How Mayans M.C. Prevented Spoilers Before The Series Premiere

The premiere of Mayans M.C. marked the arrival of a series that already had a fanbase ready and waiting to tune in. The Sons of Anarchy spinoff was going to take viewers back to the world that had developed over the years of the original series while also taking them to a new location and featuring almost entirely new characters. Mayans was in the works for years, and now that we’re in an age of social media and spoilers, secrets seemed bound to get out. Michael Irby, who stars as Bishop on Mayans M.C., recently spoke with CinemaBlend about the series. In addition to sharing how reshoots impacted the Sons of Anarchy spinoff, he had this to say when I asked if the show had taken steps to prevent spoilers:

As it turns out, some members of the Mayans M.C. team were a bit more open on social media than FX and co-creator Kurt Sutter were hoping for. It’s so easy to share on platforms like Twitter and Instagram nowadays that it’s also easy to overshare, and even the tiniest details could give away significant parts of a series like Mayans M.C. For a show set in a universe already established and filled in by a whole other series, Mayans managed to keep a lot of details quiet, which made footage from trailers all the more exciting and built anticipation for the September 4 premiere.

Of course, a social media blackout isn’t the most drastic measure a project has taken to keep a lid on spoilers. The casts of Game of Thrones and just about every Marvel and Star Wars installment would probably love to only have to deal with a social media blackout. That said, Mayans M.C. doesn’t have a member of the cast notorious for dropping spoilers like Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo.

Michael Irby’s comments about the social media blackout indicate that FX was more concerned with protecting the story than keeping every single aspect of production a secret. Would the Mayans premiere have felt as intense and engaging if we’d already known about every character, action sequence, and location?

As surprising as the social media blackout was to Michael Irby, he went on in our chat to explain how effective he believes it was:

The first season of Mayans M.C. has a ways to go, so the cast isn’t in the clear to give away all the set secrets just yet. Still, a lot more of the series could have been spoiled even before the premiere if not for the social media blackout in the lead-up to the advertising push. The buzz for Mayans M.C. couldn’t be higher nowadays, and that might not have been the case if viewers knew a whole lot of details ahead of time.

To see Michael Irby and the rest of the cast in action in new episodes of Mayans M.C., tune in to FX on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET. It’s only one of the thrilling new shoes in the 2018 fall lineup, and there’s a lot to look forward to on the rest of the nights of the week as well.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Has The Most Depressing Easter Egg Ever

Adding in Easter eggs into AAA production-sized games is dangerous. If it’s a famous Easter egg based on some longstanding pop-cultural reference then it’s likely a safe bet to include it. If it’s a reference to another comic book, another video game, or even a popular movie, then it’s also likely a safe bet to include it. Where Easter eggs get dangerous is when they reference some event that has an expiration date on it, such as a birthday gift, a a current event, or maybe even a marriage proposal. For Insomniac Games’ newest PS4 release, Marvel’s Spider-Man, the developers included a very personalized Easter egg for one gamer, but it turned out to be one of the most depressing Easter eggs ever.

So You Think You Can Dance Season 15 Finally Announced Its Winner

Before the big announcement, it was revealed that the difference in total votes for Hannahlei Cabanilla and Jensen Arnold was the closest in So You Think You Can Dance history, so the runner up can at least take solace in the fact that she very nearly won. Nevertheless, Hannahlei came out on top. The 18-year-old Anaheim Hills, CA native can now call herself “America’s favorite dancer,” and she won $250,000, a magazine cover, and a role in Fox’s upcoming Rent. Congrats, Hannahlei!

Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith’s Order 66 Sequence Could Have Been ‘More Gruesome’

From the minute The Phantom Menace started, we knew that the Star Wars prequel trilogy would eventually show us how the Galactic Empire rose to power. That time finally came in Revenge of the Sith, as after Mace Windu failed to kill Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker willingly became the chancellor’s Sith apprentice, Palptaine, a.k.a. Darth Sidious, ordered the execution of Order 66. Across a galaxy far, far away, Jedi were eliminated by clone troopers, and Anakin oversaw the killing of younglings at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. It was a depressing moment in the Star Wars saga, but according to Palpatine’s actor, Ian McDiarmid, the sequence could have been darker. As McDiarmid put it:

Ian McDiarmid didn’t provide any specifics regarding how Revenge of the Sith‘s Order 66 sequence was originally conceived during his appearance at the FanX convention in Salt Lake City this past weekend (via, but the actor did note that it was “probably a good idea” that aspect of the movie was toned down. Revenge of the Sith was already breaking ground by being the first PG-13-rated Star Wars movie (which has continued with the Disney era Star Wars movies), but had Order 66 been fully realized, that might have resulted in the movie coming close to or even scoring an R rating, which is not a good thing when you’re trying to get viewers young viewers into seats. So yeah, not including more shots of young Padawans being gunned or sliced down was probably for the best.

Although a scattering of Jedi managed to survive Order 66, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda among them, the newly-titled Emperor Palpatine was nonetheless successful in not just destroying the Jedi Order, but also painting the knights as traitors to the public. Most of the Order 66 sequence in Revenge of the Sith showed the clone troopers eliminating their former commanders, and all we saw of Anakin… sorry, Darth Vader‘s part in the devastation was him igniting his lightsaber in the High Council Chamber where numerous younglings were hiding and a hologram recording showing him dueling Cin Drallig and his apprentices. While each Star Wars movie has its dark moments, Revenge of the Sith is arguably the darkest chapter in the saga, and Order 66 played a large part with that… although seeing a man lose nearly all his limbs and be horribly burned on a lava planet brought it home.

The Star Wars saga will continue when Star Wars: Episode IX is released on December 20, 2019. As for what else the space opera franchise has in development, check out our handy guide.

Michael B. Jordan And Warner Bros. Are Working Together On An Inclusion Policy

Diversity and representation in Hollywood, both in front of and behind the camera, has been a huge topic of conversation the past few years. From #OscarsSoWhite to various allegations of whitewashing in the industry, there has been a call for these perceived injustices to be remedied, most notably by Frances McDormand in her Oscar acceptance speech calling for inclusion riders. Now we are seeing a concrete realization of that movement. Michael B. Jordan and Warner Bros. are partnering to launch an inclusion and diversity policy.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, the new initiative is intended to increase diversity and inclusion on both sides of the camera. The policy is the product of a partnership between WarnerMedia and actor Michael B. Jordan. Although the policy does not include specifics and is more of a statement of goals, it will strive to provide more opportunities to people of color, women, members of LGBTQ communities, those with disabilities and other underrepresented groups, both onscreen and in other production capacities. The new policy will apply to all productions moving forward, starting with Just Mercy, which Michael B. Jordan is an executive producer on and stars him, Brie Larson and Jamie Foxx. The policy is not just for Warner Bros. the studio either. It applies to everything under the WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner) banner, including HBO and Turner.

Killmonger may have failed, going about correcting past injustices in the wrong way, but Michael B. Jordan is aiming to make a difference and give people a chance in a positive way. In a statement, Michael B. Jordan spoke about the importance of inclusion and how Frances McDormand’s Oscars speech inspired him that there were mechanisms to achieve such change. It doesn’t sound like this is just an idealistic goal made for good PR either. WarnerMedia intends to create plans early in the production process on its projects to ensure that this commitment to diversity and inclusion is being met. And as a measure of transparency, WarnerMedia will issue an annual report on this policy’s progress.

This is obviously a huge move for a massive entertainment conglomerate that will affect film and television moving forward. It is kind of silly that the industry has been so bad about diversity and inclusion historically that something like this was needed, but it definitely reflects well on Warner Bros. and it will be interesting to see the products of this policy. The past couple of years have made such a move begin to look less like an easy way to get good press and more like a smart business move. The market has spoken and films like Black Panther and Warner Bros.’ own Crazy Rich Asians have made it abundantly clear that movies featuring historically underrepresented groups can be extremely lucrative.

Michael B. Jordan’s Just Mercy starts filming this week for a 2020 release date. Michael B. Jordan can next be seen this fall in Creed II, which punches its way into theaters on November 21. Check out our release guide for all the biggest movies still to come this year.

The First Team To Beat Destiny 2’s Last Wish Raid Will Get An Awesome Prize

Beating raids is something most people enjoy as the culmination of their efforts in an MMORPG. Raids are heralded as the pinnacle of massive multiplayer excellence, requiring players to utilize both personal skill and a heck of a lot of communication and teamwork. Typically raid rewards are based around unlocking some rare gear for your characters, or some cool weapon or armor that the boss used during the fight. In the case of Destiny 2, Bungie decided to completely turn the raid rewards on its head by giving the first team to beat the Last Wish raid a really awesome price.

Over on the official Bungie website, the weekly update rolls out news about what Bungie has planned for the reward for the first team to complete the Last Wish raid in Destiny 2: Forsaken, once the raid becomes available to play: a championship belt.

No joke, the team will have a big gold and cyan belt up for grabs, complete with a black leather strap to keep the gold plates in place. It looks like a world championship title belt from the WWE 2K games or another wrestling federation. The centerpiece has a giant skull with a sword through the center and spiked chains encircling the skull icon. There are space ships at the top of the emblem with “World First” between the hilt of the sword and “Last Wish” at the bottom tip of the sword. The player’s name who first conquered the raid will go on a plaque just beneath “Last Wish” and the Bungie logo sits at the very bottom of the center plate.

The two side plates feature space ships on a logo at the top and a skull with “2018” on the bottom emblem.

If you want to get your hands on the title belt, you’ll have to join up with your buddies and be the very first team to defeat the Last Wish raid. You’ll have a little bit of time to get your team together as the raid doesn’t go live for Destiny 2 owners until September 14th, 2018 at the end of the week starting at 10:00am Pacific Standard Time.

The raid will take place across the new location featured in the Forsaken expansion pack, which is themed around the death of Cayde-6. The new location in the game takes place across the scattered rocks of the Tangled Shore, where players will deal with bandits, outcasts, and the corrupted Scorn.

The details on the raid are scant, but it involves taking your team into the Dreaming City in pursuit of some high-end loot.

For those of you who want to get your hands on the belt after completing the Last Wish raid and looting everything of value in the Dreaming City, you’ll have to compete with a rather large audience, including gamers from South Korea who will be right there at the starting line as well.

The first six players who complete Destiny 2’s raid will each receive real-world trophies to highlight the completion of the raid. Bungie has plans on further detailing the awards starting next week after the raid officially gets underway.

The Big Bang Theory Is Bringing Back A Beloved Guest Star For The Final Season

The Big Bang Theory is set to end after the upcoming twelfth season, and there are only so many episodes left for the show to bring back beloved guest stars. While the show likely won’t fit in everybody fans would love to see back in the mix at least one more time, we can add one more to the list of guest stars set to reprise their roles before the final credits role. Yes, Bob Newhart will be back on The Big Bang Theory.

Not too many details about how and why Bob Newhart will reprise his role are currently available, but TVLine reports that his Season 12 episode is expected to air sometime in the first half of Season 12 this fall. Newhart’s Season 12 return will mark the sixth time he’s played Arthur Jeffries/Professor Proton on The Big Bang Theory, which is frankly remarkable given that his character has been dead for years.

As fans will remember, Arthur Jeffries died way back in Season 7, and The Big Bang Theory isn’t exactly a show in the habit of incorporating ghosts. Nevertheless, The Big Bang Theory has found a way to bring Sheldon’s idol back in the years since his death, and in the most Sheldon-like way imaginable. Arthur has come to visit Sheldon in his dreams, dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi and carrying a light saber. It’s not quite a twist as epic as the one Bob Newhart pulled on his own show years ago, but it was a solid way to bring him back to the show without resurrecting the character.

Bob Newhart’s most recent Big Bang Theory appearance came in Season 11’s “The Proton Regeneration.” He visited Sheldon in an hour of need: when Sheldon learned that Wil Wheaton of all people would take over as Professor Proton. This unfortunate twist naturally left Sheldon distraught, and he needed the dream/Force visit from his former idol.

Arthur Jeffries/Professor Proton has visited Sheldon in his dreams in some of Sheldon’s hours of great deliberation, such as when Sheldon was finally considering sleeping with Amy. Arthur advised Sheldon to spend Amy’s birthday with her and celebrate as she’d wanted for a long time rather than see The Force Awakens immediately after it premiered.

Well, dream Jeffries did something right, as Sheldon and Amy tied the knot at the end of Season 11. Hopefully he gets some gratitude from Sheldon when he returns in Season 12, however that happens. As a figment of Sheldon’s imagination, a thank you wouldn’t change anything, but it would still be nice to see. Only time will tell. We’ll have to wait until The Big Bang Theory gets into gear for its twelfth and final season as part of TV’s fall lineup. The Big Bang Theory Season 12 premieres Monday, September 24 at 8 p.m. ET.

Cult Classic Space Channel 5 Is Getting The VR Treatment

With Tokyo Game Show right around the corner, announcements have already started to trickle out for new game releases. For instance, Space Channel 5 VR is coming to PlayStation VR! Now for the real question: will it launch outside of Japan?

Tokyo Game Show might not kick off until Sept. 20, but Sony hosted a pre-show event last night to get the hype train rolling early. Yesterday was also the 19th birthday for the Sega Dreamcast, making this Space Channel 5 news perfectly timed.

Reporting from the event, Game Informer picked up on this announcement that the VR edition of one of the earlier rhythm games is heading to the PlayStation VR. It turns out Space Channel 5 VR has actually already been available in Japanese arcades for a while now, with the game planned to arrive on PC-based VR headsets at an undetermined point in the future. Last night’s announcement confirms that the game will also be heading to the PlayStation VR, so color us surprised that the leading VR platform wasn’t part of the launch plan from the very beginning.

As for Space Channel 5, it launched on the Dreamcast just three months after the console arrived in 1999, making it an early and beloved hit alongside other games heavily influenced by music like Jet Set Radio and Samba de Amigo.

In Space Channel 5, players take on the role of journalist Ulala in a future where television networks are battling for ratings. When aliens invade and force innocent bystanders to dance, Ulala uses her super-sweet moves to defeat them. In the Dreamcast version of the original game, players pressed specified buttons to the beat of the music. That formula has been transferred over to the VR version, where movements by the player are necessary to complete the various songs. It’s one of those VR conversions that makes a lot of sense, since the game’s button prompts typically had the player stepping to the left or right, ducking or shooting the invading aliens with, I don’t know, space-dance-magic or something.

We’re sure the announcement that the game is now heading to PSVR will excite plenty of Japanese fans, but we’re still curious if Sega will be bringing the dance-a-thon to the West as well. I figure a lot of folks have fond memories of Ulala, especially since the game grew popular enough to make the jump to other platforms when the Dreamcast died its premature death. The game and its sequel were also later ported to services like Xbox Arcade and Steam.

Given Japan’s love for PSVR, we’re curious to see if even more virtual reality games will be announced for the device before or during Tokyo Game Show. The platform isn’t receiving much promotion from Sony here in the U.S., even though games (and some pretty big ones, at that) are launching for it constantly.

New Jeremy Renner Avengers 4 Reshoots Photo Is Full Of Cryptic Hashtags

Unlike the other founding Avengers members in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye, sat out the events of Avengers: Infinity War, having arranged a deal to be with his family as part of his house arrest. But just like how Hawkeye was drawn out of retirement during Captain America: Civil War, Avengers 4 will see the archer back in action, and Jeremy Renner is making sure fans know he’s really participating in the Phase 3 capper. Last week, the actor posted a picture of himself suited up for the reshoots, and now his latest post is peppered with some curious hashtags.

Some of the hashtags on Jeremy Renner’s Instagram post are self-explanatory, like including a standard #hawkeye and referring to Thanos as the #purplebadguy (appropriately companied by a middle finger). But then there are ones like #widow? and #isanyonegonnashowup?, which have us raising an eyebrow. Black Widow and Hawkeye have been tight for years, so one would imagine that they’ll reunite in Avengers 4, but Renner apparently wants to call that into question. As for if anyone will show up, well, let’s just say half of the MCU’s heroes will definitely be back for Avengers 4, while the other half met dusty ends when Avengers: Infinity War concluded. And regarding #cawcawmfs, I’d like to think that’s referencing how Renner’s current hairdo resembles the top of a cockatoo’s head, but I could be way off the mark.

After cameoing in Thor, Hawkeye made his full MCU debut in The Avengers, where he transitioned from S.H.I.E.L.D. to mind-controlled Loki goon to one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. He returned for Avengers: Age of Ultron and decided to hang up his bow at the end to spend more time with his family (including newborn son Nathaniel), but when the kerfuffle surrounding the Sokovia Accords and Bucky Barnes unfolded, Clint was willing to help out once more, which unfortunately resulted in his incarceration. Had Thanos not wiped out half of all life in the universe at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, maybe Clint could have stayed permanently retired from the superhero life, but alas, he’s back to shooting arrows at bad guys in Avengers 4. It hasn’t been revealed yet specifically why Hawkeye is returning, although one theory posits that his family was among Thanos’ victims, which is reason enough for him to suit back up.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all the latest on what’s happening with Hawkeye in the MCU. Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3, 2019. Be sure to look through our Marvel movies guide to learn what else is in development for the blockbuster franchise, as well as our 2018 release schedule to find out what’s coming out for the rest of the year.

A Game Of Thrones Star Really Wants To Play Harry Potter

It seems that everybody who grew up reading the Harry Potter books dreamed of being the boy wizard at one time or another. Everybody, in this case, includes one star of Game of Thrones. Kit Harrington recently completed filming on the final season of the hit show, making him a major part of the history of one popular fantasy franchise, but the actor recently admitted that he always wanted to be part of a different one. According to Harrington…

It’s entirely possible that after eight films and countless performances, Kit Harrington is one of the few U.K. based actors on the entire island that didn’t have at least a small role in a Harry Potter film. It seems like eventually, everybody got their chance, but Harrington was an exception. The actor still wishes he’d had a chance to at least be in a Harry Potter movie, though the actor tells Entertainment Weekly he really wishes he could have played the lead. Kit Harrington is three years older than Daniel Radcliffe, which, back when the first Harry Potter movie was underway, might have been enough to make him too old to play the role, which is unfortunate.

Today, however, maybe Kit Harrington could have another shot. If we were to see Harry Potter on the big screen again it would likely be in an adaptation of the stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. That story would require a fully grown adult Harry Potter and so there’s still a chance something could work out. At the very least, the odds of appearing in such a film would be much higher now, since Harrington is famous thanks to Game of Thrones.

It’s probably the only way Harrington will actually be able to play Harry Potter himself. The franchise reboot will certainly happen one day, but then the actor will be far too old to play the part.

There’s also the possibility for a future role in a Fantastic Beasts movie, which, depending on how you define it, would count as a Harry Potter movie. There are expected to be three more of them after Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald comes out this November, so there are several more opportunities for Harrington to find a place in the Wizarding World, and now that his responsibilities to Game of Thrones are done, he’d be free to take one if it came his way. Odds are that we’ll see that series of films finish up before we get any other films that might see the return of Harry Potter himself, though it seems clear that movies set in that world will certainly continue as long as the audience keeps going to see them.