Wait, Could Avengers 4 Have A More Dangerous Villain Than Thanos?

Marvel is always pretty guarded when it comes to movie secrets. With millions of fans already invested in the MCU and a good track record of critical reviews, the studio often gives away less to try and build intrigue and good word of mouth. That was especially true leading up to Avengers: Infinity War, and it has kicked into overdrive for Avengers 4, which is why fans are obsessing over the writing on a Marvel toy box.

The toy in question features Thor and Rocket Raccoon in pretty snazzy white suits. You can check out the picture here, but what has some fans even more excited is the exact language the box uses to describe what’s going on. I’ll throw it in a blockquote here below…

Alright, so, obviously we have two quick questions here. Let’s break them down one at a time. Number one: who are these new foes? I guess in the back of my head, I knew Avengers 4 wouldn’t just feature Thanos. The crew defeated most of his henchmen during the last movie, and it seems unreasonable to think there wouldn’t be a few more surprises as well. The last movie blindsided us with Red Skull, and since Avengers 4 is supposed to be a climax of what we’ve been watching for the past decade, it’s probably fair to think a few more villains will return. Plus, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of random villains Marvel has never used before. Some of them could get introduced in the next movie. So, I guess I’m not really surprised by that claim.

But question number two has me much more puzzled. Who the hell is this “even greater threat”? Do I need to remind everyone that Thanos took out half the world with a snap of his fingers in the last movie? Unless Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen shows up, it’s hard for me to imagine anything that could be more scary. Maybe Mistress Death? They didn’t even hint at her presence in the last movie though. You would think they would have gone there if that was part of the larger plan.

So, what the hell is going on here? Well, we don’t know. The two possibilities are we’re about to get blindsided with someone more terrifying than Thanos who the Avengers will have to defeat. Or the other option is whoever wrote this box was trying to sell some toys and get a little too excited and/ or forgot Thanos is the threat they faced in the last movie and assumedly will have to face again in this one.

I’ll let you decide which one of those things is more likely.

New Bond 26 Rumor Say Barbara Broccoli And Co. May Have Found New Bond

It’s been a long road to Bond 25, but the movie is finally underway. One of the biggest questions about the project was if Daniel Craig would reprise his role as James Bond and we’ve known for a little while that the actor will be back for one more performance. However, this being James Bond, people are also wondering who will take over when Craig’s time is done. A new rumor indicates that Richard Madden, best known as Robb Stark from Game of Thrones, may be the top contender to take over for Bond 26.

Before we get into it, it’s best to take this with a grain of salt because this report comes from The Sun with only an “inside source” as the source of information. According to this source, executive producer Barbara Broccoli is looking at Richard Madden as a serious contender for the role of James Bond once Daniel Craig retires from the character. If the rumor holds up, Broccoli is apparently even ready to make the offer to Madden, but again, this is all unconfirmed.

Audiences may know Richard Madden best from the mega-hit HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. Madden played Robb Stark, the eldest of the Stark children and the leader of a revolt against the Lannisters and the Red Keep. The actor also recently starred in Bodyguard, a BBC drama that aired this year to massive ratings. It’s one of the highest-rated shows for the network in decades, and those outside of the UK will be able to watch it on Netflix on October 24.

There have been plenty of rumors for who will be taking over as James Bond in a post-Daniel Craig franchise. Richard Madden’s name hasn’t previously been in the ring, but frequent contenders include Idris Elba and Tom Hardy. Some have wanted to see a woman take over the iconic role, but Barabara Broccoli herself recently nixed that by saying she didn’t think Bond would be female in the future. She’d instead create new characters for women rather than pulling a Doctor Who and morphing a male one.

Richard Madden would certainly be a dark horse in the James Bond race. He’s not as big of a star as some of the other names that have previously been rumored for the part, so he’d be an exciting pick. It would be a game-changing role for Madden. He’s a charismatic actor, as evidenced by his time on Game of Thrones, and I’m sure people stateside will be turning to Bodyguard to see how he handles an action role.

While we wait on the news for Bond 26, let’s not forget there’s still a whole movie to go before then. Bond 25, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and starring Daniel Craig, is currently scheduled to release in theaters on February 14, 2020.

Fifty Shades Freed Led Jamie Dornan To Practically Beg For His Next Role

Jamie Dornan has taken his clothes off in three Fifty Shades trilogy movies, not to mention signed on for plenty of other adult roles. Thus, when the opportunity arose for him to do voice work in a children’s movie, Dornan was all in. He recently revealed on The Graham Norton Show he practically pleaded for the gig, noting,

Jamie Dornan has a bunch of movies coming up, including A Private War, Robin Hood, My Dinner With Herve, and the upcoming animated flick Trolls World Tour. Dornan actually has kids, so doing an animated movie that his kids could attend and enjoy watching became a priority to the actor as he was wrapping Fifty Shades Freed up.

Although he was super game to do voice work in Trolls World Tour, Jamie Dornan did share with Graham Norton that voice work is not the easiest task. He also said it made hi “very uncomfortable,” which is a little surprising since you’d think the “wee-bag” and various other things related to the nude scenes he shot for Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed may have taken the cake there.

Likely, the nudity is a different kind of uncomfortable than doing voice work, however. (Although if you ask co-star Dakota Johnson, the nude scenes were more “tedious” than anything.)

Jamie Dornan has two daughters with his wife Amelia Warner, whom he married in 2013. The couple recently announced a third kid is on the way as well. His youngest right now is about two and a half and his older daughter will celebrate her fifth birthday this November, which means she is certainly old enough to watch and engage with an animated movie like Trolls World Tour.

Trolls World Tour won’t be out for some time, however. The Universal Pictures movie was originally expected to be released in April of 2020, although it has since been pushed up a few months so that Fast & Furious 9 can take the April slot. The flick is now expected to be released on February 14, 2020.

Along with Jamie Dornan, Trolls World Tour is expected to star James Cordon, Kunal Nayyar, Ron Funches, Icona Pop, Sam Rickwell, Chance the Rapper, Kelly Clarkson and many more. Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick will also headline the movie, which is a sequel to the 2016 film Trolls.

Chris Evans Reveals His Goodbye Marvel Post May Not Be What It Seemed

It’s long been assumed that Avengers 4 would be Chris Evans’ final appearance as Captain America. It has to be assumed because neither Evans or Marvel have said anything about the future of this fan-favorite character. So, it was surprising when Evans tweeted about officially wrapping on Avengers 4 and seemed to be hinting that his time playing Cap was over. Well, it turns out this tweet may not have been exactly what it seemed, as Evans has clarified that his final day on Avengers 4 is not necessarily his last day as Cap. At Ace Comic Con he said:

While appearing at Ace Comic Con in Chicago, Chris Evans told a crowd of people (via ComicBook) that his original tweet about wrapping Avengers 4 reshoots should not be taken as a goodbye or spoiler. What he actually meant was that it was emotional wrapping up a 10-year story told across 22 films. Does that mean he’s still going to be Captain America in future movies? Not necessarily, but it sounds like we shouldn’t base that on one tweet, no matter how well-received it was by fans and celebrities.

Personally, I would not have considered that tweet a spoiler as a lot of fans have expected that Chris Evans and several other actors will be retiring from the MCU after Avengers 4. If Phase 4 is supposed to be entirely different from what’s come before and certain contracts are fulfilled, then it would be only natural that some people don’t stick around. However, Evans isn’t confirming anything, as he later clarified,

If some characters do end up exiting, the real spoiler would be how those characters whose contracts are ending are eventually written off, like Captain America dying, for example. That’s the No. 1 theory for how Captain America will make his exit, but there are some who are holding out hope that he gets to walk off into the sunset. Regardless of how Avengers 4 wraps, it’s clear that the role has meant a lot to Evans and it’ll be interesting to see what’s next for the actor.

Asides from concept art leaks, there isn’t a whole lot known about Avengers 4, no matter how many cryptic messages the Russo Brothers tweet. Stick with CinemaBlend, and we’ll keep up updated on all the latest information as soon as it becomes available. Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3, 2019, and to learn more about the movie, here’s everything we know so far.

Watch Seth Meyers Bring Back ‘Really!?!’ On SNL’s Weekend Update

Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update isn’t typically known for its recurring segments, as the bulk of each week’s runtime typically focuses on current events and topical jokes. Most of the hosts, however, eventually stumble upon some catchphrases (“Jane, You Ignorant Slut”, “I’m Chevy Chase, And You’re Not”, etc), recurring guests (Stefon, Bennett Brauer) or through lines which ultimately define their tenures. For longtime Weekend Update host Seth Meyers, one of those through lines was “Really!?!”, a hilarious now and again bit in which him and his co-anchor (usually Amy Poehler) would fire question-after-question off about a particular topic, pausing to say “Really?” before flipping it to the other.

Destiny 2 Reveals What This Year’s Festival Of The Lost Will Include

Bethesda isn’t the only one going all-in on the Halloween festivities with the Elder Scrolls Online goodies. Activision and Bungie are also getting into the festive mood as well by bringing back an annual event for Destiny 2 that originally made its debut last year.

Over on the official Bungie website, there’s a brief update about the Festival of the Lost. It states that after the Red Legion took down the Last City, and that after the death of Cayde-6, which took place in the last big expansion pack called Forsaken, the atmosphere in Destiny 2‘s fictional world has changed and there will be remembrance for the ones that were lost during the fight to protect the Traveler. Starting October 16 next Tuesday, the Festival of the Lost will get underway.

The event will see an overhaul of the Tower, which will be filled with decorations and memorials for those who fell to the Red Legion. But it’s not all about being somber about the fallen ones; it’s also about earning some cool loot along the way as well, which includes daily bounties offered up from Amanda Holliday that will earn you some Fragmented Souls for your troubles.

You can use the Fragmented Souls as a form of currency in Destiny 2 during the Festival of the Lost event. You use them to purchase masks and items, such as the Horror Story Legendary Auto Rifle.

Very briefly, we see some of the masks on display, which includes designs and liveries that feature spooky Halloween-themed monster expressions and designs. You can see them briefly in the main image above as well as over on the Bungie website. New Ephemeral Engrams will be handed out as well, along with new rewards featured on the Bright Dust store.

Earning new gear is always cool, but the event will offer more than that. Last year, Bungie may have given gamers some new loot to acquire, but this year the Festival of the Lost will also include the new Haunted Forest, where you and your buddies can team up to take on various forms of evil, such as ghosts, ghouls, the undead and demons. The Haunted Forest is a limited and timed mission where you’ll have just 15 minutes to clear out the enemies and reap some rewards.

If you don’t have friends, don’t worry about it, though. You can tackle the survival mode solo… assuming you have the gumption and Light to handle it. Alternatively, you can use Destiny 2’s matchmaking system to put you in a group with other Light-likened warriors to take down the forces of evil.

This mode will also be accompanied with a new quest to track down the killer of Master Ives. After visiting his vigil, you can then start a quest line that will see you traveling about in order to hunt down the person (or people) responsible for offing Ives. Doing so will also net you a neat little reward for your efforts in the form of a new item. What’s kind of cool is that there will be new rewards for completing the quest each week. However, this quest will not become available until the very end of October.

Diablo 3 Will Get Cross Platform Play, Eventually

Cross-platform gaming is all the rage right now. It’s become a staple feature in today’s inter-connected gaming ecosystem where so many games are blossoming and focusing on multiplayer content. It only makes sense that if a multiplayer game on various consoles allows players to go online and play with others, why not play with others on other consoles? Well, even Blizzard Entertainment is getting in on the digs and there’s talks about Diablo 3 getting cross-platform play… eventually.

Over on Business Insider, there’s a brief article about how a Blizzard representative told the outlet that given the amount of platforms that Diablo 3 is available on, it’s just a matter of “if” not “when” the game becomes cross-compatible.

Given that the game is going to be available on a total of seven different platforms once it launches on the Nintendo Switch starting November 2, that means that you can play Diablo 3 on seven different devices with seven completely different gaming communities. It does make sense that the company would want to collate and condense the amount of separate servers running for the game, and just have everyone playing together on the same server.

It made sense last gen to keep things separate because the architecture for a lot of the games were set up separately between the systems. PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers likely couldn’t play together because they ran at different frame-rates, sometimes at different resolutions, and obviously had different pros and cons on how multi-platform games ran on the specific hardware. It was also technically impossible to get a lot of Wii U games to run par the course with Xbox 360 or PS3 titles given that usually those ports were completely different.

For today’s generation of gaming, things are a little different. The architecture between the Xbox One and PS4 share a lot of similarities, so much so that ports are no longer as big an issue as they were during the sixth and seventh generation of gaming, and due to cloud engineering it’s also possible to have lower-end hardware like the Switch or mobile phones play with other players on higher-end hardware.

Companies like Epic Games have been vying for cross-platform compatibility, especially after it was originally implemented into the Battle Royale rendition of the third-person shooter Fortnite. However, last year Sony was vehemently against the idea of cross-platform play, much like how Microsoft was against cross-platform play back during seventh gen.

It took a whole year and a whole lot of pressure from the gaming community to finally get Sony to bend the knee and allow companies to implement cross-platform play between PS4 and other home consoles.

Now that Sony has given the go-ahead, and with Microsoft and Nintendo on board with with the idea, it looks like Blizzard Entertainment will be taking advantage of the opportunity for Diablo 3. Despite being six years old, I imagine plenty of gamers would love to hop back into the dark and violent world if they could play with a few friends from across various platforms. All we need to know now is when the feature will arrive.

True Detective Season 3 Finally Revealed Its Release Date

We knew HBO’s anthology series would be returning with a third installment in January. The question has been when exactly in January. While True Detective tends to revolve around mysteries, you can consider one of its new season’s solved. The date for the series’ return has been set, as announced it on the official Twitter account. Find out which date you should set your calendar for via the embed below:

There you have it! Season 3 will premiere January 13, 2019. So we are only a few months away from True Detective‘s next installment. As “next year” is not nearly as far away as it used to be. The latest season will star Oscar winner Mahershala Ali as state police detective Wayne Hays. The season will venture back in time to 1980, the year Ali’s detective becomes embroiled in investigating the case of two missing children in Arkansas.

As seen in the first look at the upcoming season, the show will skip between time, from Wayne’s investigation in the early ’80s to his life in the present day. The toll the case takes on Mahershala Ali’s character is heavily hinted at in the trailer. Based on that first teaser, it seems that True Detective will be getting back to the feel of Season 1 with its latest installment. The wintery vibe of Season 3 will also work well with its newly announced premiere date.

Premiering in the early half of January, Season 3 will arrive in the heart of winter. While Season 2 was met with considerable criticism, its third season could be the one it finds redemption. Arriving on the scene with an incredible debut season, True Detective became an overnight pop culture sensation. The anthology’s latest installment appears to be going back to what made that one work: a detective mystery and character drama that spans years.

The upcoming season will be comprised of eight episodes. Season 3 will chronicle a “macabre crime” that takes place at the center of the Ozarks. The mystery will “deepen” over the course of multiple decades and span three different time periods, so this season will be nothing short of ambitious. Season 1 revolved around similar elements. However, it was set in Louisiana, whereas Season 3 will take place in the Ozarks, a location that seems to be becoming a TV trend.

With a premiere date, plot and impressive cast, True Detective‘s third season appears primed to make the unpleasant memories of Season 2 fade away. Or at least hopefully it can. True Detective Season 3 premieres Sunday, January 13 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. The list of fall premieres that will be making their way to television in the meantime is vast.

How Shooting Star Wars: Episode IX Is Different From The Other Movies, According To Oscar Isaac

It was just a few years ago that we were introduced to Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron and all the other major new players of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, but following The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, this era of a galaxy far, far away will conclude in late 2019 with the release of Episode IX. For this last chapter, J.J. Abrams returned to the director’s chair, and Isaac has noticed that this time around, shooting has felt more laid back. The actor said:

Oscar Isaac has been keeping busy lately with projects like The Addams Family animated movie and Triple Frontier, and currently he’s deep into principal photography on Star Wars: Episode IX. As Isaac informed Indiewire, he plans on taking the next year off once Episode IX has wrapped, but for now, he hasn’t been too worn down working on the space opera blockbuster. Sure the goal is to give audiences a great movie, but under J.J. Abrams’ direction, Isaac feels that there’s been less pressure and more opportunities to improvise.

J.J. Abrams was brought in to usher a new era of Star Wars cinematic history with The Force Awakens, and Rian Johnson filled his shoes on The Last Jedi. Although Abrams initially didn’t plan on returning to the Star Wars franchise once The Force Awakens was done, after Colin Trevorrow exited Episode IX due to creative differences, Abrams stepped in to helm and co-write the project.

Given that The Force Awakens was the first live action Star Wars movie to be released since Revenge of the Sith a decade earlier, it’s understandable that there was a lot of pressure to get this grand return right. But it’s good to hear that for Episode IX, there’s more of a relaxed feel on set. This is the last time these talents will be together working on a Star Wars project, so shouldn’t they try to be more innovative and have a little extra fun?

Thus far, plot details for Star Wars: Episode IX are under wraps, although there’s been no shortage of rumors and speculation about what’s in store for Poe Dameron and the rest of the main cast. However, they’ll be joined by plenty of newcomers, with Richard E. Grant, Keri Russell, Naomi Ackie, Dominic Monaghan and Matt Smith all being added to the lineup, as well as Billy Dee reprising Lando Calrissian for his first theatrical appearance since Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20, 2019, so keep checking back with CinemaBlend for more coverage on its progress. Don’t forget to also look through our Star Wars movies guide to learn what else is in development for the franchise.

How X-Force Can Distinguish Itself From The Deadpool Movies, According To Drew Goddard

Writer and director Drew Goddard has previously said he’s a one-film-at-a-time kind of filmmaker, and with his incredibly captivating crime thriller, Bad Times at the El Royale, now out in theaters, excitement for his next project is running high. His name has been attached to Deadpool spinoff X-Force for some time, and making his mark on a superhero team-up lead by the Merc with a Mouth is an intriguing undertaking for Goddard. It looks like he can’t wait to delve into it, with these words:

In the sometimes-tiresome superhero genre, Deadpool was a unique gem that dazzled viewers in a refreshing way, mixing raunchy comedy with vigilantism and heartfelt romance. It seemed like a one-of-a-kind, one-in-a-lifetime kind of release until Logan, and then Deadpool 2 recreated the same sort of magic. Next, Drew Goddard wants to do the same with an ensemble superhero film, which so far seems like more of an extension of Deadpool 2 as Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz are all said to reprise their roles as Deadpool, Cable and Domino, respectively.

However, while early reports point to production starting this month, right now, plans have been delayed due to the Fox/Disney merger, and Goddard isn’t sure when it will get moving again. In his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the writer/director showed his genuine excitement to work with the main cast and work with a property that has a special freedom to stray away from the typical genre tropes and deliver varying tones laced throughout it. Goddard found the surprising heartfelt moments in Deadpool to be the secret weapon of the film.

X-Force would draw from the ’90s comic book series of the same title, which Drew Goddard admits he loved and still has quite a few issues stored away in his garage. The series positioned itself as an edgier X-Men, as the team formed by Cable use a more black ops approach to crime fighting. Goddard has, of course, taken on Marvel properties before. He created the first Netflix-Marvel television series, Daredevil, and he also previously wrote a Sinister Six film which never saw the light of day when Sony started teaming up with Marvel after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 underperformed.

With the incomparable Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool at the center and the Bad Times at the El Royale writer/director helming, X-Force looks like it would certainly be something special. With a different eye on X-Force compared to the Deadpool franchise, the spinoff could easily set itself apart from the others movies while still feeling part of the same universe.

Check out Drew Goddard’s impressive and enthralling film, Bad Times at the El Royale in theaters now.