Alita: Battle Angel 2? The Obstacle Christoph Waltz Thinks Is In The Way Of A Sequel

Action films might be commonplace in the current film climate, but some projects have especially captured the public’s attention. Last year’s Alita: Battle Angel was one of those projects, resulting in a rabid fandom that has been patiently waiting for news of a possible sequel. The movie made a whopping $404 million at the box office, so it seems like a logical next step for Alita 2 to be green lit. But actor Christoph Waltz believes he may know why the budding franchise hasn’t moved forward yet.

Surprise, Dave Bautista’s Delayed Movie Is Heading To Streaming Instead Of Theaters

As a lot of theatrical features have had their release windows delayed into further debuts than intended throughout 2020, there were bound to be some films that would opt to take the more economic route and head to the world of streaming debuts. Disney recently called their own shot in that respect, as they’re sending Artemis Fowl to their Disney+ service, with a release date to be determined. Now, Dave Bautista’s oft-delayed spy comedy My Spy has found itself falling into the same fate, with Prime Video being the service set to give the film its domestic release.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige Sends Out Hopeful Message In Response To Viral Endgame Reaction Video

As somebody who has gone to movie theaters a minimum of once a week for years, there will be no greater symbol of the world returning to normal than being back in the theater with an audience watching some highly anticipated movie. And certainly, we all know that, at some point, we’ll be able to do that, but it’s certainly tough to see the bright side right now.

Harry Potter’s Jason Isaacs Has Some Blunt Thoughts About What Ultimately Happened To Lucious Malfoy

In the end, Voldemort only ever truly cared about his own interest. And he was all too happy to see his loyal follower Lucius Malfoy sent to Azkaban, before he hijacked Malfoy Manner and fractured his relationship with Draco and Narcissa. While the latter two had each other in the wake of the second Wizarding War, Jason Isaacs believes his character wasted away in isolation.

The Blair Witch Project And 12 Other Great Found Footage Thrillers

Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

The third installment of the popular franchise started by Oren Peli’s surprise hit reveals the truth behind the demons haunting Katie, the protagonist of the original, and her sister, Kristi, whom the second film focused on.

Why It Is One Of The Best Found Footage Movies: The grainy footage that helps sell the 1988-setting and the nightmarish circumstances the young girls face (especially creepy if you believe in the legend of Bloody Mary) has earned its reputation among fans as the franchise’s best sequel.

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Wait, Was Marvel’s Blade Reboot Release Date Leaked?

It’s important to mention that this news should be taken solely as a rumor for now, as no Marvel films have been officially matched to release dates beyond Captain Marvel 2’s July 2022 date. However, Marvel head Kevin Feige has confirmed that Blade will not be a part of Marvel’s Phase 4, which would make 2022 a prime Phase 5 slot. Also, releasing a horror-adjacent film like Blade in October would make a lot of sense.

More Alleged Details Of Ezra Miller Choking Incident Are Emerging

There are a lot of sides to every story. Even with these details, this incident remains confusing. It’s unclear if, for example, alcohol played a role in the incident. There is also a very wide range of behaviors that could be described as “pushy.” Regardless, all any of us can speak to right now is what’s on the video, and what’s on the video does not look great for Ezra Miller. The world is filled with fans who don’t understand personal space or when to back off, but unless they cross a certain line, you can’t get physical. Now, it’s certainly possible one of those lines was crossed, but at this point, there’s no evidence to say there was.

Star Wars Editor Criticizes The Last Jedi For Trying To ‘Undo’ Events From The Force Awakens

For better or worse, the trilogy is what it is and it’s now over. People are going to have different opinions over it and while the fact that people feel so strongly about Star Wars, is, on the whole, not a bad thing, there is clearly never going to be a single answer or easy solution to all of this. We’ll be debating this for as long as Star Wars is relevant, which will probably be many years to come.

Godzilla Vs Kong Merchandise Seemingly Reveals Another Monster Heading To The Big Screen

Other than the larger than life titular characters, who could create some serious thrills for audiences, the movie is also said to feature plenty of human elements. Eiza González, who has an undisclosed role, explained that there are two young female characters at the film’s core. While it’s easy to get lost in the spectacle of the films, the MonsterVerse has attempted to inject human drama into past installments, with varying degrees of success.