How American Horror Story: Apocalypse’s Finale Twists Changed The AHS Timeline

Major spoiler warning!! Be sure you’ve watched the final installment of American Horror Story: Apocalypse before reading on.

Ryan Murphy & Co. have had us guessing with American Horror Story: Apocalypse since before the theme was even revealed. Those questions just kept piling up as the season went on, too, with the interconnected AHS timeline seemingly being made irrelevant by Michael “The Arrogant Antichrist” Langdon’s doomsday actions. However, as many fans predicted, “Apocalypse Then” brought some familiar faces back up to help retcon the 2019 armageddon and throw the franchise’s timeline into upheaval.

Let’s look at what happened in the American Horror Story: Apocalypse finale, and how it affected this series’ past stories and characters.

Supreme Mallory: The Time Traveler

Admittedly, it would take a while to dig into every single thing that went down in “Apocalypse Then,” which finally finished setting up all the characters in the pre-apocalypse timeline. Suffice to say, Michael was almost no match for either his witchy attackers or the returning voodoo queen Marie Laveau, whose heart Michael rips out with glee.

For what it’s worth, this sequence also killed off Dinah (hatchet to the neck), Coco (broken neck), Brock (burned to death), Madison (head exploded), and Mead (robo-explosion). Things are capped off when Cordelia, seeing that Mallory’s powers still aren’t strong enough, has to make the ultimate sacrifice by killing herself. This gives Mallory the boost she needs to perform the time travel spell. Which takes us to…

2015-2019: The Important Changes

Mallory killed Michael. Without much hesitation, Mallory zipped back to 2015, where viewers watched Michael and Constance have a previously unseen argument about the priest Michael killed. She kicked him out out of the house, and when he ran into the street, that’s when Mallory plowed into him with her car. Surely he’ll live forever inside Murder House, right? Nope.

Constance denies Michael’s eternity. Instead of picking Michael up and taking him into Murder House to die, which would allow him to live on as a ghost with the Harmons and others, Constance simply tells him to go to Hell. She leaves him to die all crumpled in the street, which resets the course of history that we’d just spent all season watching. presumably allowing for situations in the series’ far future, such as Billie Dean Howard’s interview with John Lowe in 2022 for Hotel.

Future Mallory Is Cordelia’s Protégé. In a move I’d rather try not to explain, 2019 Mallory heads to Miss Robicheaux’s Academy in 2015, and somehow settles into her role there. She is the only one among the witches that has the knowledge of what happened in the other timeline, and that she is responsible for changing things. This was a little much, especially on top of the semi-copout of time travel being used to retcon the season in the first place. Where the hell did Mallory even come from?

Queenie won’t ever battle Ramona Royale. Within the coven, Mallory advises Gabourey Sidibe’s Queenie to stay away from a certain hotel when making a trip to L.A., which presumably means that Queenie’s appearance in American Horror Story: Hotel has been vanquished. (Which, like other changes, will have its own effects, meaning Ramona Royale remained suffering after feeding on diseased kids.) So, obviously, that means Queenie got to go on The Price Is Right and destroyed everyone else.

Misty was resurrected again, because obviously. Though Lily Rabe’s Misty Day wasn’t strong enough to help in taking Michael down for American Horror Story: Apocalypse, she was still worth resurrecting to see more from Stevie Nicks. But with the timeline adjusted, and with Mallory winning over some of Hell’s minions by taking out Satan, Misty is allowed to escape the underworld. All is well again.

Madison and Nan are still in Hell though. Just because Mallory is all-powerful doesn’t mean she’s all-forgiving and all-ethical. She decides to leave Madison sucking it up in Hell for .just a while longer before going to retrieve her. Jamie Brewer’s Nan, meanwhile, chose to remain Papa Legba’s right hand ma’am by staying in Hell.

Myrtle is still dead. Even though Frances Conroy’s Myrtle came back and played a pretty big role in taking down Michael and his followers, Mallory’s time travel deeds meant Cordelia never needed to resurrect Myrtle. Thus, the fantastically coifed character remains one with the dead.

No peace for the Murder House ghosts. Considering Michael Langdon didn’t become a threat to the world after 2015, there was no reason for Madison and Behold Chablis to head back to Murder House. Which means they aren’t able to reconnect Violet and Tate, they don’t get to hear about Ben’s crying-while-masturbating habits, and they don’t get to give Moira peace by burying her bones with her mother.

2020 And Beyond: The Important Changes

Emily and Timothy meet anew. One of American Horror Story: Apocalypse‘s most frustrating mysteries involved Kyle Allen’s Timothy and Ashley Santos’ Emily, who spawned a host of speculative theories upon being introduced. Mallory’s time travel meant they didn’t get killed off inside Outpost 13, but also meant they didn’t meet there. Thankfully, the genetically approved couple did cross paths during a protest in 2020, proving that some connections are stronger than the show’s ties that bind them.

Emily and Timothy birth a new Antichrist. Wouldn’t you know it? Michael Langdon may have died five years earlier after aging ten years in a single day, but that doesn’t mean he’s the only one capable of doing so. In 2024, Emily and Timothy have their own Constance moment when they stumble upon their own bloodied toddler sitting in a rocking chair in front of a fresh corpse. A “helpful” Anton LaVey arrives with Kathy Bates’ Ms. Mead and AHS vet Naomi Grossman’s cardinal, and it’s clear that the cycle is beginning once more.

Undoubtedly, there are more timey-wimey connections to be made here, as well as unintended consequences from Mallory’s actions. What if Constance decided to do a bunch of other things with her life instead of kill herself? What if the Harmon family ghosts fucked up even more people’s lives after that time? Will any of this mess with anyone’s lives in Cult or Roanoke?

Those questions and more will likely just fade away with time. Thankfully, American Horror Story won’t, since FX has already previously renewed the horror anthology through Season 9 and Season 10. Where will they go, and what time frames will they visit? Stay tuned for whatever updates Ryan Murphy feels like giving away in the next six months.

In the meantime, head to our fall TV premiere schedule and our midseason premiere schedule to see what other spooky and suspenseful shows are hitting primetime soon.

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Rami Malek Wanted To Delve Deeper Into Freddie Mercury’s Personal Life In Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody provided a lot of entertainment if you’re a fan of Queen, but it seems Rami Malek was hoping for even more. The man who plays Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury in the film says that, while he is pleased overall with the movie, he does wish it could have delved a bit deeper into Mercury’s personal life and says he pushed for the film to include more, specifically regarding Mercury’s relationship with Jim Hutton and other men. According to Malek…

It’s not too surprising to hear that somebody on the production of Bohemian Rhapsody wanted to see the movie get a little bit deeper in dealing with the life of the film’s main character. The fact that the film is only a surface-deep exploration of Freddie Mercury was probably the major complaint coming out of the film. It recreates events on screen, but does little to explain them or explore why they happened. In the end, the film is more rock opera than it is a real biopic.

Jim Hutton, who would become a major part of Freddie Mercury’s life is only given one scene before the movie begins its wrap up. Mercury’s sexuality isn’t hidden in the film, which was a fear that many had going in, but it also isn’t really given any real time on screen beyond acknowledging he wasn’t straight.

For what it’s worth, Rami Malek tells Australia’s Who that he understands why the movie wasn’t able to do more. The film simply had so much material to cover. From Queen’s meteoric rise into superstardom to Mercury’s relationship with Mary Austin, which is the primary relationship in Mercury’s life the film deals with, there apparently just wasn’t room for more.

Certainly, Bohemian Rhapsody decided that what it really wanted to do was showcase Queen as a band, which means that a large portion of the film is dedicated to the creation and performance of particular songs, including a finale that recreates almost the entirety of the band’s epic 1985 Live Aid performance. And it should be said that those musical moments are fantastic, but they do exist at the expense of other things.

If you wanted to see big musical moments with a movie theater’s high-end sound system then Bohemian Rhapsody was everything that you needed. If, however, you wanted to learn something about Freddie Mercury, who he was, how he became the person we saw on stage or how he felt after becoming a star, you only get the briefest glimpse at that.

Rami Malek may have tried to give us more of Freddie Mercury but ultimately he wasn’t able to make it happen. It doesn’t make Bohemian Rhapsody a bad movie, just one that isn’t quite as good as it could have been. Still, it rocks pretty hard.

Stan Lee Didn’t See His Ralph Breaks The Internet Cameo Before He Died

Stan Lee has made cameos in a slew of Marvel movies over the years, but another Disney property also deigned to give the famous comic book creator a cameo in 2018. That movie is the upcoming animated flick Ralph Breaks The Internet and co-director Rich Moore revealed this week that Stan Lee was not able to see the small cameo before he died earlier this week. Now, however, Moore believes the cameo will be even more touching for those who see the film, noting,

While Ralph Breaks The Internet hits theaters on November 21, early screenings of the animated Disney sequel have already commenced. In general, people seem to like most of the nods to Disney in the flick, including the Stan Lee cameo. Sadly, the creator didn’t get to see himself in animated form in Ralph Breaks The Internet and originally the movie even featured an extended scene with the comics creator.

Other Ralph Breaks The Internet co-director Phil Johnston also told The Wrap:

Unfortunately, the extended camo didn’t work out and the Wreck-It Ralph sequel decided to stick with a brief cut of Stan Lee seen when Vanellope is wandering around the Disney corner of the Internet. Unlike most Stan Lee cameos in movies, this one doesn’t feature voice work or acting from Stan Lee.

In Ralph Breaks The Internet, these cameos all work because Vanellope and Ralph travel across the internet and eventually reach the Disney corner of the web, where a slew of animated characters and more hang out online.

A slew of Disney-related characters, properties and people make cameos in Ralph Breaks The Internet. Doubtless, by now you’ve heard of the famous Disney princesses backstage scene, which was shown at CinemaCon earlier this year and has been teased in trailers and more since. In addition, we learned a while ago that while Princess Leia doesn’t make the princess scene, another Star Wars character does.

In addition to Disney nods, there are nods to other big internet companies that package, ship and movie both products and information. The branding placement may get a little old to some, but it’s may prove a fun “spot the company” game for others.

Stan Lee won’t be forgotten anytime soon. The man’s contributions to art and pop culture will live on in future Marvel films. In fact, we’ll likely see him in other cameos on the big screen in future months. In the meantime, you can catch this particular cameo when Ralph Breaks The Internet comes out during Thanksgiving week. Take a look at the other big releases with our full movie schedule.

That Time William Shatner Wore Michael Myers’ Halloween Mask Out

Before slashers became a mainstay part of the horror genre, John Carpenter’s Halloween helped to break new ground. An indie film on a small budget, the original film inspired countless scary movies, all with masked killers of their own. But there’s a funny story behind Michael Myers’ iconic mask from the Halloween movies: it was originally a mask of William Shatner’s likeness.

Halloween was filmed when Star Trek was at the height of its popularity, with masks of William Shatner’s Kirk available in stores. The art department of Halloween found one and distressed it to look more terrifying, and Michael Myers was born. It’s a story horror fans love, and now the actor revealed he’s actually gone out in a Michael mask, saying:

Well, that’s some Inception level Shatner-ing, with layers of the actor’s face appearing at once. While Michael Myers is a terrifying force in the Halloween franchise, but there’s also something scary about Michael removing his mask, and it being Shatner IRL winking at you.

It’s funny to think that Michael Myers’ appearance is actually connected to William Shatner, as the character and Halloween franchise have lasted for decades. Michael is one of the biggest villains in horror history, and his signature mask and jumpsuit have only slightly changed throughout the various sequels that followed John Carpenter’s 1978 original. But he owes it all to Captain Kirk, and the toy distributor that turned Shatner’s face into a mask.

The story about Michael’s Halloween mask is one beloved by horror fans, but often goes under the radar for general moviegoers. In his same conversation with EW, Shatner spoke about how little he knows regarding the mask’s invention. And that he makes no money from the horror franchise.

While William Shatner’s face may be all over the 11 Halloween movies, but the living legend isn’t getting a cut of the profits. Instead, it’s just another funny anecdote to add to Shatner’s already lengthy career in the public eye. And with Blumhouse now in charge of the property, that mask has been given new audience.

Indeed, the new Halloween movie brought back Michael Myers, although the mask was a bit aged and worse for the wear due to 40 years and poor storage. The look helped make Michael extra terrifying in the latest sequel, and there’s already talks of yet another Halloween being developed.

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James Cameron Reveals Principal Shooting Is Finally Done For Avatar 2 And 3

James Cameron has been talking about making sequels to Avatar since just after the first film became the highest grossing movie ever. However, it’s been a conversation for so long that you’d be forgiven for just believing it was never actually going to happen. And yet, James Cameron just announced that principal photography, which is covering the first two of four planned Avatar sequels, has wrapped. In a video posted to social media, Cameron said…

It’s almost shocking to hear that most of the shooting for the next two Avatar films is actually done. I’ve been writing about them, and whether or not they would actually happen, for my entire time here at CinemaBlend but the conversation dates back nine years to when the original film arrived on screen. The sequels have been coming for so long that it’s unbelievable to think that in just over two years, December of 2020, the first one will actually be here.

Part of the reason that the sequels took so long is that James Cameron‘s plans just kept getting grander and grander. Originally, Cameron planned for the entire Avatar story arc to be a trilogy, as so many film franchises are. This would have meant two more movies were on the way. However, two sequels became three, and then three became four, and now the plan is to have five Avatar movies total when all is said and done.

Whatever else might happen, it does look like we’ll get those first three films, as the filming that James Cameron has been doing has been focused on the next two films in the series. The plan is to go back, after Avatar 3 is released and go into production on Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 together, just as is being done on 2 and 3 now.

Very little is known about the various sequels, beyond the fact that the second one will primarily take place in the oceans of Pandora. Some rumored titles have leaked that give the film the subtitle The Way of Water. If the titles are accurate, then Avatar 3 might then be called The Seed Bearer, which isn’t a title that means anything in particular now, but might make sense after we see Avatar 2. We do know that Avatar 2 will pick up many years after the first film, with Neytiri and Jake Sully having had children who will become major parts of the story.

I honestly had sort of left the Avatar movies in the rear view, then I got to experience the Flights of Passage attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom last year and I’m sort of excited for the sequels again. We’ll see if that’s still the case in just over two years.

Star Wars’ The Mandalorian Just Cast A Big Action Star In A Mystery Role

The Mandalorian is, apparently, finding more and more names to fill out its roster as rumors have surfaced of another supposed casting for the series. It’s been reported the Disney+ series has just found a big action star who will likely bring some fierce hand-to-hand combat and ass-kicking to the adventure. Former MMA fighter turned actress Gina Carano has joined the cast, and will hopefully let some fists fly in a galaxy far far away.

As was the case with Pedro Pascal’s alleged casting prior, the casting is officially unconfirmed. The Wrap reported Gina Carano has been added to the roster, however, and will play an unknown role in The Mandalorian. As of now, Pascal is presumed to be playing the show’s title character.

Gina Carano’s role in The Mandalorian may be unknown, but the type of characters she’s known to portray are not. Carano has shouldered physically demanding roles in many action films, with her resume listing key roles in flicks like Haywire and Deadpool. Her television credits aren’t as numerous, although she did play a combat android in Fox’s short-lived science fiction series Almost Human, and portrayed Crush on the 2008 reboot of American Gladiators.

Gina Carano’s acting career was preceded by her solid background in MMA. Carano was a fighter for EliteXC, and was the first woman, alongside Cris Cyborg, to ever headline a main event for Strikeforce. Her MMA and action series background makes it seem as though she’ll be an asset for The Mandalorian‘s lone gunman, or a deadly enemy he doesn’t want to cross.

Star Wars fans, unless they happen to be the person responsible for that on-set theft of equipment that may contain sensitive information, are left to speculate. As of now, the only thing officially known about the series beyond what’s been mentioned is that it’s set somewhere along the Outer Rim territories, and takes place between the end of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

Gina Carano’s alleged casting adds her name to a lineup of who’s who in The Mandalorian, although all confirmed big names attached so far are working behind the camera. Taika Waititi, Bryce Dallas Howard, and others are lending a hand to executive producer Jon Favreau in the Disney+ project. The Mandalorian is the first of two presently announced live-action Star Wars shows, with the other being a Rogue One prequel starring Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor.

The Mandalorian is still in development, but will air on Disney+ sometime after the streaming service launches in 2019. Lots of stuff will be headed to television in the meantime, so be sure to stay on top of all things coming and going with our fall and midseason premiere guide.

The Nintendo Switch May Not Hit Its Sales Goal This Holiday Season

The Nintendo Switch has been steamrolling through the sales charts since its release. The hybrid system combines home console gaming with the ability to indulge in portable gaming. However, despite the strong momentum and fast start off store shelves, the Switch may not hit the sales projections that Nintendo originally set out at the start of the year.

According to The Verge, the Nintendo Switch was projected to shift 20 million units throughout the fiscal year ending on March 31st, 2019. The system has been moving millions of units each quarter, with the last quarter seeing the system top 3.19 million. What this means is that, according to the Verge, Nintendo will have to move more than 14.4 million units over the course of the next two quarters to meet the 20 million goal.

The article points out that, last year during the holiday season, Nintendo managed to shift 7.23 million SKUs globally for the Nintendo Switch, setting it well on its way to surpassing the Wii U, catching up to and surpassing the GameCube, and now setting up to rival the Xbox One’s install base.

Nintendo is definitely geared toward chasing down the tail of Sony’s PlayStation 4, which currently leads the market with more than 86 million units shipped worldwide.

However, shipping 14 million units in a single quarter is very unlikely. Nintendo will more than likely be able to ship half that during the holiday season due to the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. However, from there it’s looking kind of thin heading into the first quarter of 2019 when it comes to noteworthy exclusives.

I imagine 1 or 2 million SKUs may move with the release of Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, but will it be enough to topple 10 million?

As pointed out by The Verge, the quarter post-holiday season is typically slow. However, 2019 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years in gaming, given that a slew of high-profile titles are set to release. It’s just that not all of them are coming to the Nintendo Switch, such as Kingdom Hearts 3 from Square Enix, or Resident Evil 2 Remake from Capcom. There are also hardcore shooters like Metro: Exodus that won’t be appearing on the Switch.

Surely if any or all of those games were also penned in for Switch releases it would be easy to see how Nintendo could move maybe 7 — 10 million SKUs during the holiday and another 2 — 4 million during the first quarter of 2019. However, Nintendo only has Travis Strikes Again and New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe to tide gamers over during the early first half of 2019.

The most common sense way of moving 10 million units during a single quarter would be to cut the price down to $250 for the standard Switch SKU. But, Nintendo seems intent on sticking with the $299 launch price. It would take a market miracle at this point to move 20 million units throughout fiscal 2019, but then again, this is Nintendo we’re talking about.

The Flash Is Finally Bringing A Big Villain Back, And He’s Not Alone

The Flash recently teased a big villain’s return in a deleted scene that appeared on the internet, and now we have confirmation that Weather Wizard is indeed headed back to the Arrow-verse series. He won’t be alone either, although the villain promoted in his return isn’t Rag Doll. Instead, it appears as though the upcoming episode “O Come, All Ye Faithful” will be a family affair, but the reunion is far from heartwarming.

It looks as though Team Flash will be doing a bit of protective detail (via FlashTvNews), and could head to Iron Heights to keep Weather Wizard safe. Apparently, his daughter has an ax to grind, although we’re not sure what he may have done. Then again, we’re talking about a guy who tried to sink the entirety of Central City in a fit of rage, so we’re guessing his hatred extends to even those he’s closest to.

For the record, DC Comics’ Weather Witch is not the villain’s daughter. She was a former prostitute of Gotham City that Penguin enlisted to be a member of the New Rogues, only to die at the hands of Weather Wizard. That might be hard for him to accomplish on The Flash given that it’s his daughter and the fact that he’s seemingly powerless. That said, the Rogue might have a slight advantage over his offspring, as evidenced by the deleted scene.

In the scene, Weather Wizard mentioned to Rag Doll that a “storm is coming.” Initially, it seemed like he was alluding to some method that may give him his powers back, but what if he sensed his daughter was coming for him? Assuming Weather Witch’s power matches that of her father and nickname, he might be able to sense her presence in some way. Either that, or she sent him a very threatening letter saying she was gonna kill him.

Regardless of what’s going down, Weather Wizard appears to be recruiting others for protection. He made fast friends with Rag Doll, who would undoubtedly be handy in a prison break situation if the opportunity arises. The additional chaos of Weather Witch may allow quite a few locked up prisoners to make a break amidst the confusion. Team Flash will likely be able to round up a few, but could they really catch a group of metas all escaping at once?

The Flash is on The CW Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what else is happening on television in the near future, be sure to visit and bookmark our fall and midseason premiere guides.

Sea Of Thieves Getting Competitive Arena Mode Next Year

Rare managed to strike gold with Sea of Thieves earlier in the year. The game ended up becoming one of the more notable releases on the Xbox One this generation thanks to its unorthodox approach to multiplayer and seafaring adventure. Well, the game will be expanding even further next year with a brand new update that adds a competitive arena mode to the play options.

The trailer for the new content was rolled out during this year’s X018 event that took place in Mexico. The event played host to a number of big announcements from Microsoft, including the release date for Crackdown 3, and, of course, the reveal for the competitive arena mode for Sea of Thieves. The trailer features a pirate talking to the viewer and explaining that he’s introducing the audience to The Arena.

The trailer features a look at the competitive mode and its content. It’s not actually the kind of PvP arena you may have been expecting. Most people assume that a pack with “Arena” in it means something like the battlegrounds in World of Warcraft or other MMOs where players are tossed into a pit or a coliseum and must battle for survival. In this case the arena in The Arena pack is more of an area out in the open sea where a number of players will compete against each other in a number of challenges.

As showcased in the trailer, there will be naval combat, treasure hunting, melee combat, and a race to capture as many chests as possible and score as many points to overcome the competition.

There’s a lot of layers to The Arena mode and it seems to extend the intensity of the PvP to a whole new level. A lot of gamers are actually quite excited about the new content pack following up on the series of expansion packs that Rare and Microsoft released for Sea of Thieves throughout the year, including the addition of the megalodon, which required a series of steps to be completed in order to summon the megalodon, along with teaming up with another crew on a separate set of ships in order to defeat the beast. That kind of asymmetric cooperative play really helped lure in a lot of gamers and add some additional replayability to Sea of Thieves.

In a way, the biggest criticism of the game was just a lack of endgame loops to keep people playing in the open-world watery sandbox. Rare has been attempting to address fan criticism and add and improve the game to keep people searching for more treasure, finding new items, and questing for additional customization items. The lack of pay-to-win features also ensures that no one is paying into the game for better gear. It still requires actual skill in order to get good and become a competent pirate.

According to the comments, some gamers have claimed that they picked up an Xbox One just to play the game. Rare and Microsoft have been promoting the Sea of Thieves Xbox One S bundle over on the game’s official website, so it’s not surprising that some people eventually bit the bullet and bought both together.

You can look for Sea of Thieves: The Arena to go live in early 2019 for Xbox One or on Windows 10 for PC.

The New Dumbo Trailer Is Enchanting And Wondrous

As most of you already know, Disney is knee-deep into delivering live action remakes/re-imaginings of many of its classic animated films. The next one on the schedule is Dumbo, its predecessor being the studio’s fourth feature-length film ever. As we saw in the teaser trailer released back in June, the Dumbo remake is taking some creative liberties to lengthen the story, and now with a new trailer having arrived, we have an even better idea of what’s in store.

Dumbo flies into theaters on March 29, 2019, so keep checking back with CinemaBlend for continuing coverage. In the meantime, look through our 2019 release schedule to find out what else is coming out next year.