One Big Issue With The Infinity Stones, According To The Avengers 4 Writer

Within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Infinity Stones have unquestionably been the biggest MacGuffins, and six years after his introduction, Thanos finally succeeded in obtaining all six of these powerful, multi-colored artifacts. Now Thanos is now the most powerful being in the MCU, hence why he was able to wipe out half of all life in an instant. However, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 co-writer Christopher Markus assures fans that this doesn’t make the Mad Titan undefeatable, and there is a weakness when it comes to the Infinity Stones. Markus explained:

They’ve been misused by people who didn’t understand their true power. And now that the real master of them, Thanos, has shown up we can see what they actually do. The problem is, as you can imagine, as you gain control over these things, your story just goes haywire because why are there any stakes for the man who can control time, space, reality, your mind, your soul and power? He can reset as many times as it’ll take. So you have to build in a lot of bumps in the road or maybe keep one stone away from him for long enough in order for the thing to have any dramatic structure at all.

Let’s not undersell this: undoing what Thanos did at the end of Avengers: Infinity War will be the hardest endeavor yet for the surviving heroes in Avengers 4. And even though he seems to have left his days of spreading death and destruction behind him now that he finally accomplished his goal, you can bet that once Thanos learns that there are people seeking to destroy his “work,” he’ll do whatever it takes to ensure they fail doing this. All this being said, Christopher Markus suggested Avengers 4‘s heroes can get at least one of the Infinity Stones away from Thanos, that’s the first step towards achieving victory.

As Christopher Markus pointed out in the book Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War – The Art of the Movie (via, there have been several instances of folks who’ve wielded just one Infinity Stone not properly harnessing its power. Doctor Strange and Vision could be considered exceptions, but when Avengers: Infinity War rolled around, it didn’t matter because Thanos was able to put all six into his Infinity Gauntlet. He’s the first individual who’s been able to use the Space, Power, Reality, Mind, Time and Soul Stones to their full potential. That’s all well and good for him, but from a storytelling perspective, it paints these characters into a corner. How can they beat someone who’s practically invincible?

There’s already been plenty of speculation on how time travel, via the Quantum Realm, will play a role in undoing Thanos’ genocide, but that doesn’t deal with the fact that the Mad Titan still has all six Infinity Stones at his disposal. The Infinity Gauntlet was damaged after Thanos snapped his fingers in Wakanda and turned so many to dust, but the Infinity Stones appeared to be intact, so one would imagine that he can still harness their power. Taking each Infinity Stone is an interesting plan, but how are the Avengers 4 heroes supposed to do that if Thanos can incapacitate them in an instant?

My guess is that when Thanos carried out universal genocide, that did damage the Infinity Stones. He can still use each of them, but only one at a time rather than a few or all at once. If that’s the case, then while Thanos is still quite powerful, but at least the heroes would still stand a better chance (if only slightly) of taking the Infinity Stones from him and bringing him down. Personally, I would try to steal the Time Stone first so that Thanos can’t rewind and make sure events happen as he sees fit, like he did when Scarlet Witch successfully destroyed the Mind Stone.

Stealing at least one of the Infinity Stones could also come in handy if Iron Man and the gang are indeed venturing into the Quantum Realm. It’s unclear if the reason Scott Lang, a.k.a. Ant-Man, didn’t disappear in Ant-Man and the Wasp‘s mid-credits scene is because the Quantum Realm is shielded from the effects of the Infinity Stones or if Scott was simply one of the lucky half that survived the Snappening. If it’s the latter, then what’s to stop Thanos from simply halting the heroes in their tracks once he learns they’re inside this other reality? Taking one or a few Infinity Stones off the proverbial table ahead of time would boost their chances of succeeding in changing the timeline.

Since characters like Spider-Man and Black Panther are confirmed to be starring in their own Phase 4 movies, we know that at least the heroes who were dusted at the end of Avengers: Infinity War will be brought back, and hopefully the same proves true for all the civilians who were erased too. The question is how that will happen, and even with only six months to go until Avengers 4‘s release, plot details are still shrouded in secrecy. But if they’re going to win the day, those Infinity Stones will definitely need to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

As for Thanos, since the good guys will somehow emerge triumphant, that means he’ll ultimately be defeated. But again, how that will be accomplished remains to be seen, as well as whether or not he’ll make it out of Avengers 4 alive. For now though, Thanos is enjoying his retirement on that unnamed, serene planet, happy that he was finally able to bring about “true balance” to a universe that, in his opinion, was going to be ravaged by overpopulation. Alas, he won’t get to be content for much longer.

All our questions will be answered when Avengers 4 is released in theaters on May 3, 2019. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for continuing coverage and be sure to look through our Marvel movies guide to learn what else this superhero franchise has coming down the pipeline. Or you can look through our 2019 release schedule to learn what non-Marvel cinematic offerings arrive next year.

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Simon Pegg Misses George Lucas’ Influence On Star Wars

In 2012, George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney for the bargain basement price of $4.05 billion, thus launching the Disney era of Star Wars. The new films, while hugely successful, haven’t all been met with universal enthusiasm, leading to the belief that something isn’t working. Whether it’s the release schedule of the movies, the stories being told or the method of the telling, there’s something missing. For actor Simon Pegg, that something is the influence of the creator, George Lucas, as he explained:

For Simon Pegg, the absence of George Lucas from the new Star Wars films is felt keenly. The creator’s imagination and voice are not easily replaced and have proven obvious in their lacking. This has caused the actor to realize that he misses George Lucas being the shepherd of the galaxy far, far away.

This is especially honest coming from Simon Pegg, considering that the actor was in one of the new Star Wars films, playing Unkar Plutt in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is, of course, not lost on Simon Pegg how ironic missing George Lucas is, considering how famously critical he was of what George Lucas did with the prequel films.

But hindsight is 20/20 and while the Prequels showed what was wrong with George Lucas’ influence, the Sequel trilogy and spinoff films have shown what Star Wars looks like without George Lucas and have also illuminated the things that George Lucas got right.

On The Adam Buxton Podcast, Simon Pegg specifically noted that he felt that he missed George Lucas while watching during the last Star Wars film, though it isn’t entirely clear if he is speaking about Solo: A Star Wars Story or Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Opinions on those films and the Disney Star Wars films overall are deeply divided, but one of the criticisms of The Last Jedi is that it doesn’t feel like Star Wars. Perhaps that intangible quality is what George Lucas brought and that’s what’s now missing.

It is kind of fascinating how even back in an era before the ubiquity of social media, George Lucas got such vocal hate for the Prequels and was blamed for ruining people’s childhoods. Now, George Lucas isn’t a part of things and the Sequel trilogy is just as divisive.

We’ve heard a lot of different things over the years about what George Lucas had in mind for Episode VII, VIII, and IX. Some of them have sounded great and like what you would expect from the story, while others have been quite weird and made some fans glad George Lucas is no longer in charge of Star Wars. It did seem though like George Lucas had an overall arc in mind,which is something Disney clearly didn’t when it chose not to use his ideas.

Missing George Lucas’ influence on Star Wars is likely part honest assessment and part nostalgia for the past amid disillusionment of the present. While not a great filmmaker, George Lucas’ imagination did make him a great storyteller, and it’s understandable to long to see him tell stories in this universe again.

This is the first holiday season in years without a Star Wars movie, but fear not, there are plenty of other films worth seeing, check them out in our Holiday Movie Guide.

Do You Miss George Lucas’ Influence On Star Wars?

A Star Is Born Could Get An Extended Cut

Helming a movie with live original music was quite the undertaking for Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, A Star is Born. With the vocal powerhouse/breakout actress Lady Gaga by his side, the pair tell an age-old love story in effortless harmony. According to director of photography Matthew Libatique, A Star is Born filmed a lot more footage than moviegoers were treated to, and an extended cut is in the works. In his words:

In an interview with The Film Stage, Matthew Libatique explained how A Star is Born evolved throughout post-production with quite a few different cuts before reaching its theatrical release, running at about 2 hours and 16 minutes.

Because the film involved both dialogue and music sequences, they filmed a lot more movie then what audiences witnessed upon its release. In service of telling the core love story between Jackson Maine and Ally, Bradley Cooper ended up shaving it down to the movie’s essence.

News of a director’s cut has not been confirmed by Warner Bros., but considering the high-acclaim and box office records A Star is Born is receiving, this is a great idea for fans to experience the film in a new way. It could perhaps include some longer music sequences, or the addition of scenes previously cut out to keep the movie at a marketable length. The film had 10 major music sequences but a total of 19 songs on the soundtrack, including an extended version of the film’s incredible closer “I’ll Never Love Again.”

A Star is Born is also a Oscars frontrunner for quite a few key awards this year including Best Picture, Lady Gaga for Best Actress, Bradley Cooper for Best Actor and Sam Elliott as Best Supporting Actor. Once award season dies down and people are ready to revisit the much buzzed-about romantic drama, a home release including a director’s cut would fare quite well and give fans something new from the movie to look forward to.

One of the most enticing qualities of A Star is Born was getting to see Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper showcase an incredible musical and acting talent that they’ve never quite presented before. Having an encore for A Star is Born with additional sequences would deepen and enhance the film. For now the stunning theatrical cut is currently playing in theaters.

Star Wars’ The Mandalorian Has Found Its Main Star

Star Wars‘ streaming series The Mandalorian may still be unable to find its missing equipment, but it appears as though the show has found a star to lead the upcoming adventure. It’s being reported that Game of Thrones and Narcos veteran Pedro Pascal has been cast as the lead character in the live-action show, which is set to air on Disney+ sometime after the streaming service is made available (vague, but accurate).

Pedro Pascal’s official role is presently unknown, mainly because the casting announcement has not been made official at this time. Variety reported Pascal has been offered the role. Negotiations are underway and if he gives the thumbs up, it appears he would be front and center as the lead. Although unofficial, one may presume Pascal will be playing the series’ title character, who is a lone gunfighter who travels the outer rim of the Star Wars universe.

It’s a safe bet to make, especially considering Jon Favreau’s plot tease didn’t reveal any other characters so far. Then again, this could be a case where Pascal plays a character who isn’t the gunslinger, and the hero’s story could be told through the eyes of another character. Until an official casting confirmation is announced, we’re left to speculate. Pedro Pascal’s name was in the mix in a rumored breakdown of casting choices to star earlier this year.

What is known is that if negotiations go through, Pedro Pascal’s character will be seen in the time period between the fall of the Empire and the rise of the First Order. It’s a time period the Star Wars universe has only just started to touch on, with books and the animated adventure Star Wars Resistance set around the same time period.

Pedro Pascal’s presumed role in The Mandalorian is a big get for the Chilean born actor, although he has had a string of sizable roles on television and streaming over the past few years. Narcos fans will remember him as Javier Pena, although many more Game of Thrones viewers will recognize him from there. Pascal played Oberyn Martell, who ended up dying in one of the most gruesome scenes the HBO series has shown to date.

Pedro Pascal is supposedly the latest big name to join The Mandalorian, as lots of A-List talent has been teased for the Disney+ program. Beyond executive producer Jon Favreau, Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, Bryce Dallas Howard, Dave Filoni, and others are set to contribute to the project behind the camera. The live-action Star Wars program was the first announced for Disney+ and will eventually be joined by a second one starring Rogue One star Diego Luna.

As mentioned, The Mandalorian is expected to arrive on Disney+ sometime after its launch. For a look at what else is coming to television well before that, be sure to visit and bookmark our handy fall premiere guide.

9 Things We Need To See In The Animated Super Mario Bros Movie

Back in 1993, Hollywood made an attempt to turn the Super Mario Bros. into a feature film. The movie had… problems. It’s generally viewed as one of the worst adaptations of a medium that has never been particularly successful in making the jump to the big screen. Nintendo became more than a little nervous about letting any of its popular characters get the film treatment after that.

However, now the Super Mario Bros. are on their way back to the big screen thanks to the folks at Illumination Entertainment. The studio behind Despicable Me is confident this new attempt will succeed where the last one failed because Nintendo itself is working on this one, in the form of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto working with the studio behind the scenes. Knowing that, I’m starting to actually look forward to this new movie and beginning to think about what elements from the franchise I’d like to see in a Super Mario Bros. movie.


This may go without saying, but just to make things clear, this needs to be a Super Mario BROTHERS movie, not simply a Super Mario movie, and that means it needs to include Luigi as well as Mario. Neither character should be the hero with the other playing the sidekick. The movie needs to focus on the pair of them equally. It can use a standard buddy cop format with one of them being a strong comic character, but not at their expense. Mario and Luigi are brothers and partners, and they should share the stage.

The Mushroom Kingdom

A proper Super Mario Bros. movie requires the proper setting, and that only means one place: the Mushroom Kingdom. Most of the previous Super Mario Bros. movie took place in this weird dystopian alternate dimension. It was all darkness and metal, and looked nothing like the Mushroom Kingdom that fans of the games would know. While certainly the new movie won’t be all sunshine and rainbows, it should include sunshine and rainbows, as those are frequent elements in the games. The Mushroom Kingdom is a happy place that maybe just isn’t going through a very happy time, and we need to see that in the film.

Princess Peach

A movie that takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom must obviously include the people who live in that land, or more specifically, the leader. Peach is the primary female character of the Mario Bros. games, and the movie certainly needs some gender diversity. While she’s frequently a damsel in distress, and saving her is the ultimate point of many of the titles, she also been a sidekick and worked alongside our heroes on more than one occasion. It would be great to see her as more than simply a kidnapped princess/love interest, but ultimately we just need to have her in the movie one way or another.

A Better Bowser

Depending on your perspective, Dennis Hopper’s performance as King Koopa in the original Super Mario Bros. movie is either the best or worst part of the film. Hopper goes all in and the performance is suitably bonkers, but what the new movie needs is a more traditional version of the character. One that is more a giant fire-breathing turtle and less a human with a really weird tongue. Bowser needs to be a proper monster, and really, an animated film is the only way to make that work. The floating clown car is optional.


No single object in the Mario games is as iconic as the Super Mushroom. In the original Super Mario Bros. and most of the direct sequels, it’s the first item that causes Mario to grow, which also makes him slightly less vulnerable. In an animated film, we could actually see the mushroom play its intended purpose and make Mario grow. Otherwise, it could be used for pretty much any other reason the plot requires. As long as it’s there, we’re good.

The Koopa Kids

One of the more entertaining additions to the Super Mario Bros. games over the years was the addition of the Koopa Kids. These young Koopas were all named after musicians and have wildly different looks. This led to the creation of fun personalities for the characters in places like the Super Mario Bros. animated series that have come out over the years. They would be great additions to any film. They could add depth to the antagonist side of things, giving the Mario Bros. more things to overcome. They could also add some comic relief.


Every good hero needs a sidekick, and for Mario, that’s Yoshi. His dinosaur pal can eat pretty much anything, and some of those things give him special abilities. The live action movie gave us a little dino character they called Yoshi, but if you can’t ride him like a horse, then he’s not really Yoshi. While Yoshi should be a sidekick/steed in the animated movie, the character himself has grown over the years, so that doesn’t mean he has to be lacking personality. Yoshi can still be a character in own right while also helping Mario navigate the difficulties of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Go Carts

While Mario and his brother Luigi may have made their name thanks to a series of side-scrolling platform games, the brothers have expanded their horizons over the years, and no associated Mario title may be quite as well loved as the Mario Kart series. It would be awesome to get some sort of nod to the Mario Kart series by letting the characters get behind the wheel at some point. It doesn’t have to be a major “racing” sequence, though I wouldn’t say no to that, it can just be a fun easter egg-type reference for the fans. But a spinoff movie down the road would be great too.


The primary mechanic of all of Mario’s adventures is platform jumping. As such, the element needs to be a major part of any Super Mario Bros. movie. It could be worked into the story by borrowing an element from Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter stories. Maybe gravity is different in the Mushroom Kingdom, which means that the Mario Bros., being from Earth, can now jump much higher and further than they could at home. In fact, in a lot of ways the premise of Princess of Mars would work as a starting point for a Mario Bros. movie plot. Maybe it would work better than John Carter actually did.

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Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart Worked On Set With The Captain Picard Show Writers

Star Trek fans got quite the lovely surprise a few months ago when it was revealed that Patrick Stewart would be returning to the fold as Captain Jean-Luc Picard for a new Trek series. And, it turns out that the legendary actor is so invested in the show, that he actually spent some time working with the writers. Pultizer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon, a life-long Star Trek fan who is working on the show, recently revealed that he got the chance to work directly with Stewart as part of the writer’s room. And, it sounds like it was a wonderful experience.

He was in the room for two weeks. It was fantastic. That was sort of in the preliminary writers room that we had going before it expanded to the full room that it is now with a bunch of writers in there. I’m up in Berkeley and they are down in L.A. But that time with Patrick as a resource and as a very willing and literate resource, I think it’s going to make the show. It’s going to take it to another level. Just to have him participating in the way he participated? Amazing.

Honestly, as a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, and a Trekkie in general, I’m actually getting chills thinking about a new show with Jean-Luc Picard that also has Patrick Stewart so invested in the idea that he’s been active behind the scenes as the series is beginning to take shape. While it’s usually not standard for actors to be a part of the writer’s room, even at an early stage such as the one Michael Chabon talked about with Deadline, most diehard Trek fans would understand why Stewart was allowed into the depths of the creative process on his new show.

Even though it’s unusual for actors to be invited (or allowed) into the writer’s room as ideas for a show are brewing, Patrick Stewart and others of his stature are a different matter. First of all, the man played the Captain Picard, basically the leading role in TNG and the movies that followed that show, from 1987 through 2002. It would be a massive mistake to have Stewart actually be interested in taking part in the development of this show, and for the writers to not take advantage of his 15 years of experience getting inside the character’s head and bringing him to life.

Along those same lines, even though we haven’t gotten official word on this, it wouldn’t be unheard of if Patrick Stewart is actually a producer on his new Star Trek show. Because he has boots on the ground knowledge of Picard, and the show will star him and focus on his life, it would make a lot of sense for Stewart to have taken an immediate interest in making sure the basic plot and the types of weekly stories they’ll tell are in line with what he feels is right for the character.

And, it’s not uncommon for leading actors on long-running shows to be given producer credits, so Stewart’s long history with the character would be the kind of thing that would get him grandfathered in and allow him to voice his opinions on the shape the story should take even though the show itself is brand new and dealing with a different chapter in Picard’s life.

In fact, when Patrick Stewart officially announced that he was on board for a Jean-Luc Picard series, he noted how “excited and invigorated” he was to be able to take up the character again after so long, and believing that his time in the world of Star Trek was over. Stewart also called the opportunity “an unexpected but delightful surprise” and noted that he was eager to work with the “brilliant creative team” that was looking to put together “fresh, unexpected and pertinent” stories. It sounds to me like he was a part of this process from the get-go, with the other creatives behind the show making sure Stewart was as involved as possible as they put the Picard series together. And, rightly so.

As Michael Chabon said in his interview, the process of working alongside Patrick Stewart for two weeks served to be an invaluable resource for the writers. Not only because of his time spent as Picard on screen, but also because of all his other work in the theater, and his general knowledge of drama and what makes a strong, compelling story that will make people stop and pay attention. On top of all that, it sounds like Stewart’s just a really nice guy. According to Chabon:

He understands drama and he understands character and can bring to bear on that all of his experience doing Shakespeare and Beckett and everything in between. Plus he’s incredibly sweet and funny and charming and surprisingly humble and modest. He’s a wonderful collaborator and I can’t say enough about the amazing and unexpected benefit of the process.

Alright, if you’re a Star Trek fan, especially if you’re a fan of The Next Generation, and you’re not excited by the thought of this process bringing us new Captain Picard stories, I just don’t know what to do with you. Right now we don’t know when the Michael Chabon and Patrick Stewart Picard series will air, what the main story will be about or have an official title for the series, for that matter, but we do know that it will join sister shows Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Short Treks on CBS All Access when it’s ready for all of our eager eyes.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend, and we’ll keep you up to date on the latest Star Trek series as details become available to us. In the meantime, Star Trek: Short Treks can be seen on CBS All Access right now, along with the first season of Star Trek: Discovery, with Season 2 hitting the streamer on January 17, 2019. Once you’ve taken in all the Trek you can handle, catch up on all the other new and returning shows this season by checking out our 2018 fall premiere guide.

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David Schwimmer Look-A-Like Thief Has Been Caught

If you happen to have seen a thief that looks an awful lot like Ross from Friends, you shouldn’t fret. That is (probably) not actor David Schwimmer. Rather, it’s an impressive look-a-like. And the British criminal is reportedly behind bars at the moment after attracting no shortage of attention online.

According to NBC News and its London division, the Lancashire Police have caught the 36-year-old criminal with a striking similarity in his appearance to none other than David Schwimmer, the actor/director best known for his work on the long-running NBC sitcom, Friends. The man has been taken into custody based on the suspicion of theft. On social media, the police claimed that the Internet’s interest in the case helped them find the culprit.

Meanwhile, David Schwimmer was located several hundred miles away from the crime, but thanks to the Internet, he was able to have some fun with his nefarious doppelganger. On Twitter, he made light of the situation by telling everyone that he was not the person behind the crime. He swears on it! (Also, funny enough, this social media post referencing this criminal was the one-and-only time the actor tweeted on his professional Twitter account.)

In the surveillance footage that went viral last month once the criminal’s similar appearance to David Schwimmer was apparent, it showed the unknown man scuffling into a convenience store and shoplifting a carton of beer cans. He looked at the security camera long enough to have everyone get a good look at the man who looks quite a bit like David Schwimmer, who is known worldwide for his acting on the famous and popular comedy series.

What happens from here is left vague, but it sounds like the Internet can be helpful in very, very strange ways. And we should feel comforted to know that David Schwimmer is likely not the man who was behind this crime, as he was not in London at the time of this crime. But I suppose if Schwimmer were to get himself into any trouble these days, he could always peg it on his doppelganger. That guy has a history of criminal behavior, after all.

Among the most notable of his post-Friends appearances is his supporting work on American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson, where the comedic actor turned in a terrific performance as Robert Kardashian, Simpson’s attorney and the late father of the Kardashians. He is currently filming a role in the new Steven Soderbergh period drama, The Laundromat, where he plays Matthew Quirk.

Shazam! Director Clarifies Why The Movie Needed Reshoots

Superhero movies may have become commonplace, but DC’s live-action universe has had a particularly fascinating road to theaters. Tons of projects have been announced over the past few years, although quite a few have also been cancelled in the process. But there are a handful heading to theaters, starting with Aquaman and Shazam! The latter is about to head into reshoots, with some fans worrying about what might be altered.

Reshoots have become almost a curse word for DC fans, as they plagued Justice League and resulted in the film’s lackluster final product. Rumors indicated Shazam! reshoots happening for a variety of reasons, and now director David F. Sandberg has addressed them directly, saying:

Well, that seems pretty cut and dry. Hearing fans’ concerns about the Shazam! reshoots, David F. Sandberg laid out what’s being worked on now that production has started back up. More specifically, he detailed what definitely was NOT being adjusted for his upcoming DC blockbuster.

David F. Sandberg’s Shazam! update comes from his Twitter, where the filmmaker regular communicates directly with the fandom. Shazam! is a major gig for Sandberg, with his movie able to reach a massive audience due to the popularity of the genre. As such, he’s often fielding questions from moviegoers about the DC movie.

Moviegoers’ feelings toward reshoots is somewhat fascinating, as the new obsession begun just in the last few years. Blockbusters have absolutely massive budgets, so reshoots are usually worked into the schedule from the jump. But after seeing a few movies drastically changed due to these type of reshoots, the fandom has some trepidation when it comes to additional filming.

This is especially true for DC fans, given how Justice League turned out. Director Zack Snyder departed the project in the wake of a family tragedy, with The Avengers and Buffy director Joss Whedon completing the film. But in the wake of Batman v Superman‘s lukewarm critical reaction, Whedon reportedly tried to lighten the tone with his expensive reshoots, and the blockbuster was a frankenstein film when it finally arrived in theaters.

Anticipation for Shazam! was pretty steady, but it really picked up once the first trailer debuted during San Diego Comic-Con. It showed a fun, youthful tone unique to the superhero genre, and fans are eager to see more footage as the movie approaches theaters. From David F. Sandberg’s comments, it seems like nothing unexpected has popped up to change in Shazam!, and the new footage will simply help bring the upcoming movie together in a cohesive way.

Shazam! will arrive in theaters on April 5, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Dick Van Dyke’s Scenes In Mary Poppins Returns Brought People To Tears

Dick Van Dyke and his outrageous accent made the original Mary Poppins an absolute joy to behold. He always seems to be having the most fun possible on screen. However, it sounds like his performance in Mary Poppins Returns may leave the audience feeling entirely different emotions. Specifically, it may leave theaters in tears. Emily Blunt says Van Dyke will have a powerfully emotional monologue as part of his role as Mr. Dawes Jr. in the new movie and the scene was apparently so overwhelming for those that witnessed it on set that director Rob Marshall was in tears and was apparently unable to end the scene. According to Emily Blunt…

That was the day that Rob [Marshall] cried, hard. I knew that Rob was struggling to hold it together because Dick finished his speech and there was a huge pause and no one was saying ‘cut.’ That was when we all realized that this really was the next chapter and what an honor it was to carry this on.

The scene was over and Rob Marshall was apparently not in a state to simply say “cut.” One imagines everybody just standing there, sort of stunned to silence. Needless to say, if there was any way I could be more excited for Mary Poppins Returns, I now am, if only because I’m dying to know what this scene was that left the director in tears.

Having Dick Van Dyke on the set of Mary Poppins Returns was going to be a big deal, whatever happened. It probably felt like there was royalty around even before shooting started. Having him specifically deliver what is apparently an incredibly powerful moment likely only made the experience that much more emotional.

While the original Mary Poppins novel was published in 1934, it was the 1964 feature film with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke that most audiences probably relate to. The film was both a critical and commercial hit, and it won Julie Andrews an Oscar for her performance in the title role. It’s a universally loved film, which is why, as Emily Blunt says here, she found it an honor to carry on the movie.

However, it’s also the reason that many fans have been more than a little nervous about a sequel coming so long after the original with all new actors in the key roles. Can Mary Poppins Returns possibly live up to the original? If the movie is able to deliver emotional moments like this, then maybe it can.

Dick Van Dyke played the role of jack-of-all-trades Burt, mostly known for his accent that pushes the limits of credulity, but he also played the small role of Mr. Dawes Sr., the director of the bank where Jane and Michael Banks’ father worked. In the sequel, Mary Poppins Returns he’ll play his own son, Mr. Dawes Jr.

It seems that director Rob Marshall wasn’t the only one who started to break down on the set of Mary Poppins Returns. Apparently, after finishing the previously mentioned monologue, Dick Van Dyke then breezed into an impromptu performance of the Mary Poppins classic “Feed the Birds,” which caused Lin-Manuel Miranda to have his own emotional moment.

That was also the most emotional day on set. He has this beautiful monologue, but then he also sang [off-script] ‘Feed the Birds’. Now, I never saw the end of Mary Poppins until I was in high school because when I was a kid ‘Feed the Birds’ would come on and that melody was so sad, I would burst into tears and turn off the movie. So to have Dick Van Dyke beautifully performing this incredible monologue and then those notes, which still wreck me to this day… it was very tough holding it together.

“Feed the Birds” is, without question, one of the most emotional moments in Mary Poppins. It’s a beautiful song that even Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers loved, even though she went largely unimpressed with Walt Disney’s adaptation of her novel. It’s a beautiful song, and, as Lin-Manuel Miranda points out to EW, a heartbreaking melody. The music itself is sad, so much so that Miranda apparently had trouble getting through that part of the movie as a kid. If you need a reminder of how beautifully sad it all is, take a listen below.

While “Chim Chim Cher-ee” was the breakout song of Mary Poppins and it won Richard and Robert Sherman an Oscar for Best Original Song, “Feed the Birds” was Walt Disney‘s favorite song in the film. The Sherman Brothers have said that, on many occasions, Walt would request they come into his office and play the song for him.

In this era of reboots, sequels, and franchise focused filmmaking, it’s far from uncommon for new movies to bring in actors from previous versions for little cameos, but it seems that Mary Poppins Returns isn’t settling for just a cameo for Dick Van Dyke. In addition to this major emotional beat for the movie that will belong to the actor, the trailers for the film have shown us that Van Dyke will also be part of a significant song and dance number. This may also be a showstopper as both Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda say that Van Dyke was incredibly agile. They were expecting to need to help him on to a desk at one point during filming, but he waved them away and did it himself.

While it does seem the role will be a small one, the interview makes it sound like Dick Van Dyke was only on set for a single day, it appears it won’t be unimportant.

The more I hear about Mary Poppins Returns the more it seems like this movie may actually live up to the extremely high expectations that it has. With two great talents like Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda on board and emotional moments by greats like Dick Van Dyke, maybe the sequel will be as powerful and important a film as the original. We’ll find out this Christmas.

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Dancing With The Stars Judges Freaked Out After Contestant With Perfect Scores Was Eliminated

If you’ve been watching Dancing With The Stars this season, you should be aware that Juan Pablo Di Pace has been a standout. The Fuller House actor has really looked like a professional on the floor with Cheryl Burke and this week his finessed acts earned him a perfect score in not one, but two dances. However, it wasn’t meant to last. Despite the great numbers Juan Pablo Di Pace was voted off of Dancing with the Stars last night along with Joe Amabile. The judges, for obvious reasons, were not pleased with the show’s results, in particular with Juan Pablo’s elimination.

Len Wiseman even made an audacious statement about Juan Pablo losing his spot as we approach the finale, noting,

I know the Americans, we like fair play, but mostly we like justice, and there’s no justice here!

Carrie Ann Inaba could audibly be heard saying “wrong” and Cheryl Burke even told reporters (via Fox News) that the decision was “bullshit.” Doubtless, we would have heard more from Len if the broadcast had more time, as well. If you really want to know how upset Len and Carrie Ann were, they both stood up to voice their feelings about how the results came through during this week’s episode. Of the three judges, Len is generally the most technical and the least emotional, so his response was a bit shocking to watch.

Joe and Jenna, Alexis and Alan, and Juan Pablo and Cheryl were in the Bottom 3 when the announcement was made by the hosts that both Joe and Juan Pablo would be going home. Some of this was not a huge surprise, as Joe and Jenna and Alexis and Alan had been in the Bottom 3 prior, although only Joe and Jenna have really been struggling with getting good scores from the judges throughout the season. Audible boos could be heard over and over again after the announcement was made on Dancing with the Stars that the Fuller House star would no longer be in the game, and with good reason.

Juan Pablo Di Pace mentioned in an interview that he and his dancing partner were really hoping to make it to the finals and had worked “bloody hard” to get there. They were, in fact, the highest-scoring couple at the time of their elimination. They scored perfect 30’s five times this season–and that’s without even making it into the finals. Alexis, Evanna and Milo have each hit a 30 once. So, clearly they were leagues ahead of the competition this season. That’s really not a shot, Evanna Lynch has really improved throughout the season and Alexis Ren and Milo Manheim have been solid performers, as well.

If you caught the episode, you should even know that hosts Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron were not happy with the results, as evidenced by an aggravated Andrews literally revealing she “wasn’t happy” with how America voted this week, also booing with the crowd as the show was ending. If you haven’t caught the clip, it was a big moment for the series in Season 27. Be sure to take a look.

This is how Dancing with the Stars goes though. Due to the way ABC has set up the show, someone really good typically goes home around this time during the season, as other, less talented individuals with bigger fanbases prevail. It’s a fact of life for the show, and even being a key player in Netflix’s popular Fuller House couldn’t stop it.

Cheryl Burke told ET about what she thought happened, noting:

Or maybe people thought, ‘You got perfect scores every week, so we don’t need to vote. That’s what happens. And it just depends [on different factors]. Maybe people want to see somebody with two left feet all of the sudden become a dancer. I don’t know.

Cheryl Burke could totally be on to something, but sometimes I think the age of the audience versus the stars involved can have an effect as well. For example, Instagram star Alexis Ren has been in the bottom over and over again, and her dancing has been top notch through most of the season (although I’m far less pumped about her little romantic subplot). Her followers are generally on the younger side, and I wonder if they simply don’t watch traditional TV models, or at least don’t watch Dancing with the Stars when it airs live and ABC has the voting open. That’s certainly part of the game, though.

Really, of the three couples in the Bottom 3, the only one left who really should probably have gone home a few weeks ago was The Bachelorette‘s Joe Amabile. He’s a tryer, so that certainly counts for something, but he wasn’t at the level of the other dancers and it really was time for him to go home. His legions of Bachelorette fans on ABC likely kept him in the game despite his dancing.

If we are talking people who are left that are not quite up to par, it’s really Bobby Bones. Even though Bobby isn’t great, he’s a ton of fun to watch, and I could see him eking his way into the top 3 like David Ross did during Season 24.

We’re approaching the finals of Dancing with the Stars. Week 9 will mark the finals and will be the Freestyle week for Season 27. Left in the competition at this moment are Bobby Bones and professional dancers Sharna Burgess, Evanna Lynch and pro Keo Motsepe, Milo Manheim and pro Witney Carson, and Alexis Ren and pro Alan Bersten. If you have favorites, be sure to tune in and vote coming up, because we have officially reached crunch time. Who will win the Mirrorball trophy? Only time will tell.

New episodes of Dancing with the Stars air on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET, only on ABC. To take a look at what else is heading to the schedule before fall TV wraps up, take a look at our full schedule of new and returning shows.

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