New Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Trailer Has Bruce Lee, Playboy Bunnies and More

With Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood debuting today at the Cannes Film Festival, there’s a new call from the director himself not to spoil the picture for the public who have yet to see the film. As if to shower the general public who have yet to see the film with some more love, Sony has released a new trailer for the long anticipated 9th film of Tarantino’s 10 film limit. The results are as hilarious and nutty as you could expect, and you can see them for yourself below:

The story of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood shows Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Rick Dalton, starting to slip into a professional slump. With his worries of being a has-been in full gear, it’s up to his stunt double Cliff Booth, played by Brad Pitt, to try and lift his spirits. Though the friends look to have trouble headed their way, as Sharon Tate, Bruce Lee, and The Manson Family are all about to make their lives a lot more complicated.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood kicks its way into theaters on July 26th.

Zoe Saldana Almost Played Lois Lane In Man Of Steel

The DC live-action universe has had a fascinating tenure in theaters, full of both peaks and valleys. Zack Snyder was the architect of the franchise’s beginning stages, starting with 2013’s Man of Steel, and eventually expanding with Batman v Superman and Justice League. While he’s since stepped down from the DCEU, you can’t deny his vision helped kickstart the entire shared universe.

Man of Steel started it all, and took a major departure from Superman’s comic book persona, allowing him to kill the villainous General Zodd during the film’s conclusion. The movie also started Amy Adams’ tenure as Lois Lane, although Zack Snyder recently revealed that there was another actress in the mix originally: Zoe Saldana. As Snyder recently revealed:

Well, this is an exciting concept. While Amy Adams put her typical acting talent into the role the iconic reporter/love interest, it’s intriguing to hear that Zoe Saldana could have filled the role at one point.

Zack Snyder’s comments to Comic Book Debate might come as a surprise to some fans, as Amy Adams has become fairly synonymous with the role of Lois Lane. Still, Zoe Saldana has already proven herself to be the queen of sci-fi, so what’s another major franchise to add to her schedule? Although her involvement with DC might have had the potential to exclude her from playing Gamora in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If Zoe Saldana somehow managed to to get the job in Man of Steel, that be a whopping fourth major franchises for the actress to play the female lead in. At that point, she’d already nabbed the role of Neytiri in Avatar, as well as playing Uhura in the Star Trek movies. Plus we can’t forget her role as Gamora in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in both the Guardians and Avengers movies.

Of course, Amy Adams did great as Lois Lane, playing a more badass version of the character than we’d previously seen on the silver screen. Following Man of Steel, Adams would reprise her role in Batman v Superman and Justice League. Although it’s currently unclear if her tenure in the CEU has come to an end.

Following the poor box office and critical performance of Justice League, the DC Universe has seemingly taken a step away from serialized storytelling, instead allowing directors more autonomy over capsulated blockbusters. But that change has also brought the end to the OG DCEU characters like Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Ben Affleck has officially hung up the cowl as Batman, and Superman actor Henry Cavill has been long rumored to be done with his superpowered role forever. Amy Adams doesn’t appear to have any plans to return to the DCEU, so fans may have also seen the last of her Lois Lane as well.

The next installment in the DCEU is Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) on February 7, 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Dan Aykroyd Wants A Ghostbusters Prequel To Happen

Fans of the Ghostbusters movies are certainly looking forward to the upcoming sequel that will return the franchise to the world of the first two films, being directed by the son of Ivan Reitman. There have clearly been plans to bring the Ghostbusters brand back as a major franchise, and it seem Dan Aykroyd already has a host of ideas for follow ups to the new film, including a prequel series that would take the characters Venkman, Stantz, and Spengler, back to high school.

Yes, in case you were curious, it seems that the three original Ghostbusters first met in high school. While the idea for the project is still several years away, Dan Aykroyd has apparently written a treatment for the concept which could apparently work as either a feature film or a television project. According to Aykroyd…

It’s not exactly clear what Ghostbusters High would actually be all about. Assuming that it is supposed to act as a direct prequel to the original 1984 Ghostbusters, that film makes it clear that the trio had never come that close to an actual ghost before the opening scenes of the film, so the series wouldn’t actually follow the three characters actually fighting ghosts, would it?

Still, for fans of Venkmen, Stantz, and Spengler, the concept probably sounds like a lot of fun. The new Ghostbusters film is expected to include much of the original cast, but it won’t actually be about them, so fans who want another story that actually focuses on the original characters, this could be their best bet.

It seems the idea for Ghostbusters High would be to ultimately become a television series. Dan Aykroyd apparently gave the idea to Jason Reitman even before the current Ghostbusters movie idea became a reality. Aykroyd is clear that this idea is part of a long term plan so we shouldn’t expect to see it anytime soon, but he’s clearly excited by the concept…

Dan Aykroyd tells 660 News that he actually envisions this series as a sort of finale on the current Ghostbusters plans. After the current film, the actor/writer/vodka entrepreneur says there are one or two other film projects that are planned, and he sees Ghostbusters High coming after those films, as a sort of finale. Of course, that also means that if the new Ghostbusters movie doesn’t hit, it could scuttle the entire plan.

Do you want to see the Ghostbusters as teenagers? Let us know in the poll below.

Are You Interested in a Ghostbusters High series?

The 14 Best Horror Movies Based On A True Story

Annabelle of The Conjuring Universe was actually a possessed Raggedy Ann doll

I know what you’re thinking: Horror movies that are “based on a true story” are bologna. Well, of course, Hollywood has a way of stretching the truth, especially when scaring audiences is involved, but that does not mean the claim is always a lie either.

Some of the best horror movies of all time have fact-based origins. For instance, the creepy child’s plaything from Annabelle Comes Home, the latest upcoming entry in The Conjuring Universe, was inspired by an allegedly possessed Raggedy Ann doll. That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to art imitating bizarre, disturbing reality.

But of these films that sport the “inspired by true events” claim, which can also claim to be the best horror movies around? I have chosen 14 of some of the best films that made a scary movie-going experience out of a true disturbing event.

The Strangers act strangely

The Strangers (2008)

Let me clear this up for you right off the bat: No, The Strangers is not based on a specific, true story of a young married couple teasingly stalked and killed by masked assailants.

While many have speculated what famous murder cases could have inspired this gorefest starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman, director Bryan Bertino claims the inspiration was a group of mysterious strangers who knocked on the door of his childhood home in Texas, who turned out to be looking for empty houses to rob.

Bryan Bertino decided to flip that idea on its head by making the thieves masked serial killers and changing the purpose of their shocking, gory visit into, as what is now regarded as one of the best horror movie quotes in recent memory reveals, “because you were home.” So, it’s based on a true story, perhaps just not what you would guess.

It does make sense that The Strangers is really just inspired by a plausible concept based on something that happened to the director, because I cannot imagine a trio of killers preying on two helpless victims in a cabin in the middle of nowhere taking that long to finish the job.

Carol Moran (Barbara Hershey) is attacked in The Entity

The Entity (1982)

In The Entity, single mother of four Carol Moran (Insidious star Barbara Hershey) is a victim of sexual assault. As if that could be any worse than it already is, her attacker is an invisible apparition of great evil and unstoppable strength.

Fusing a very real and prevelanet horrific crime with supernatural elements is creepy enough, but what makes the story of The Entity even more shocking is that it is inspired by the case of Doris Bither, who in 1974 claimed she suffered physical attacks from not one, but three ghosts that also attacked her children.

Without considering the bizarre origins of the story, The Entity remains a shocking and thought-provoking story, as the best horror movies tend to be, about a woman’s struggle to prove that the terrifying, violent offenses committed onto her are real.

Travis Wolton is about to go on the most terrifying ride of his life

Fire in the Sky (1993)

Say what you want about UFOs and alien abductions, according to Travis Walton, it happened to him.

The 1993 film Fire In The Sky is based on the memoir of the same name and recounts the most famous and best-documented alien abduction in history. In 1975, Arizona logger Travis Walton went missing for five days. When he returned, he claimed that he was taken by extraterrestrials.

D.B. Sweeney portrays Walton in the film, which does not take the concept of alien abduction lightly. It shows in graphic detail the torturous experience Walton alleges that he endured in traumatically graphic detail. It just barely earns its PG-13 rating.

Jack Ketchum's 'The Girl Next Door'

The Girl Next Door (2007)

Not to be confused with the 2004 comedy about a high schooler in love with an adult film star, The Girl Next Door is based on Jack Ketchum’s novel, which was inspired by the tragic story of Sylvia Likens.

In 1965 in the state of Indiana, Likens was subjected to almost three months of abuse, neglect, humiliation, and torture by her sociopathic caregiver. She eventually succumbed to her injuries and died at just 16.

The events depicted in the The Girl Next Door are just as unsettling and unspeakable as the original shockingly sadistic case. While a fan of the genre would say that is a key point of acclaim for the best horror movies, I would say you may be better off reading about it than seeing it. It is not for the faint of heart.

James Brolin and Margot Kidder made a big mistake buying their new home

The Amityville Horror (1979)

One of the most prolific cases of supernatural haunting comes from one now legendary house in New York.

It inspired the 1977 novel The Amityville Horror, which was made into a film two years later, starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder as George and Kathy Lutz, who find a great deal on a house after a man murdered his family in it years earlier. Soon, they begin to conspire that the crime was influenced by a demonic presence in the house and worry they will fall victim to it next.

While there is truth to the story of a man murdering his family in the infamous Amityville house, there is no real evidence to support an actual haunting occurred there. Yet, that has not stopped Hollywood for continuing to use the story as franchise material.

The original film, however, still pops into conversation as one of the best horror movies, mostly by those who still believe in its ghostly legend.

Chucky is a not about kid's stuff

Child’s Play (1988)

Before there was Annabelle, there was Chucky. However, did you know that both of these fearful playthings are inspired by alleged fact?

In Child’s Play, regarded as one of the best horror films of all time, serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) inserts his soul into a cute, red headed doll to continue his murderous tirade after death. The inspiration was a doll of unnerving design named Robert, owned by then six-year-old Gene Otto in 1906.

Robert the Doll was made for Gene by his family’s Bahamian servant, who happened to be skilled in voodoo. Her skills apparently proved effective as Robert would take enjoyment in taunting children and mutilating Gene’s other toys, among other unexplainable phenomena.

With the technophobic Child’s Play remake on the horizon, I now wonder what is scarier: stuffed doll possessed by evil or robotic doll with fatally faulty programming?

Mick Taylor has sinister intentions for some hitchhikers

Wolf Creek (2005)

While Crocodile Dundee was a film that greatly helped the tourism industry in Australia, Greg McLean’s 2005 cult slasher film was the film that could have come close to ruining it.

Wolf Creek, about three travelers terrorized by a crazed pig hunter, claimed to be based on true events when first released. While not entirely a lie, the real Australia-based hitchhiker murders that inspired the film occurred far from the scenic national park the title borrows from… and misspells (Wolfe Creek).

Nevertheless, the film has earned acclaim as one of the best horror movies of its kind for its ultra realistic depictions of violence and, especially, for its sinister antagonist, Mick Taylor (John Jarratt).

The Warrens picked quite the disturbing occupation in The Conjuring

The Conjuring (2013)

Famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren’s most famous case is, most likely, the case that inspired The Amityville Horror.

Of course, no confirmed evidence of that haunting exists (as I have mentioned) and the story has already been done to death in Hollywood. Thus, James Wan thankfully chose the Warrens’ 1971 investigation of the Perron Family’s house as inspiration for The Conjuring.

Featuring interviews with the actual Perron Family in the film’s marketing is what helped convince audiences to buy into its “based on a true story” claims and made it one of the highest-grossing horror movies of all time.

The Conjuring would spin off its own universe, which has gone on for some time. However, the one that started it all is still regarded as one of the best horror movies in recent memory.

Freddy Krueger is one killer nightmare

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Wes Craven was smart to not market his slasher-fantasy hit as inspired by true events because no one would have believed that a badly burned, clawed, wisecracking boogeyman would be real.

That being said, claiming it to be based on true events still, technically, would not have been a lie.

Wes Craven wrote the script for A Nightmare on Elm Street after reading an L.A. Times article about a teenage boy suffering from nightmares that kept him desperate to stay awake, until he eventually died in his sleep.

Craven took the concept of a fatal nightmare, added villain Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) as an antagonist, and one of the best horror movies of all time was born.

Leatherface is a Texan with a chainsaw

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

A large part of the appeal of the late Tobe Hooper’s breakout hit was the claim in the marketing and in the film’s opening narration that the events depicted in the movie actually happened. No, there is no record of a massacre involving a chainsaw that took place in Texas in the early 1970s.

Instead, Tobe Hooper’s initial inspiration came from the cruel and gross crimes of Ed Gein, who has inspired several antagonists on film. Yet, Leatherface may be the killer’s most iconic cinematic counterpart due to his weapon of choice.

So, where did the chainsaw element in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre come from? Tobe Hooper and his wife were in a crowded department store when he saw the bladed tool on a shelf and thought to himself, I bet I could use that to get through this crowd a lot easier.

Brody is having a hard time avoiding that shark's 'Jaws'

Jaws (1975)

Steven Spielberg’s masterful creature feature (and the first blockbuster) was inspired by Peter Benchley’s novel, Jaws. But even Benchley needed inspiration from somewhere.

Benchley stated in the introduction of his man vs. shark novel that his initial inspiration was a 1964 newspaper article about a fisherman who caught a 4,500-pound great white off Long Island. The story got him to wonder what would happen if such an animal became a more local nuisance.

Many also cite the infamous 1916 shark attack off of Jersey Shore. While the incident is mentioned in both the book and movie, Peter Benchley has said that the mere reference of the event should is not to be taken as a sign that it inspired the plot of Jaws.

Or, perhaps, he and Steven Spielberg would rather one of the best horror movies of all time, and one of their most iconic creations, not be linked to tragedy. That is quite challenging for a shark movie.

Norman Bates has an unusual way of honoring his late mother

Psycho (1960)

Leatherface is not the only killer on our list to be inspired by Ed Gein. The prolific murdered also paved the way for Alfred Hitchcock’s most iconic creation.

Much like Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins’ bone chilling role in Psycho), Ed Gein was very close to his mother Augusta, who sealed him off from the rest of the world for much of his life. After she died, leaving him a state of crippling loneliness, he eventually began identifying as a woman, taking up cross dressing and skinning female victims to create a bodysuit to help assume his gender of choice.

All I can say, in regards to the life of Ed Gein AND the plot of Psycho, mothers, please be careful how you raise your children. They may end up inspiring some of the best horror movies of all time.

Count Orlok wants to suck your blood

Nosferatu (1922)

You may recognize Count Orlok from Nosferatu by his brief cameo in a SpongeBob Squarepants episode, or by the name of his original source material: Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Believe it or not, Count Dracula was an actual person: a Romanian prince named Vlad who took on the name Dracula, which meant “son of Dracul,” his father. Of course, he was Drac was not an undead creature of night, but he apparently did have a taste for human blood.

F.W. Murnau, unable to obtain the rights to the name Dracula, adapted Stoker’s novel into the 1922 silent film Nosferatu, which I still believe is one of the best horror of all time and my top pick for vampire movies.

Regan really needs an 'Exorcist'

The Exorcist (1973)

Director William Friedkin never regarded his Oscar-nominated adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s novel as a horror film, despite being regarded now as one of the best horror movies ever.

What interested Friedkin about The Exorcist, inspired by the actual exorcism of 14-year-old boy Roland Doe in a St. Louis hospital, was the unique opportunity he saw in it. He wanted to use the fictionalized take of the St. Louis possession (changed to a 12-year-old girl played by Linda Blair) and make a film that commented on the mystery of faith.

Perhaps that unique approach to the thriller, as well as its fact-based origin, is what has kept audiences intrigued and in fear more than 40 years since The Exorcist was first released.

What do you think of our list? Can you think of more horror movies “based on a true story” that deserve a spot? There are plenty more out there, but hopefully this provides a few for you to choose from.

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No, Keanu Reeves Is Not In Hobbs And Shaw

The new Fast and Furious spinoff movie already had an immense amount of star power thanks to the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and Idris Elba, but last month a new rumor implied that the movie was going to be even bigger thanks to the addition of Keanu Reeves to the cast of Hobbs & Shaw. Unfortunately, it was not to be, as the John Wick star has not put the rumor to bed. He’s not in the movie.

The rumor landed about a month ago and it claimed that the new film would reveal that Idris Elba‘s character, who is presented as the film’s villain in the trailers, is actually working for an even bigger bad guy, who would be played by Keanu Reeves. While the role was being described as a significant one, it was also suggested that Reeves might only appear in a post-credits sequence that would set up a Hobbs and Shaw sequel.

While Reeves admits to Variety that there were conversations with the Hobbs & Shaw team, he is very clear that nothing happened and he’s not in the film. According to Reeves…

So, while it sounds like the original rumor had some basis in fact, as Keanu Reeves apparently could have had a role in the new Fast & Furious spinoff, it wasn’t strictly true because no deal was ever reached. Keanu has nothing but good things to say about Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham and it sounds like he’d love to work with them if the opportunity ever came along.

The idea of Keanu Reeves appearing in a Fast & Furious movie wasn’t entire crazy on its face. The movie is being directed by David Leitch, who was one of the co-directors on the first John Wick film alongside Chad Stahelski.

It does make one wonder if the description of the character Reeves was rumored to play might then turn out to be true. Perhaps another A-list actor will be appearing in the film in the role of the power behind the throne.

While there have been a handful of times that people behind a new movie have outright lied in an attempt to prevent a reveal, it doesn’t feel like that’s the case here. Instead it seems that conversations behind-the-scenes got misinterpreted as a done deal when things were far from that.

While The Rock versus Keanu Reeves is certainly a big screen battle I’d love to see, it appears I’ll have to wait for another time and another place. Although, now that Reeves is on board for a fourth John Wick movie, he may be too busy himself to fit into the Rock’s equally busy schedule.

Hobbs & Shaw hits theaters August 2. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum is in theaters now

Full Downton Abbey Trailer Reveals A Visit From The King And Carson’s Return

Downton Abbey won’t be hitting theaters until September, but Focus Features has wasted no time giving us early glimpses regarding what to expect. Following a quick teaser trailer a few months ago, we’ve finally gotten a good look at the grandeur and the opulence of the new season.

It’s 1927 and the King and Queen are coming to Downton. Yes the King and Queen! What does that entail? Take a look.

People are in a tizzy about the big and unexpected visit, to the point where Lady Mary asks the now-retired Carson to return to his post at the manor.

There’s more seemingly going on, as Lady Mary seems to be contemplating leaving Downton Abbey altogether, although her trusty maid Anna seems to be at least attempting to talk Lady Mary out of whatever she’s planning.

Although we’ve seen a teaser, a lot of this is big news, particularly Carson’s return, but also just knowing the very royal premise of the movie is quite exciting. It looks as if the household has changed somewhat since we’ve last seen it, but as much as things have changed, they’ve also stayed the same.

In fact, the same old “the world is continually modernizing” narrative that has been a major component throughout the history of Downton Abbey will certainly be present in the big screen venture, so it’s not all new, but it is very exciting.

Most of the cast is present in the trailer for Downton Abbey, including Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess, who once joked her character would be over 100 by now. She also point blank said she didn’t want a movie repeatedly, but she’s definitely going to be back for the big screen venture, as are most of the major characters from the TV series (or at least those who were around at the end of the show). All in all, it’s nice to see everyone get a little screen time in this trailer.

The trailer closes with a grand entrance from the “your majestys,” although we don’t get to see their faces. For now, Downton Abbey fans will need to content themselves with talking about gossipy issues, particularly whether or not we enjoy Lady Mary’s current haircut.

Still, we’re still quite a bit of a ways away from the release of Downton Abbey later in 2019. Downton Abbey will officially hit theaters on September 20th, but if you’d like to see what’s heading into theaters in the meantime, take a look at CinemaBlend’s full movies schedule.

Quentin Tarantino Asks Moviegoers Not To Spoil Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Ahead Of Its Release

Usually you can count on movies being released to select audiences before the general public can view them. Sometimes that just means that critics can check out said movies days or even weeks early, while other times it means attendees can see them at a film festival months beforehand. Quentin Tarantino’s latest flick, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, falls into the latter category, as it’s about to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

Ahead of this screening, Quentin Tarantino has asked those who will see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood not to spoil anything about the movie afterwards. Here’s what his message said:

Not spoiling a movie is just a matter of common decency, but I imagine it goes further than that for Quentin Tarantino. The script for his last movie, The Hateful Eight, leaked online in early 2014, and after that happened, Tarantino considered not making the movie at all and would publish it as a novel instead. Eventually he changed his mind and The Hateful Eight was filmed, released to the masses and earned numerous awards, but Tarantino, like a lot of filmmakers, is still concerned about spoilers getting out for other projects.

That brings us to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which is premiering at Cannes two months before the public gets to see it. That’s a lot of time for someone to be a buzzkill and post information about what happens in the movie online. So to help decrease the chances of that happening, the director used Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s social media platforms, including Twitter, to politely ask that people at Cannes stay quiet about what they saw until everyone else gets to see it. That’s a reasonable request for any movie lover to honor, right?

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is arguably Quentin Tarantino’s most star-studded movie yet, with its main actors including Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, and its supporting cast including Al Pacino, Bruce Dern, Lena Dunham, Mike Moh and the late Luke Perry. The movie is set in 1969 Los Angeles and follows an actor and his stuntman embarking to make a name for themselves in the film industry, all while the Manson Family is carrying out its illicit activities.

Assuming you’re not currently at Cannes, you can check out Once Upon a Time in Hollywood starting July 26, and don’t forget to scan through our 2019 release schedule to learn what other movies are coming out later this year.

Why Now Is The Best Time For Robert Pattinson’s Batman

Robert Pattinson Twilight

Ever since news broke that Robert Pattinson may be DC’s new movie Batman, the internet has been aflame with opinions. While the former Twilight actor has had many people defending the decision, it’s safe to say the rumored casting has been very polarizing. Sure, Pattinson has done some great things outside of the films he’s commonly known for, but is he really Batman material?

Whether he’s the right man for the job or not, one thing both sides of this argument should agree on is that now is the best possible time for DC to roll the dice on casting Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. For those who don’t quite see that just yet, I’ll break down exactly why we shouldn’t be yanking our hair out and boycotting just because Edward Cullen may become the Caped Crusader.

Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis

Robert Pattinson Would Play Batman During DC’s Experimental Phase

After its attempts to replicate what Marvel is doing with the MCU more or less failed, DC has been more focused on creating entertaining standalone movies and have put on less emphasis on making sure they’re all a part of a connected universe. While there are downsides and have been some casualties because of this decision, the result has been a more creative and free cinematic universe.

Want to reboot Suicide Squad but still keep Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn? Not a problem. Want to fix up Jason Momoa’s character after his initial appearance in Justice League? No problemo. Hell, you can even make a Joker origin movie that’s disconnected entirely from the Joker seen only a few years back in Suicide Squad! It sounds like chaos, but really it’s similar to what comics have always done.

That is to say DC is throwing a lot of concepts at a dartboard and going with what sticks. The beauty in this process is that it’s a win-win for fans, particularly those who doubt Robert Pattinson’s abilities as Batman. If he flops, then there’s plenty of precedent that DC will drop him and try to take another shot at a Batman movie with another actor down the road, or he’ll surprise skeptics and the formerly angry will be happy.

Robert Pattinson

The World Is Hungry For A Solo Batman Film

As of this writing, it’s been seven years since The Dark Knight Rises debuted in theaters. The world hasn’t waited that long on a standalone Batman movie since the gap between Batman & Robin and Batman Begins, although the wait hasn’t been quite as unbearable thanks to Ben Affleck’s Batman in DC’s ensemble features.

It’s not for a lack of trying, as DC tried to get The Batman up and underway during Affleck’s tenure, but it never seemed to work out. Instead, audiences were teased with flashes of what Affleck’s Batman was capable of, which were packaged in commercially successful, but subpar in the eyes of critics and some fans. The Batman was going to have Affleck’s Batman front and center, and it would be a chance for Batman to get the solo screen time fans had only been teased with before.

Now, we finally will get to see Batman in action, only he’ll be played by someone else. Sure, it’s not as satisfying, but even when considering casting issues, the world will be amped to see another Batman movie even if Robert Pattinson is the new Bruce Wayne. Provided the casting rumor is true, it doesn’t seem likely fans will be worked up so much they’ll actively boycott his first film and risk an even longer gap between Batman movies.

Robert Pattinson Twilight

Robert Pattinson May Be The Perfect Batman For The Batman

Is Robert Pattinson different than past actors that have donned the cowl and cape? That depends on who you ask, but I think many would agree that Pattinson’s public perception is different than other actors who have played the role. He’s not a name the mainstream would associate with action movies, nor is he necessarily on a short list of actors one would describe as a “badass.”

To be fair to Robert Pattinson, neither is another actor who’s allegedly in contention for the role, Nicholas Hoult. Hoult’s cred for the role of Batman is marginally better in that he’s been in X-Men, but both are far more known for their works outside the world of superheroes and action movies. Put simply, it appears physicality will be a part of The Batman, but it doesn’t appear to be the main thing Matt Reeves and crew are looking for.

We do know that Matt Reeves’ vision for The Batman is a noir-driven story that focuses more on the detective abilities of Batman, and while there will almost certainly be some action, it appears the analytical side of Batman will take center stage. Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult may not be the most obvious choices for Batman to some, but that could be because this won’t be the typical Batman movie everyone is used to.

Batman DC Comics

DC Could Have More Than One Batman At The Same Time

Now, is it possible Robert Pattinson could continue to be a polarizing Batman even after one film? Sure, but if there are enough people on board and the box office numbers are in The Batman‘s favor, there’s a good chance the young actor could get another film or two to further line the pockets of producers.

With that being said, is there a rule that there can only be one Batman in cinema at one time? It’s never been done, but it’s looking like there wil be at least two Bruce Wayne’s co-existing provided The Batman doesn’t have some yet-to-be-discovered tie-in to Joker. Provided both films are successful and have sequels, DC could potentially have two Batmen co-existing in two different eras.

It’s not a novel concept, and while DC has typically been pretty protective of how many versions of its heroes are used throughout its media, that stance has seemingly been relaxed quite a bit as of late. In fact, this Batman may co-exist alongside Lego Batman and Titansincoming Batman played by Iain Glen. Whether it happens with Joker or some other way, don’t be surprised if DC doesn’t try for another live-action Batman to share the stage with Robert Pattinson in his own set of movies.

The bottom line is this is the ideal time for DC to take a risk with an actor that the world may be iffy on as Batman, and those upset shouldn’t be that worried considering the current era of DC movies. Whether the new Batman is Robert Pattinson or anyone else, let’s always remember that the most unlikely of actors can deliver the best performances, and that DC is often quick to pivot when a plan doesn’t come together.

Stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on The Batman (which comes out on June 25, 2021) and other big headlines in movies, television and pop culture.

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All The Insane Deadpool 2 Cameos, Including Matt Damon

Ryan Reynolds - Deadpool 2

Thanks to his fourth wall-breaking antics and his encyclopedia knowledge of pop culture (both in the X-Men universe and outside of it), Deadpool is a perfect terrain for cameos, if you think about it. The character knows no reverence and he likes to keep people on their toes, particularly through his fast-moving mouth. In that spirit, when it came time to make Deadpool 2, the original film’s staggering popularity paved the way for a smörgåsbord of surprise guest appearances, including a few you might’ve missed!

Therefore, we wanted to take this opportunity to break down all the surprise cameos that were found in 2018’s superhero sequel. Because even upon first or second viewing, there’s a possibility that you missed a few of the film’s biggest and most shocking cameos in Deadpool 2. With that, we want to let you in on the scoop. And be sure to let us know if there are any we missed. Also, it should be a given, but some of these cameos require a spoiler or two. Just a heads-up if you haven’t seen the movie.

Josh Brolin, Matt Damon - Deadpool 2

Matt Damon As “Redneck #2”

There’s a very good chance that you missed Matt Damon’s cameo in Deadpool 2. The actor is genuinely unrecognizable in the superhero sequel, adopting very heavy make-up, including a prosthetic nose, a fake beard and a body suit with an extended beer gut to disguise his normally-ripped physique. Damon was also not officially officially credited either, adopting the one-time pseudonym of “Dickie Greenleaf” in the credits (a reference to Damon’s 1999 film, The Talented Mr. Ripley). Nevertheless, the role of “Redneck #2” was played by none other than Matt Damon himself.

While his voice might’ve been a giveaway for some people, there are many folks who had no clue Matt Damon was in the film. In fact, there is a good chance that some of you didn’t know until you read this article. There’s no judgment here; until I started writing this article, I didn’t even know myself! In any case, if you skip to the 32-minute mark exactly, you will see Matt Damon in a field, throwing back beers and talking rather extensively about toilet paper with his friend before a time-traveling Cable (Josh Brolin) walks up to their car, electrocutes them and drives away with their truck.

Brad Pitt - Deadpool 2

Brad Pitt As “Vanisher”

It’s a blink-and-you-miss it cameo, but at the same time, there’s a good chance that Brad Pitt’s surprise three-second appearance in Deadpool 2 was the biggest cameo you caught in the movie. Throughout the film, the running gag with the invisible, silent character of Vanisher is that it’s unclear if he actually exists or if he’s just a bunch of empty space. But when the X-Force find themselves killed in increasingly graphic ways due to Deadpool’s miscalculations with the wind, there is a brief moment where Vanisher’s parachute is caught in the wind, causing him to be electrocuted, then burst into flames.

In that moment, which occurs 73 minutes into the film, we finally get a visible glance at Vanisher. And it’s revealed to be none other than Brad Pitt. Because the cameo is so fast, there might be reason to believe that it’s just a CG-ed version of the actor, but it appears that it was actually Brad Pitt. Somehow, the filmmakers found time in the A-lister’s very busy schedule for the actor to make quick (but very memorable) appearance in the film.

James McAvoy - Deadpool 2

James McAvoy As “Charles Xavier”

One of the best recurring jokes in the original Deadpool movie is the often-commented absence of actual X-Men in this X-Men property. There are only two other characters from the series who made appearances in that film, and Deadpool is often disgruntled by their non-appearances in his film. Sure enough, when it came time for the much-anticipated sequel, which was accompanied with a bigger budget and a higher profile release, there was the strong likelihood of at least a few well-known X-Men making an appearance. But their cameos needed to fit the style of the film, and the filmmakers wanted to honor the winking satire that is crucial to the film’s irreverent success.

So, yes, Charles Xavier does make an appearance in Deadpool 2. However, Deadpool himself never gets to meet the character. 29 minutes into the sequel, while the title character is babbling on about the lack of X-Men found in the house, it’s revealed that Charles Xavier and several other X-Men are indeed there, but they’re intentionally avoiding contact with the foul-mouthed merchant. It’s a single shot and another sequence where if you turn your head at the wrong time, you’ll miss it entirely. But for the fans who were paying close attention, you got your chance to see several high-profile X-Men, even if Deadpool himself missed his chance to get acquainted.

Nicolas Hoult - Deadpool 2

Nicolas Hoult As “Beast”

Similar to James McAvoy’s Professor X, Nicholas Hoult’s Beast was also in the X-Men residence as Deadpool was ranting about the dearth of X-Men to be found in his movies. He was the one who was the closest to the sliding door and the one who heard Deadpool coming their way, as the Merc with a Mouth made his long-winded spiel about his movies making more money than the person who invented pants.

The blue mutant ultimately wasted no time trying to discreetly close the doors in the hopes that Deadpool wouldn’t discover their appearance. And it seems like he did it successfully, as Deadpool was none the wiser about them being right beside him. Since he’s in the center frame, there’s a good chance you saw Beast. Nevertheless, it was a surprise — and welcome — cameo, even if Deadpool himself didn’t know about it.

Evan Peters - Deadpool 2

Evan Peters As “Quicksilver”

In addition to Beast and Professor X, Deadpool also missed his opportunity to meet Quicksilver. The scene-stealer was in the room with several other X-Men during the aforementioned cameo-filled sequence, and ironically he wasn’t quick to close the door when Deadpool was threatening to find more X-Men in the residence. Nevertheless, while the cameo went by in a flash, Evan Peters was there. And gone.

Tye Sheridan - X-Men: Apocalypse

Tye Sheridan As “Cyclops”

Tye Sheridan’s Cyclops hasn’t been seen much in the X-Men universe. Beyond his appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse, his character has otherwise been played by James Marsden in the first three movies. But we’ll get a better chance at seeing Sheridan’s take on the character when he appears in this summer’s long-delayed Dark Phoenix. And in the meantime, he got a chance to play the role (in very brief fashion) during this cameo with his fellow X-Men in hiding.

Alexandra Shipp - X-Men: Apocalypse

Alexandra Shipp As “Storm”

Similar to Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp has played her variation of Storm for only a brief window of time. But we’ll see her take on a bigger role in this summer’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix. And she made a cameo in Deadpool 2, smirking in the corner as Deadpool was trying to find his fellow X-Men.

Kodi-Smit McPhee - X-Men: Apocalypse

Kodi-Smit McPhee As “Nightcrawler”

Much like his other two X-Men: Apocalypse co-stars, Kodi-Smit McPhee is still fairly newly acquainted to the X-Men universe. But he was among the X-Men seen (in hiding) during this memorable sequence in Deadpool 2.

Matt Damon, Alan Tudyk - Deadpool 2

Alan Tudyk as “Luke, i.e. Redneck #1”

Also in this scene, if a little more recognizable than his co-star Matt Damon, is Alan Tudyk. The actor is given less of a disguise (basically just a bandana) and he doesn’t have as many lines as his scene partner. But he does get a name: Luke, though the shortly-seen character is also referred to as “Redneck #1.” Considering that their on-screen conversation is filled with extensive potty humor, those numerals are probably intentional.

Luke, i.e. “Redneck #1,” doesn’t get as much to do in this cameo as his famous co-star. And considering that Alan Tudyk isn’t as much of a household name as Matt Damon, that might not be surprising. Nevertheless, the cameo is certainly a fun one, and definitely an unexpected one, for fans of the veteran character actor and prominent voice actor.

Jaggernaut - Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds as “Juggernaut”

This one might not technically qualify as a cameo, since Juggeranut plays a prominent role in the third act. But there’s a good chance that people do not know that in addition to his role as Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Reynolds also provided his voice to the role of Juggernaut. Making his first official appearance around 82 minutes into the film, Juggeranut becomes the final foe for which Deadpool must defeat. And it’s hard for him to do so, not only due to his massive size and figure, but because Deadpool is constantly geeking out at the sight of such a titan in the comics.

While Juggernaut is typically a man of few words, he does speak from time to time throughout Deadpool 2, and when he does speak, his voice is lent by Ryan Reynolds in the surprise turn. Juggernaut was previously introductied into the X-Men movies in X-Men: The Last Stand. Much like Deadpool himself, he was given a second chance with Deadpool 2. So it’s perhaps only fitting that Reynolds provided his voice to the oversized part as well.

Whew. There are all the big name cameos we caught in Deadpool 2. However, if you caught any other discreetly hidden cameos, feel free to let us know what is missing from our ranking in the comment section. And we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the latest movie news — X-Men related and otherwise — right here at CinemaBlend.

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