How Much Money Doctor Sleep Could Make In Its Opening Weekend

It’s a good time for Stephen King adaptations. In the past the author’s work has been the subject of horrendous TV movies and mini-series, but now it is getting the big screen treatment with new adaptations contributing to the horror renaissance. Just this year, Pet Sematary got a new theatrical adaptation along with IT Chapter Two, which is currently dominating the box office. Still to come are the Netflix film In the Tall Grass and Doctor Sleep, the theatrical sequel to The Shining.

Doctor Sleep doesn’t arrive in theaters until November but we now know how much the film could make in its opening weekend. The long-range tracking is in and Doctor Sleep is being forecasted to open between $20-$30 million, with Box Office Pro predicting a more specific $25 million debut. Although the forecast can change in either direction as we get closer to release date, that would be a strong opening weekend for the Shining sequel and one of the better openings for a Stephen King adaptation.

For comparison, Pet Sematary opened to $24.5 million earlier this year, making it the third-best opening for a Stephen King theatrical adaptation behind IT’s $123.4 million and IT Chapter Two’s $91 million. So, if Doctor Sleep debuts to $25 million or better, it will slot into third on that list and even on the low end of that range it would still best stuff like 1408, The Green Mile and The Dark Tower.

Other than IT Chapter Two, the biggest horror debut in 2019 belongs to Us, with $71.1 million. Doctor Sleep isn’t tracking anywhere near that, but it is tracking in the range as some of the other horror this year, like The Curse of La Llorona’s $26.3 million and Annabelle Comes Home’s $20.2 million, with the possibility to become one of the best horror openings this year outside of the top two.

As far as the end game goes, Doctor Sleep could even end its domestic run with $92 million, which wouldn’t be too shabby as far as R-rated horror is concerned. Doctor Sleep has a few things going for it. The Shining is a true horror classic and Doctor Sleep will have the benefit of that pedigree as the sequel to that film.

Additionally, Doctor Sleep stars the ever-popular Ewan McGregor and it hails from writer-director Mike Flanagan who previously knocked it out of the park on Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House and another Stephen King adaptation Gerald’s Game. That could bode well for the quality of the film itself and social and trailer trends indicate Doctor Sleep could be a hit if the quality is there.

On the competition front, Doctor Sleep debuts in a busy weekend, but one it should win based on tracking, unless Terminator: Dark Fate breaks out huge the week before. The Emilia Clarke-Henry Golding romantic comedy Last Christmas is forecasted to open between $12-$17 million, although I suspect that one could easily outperform that. Roland Emmerich’s Midway is looking to open with $10-$15 million, with the John Cena flick Playing with Fire rounding things out with $7-$12 million.

There are also not a ton of major adult horror films hitting in October. Instead, there’s the kid-friendly The Addams Family and the comedic Zombieland: Double Tap hitting the bill during the traditional horror month, after which the Stephen King property will drop in November. Thus, there could be a built-up desire for scares by the time Doctor Sleep hits.

The potential pitfall for Doctor Sleep is younger audience awareness of either The Shining film or Stephen King’s novels. Somewhat younger audiences can drive horror hits, but whether they are familiar with a 1980 film and even a classic such as The Shining is the question — although Ready Player One may have helped that somewhat. The trailers have established that link at least for those who are familiar, although I can’t help but wonder if that connection should have been more explicit just from a marketing standpoint, like calling it The Shining: Doctor Sleep.

We’ll get a better idea of how things are looking once we get closer to the film’s release date. Doctor Sleep shines on theater screens starting on November 8. Check out our 2019 release schedule to keep track of all the other big movies coming this fall.

The Most Expensive Part Of The Downton Abbey Film, According To The Director

Downton Abbey King George V mounted on a horse with the Royal Artillery

Living the lap of luxury and/or royalty, in any age, is not going to come cheap. But trying to recreate a bygone era, such as the one shown in Downton Abbey’s big cinematic debut, will definitely run up a bit of a budget when done right.

Out of all the lavish costumes, beautiful sets and every other change made to scale the ITV/PBS hit show up to cinematic heights, there was one expense that was greater than the rest. According to Downton Abbey’s director, Michael Engler, it was the royal parade scenes that really cranked the money wheel on this particular project.

It’s not hard to see why either, as Engler himself ran down the following lot of expenses for me, as I sat down with him on behalf of CinemaBlend. Here’s what he had to say:

Well, the most expensive was definitely creating the whole royal parade, because we did have the actual Queen’s royal troop. So we had to bring them to this part of England for three days, and put up a camp site and mess tent, and stables, and bring veterinarians and their whole crew of people. That, and then have enough hair and makeup and wardrobe people, because every single cast member is in that sequence, and hundreds of extras.

With King George V and Queen Mary heading to the Crawley family estate in Downton Abbey’s return, there’s a lot of hype and pageantry that goes into the big day. Anyone who’s familiar with royal culture could tell you that was going to happen. However, on top of all of those expenses, there’s the fact that for three days, there were hundreds of extras, as well as the main stars of the Downton firmament, all participating in said pageantry.

So you have a large collection of actors, the Royal Artillery and their horses on loan, and all of the support staff involved in making those aspects ready for the camera. And they’re all on retainer for three days of shooting. There couldn’t possibly be any more of an expense to the entire endeavor, right?

Wrong. Michael Engler continued explaining the situation by including the following aspects into the total cost of Downton Abbey’s most expensive set-piece:

Everybody’s two hours outside of London, so to bring that many people in every department for a week to shoot that, and put everyone up, and feed everybody, and all that, it’s a big, complicated thing that not many movies would do. It’s like even finding 400 hotel rooms, in an area like that out there, with enough advance that you can get them all, the logistics of it really is like mobilizing an army.

Filming of the parade sequence took place out in the village of Lacock, which provided the perfect period setting for the royal visit’s procession through the world of Downton Abbey. It’s been preserved by the National Trust, as it owns almost the entire village, so that just makes the usage of this location all the more fitting. Though it’s not the first time this particular village has been used for Downton history.

Back in the final season, the second episode saw the Crawleys going off to a fatstock show, and sure enough, the ensuing drama was filmed right in the heart of Lacock. Though, considering the jump from TV to film has made Downton Abbey a bit more grand in scope, we can’t imagine that it was nearly that busy the first time around.

The results of all of the painstaking work and added expense paid off though, as Downton Abbey has been realized for the silver screen in a fashion that only its particular brand of drama and nostalgia could pull off. And leave it to the world of Downton to take that which is familiar and turn it into something grander and more exuberant when the occasion calls for it.

You can see for yourself this evening, as Downton Abbey opens its doors in early showings tonight, with the full rollout taking place tomorrow.

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Wes Anderson’s Next Film Has A Plot, A Title And An Incredible Cast

The frame is centered and the picture has a vintage tinge – it must be time for another Wes Anderson film! Whispers of the quirky, Oscar-nominated director’s next project have been floating around, and now some official details have now been revealed. Anderson’s next film will be called The French Dispatch and feature an impressive cast of actors – including frequent collaborators Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and Tilda Swinton.

The French Dispatch will be a love letter to journalists and be set in a fictional French city at an American newspaper outpost. The collection of stories published in the titular “French Dispatch” magazine will be brought to life through Wes Anderson’s vision. Fox Searchlight officially announced its acquired rights, along with a 2020 release date.

Benicio Del Toro, Frances McDormand, Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright, Léa Seydoux and Timothée Chalamet have each been cast in roles in The French Dispatch. Additionally, French actors Mathieu Amalric (also in Grand Budapest Hotel) and Lyna Khoudri have joined, along with newcomer Stephen Park.

The movie is currently in production and will follow Wes Anderson’s second stop-motion film, Isle of Dogs, released in 2018. Fans of the filmmaker will be excited to hear Bill Murray will continue his streak and once again grace an Anderson film. It’s also no surprise Tilda Swinton and Owen Wilson are amongst the cast. The latter started out as his writing partner and star in his first movie, Bottle Rocket, and has appeared in many of Anderson’s movies since then.

The upcoming release certainly marks tons of talented actors in first-time roles with the established filmmaker as well. Benicio Del Toro has yet to work with Wes Anderson between his work Paul Thomas Anderson, Denis Villenueve and so forth. It should be fun to see how Del Toro translates into Anderson’s aesthetic along with The Goldfinch’s Jeffrey Wright and 23-year-old Timothée Chalamet, who will soon be seen in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women and Villenueve’s Dune.

Fans of the filmmaker certainly can expect a certain tone and whimsy going into a Wes Anderson flick. The writer/director is an expert at bringing together ensemble casts and giving them sharp dialogue to work with. The French Dispatch looks like no exception.

The movie will be produced by Wes Anderson, Steven Rales and Jeremy Dawson, a team who previously worked on Isle of Dogs, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Darjeeling Limited.

Other big names such as Saoirse Ronan, Elisabeth Moss, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, Jason Schwartzman and Willem Dafoe have been attached to the cast, but are not among those who have been confirmed by Fox Searchlight.

The studio behind The French Dispatch has an Anderson-esque release coming soon in the form of Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit, which is getting Oscar buzz ahead of its release on October 18.

Rambo: Last Blood Reviews – Here’s What Critics Are Saying

In the past few years, Sylvester Stallone’s most iconic character, Rocky, has been revitalized on the big screen thanks to the Creed films. Those films have found success at the box office and been critically well received, while also offering a fitting end for the character… which may turn out to not actually be the end. Now Sylvester Stallone is back with a swan song for his second-most iconic character, John Rambo in Rambo: Last Blood.

The fifth film in the Rambo franchise, and the first in over a decade, comes from director Adrian Grunberg, and it tells the story of an older Rambo who is forced to return to his killing ways when a friend’s daughter is kidnapped by a drug cartel. The reviews are now out for this weekend’s Rambo: Last Blood. So does it send the character out in a blaze of glory and is it as awesome as its fantastic title suggests?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t look to be the case if the early reviews are any indication. Indiewire’s Eric Kohn found the film tiresome and gave the film a “D+.” In his review, he said:

The sentiment that Rambo: Last Blood doesn’t feel like a proper Rambo movie is found in several of the reviews for the film so far. Forbes’ Scott Mendolsohn found Last Blood to be a disappointing entry that it didn’t live up to its predecessors or other films in the genre. He said:

One thing that all the reviews seem to agree on is that Rambo: Last Blood is every bit the gory and ultra-violent action flick that it appears to be. That ultra-violence and its execution does not work for everyone though. In his review for Variety, Peter Debruge said:

Opinions will vary on the violence in Rambo: Last Blood, and there will certainly be many people who buy their ticket to witness that very thing. Uproxx’s Vince Mancini acknowledged the over-the-top nature of the violence, but still gave the film a positive review and found it to be worth a watch for that very ridiculousness. He called the film a “rollicking good time” and said:

That opinion is definitely in the minority. IGN’s Witney Seibold acknowledged the film’s action merits, but took issue with the way the action was carried out and the implications of the film’s politics. He was not alone in that criticism, as other critics took issue with what they saw as xenophobia in Last Blood. In his 4.5 out of 10 review, Witney Seibold said:

As you can tell, there aren’t many truly positive reviews for Last Blood so far, but not everyone hated it either. Edmund Lee of the South China Morning Post actually enjoyed the film for what it is. He said:

Rambo is an iconic character so it is a bummer that this potentially final film has received largely negative reviews. That’s a feeling expressed by The Hollywood Reporter’s Frank Scheck, who said of Rambo:

So it doesn’t look like Rambo: Last Blood will be a revival for the character in the way Creed was for Rocky, at least not in the critical sense. Right now, Rambo: Last Blood sits at a 39% on Rotten Tomatoes, which to be honest is basically in line with the previous Rambo movies, with the exception of First Blood, which enjoys an 86%. Overall, things aren’t looking good on the critical front. Maybe we can hold out hope for Sly’s prequel idea.

Despite the negative reception, I don’t think the reviews have indicated that audiences will be getting anything less than they want or expect from this film and this franchise, so I have a feeling the audience and critical divide might be stark on this one.

9 Great Movies Coming To Netflix In October 2019

Bad Boys II Martin Lawrence takes an phone call angrily, with Will Smith looking on worried

October is a big month for spookiness, as the Halloween season is headed our way. But that doesn’t mean the normal programming season is put on hold, which is probably why Netflix has unveiled not only its full schedule for next month, but also a separate listing for the spookier options that are headed to their platform.

In the middle of the spooky season cranking up, it’s still nice to have some titles that can give the audience a break from being frightened and disturbed. Though some of the movies we’ve chosen for this month’s highlight reel still fit into those categories. I mean, it IS October! With that in mind, take a look at what we’ve selected as the best and brightest of October 2019’s Netflix lineup.

Men In Black Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are about to neurolyze someone.

Men In Black

While you’ll be able to see the first two Men In Black movies on Netflix this month, it’s unquestionably sound that we recommend that first movie director Barry Sonnenfeld used to introduce this particular world of extraterrestrial law enforcement. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ chemistry made box office gold back in 1997, and even with the two immediate sequels being enjoyable in their own right, this one has to be the best of the lot. If you’re gearing up for Smith’s Gemini Man, or want to see some more Jones action after partaking in Ad Astra, have at it.

Sin City Kevin's glasses reflecting creepily in the dark

Sin City

Director Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City is one of those movies that is a gem, both on a technical and storytelling level. Based off of co-director/writer Frank Miller’s comic of the same name, the film was an early experiment in the age of totally digital sets. In lesser hands, the toys would have been the focus, but Rodriguez used this then-revolutionary technology to tell three interconnected crime stories in a heightened, more visually stunning reality. We’re lucky to have a movie like Sin City in existence, and that luck has now offered you the opportunity to see it again, or for the first time, on Netflix in the coming month.

Good Burger Abe Vigoda Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson steal a wagon

Good Burger

The nostalgia wave has caught the ’90s by the snap bracelet, and we’re finding all sorts of ways to relive those prime Nickelodeon days. Just as the All That revival has brought back the Good Burger sketch for a new generation, the cult classic film adaptation of that sketch is headed to Netflix once more. As talks of a Good Burger sequel have been served hot and delicious to the internet in the past couple of years, this is a good reminder of how those rumors became so precious in the first place. Let’s just hope that sequel is as crazy as the follow-up book that dropped not too long after Good Burger hit theaters, Good Burger 2 Go.

Trainspotting Ewan Bremner Ewan McGregor and Robert Carlyle pose for a picture


Director Danny Boyle had a hell of a 2019 with his hit film, Yesterday, making waves with critics and fans. Strangely enough, after reading that his classic Trainspotting was coming back to the Netflix streaming lineup, it started us to thinking: what would the world be like without the existence of that very film? It’s a horrifying thought for sure, as the fresh cast of talent, comprised of the likes of Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle, and Kelly McDonald may not have hit it big in their individual careers. Also, a world that doesn’t have experience with a creepy hallucination involving a ceiling crawling baby is one we’re not sure we want to live in.

Bad Boys Will Smith and Martin Lawrence mug in front of fire

Bad Boys

If you’re really serious about that Gemini Man marathon we mentioned back when we were discussing Men in Black, we’ve got some more good news for you. Both Bad Boys films are available on the Netflix library next month, which means you’ll have time to catch up and/or refresh yourself on Will Smith’s younger/cockier self. It’s also a good time to see Smith and Martin Lawrence’s past exploits return to the front, as Bad Boys For Life is just a couple months away. What better way to celebrate than spending some time with Detectives Burnett and Lowery, and their adventures in their prime?

Ocean's Thirteen the entire gang crowds around a Craps table

Ocean’s Thirteen

As streaming libraries start to pop up, all in the name of keeping titles from specific studios in the family, there will come a day when a movie like Ocean’s Thirteen, and its sequels/predecessors, will move to a new home. Thankfully, HBO Max (the presumptive home for the Warner Bros created Ocean’s series) isn’t up and running just yet, and Ocean’s Thirteen is going to bring Danny (George Clooney) and his merry band of thieves’ final ride back to your attention. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make it a triple feature in October, but you will be able to pair this film with Ocean’s Twelve. Just in case you wanted more heist action.

The Island Scarlet Johansson and Ewan McGregor look shocked

The Island

The world has to wonder how much different director Michael Bay’s career would have been had he actually scored a hit with the 2005 sci-fi/action thriller The Island. While it did feel a bit like a Logan’s Run sort of dystopia, with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson running around to try and stop an insidious plot lurking behind their idyllic surroundings, it was most definitely a Bay movie that worked in every sense. In the grand scheme of things, the movie failed and Michael Bay moved on to take over the Transformers franchise. However, if more people had seen The Island, maybe that could have been prevented. We’ll never know now; but it’s not too late to enjoy the film for yourself.

Free Fire Shartlo Copley points out, while Brie Larson and Armie Hammer hang back

Free Fire

Free Fire answers the age old question, “What happens when you give idiots a huge supply of guns, money, and egos, and let them run loose in a warehouse in the middle of the night?” Director Ben Wheatley provides the solution to that particularly comedic equation, and he’s got the likes of Armie Hammer, Shartlo Copley, Jack Reynor, and Brie Larson to help him figure it out. While not as rapid fire as the trailers originally made it out to be, the film is actually a fun caper that makes for some easy entertainment, thanks to all of the evolving personalities that occupy its short and tight narrative.

Raging Bull Robert DeNiro punches someone out in the ring

Raging Bull

Looking at Netflix’s incoming lineups of streaming entertainment, you can kind of see patterns emerge. Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen the big red envelope factory also bringing director Martin Scorsese’s films into the fold, in preparation for November’s debut of his latest film (and Netflix Original) The Irishman. Perhaps the greatest title they could use to set up the movie where Robert DeNiro is de-aged by a good 20 years or so is the classic he and Scorsese unleashed upon the world in 1980, Raging Bull. An Oscar titan that told the real life story of boxer Jake LaMotta, with DeNiro playing the title role and Joe Pesci co-starring, it’s exactly the type of film the studio wants The Irishman to be. If this turns out to be the case, we’re in for a hell of a show, and you can see why if you watch Raging Bull.

As usual, all of the titles above are subject to change. So you’ll want to double check throughout the month of October to see when and if these selections come online. We’ll see you this time next month, when November promises to give Netflix subscribers the perfect line-up to prepare them for the tentpole season ahead.

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X-Men’s Wolverine: 5 Actors Perfect For The Role In The Inevitable MCU Reboot

Wolverine Marvel Comics

It’s an unenviable task to take over Hugh Jackman’s adamantium claws as Wolverine. The A-list actor became one of the most respected and beloved actors in Hollywood, in no small part to his dedication and talents in playing the role of the popular X-Men character. But alas, Jackman has hung up his claws and called it a day for the X-Men universe. Now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has big plans to take over the X-Men franchise, there will inevitably be a day when the famous part is recast. It won’t be an easy decision, but there are a number of actors to consider for taking over as Wolverine.

But this decision isn’t quite as easily as speculating on, say, who should play Moon Knight or She-Hulk. With an acclaimed actor having played the role for nearly two decades, often to high praise, one can’t simply cast someone else and hope they gather the same traction. It needs to be an actor who is equally as charismatic or captivating, while also nailing the character’s action sleuth and biting sense of humor. It is not an easy gig, certainly.

Nevertheless, there are certainly a number of actors who’ve been proposed for the role in recent years. Notably, and somewhat oddly, Daniel Radcliffe was reported to be considered for the part, and he laughed off the rumors of playing Wolverine. There are also a few other actors being considered who are, at least from this early standpoint, intriguing and worth discussing. And there of plenty of other names that have been brought up, like Scott Eastwood.

Like we said, it’s not an easy decision, and there’s a good case to be made about a wide variety of actors out there. Some of them seem unlikely, like the intriguing idea of casting Jason Momoa, despite his casting commitments to Aquaman. But a lot of them aren’t out of the realm of possibility. Here are five performers that would be perfect for the role and should be thrown into the consideration pool.

Joe Manganiello - True Blood

Joe Manganiello

While the True Blood actor might be a little too old to play the muscle-bound part for more than a few years, there’s definitely potential to be found in Joe Manganiello’s take on the silver-clawed comic book character. He has the gruff look to accompany the character, and it’s clear from his work in the Magic Mike movies that he has the wry sense of humor to play off the balance of tough and brooding, mixed with humorous and sarcastic.

Depending on what the Marvel Cinematic Universe plans to do with the character, especially if they want to respect the legacy of Hugh Jackman’s portrayal and have Wolverine be a minor, short-lived figure in this world, it would definitely be intriguing to see what Joe Manganiello could do. He has the look. Plus, his work on True Blood allowed the actor to frequently get in touch with his animalistic side, which would obviously be very crucial for Wolverine. Also, he deserves another crack at the superhero genre following his short time as Flash Thompson and even shorter tenure as Deathstroke.

Garrett Hedlund - Triple Frontier

Garrett Hedlund

Although Garrett Hedlund might be better known for his lesser performances in something like TRON: Legacy, he has quietly become a captivating and versatile actor, filled with emotional range and dramatic heft. Soulful performances in On the Road, Inside Llewyn Davis and Country Strong, to name a few, show the wild spirit he brings to the right role, while the brooding intensity found in Death Sentence showcases an actor who can convey a sense of menace and malice that’ve been underutilized in the actor’s previous work. Both qualities could work well in the role of Wolverine.

Garrett Hedlund strikes one as an actor who has proven his chops, but hasn’t been able to make the transition into the mainstream. His bigger movies have often left him short, and it’s ultimately his smaller, more emotionally intensive roles that have showcased his dramatic talents. Therefore, it’s also possible that the MCU might not be his best route, but it’s also apparent that a bigger, meatier role in a proven franchise might just be what it takes to push him into superstar status. Despite his thin frame, Hedlund has also proven a physical versatility that could see him beefing up and impressing us.

Jai Courtney - Suicide Squad

Jai Courtney

If asked a few years earlier, I don’t think I could see Jai Courtney playing the part of Wolverine. The handsome actor hasn’t proven his potential in big misfires like Terminator: Genisys and A Good Day To Die Hard. But in Suicide Squad, which was also critically derided outside of his performance and Margot Robbie’s killer take on Harley Quinn, Courtney stepped up and proved that, in the right role, he could be charismatic and oddly charming.

In the role of Captain Boomerbang, all the years of Hollywood trying to capitalize on his unseen star power finally made sense. And in a better movie, that could’ve been the star-making role the actor was finally looking for. Alas, it didn’t work out, but his performance was impressive enough to make the actor return to set for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Though there’s no telling with that movie’s expected high body count if he will make it to the end. If he finds himself unable to boomerang back into the franchise, there is potential for him to finally make it big playing Wolverine in the MCU. The fellow Australian actor has the physicality, the hair and the potential to go wild in a major way, and it would be nice to see that potential realized.

Luke Evans - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Poster

Luke Evans

Similar to some other actors listed here, Luke Evans is an actor who can shine in the right role, but he hasn’t always found the roles to showcase his dramatic talents. Nevertheless, even in lesser movies like Beauty and the Beast, Murder Mystery and Ma, Luke Evans makes a good impression. And it’s clear that he has been putting in enough hours in big blockbuster movies like Fast & Furious 6 and Furious 7, along with the The Hobbit movies, to stand out well if given the right leading part. Even if Wolverine were just a supporting player in the MCU, Luke Evans could play that to his favor.

Oftentimes, Luke Evans stands out best in minor roles, which allow him to expand his talents and give standout performances with a lot of flair and charisma. If Wolverine were to play something of a mentor figure this time around, which isn’t confirmed by any means, it would be interesting to see Luke Evans use his talents in supporting roles to make the most of his time with the silver claws. He’s an actor who seems like he’s just one role away from getting big.

Taron Egerton - Robin Hood

Taron Egerton

Although last year’s Robin Hood wasn’t exactly the action star role that he might’ve hoped it would be, Taron Egerton has had few troubles making a great impression in Hollywood. With both Kingsman movies, Egerton has proved himself charming, captivating and very charismatic. It’s also clear from this summer’s winning biopic, Rocketman, where Egerton played a younger version of Elton John, that he has both the comedic and dramatic chops to stand out in other roles. Therefore, it wouldn’t be entirely out of the question to see the actor bulk up to play a younger Wolverine.

It also helps that Taron Egerton worked with Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, in the underrated sports comedy Eddie the Eagle, where Egerton had few troubles standing toe-to-toe with the acting veteran. Indeed, playing the role of Wolverine is something that Taron Egerton has mulled over. He is a big X-Men fan, by his own admission, and he seems flattered by the opportunity to play a role in the X-Men universe — even if he might possibly be a little sheepish (understandably) about playing Wolverine. Nevertheless, even if it didn’t work out to play Wolverine, he should definitely be considered for some part in the MCU.

These are only a few actors who might be able to pull off the task of playing Wolverine. There are also some exciting players like Tom Hardy and Liev Schreiber who’ve been teased in the past, but their commitments to other superhero movies, plus their age (if the franchise is thinking about an actor playing Wolverine for the extended future) would likely restrict them from getting the role.

But we know that you probably have several different actors in mind who could play the part. Therefore. let us know in the comment section which actors have the chops to play Wolverine inside the MCU.

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Rihanna Denies Rumors Of Playing Poison Ivy In The DCEU

With Robert Pattinson having been cast as the new big screen Batman, the next obvious question is, who will play the bad guys? While several characters have been rumored, we don’t know for sure who might show up in The Batman or any other Batman-adjacent DC movies that might go into production. The rumor mill recently churned out the idea that Rhianna could play Poison Ivy in an upcoming film, but the singer and actress says nothing like that is happening, at least not yet.

The rumor apparently started from an Instagram post where Rhianna compared a piece of her new clothing line to the Batmobile. That simple line, combined with the fact that Rhianna frequently dyes her hair red, was enough to get people to start talking about her in the role of Poison Ivy. However, Rhianna recently told ET that nothing like that is happening, though she did admit a love for Batman and Poison Ivy.

These days it doesn’t take much to get a rumor started. The fact that casting decisions are likely being considered as we speak as it regards numerous roles in Matt Reeves’ The Batman certainly didn’t hurt.

Poison Ivy could potentially show up in The Batman. There’s also Gotham City Sirens, which, while we’ve heard little about it recently, we do know the plan for that film would have included Poison Ivy as a character, so if that project ever moves forward, somebody will need to be cast in the role.

And when the time comes to cast Poison Ivy, Warner Bros. and DC should probably at least keep Rhianna in mind. While she says nobody has talked to her about the role, she admits that she would absolutely be interested in auditioning if the opportunity was offered, saying…

So who knows, maybe this erroneous rumor will end up having the result of the erroneous rumor coming true.

With Matt Reeves Batman movie set to go before cameras soon, likely early next year, there’s a good chance we’ll get some more casting announcements for the film in the near future. Whether or not they include Poison Ivy now, it seems likely we’ll be seeing her on the big screen sooner rather than later.

Blake Lively Kicks All Sorts Of Ass In Sexy, Stylish The Rhythm Section Trailer

The Rhythm Section stars Blake Lively as a woman whose life spirals out of control after she losses her entire family in a plane crash. While that could be enough to send anybody over the edge, the final push comes when she discovers the crash was not an accident, but an intentional bombing. Now Lively’s character has found a purpose in life, revenge.

Of course, Lively’s character, named Stephanie Patrick, is no super spy or military expert, so she needs help to learn how to do what she’ll need to do to get that revenge. This is where Jude law comes in, as the reluctant teacher, who helps Patrick become the killer she’ll need to become. 

More to come…

Fun Pixar Fan Theory Just Got Shot Down By Ratatouille Director Brad Bird

There’s nothing quite like a good fan theory to get you to see a well loved movie in a whole new light. Pixar’s films seem to be particularly susceptible to fan theories. People love to read into them a bit deeper and look for hidden meanings and connections. However, not everything means what you think it means.

Pixar’s Ratatouille tells the story of a rat named Remy that loves to cook. It’s also the story of a young chef named Linquini and a restaurant critic named Anton Ego. One interesting fan theory is that Remy and Anton Ego are connected, and that Remy learned to cook in the same house where Anton grew up. The basis of this theory is that two separate scenes, one showing Remy learning to cook, and another showing Anton Ego remembering his childhood and his mother, appear to take place in the same kitchen.

Unfortunately, Ratatouille director Brad Bird has revealed that the reason for these two kitchens looking the same has a far more mundane origin. It had nothing to do with making a secret connection in the plot, and everything to do with saving time animating.

The idea that Remy and Anton have this connection was posted by a Twitter account trying to show off movie easter eggs, but it turns out this wasn’t really an easter egg, just a time saving move. If you’ve already created the objects needed for a kitchen in your computer animated movie, you can do it all again, or save time and just reuse the objects. Brad Bird apparently decided to go with the latter option. Why reinvent the wheel?

This is actually pretty funny. While this particular fan theory doesn’t exactly totally change Ratatouille in any meaningful way, it was a cute way to look at the story. When Anton Ego eats Remy’s dish of ratatouille, he is transported back to his childhood and the food his mother made, it wasn’t a crazy idea to believe that Remy might have learned to make the dish from Ego’s actual mother.

Of course, fan theories are really just for the fans, and the fact that the filmmakers didn’t secretly mean for us to make this hidden connection doesn’t actually mean we can’t still hold on to the fan theory. Most fan theories are built on less evidence than this, and those fans still hold on to them, not because they’re real, but simply because they’re fun.

Although, some people, like Ratatouille voice actor Patton Oswalt, thinks Brad Bird should have kept his mouth shut and made it look like he was a genius.

Brad Bird may not have intended for fans to draw this particular conclusion, but reusing the assets, he still ultimately makes the conclusion plausible. Whether you choose to believe the theory or not is up to you. That’s how fan theories work. Once a piece of art is out in the world, the audience gets to interpret what it means, and no theory is truly wrong.

ReelBlend #84: Legendary Cinematographer Roger Deakins And Director John Crowley Talk The Goldfinch

Do you know one guaranteed way to improve your movie? Hire Roger Deakins to be your cinematographer. Director John Crowley figured that out when he tapped the Oscar winner to shoot The Goldfinch, his adaptation of Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. And it’s something that has been proven over the years by filmmakers like Joel and Ethan Coen and Sam Mendes.

Very few make your movie look as amazing as cinematographer Roger Deakins. Which is why we were thrilled to have Deakins and Crowley join us on this week’s episode of ReelBlend to talk about The Goldfinch, their past films, and the ongoing debate about digital versus film.

Before they turned the platform over to Crowley and Deakins, the ReelBlend boys dove into the reports that Robert Downey Jr. might return as Tony Stark for the Black Widow film. From there, Jake opened up about his general disinterest in Marvel’s Phase Four plans, which triggered a heat discussion.

They also discussed It Chapter Two in greater detail, which led to the rumors that co-star Bill Skarsgard and director Andy Muschietti have had conversations about where a possible It 3 could go.

Good idea? Bad idea? Let us know your thoughts.

This Week In Movies led to spoiler-free reviews of Brad Pitt’s Ad Astra, and Kevin and Jake got to share stories about interviewing Pitt this week in Washington D.C.

Finally, in honor of the Roger Deakins appearance on the show, the guys played #RogerDeakinsBlend, but took the game one step further by singling out their favorite Deakins shots. You all played along on social media, and your choices were excellent!

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