for the role of a TV host that drives Arthur mad. With Scorsese executive producing this film as well, it feels like Joker is a pseudo remake of that very film, with DeNiro playing a role similar to the one Jerry Lewis played against him in the original. Extra bonus points go towards the production designers for invoking the look of the 80’s era sets that Johnny Carson used during his tenure as the host of The Tonight Show.

Joker Bruce Wayne being physically taught to smile by Arthur

Bruce Wayne Behind Bars

Just as I discussed the inclusion of the Wayne family in Joker, there was one pretty big piece of that puzzle dropped into place during a scene where Arthur befriends a little boy. That young lad seen in the trailer just happens to be none other than Bruce Wayne, as played by Dante Pereira-Olson. Separated by a gate with iron bars, Arthur tries to get his young friend to smile, albeit in a creepy, hands on sort of way. How this budding friendship will turn out is yet to be seen, but if our hunch is correct, it’s not going to last for long, if it gets to start at all.

We’ve still got some time between now and Joker’s debut in theaters, and a whole bunch of surprises are probably still waiting to be thrust upon the public at the right time. In fact, I could still be totally wrong about what we think is going to happen in the film. But what’s been seen so far is promising, and definitely invoking the right spirit to become a socially subversive take on a classic comic villain. You could even say, it puts a smile right on our faces.

Joker takes the stage in theaters on October 4th. Though laughs aren’t that far off in the box office future, as you’ll see by consulting our 2019 release schedule. That’s no joke!

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Godzilla: King Of Monsters Clip Shows Him Throwing Down With Ghidora

We watch Godzilla movies for basically one reason, right? We want to see the giant monster break stuff. Also, punch other giant monsters in the face. Godzilla: King of the Monsters promises to give us lots of monsters fighting monsters action when it hits theaters later this year, and a new video is teasing us with what is sure to be one of the bigger battles of them all, Godzilla vs. Ghidora. Check it out.

While the video, posted by Bastizilla, titled simply “Run,” does give a brief glimpse at other creatures, most of what we see here is the three-headed beast that is King Ghidora. We get a shot of Ghidora and Godzilla charging each other, one that unfortunately cuts before the two actually collide. However, later we see what appears to be Godzilla with his claws wrapped around one of the heads of Ghidora and driving it straight into the ground. We also see Godzilla about to blast somebody with his breath weapon. The next shot in that sequence is probably awesome.

Ghidora looks absolutely amazing here. While Hollywood has tried to make Godzilla work in the west before, this is the first time that some of these other massive creatures have appeared in a western production. Ghidora looks like he’s going to give Godzilla a run for his money in the ass kicking department. Watching them throw down may be the highlight of the new movie.

One other interesting piece of information we get from the new clip is that the monsters that we have seen previously getting all the spotlight, Godzilla, Ghidora, Mothra, and Rodan, aren’t going to be the only creatures in the movie. Ken Watanabe’s character appears to say that 17 different creatures have been detected, and he clearly expects more. It doesn’t mean they’ll all be major kaiju we know from classic Godzilla movies, they may be largely generic creatures like the ones Godzilla fought in the previous film, but maybe there’s more going in Godzilla: King of the Monsters than we know.

Either way, since the entire premise of the new movie is that humanity and Godzilla team up to take down all the other monsters threatening the planet, Godzilla may be doing a lot more fighting than even we thought.

Of course, that assumes that by the end of the movie Godzilla has ended every threat. That may not actually be the case. Considering that the one thing we know about this franchise is that Godzilla Vs. Kong is happening, perhaps that won’t be the case. At the very least, one would expect a cliffhanger ending or a post-credits scene that teases that the fight isn’t quite over yet.

The battle with Ghidora looks great here, and the fact that we’re expecting a couple of other major kaiju battles in Godzilla: King of the Monsters is only making things more exciting. We’ll get to see all the monster smashing action in May.

Us’ Music Was Started Before Filming Even Began

The horror genre has been in a serious renaissance over the pat few years, partly due to releases that came from Blumhouse Productions. Rather than stale or overly gory sequels, new and exciting properties have been brought to theaters, making tons of money in the process. Perhaps the most notable is Jordan Peele’s Get Out, which won an Oscar and showed the vision and directorial talent he had.

Jordan Peele followed up Get Out with Us, which was met with similar box office and critical success. Us was scarier than its predecessor, and relied more on horror tropes than thriller instincts. The music was a major part of the movie, especially ahead of its release. The tethered cover of “I Got Five On It” is bone chilling, and composer Michael Abels recently revealed the film’s score was being worked on even before filming began. As he put it:

Once again, Jordan Peele is proven to be a methodical filmmaker, which is why both of his first two movies have resonated with audiences. There’s special care taken to each frame, and that includes the music and sounds that accompany Us and its predecessor.

Michael Abels’ comment to Uproxx shine a light on the creative process of Us, which pre-dates its principal photography and editing steps. Sound is a major aspect of horror production, which Jordan Peele definitely seems to understand. Music can set the tone of each scene, and elevate the terrifying and bizarre parts of the movie. Us does just that with its creep score, which buoys the tension of the movie as things descend (literally) into madness.

Get Out also used music in interesting ways, with a score that included Swahili music, as well as a suspenseful score. Meanwhile, Us used hip hop, and distorted the iconic track into a terrifying musical theme. Smart money says Michael Abels is brought on Jordan Peele’s third movie, whenever and whatever that might be.

Us is still in theaters now. In the meantime, be sure to check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

People Are Trying To Resell Avengers: Endgame Tickets For Hundreds

Tickets for Avengers: Endgame went on sale yesterday and it was a madhouse. Websites crashed due to the demand, but pre-sales still set records on sites like Fandango and Atom. While getting tickets to a screening of Endgame on opening weekend is still very much possible, if you were looking to get a particular seat to a particular show, you might be out of luck. Unless, of course, you’re willing to spend some more money. In some cases a lot more money.

Tickets for opening weekend showings of Avengers: Endgame went up on eBay almost as soon as tickets went on sale. Most of the tickets are for theaters in New York or Southern California, but several other theaters are sprinkled throughout the country so you can check to see if somebody from your neck of the woods got the tickets you could not. Some of them go for around $50, a price that’s probably five times what the ticket cost, but an amount somebody might be willing to pay for the one time experience of seeing a major movie in the perfect seat. Other tickets are on offer for hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars.

While some of the offers are clearly excessive and aren’t likely to garner much interest, some of the more reasonable offers still might. If you really want to be among the first people to see Avengers: Endgame on Thursday night and you don’t already have your ticket, there may not be many other options. How often do you get to be in the first group of people to see the finale of an epic film franchise 22 movies long? Maybe that’s worth $40 or $50.

If, however, you can wait just a little while, and I would expect many can, you don’t need to pay more than face value for tickets. A quick check online shows that, as one example, perfectly reasonable seats at Disney’s own El Capitan Theater in Southern California are still available for many showings on opening weekend. You wouldn’t be among the very first to see the movie but you can certainly avoid spoilers for a few hours and see it before most.

Of course, the eBay situation certainly spotlights the idea that many believe these tickets will be in extremely high demand to the point that people will pay these prices.

On the one hand, scalpers do provide a service to some. With the issues that many of the ticket selling websites had yesterday, it’s very possible that people who made every effort to get tickets early weren’t able to do so. While they’ll now have to pay a premium, they still get the thing they wanted.

Of course, on the other hand, some of these resellers are clearly trying to take advantage of people with these insane markups. Hopefully nobody will pay four figures for Endgame tickets. That’s simply not necessary.

The Russo Brothers Respond To Avengers: Endgame’s Pre-Sale Numbers

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is coming up on a very exciting time, as 21 movies and a decade of filmmaking are set to collide with Avengers: Endgame. Following the massive success and twist ending of Infinity War, all eyes are on how The Russo Brothers will follow up and continue the MCU’s narrative. And clearly moviegoers are excited, as pre-sale tickets recently became available, and essentially broke the internet in the process.

Despite crashing multiple ticket seller’s websites and apps, Marvel fans still managed to get their advanced tickets, ensuring they see Endgame without any spoilers ruining the twists and turns. In fact, the pre-sales went on to break records at sellers like Fandango and Atom. Co-directors The Russo Brothers were obviously psyched about this early reception, and took to social media to thank the fans. Check it out.

It looks like The Russo Brothers really appreciate the fandom, and their willingness to shell out money and run to theaters with each new Marvel blockbuster. To co-directors have proven themselves time and time again with their MCU installments, and the entire MCU as we know it will end with Avengers: Endgame.

The Russo Brothers’ tweet once again shows how cognizant they are of Marvel fans, and the reception toward the massive shared universe. Marvel Studios always seems aware of fan reception, and has been known to alter things to better fit audiences. For instance, Danai Gurira’s name was added to the latest Endgame poster after fans took umbrage with her snub. And just like Marvel is happy to pivot in order to please the audience, The Russo Brother can also celebrate the success and ticket sales of their Avengers movies.

While it’s not a surprise that Avengers: Endgame is already breaking records, its still remarkable to see how well the blockbuster is tracking ahead of its release. Marvel movies consistently rake up the cash in the box office, and the anticipation ahead of Endgame is even stronger than normal. Infinity War exceeded all expectations and even picked up an Oscar nomination, but it also left audiences shocked by Thanos’ victory. Moviegoers were left to watch in horror as beloved characters faded to dust, and it’s been a long year of waiting until Endgame finally arrived to answer our countless questions.

Luckily, the wait is almost over. As such, Marvel Studios has been methodically releasing posters and brief trailers for the upcoming blockbuster. The Russo Brothers also admitted to including fake footage in marketing in order to throw off the fandom, so really anything could happen when Avengers: Endgame finally hits theaters. Which is exactly why so many people rushed to get pre-sale tickets, and break a few records in the process.

Avengers: Endgame will arrive in theaters on April 26th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Bad Moms’ Grandmas Are Getting A Spinoff

The movie Bad Moms was one of those comedies that studios love to see. Relatively inexpensive to make, only a budget of around $20 million, and a box office return approaching 10 timers that. It was no shock that a sequel was green lit quickly. Now another film in the franchise is on the way, though this one, titled Bad Moms’ Moms will focus on, as the title suggests the mothers of the Bad Moms.

Susan Sarandon, Christine Baranski, and Cheryl Hines were introduced in A Bad Moms Christmas as the mothers of the three main characters played by Kathryn Hahn, Mila Kunis, and Kristen Bell. The characters were a hit with fans. The actresses made it clear back when the last film came out that they were interested in getting their own movie. Yesterday at CinemaCon, STX Films announced (via EW) that exactly that would be happening.

Little more than the fact that the movie will exist was announced at the industry trade show. This means we don’t even have so much as a release window, much less a date. A Bad Moms Christmas came out in 2017, less than 18 months after the first film. At this point there’s likely no hurry but the turn around time on a comedy isn’t necessarily that long. If the movie is going into production this year we could see it hit screens next year without much problem. Even a release before the end of the year is possible if filming is starting soon.

I feel like appearances by the original Bad Moms are probably a strong possibility, though nothing in that regard was mentioned, and they likely won’t be major characters in order to keep the focus on the title characters.

If nothing else, it’s nice to see Bad Moms’ Moms make it to the screen because Hollywood so frequently seems to forget that actors, and actresses especially, still have something to contribute when they’re no longer considered “young.” The characters played by Susan Sarandon, Cheryl Hines and Christine Baranski were hilarious in the last movie and they can absolutely lead their own story.

In it’s own way, Bad Moms’ Moms can even act as a sequel in its own right. For the most part, the three “Bad Grandmas” were basically older, amplified versions of the three Bad Moms. This movie will just show us who Katheryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, and Mila Kunis’ characters are going to grow into when they become grandmothers themselves.

First Joker Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix Is Here To Freak You Out

Does anyone else have chills? Todd Phillips has promised a comic book movie unlike anything we’ve seen before in the genre, and this first trailer certainly hammers that home. Now let’s break down exactly what we’re being shown.

The Joker trailer opens on Joaquin Phoenix’s protagonist Arthur Fleck during his time at Arkham Asylum. Except, the mental health facility is called Arkham State Hospital in this version of the story. His character is a mentally ill man struggling in Gotham City, and watching as both the iconic setting and his own mental health deteriorate in front of him. And at some point, he’s going to break and transform into the titular villain.

This first footage establishes the tone Todd Phillips’ project will have, which is decidedly toned down compared to other comic book adaptations. The movie was made on a modest $55 million, and it will be more dialogue driven and dramatic than full of superpowered action sequences and over the top costumes. Instead, audiences will follow as Joker gives birth to an over the top character, in a far more realistic world.

More to come…