DC’s Titans Creative Team Explains How It Balanced The Show’s Tone And Violence

Superheroes are coming to the small screen in a brand new way with DC Universe’s Titans, which will provide a long-awaited live action adaptation of the Teen Titans. The first trailers pointed toward a surprisingly dark series, especially for viewers who are more accustomed to the relatively lighter DC series like Supergirl and The Flash. Dick Grayson as Robin is seen dropping an F-bomb and getting extremely rough. The creative team behind Titans addressed the need to balance violence with a tone that’s not overwhelmingly dark, and here’s what executive producer Greg Walker had to say:

We never wanted to make it super dark, and it doesn’t stay that way. Dick’s relationship with violence and where he is at this point in his life, self-imposed exile away from Bruce, required that we talk honestly about his relationship with violence. The others don’t have that same relationship, so over time the show changes several tones and several genres. But at that moment, we weren’t really inspired by any specific predecessor, we were more inspired by getting these people where they are authentically in their arc.

Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Robin, was revealed a long time ago as the one who builds the new team, and the violent footage released so far has largely revolved around Robin. As Batman’s former sidekick, he would certainly have the training to knock his enemies down a little too hard for them to get up any time soon, and he might have less restraint after leaving Batman behind. Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven won’t have the same bat-shaped chip on their shoulder. Being replaced by a new Robin probably won’t help chill him out! According to Greg Walker’s comments at the red carpet of the Titans premiere, Robin’s violence doesn’t mean the show’s tone overall is violent.

Co-executive producer John Fawcett shared his own point-of-view regarding the balance between Titans‘ tone and violence:

I think the thing going in was we always wanted to make a superhero show that was kinda gritty and edgy, but grounded. It wasn’t going to be a comic, it wanted to try to live in the real world as much as it could. That was something we were constantly checking ourselves on. The other thing that was great great fun was that Titans is really a mash-up, a genre mash-up. It’s horror, it’s sci-fi, it’s superheroes, it’s a bit of everything. I think that that works well tonally, and I think the fans are going to appreciate it too.

While Titans will be gritty and edgy as seen in the trailers, every episode won’t be darkness and violence from beginning to end. According to John Fawcett, there are more genres in Titans than just what viewers may have come to expect from the superhero field. It should be interesting to see how Titans goes for the grounded sense when three of the four main characters have powers of some sort. Perhaps some of Robin’s violence will be justified simply due to the fact that he can’t fall back on any superpowers!

Akiva Goldsman, another co-executive producer, shared his own take on the matter:

We found the tone that made sense to us. We’re probably less friendly than the CW shows, but we’re probably less nihilistic than some of the darker movies. We just found what we thought was appropriate, based on the source material.

If you’re hoping for some shenanigans such as those that can be found on The CW shows — although perhaps not Arrow, which has always been the darkest and is poised to be darker than ever for Oliver in Season 7 — then Titans may not be for you. Titans will evidently fall somewhere between Arrow-verse friendliness and some of the movie nihilism. In this way, Titans may be well off as the first show in a new universe. Without an existing continuity to fit into, it can really go in any direction with its tone and format.

Finally, co-executive producer Geoff Johns weighed in:

I never feel like it’s a hard thing to narrow in on, for me. We knew Dick Grayson was going to be our center. Once we really wanted to come into the Titans as the books did, with Rachel, with Raven, starting to talk about her story as a young girl struggling with her internal darkness, which is a literal one; mirroring Dick Grayson’s story struggling with an internal darkness, which is a psychological one, an emotional one, the whole show kinda fell into place around that. We took the basic concept of the Titans in the books, they’re all these characters from literally different worlds that come together and make a surrogate family, and taking that as our underpinning, as our backbone, our spine, everything for us fell into place.

Titans will be comprised of four different heroes coming from different walks of life and — in the case of Starfire — different planets. One character’s violence won’t necessarily apply to the others, and it won’t necessarily keep them from forming a surrogate family. The Titans crew will come together despite differences that set them apart. Even though the Titans series isn’t based on any specific comic from DC lore, the premise of the Teen Titans apparently works for the show.

Of course, that’s not to say that Titans will never adapt any specific comic storylines. At New York Comic Con, Geoff Johns specifically stated that they would be fools not to explore the legendary Judas Contract arc from the comics, which means introducing a new version of Deathstroke. Any attempt at tackling The Judas Contract may be a while off, however, as Titans will have to establish itself before diving into a story with Deathstroke. The good news is that the show has already been renewed for Season 2 before Season 1 even premiered.

The first season of Titans will premiere quite soon. The first episode will debut on DC Universe on Friday, October 12. The rest of the ten-episode first season will release on a weekly basis. For some additional DC viewing options elsewhere than DC Universe, swing by our fall TV premiere schedule for Arrow-verse info as well as info about many other new and returning series this fall.

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One Of A Star Is Born’s Most Emotional Moments Was Basically An Accident

Warning! The following contains major spoilers for A Star is Born. Proceed with caution.

One of A Star is Born‘s most emotional moments is between Bradley Cooper’s Jackson Maine and Sam Elliott’s Bobby. The two brothers have a complicated relationship in the film, in large part due to their conflicting feelings about their deceased father. After another row between them late in the film, Jackson exits Bobby’s pickup truck and stands there for a moment, before confessing that it was Bobby he idolized, not their father. Jackson then goes inside and Bobby turns to look out the back of the pickup as he reverses. His eyes are welled up with tears at his brother’s confession. It’s an emotional and memorable moment and, as it turns out, basically unscripted, as Sam Elliott explained:

So one of the film’s most emotional moments and evidence that Sam Elliott should get a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nod, was basically an accident. The actor only turned around and faced the camera behind him so he could back the truck out of the frame. Smartly looking where he was going (a great driving tip) and being present in the scene by responding emotionally to what Bradley Cooper did and said, helped Sam Elliott deliver a lasting image in the film.

This is also impressive because Sam Elliott only had a rough idea of what Bradley Cooper’s character was going to say when he got out of the truck. So he improvised to a degree. He responded in the moment and welled up with emotion as tears pooled in his eyes to show Bobby’s tough shell cracking upon hearing how much his troubled little brother looked up to him.

You might think that after this happy little accident, director Bradley Cooper would want to shoot the scene again with this direction in mind to try and add to it or improve upon it. But, as Sam Elliott also told Yahoo Entertainment, there was no need:

The emotion was raw and real and perfect the first time and Bradley Cooper saw that and didn’t feel any need to force it with another take. As Sam Elliott says, that speaks to him as a director. He created an environment where the performances were natural and those sorts of moments, full of unspoken emotion, were able to shine through.

This shot in A Star is Born is incredibly powerful in the moment, but becomes even more powerful after the film’s ending. I’m sure the emotional moment would only become more impactful upon repeat viewings. So often in life, the weight of things left unsaid can become so heavy that it is difficult to move forward. That Bradley Cooper’s Jackson Maine gets to have this cathartic moment with his brother and tell him how he really feels ends their relationship in the film on a positive note and adds some sweetness to the film’s bitter tragedy.

A Star is Born is now playing. Check out our release schedule for all the biggest blockbusters and awards contenders heading to theaters this fall.

Gotham May Finally Introduce Harley Quinn In Season 5

Gotham has already teased some pretty wild reveals for its final season, so it’s no surprise another one of Batman’s iconic villains could be making an appearance. Yes, finally. Showrunner John Stephens hinted that Gotham may introduce Harley Quinn in Season 5, by way of describing a new character to be found at Jeremiah’s hip.

That certainly sounds like Harley Quinn, but is it really the famed clown girlfriend of Batman’s most iconic villain? Perhaps the Harley-ness will just be in style alone, since it’s largely unknown whether Gotham will even be able to call the character by her given name, or if it’ll be forced to do the same song and dance it’s done with Jeremiah essentially becoming the Joker but not actually being called Joker. (Something that may also be changing this season.) John Stephens didn’t explicitly use her name when talking to crowds at New York Comic Con, which might indicate this Harley won’t go by that particular moniker, but will still be similar to the iconic character.

The news comes after years of speculation regarding Harley Quinn’s potential presence on Gotham, with cast and crew alike teasing the villainess’ arrival for some time now. Star David Mazouz teased a while back that Quinn would appear in the Season 3 finale, though that didn’t happen. Earlier in Season 3, John Stephens said the show wanted to introduce a forerunner to Harley Quinn, which means Jeremiah’s beau could technically be a character Gotham has already shown. That statement led some to speculate that Barbara Kean will become the character before all is said and done, although actress Erin Richards didn’t buy it when we asked her.

Harley Quinn has become a hot commodity as of late, with the character’s popularity skyrocketing even higher following Margot Robbie’s portrayal in Suicide Squad. The character’s potential Gotham arrival is surprising, but also a little expected, given Quinn is also getting an animated series and a couple of appearances in spinoff films. The good news is it sounds like Gotham won’t be the sole Batman related franchise of late that completely excludes the character, even if they may not be able to use her name. Fans should be fine with whatever name variation the program creates out of the name “Harleen Frances Quinzel,” provided the character still resembles the Harlequin clown everyone loves so dearly.

Gotham is set to return for Season 5 on Fox in 2019. It’s one of the many upcoming shows audiences are excited about, although there are a fair few that will be returning long before the final season of the Batman prequel arrives. See what else is coming to television in the meantime with our fall premiere guide.

Fifty Shades Of Grey’s Jamie Dornan And His Wife Are Expecting Another Baby

Congratulations are in order for Jamie Dornan and his wife, Amelia Warner. The Fifty Shades of Grey actor and the Quill actress/musician just announced they’re expecting their third child. The couple shares two daughters, Dulcie, aged four, and Elva, aged two. Here’s what we know about the baby news.

Additional information about the new baby is unknown or being kept private at this time, but it sounds like Dornan is very excited about the latest arrival in his family, which will extend to five members upon this newest child’s arrival. Dornan and Amelia Warner have welcomed a new child into their lives nearly every two years since they got married back in 2013. With the impending arrival of this newest child, that trend continues for the actor family. When asked how he felt about becoming a dad again, here’s what Dornan told The Sunday Times:

While the actor has kept a busy profile in recent years, notably with the success of the recently-concluded Fifty Shades cinematic franchise, fatherhood is something that has treated the actor well, and these comments suggest that he wants to stay an active, vital part of their blooming family dynamic. It is tough to balance your busy work life and your home life, especially when you’re a world-famous, globe-trotting international movie superstar, but Dornan seems to be welcoming the challenge with stride, and we are happy for his eagerness to become a parent yet again to this forthcoming child.

As an actor, meanwhile, Jamie Dornan was recently seen finishing his work as Mr. Gray himself in this past spring’s Fifty Shades Freed. (Or, at least, he’s finished with the series for now.) Appropriately freed to do more work with his recently-found fame, the British actor has kept himself busy with a variety of different projects on the very near horizon.

Among his upcoming projects is the biographical drama A Private War, which enters theaters in early November. He is also in the forthcoming drama Untogether, which is expected to be released either later this year or early next year. Dornan will also soon be seen in the upcoming blockbuster Robin Hood, which crashes into theaters on November 21st. He also plays a part in the upcoming HBO drama My Dinner with Herve, which premieres on October 20th. Suffice to say, it will be a busy few months for the prolific actor.

Still, that’s not keeping him from raising a family and adding a new addition to his dynamic very soon. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to keep you posted on the latest celebrity news and developments here at CinemaBlend.

One Terminally Ill Fan Got An Early Look At Red Dead Redemption 2

While Rockstar is hard at work getting ready for the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 on Oct. 26, some members of the studio took a break from crunch in order to visit a terminally ill fan and give him a sneak peek at the game. This is the third such story to be reported in about as many weeks, each tale straddling the line between heartwarming and heartbreaking.

In this latest instance, Gamersnet (via Comicbook) is reporting that Red Dead Redemption fan Jurian received a special visit recently from members of team Rockstar. Jurian has been living with Type 2 Neurofibromatosis since 2014 and, according to the initial report, after fighting the disease for years, he’s “done now.”

Jurian’s family was aware of his love of Red Dead Redemption and the fact that he has been eagerly anticipating the upcoming sequel. A resident of the Netherlands, his family decided to reach out to the local Rockstar studio to see if there was any way Jurian could get his hands on the game a bit early. Once the team got the necessary clearances, members of Rockstar visited Jurian and spent a day with him, letting him check out the game. Apparently, this visit came within a week of the family first reaching out, which is a pretty amazing turnaround considering what was being asked.

For their part, Rockstar apparently never attempted to make this information public. It was Jurian who decided to reach out to the press, as he saw a similar story run online and wanted to make sure everyone knew what Rockstar did for him.

The story that inspired Jurian to share his own tale took place in late September, when Nintendo visited a terminally ill patient to let him get his hands on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate well in advance of its December launch. Series fan Chris Taylor reportedly noted on social media that he was afraid he would not be able to actually play the game and, once Nintendo caught word of the situation, they delivered a demo build of the game for Taylor and his friends to play for three hours. Similarly, it was Taylor who wanted to share his story with the world, as Nintendo has kept mum on the situation.

At about that same time, Bethesda visited a 12-year-old boy diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma to let him play Fallout 76 well in advance of the game’s launch. In this instance, Bethesda assistant director Matt Grandstaff and a couple other members of the team hit the road to visit the youngster, Wes, personally. Similar to the other stories, Bethesda was only able to let Wes play the game for a number of hours, but his parents said the impact was immeasurable. They also delivered a Power Armor helmet signed by studio head Todd Howard.

Bohemian Rhapsody Has Screened, Here’s What People Are Saying

The movie about Freddie Mercury and the band Queen won’t arrive for most of us for several weeks, but the movie has now screened for a select few. Considering how much people tend to like music in their movies, and how many people just love Queen, there are a lot of people who are likely very interested in hearing how good Bohemian Rhapsody actually is. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat hard to tell, because the early responses are all over the place.

Mike Ryan from Uproxx takes issue with the way the film portrays the lead singer while praising Rami Malek for the role, and also one very special cameo

Ryan goes on in a later tweet to say the third act of the movie “is not even close to accurate” which would seem to indicate that it doesn’t paint Mercury in a good light and that the rest of Queen, who was directly involved in the production, might be the reason that’s the case.

Eric Kohn from Indiewire had a similar response to Uproxx. He was clearly unimpressed by Bohemian Rhapsody overall. Although, he does call out one specific scene in the movie that was apparently quite impressive, the recreation of Queen’s famous Live Aid performance.

This is not to say that everybody has mixed feelings about Bohemian Rhapsody. Legion of Leia’s Jenna Busch is unequivocal in her love for the movie. She also specifically praises Rami Malek’s performance but also says the movie tells a great story and works really well as a concert film, which will likely be what makes the movie really work for many Queen fans.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the New York Times, who gives Bohemian Rhapsody one if its harshest responses. While Kyle Buchanan still has good things to say about Rami Malek, he’s not quite as complimentary as he appears, and the rest of the movie comes off even worse.

Claiming that Rami Malek plays Freddie Mercury “with gusto” isn’t the same as saying he plays him well. It may mean that the actor gave the role his all, but it doesn’t mean that the end result is necessarily successful.

In the end, the most accurate response to Bohemian Rhapsody may have come from Indiewire’s Anne Thompson, who has correctly predicted that this film is going to get mixed reviews.

If the first batch of responses is true, then mixed reviews may very well be incoming. Of course, that doesn’t mean the movie won’t be a hit. Between the generally well regarded lead performance and what seems to be generally regarded appreciation for the use of Queen’s music, we could still very well see the movie draw in huge audiences.

How Kevin Hart Feels About Night School’s Reviews

Kevin Hart’s latest movie Night School sees the actor join a hilarious cast in a comedy about a group of misfits going to night school to earn their GEDs. Despite the premise and the comedic talent involved, however, critics haven’t found much to laugh at in the film. Reviews have been largely negative for the movie, and Night School currently sits at a decidedly rotten 28% on Rotten Tomatoes. You might think this would bother the film’s star, but for Kevin Hart it’s the fan’s opinions that matters most, as he recently explained:

Kevin Hart makes a great point. No matter the narrative around a film or any kind of negative buzz review-wise, the moviegoing audience, not the critics, are who determine a film’s success or failure, at least by some metrics. And in that regard Night School looks to be a success. The actor notes the film’s Cinemascore, which measures the opinions of real opening night audiences. The “A-” Night School received is a pretty good score that’s better than something like the similarly rotten Venom managed (it received a “B+”). That indicates that the audiences who saw it and were polled mostly enjoyed it.

Based on what Kevin Hart told Variety, he seems to judge his films based on the feedback he gets from fans because that’s the real target for the movies he makes. So that positive feedback he has received, either through the film’s CinemaScore, social media, or other avenues, helps him to not care about the bad reviews and be able to judge his work as successful with a different metric.

Those bad reviews from critics haven’t seemed to temper enthusiasm from audiences either. Night School debuted at number one at the box office, and through its second weekend it has already made $46.75 million domestically. So if you’re allowing the market to judge the film it seems to agree with Kevin Hart that there is a demand for that type of comedy. It should be noted that, though less scientific, Rotten Tomatoes’ Audience Score for Night School was less positive than the CinemaScore, and currently sits at 49%.

There is merit in being open to constructive criticism, but I can definitely see how from Kevin Hart’s point of view reading tons of articles and reviews about his movies isn’t something he wants to do. Especially before they come out. I imagine getting too consumed by that could be overwhelming and unhealthy. Perhaps he would be viewing Night School‘s bad reviews differently if he was seeing more negative feedback from audiences. In that instance audiences and critics would be in agreement, and perhaps he would have to concede a point or two.

Night School is now playing in theaters everywhere, and for what else is ahead be sure to check out our release schedule for the biggest movies you can look forward to this fall.

Outlander Season 4 Has Screened, Here’s What People Think

The “droughtlander” is about to be over, but for some fans it has already ended. The popular Starz series screened the first episode of its fourth season at New York Comic Con, and Outlander fans quickly took to Twitter to share their reactions about the season premiere. Suffice it to say they had strong ones, and, thankfully, for fans not fortunate enough to have seen the premiere yet, they shared their thoughts on the social media site. Here is how one fan reacted to the episode:

Throughout Twitter, reactions seemed to go from the positive to the utterly enthusiastic. Many cleverly used GIFs to drive the point home that the beginning of Season 4 handily met expectations, which was a mostly wordless way to convey an absolutely passionate response to the much-buzzed-about season opener. Check out this one:

Utilizing standing ovations from awards shows to visualize being blown away by something truly never gets old when it comes to expressing yourself online. Other thoughts shared by tweeters offered a slightly ominous take on Outlander‘s Season 4 debut with one hinting at rough moments ahead in Episode 1:

One Twitter user praised the way the Season 4 premiere got the show started while teasing quite the ending for the episode. Read their take below:

“Chills” is a rather gripping way to summate a viewing experience. Fans not lucky enough to have glimpsed the Season 4 premiere at New York Comic Con are closing in on a less than one month wait for the season to premiere on Starz. Outlander has not been shy about teasing its upcoming season for fans, and the series also gave them a look, and therefore a listen, to a revamped rendition of its opening title and theme song.

The upcoming installment of the costume drama is set to shake things up a bit with Claire undergoing a major change in Season 4. There is also the issue of Frank, who utters the final line in the Season 4 trailer, with a huge meeting also set to take place. So, there is a lot for Outlander fans to look forward to as their anticipation for the premiere is about to pay off.

The reactions from the season opener which were shared on social media seem to hint at what should be a fan-pleasing beginning to the latest chapter in the drama. Already renewed for a fifth and sixth season, Starz is going all in on the popular series. The fourth season will adapt Diana Gabaldon’s fourth book in the Outlander series, Drums of Autumn, so the beat is about to go on.

The fourth season of Outlander premieres Sunday, November 4 at 8 p.m. ET on Starz. While you await the return of the time-traveling romantic drama, there are a lot of other fall premieres ready to keep you entertained.

David Harbour Will Marry Two Fans As Hellboy If Enough People Share His Tweet

Thanks to the internet, fans and celebrities have the opportunity to interact in a wide variety of ways – and while a good solid chunk of that has communication been ridiculously poisonous, there is some great positivity that can result as well. In fact, one great display of this is currently active, as there is an on-going campaign trying to get actor David Harbour to officiate a wedding between two fans in full Hellboy makeup.

This all started in late September when Spencer Perry, Executive Editor at ComingSoon.net (and, in full disclosure, a personal friend) reached out to David Harbour on social media. He and his fiancee Carly Lane, Contributing Editor at SYFY Wire, are currently planning their wedding for early 2019, and given that they are both huge Hellboy fans, they thought it might be nice for the event to feature Harbour’s presence (as he is starring in next year’s Hellboy movie).

This weekend Harbour confirmed that he would do it, provided that his message on Twitter received enough attention from fans. Specifically, if his single Tweet gets 666,000 retweets, he will dress up as the red half-demon and officiate the ceremony

There is a fun extra twist to this, though, and it makes it seem like the whole thing is going to happen. While 666,000 retweets is a lot, David Harbour said that he would bring the number down to 166,000 retweets provided that the ceremony would also feature a poetry reading by Mike Mignola – the man responsible for Hellboy’s creation. That wish was granted by Mignola yesterday with a Tweet of his own:

At the time that this article is being written the post still has some distance to go still, standing at about 22,700 – which means that it has about 143,300 retweets to go. That is far from an insurmountable number, however, particularly when you consider that the post only went live two days ago. The wedding is being planned for March, so there is still plenty of time for the Tweet to hit the magic number – and if it does I’m sure we’ll all be treated to some of the greatest wedding photos of all time. Fingers are tightly crossed that this whole thing works out.

As for David Harbour’s Hellboy movie, the film was originally scheduled to come on on January 11, 2019, but late last month it got pushed to April 12, 2019. The movie is a reboot of the Guillermo del Toro films, directed by Neil Marshall, and features a cast that includes not only David Harbour, but Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane, Daniel Dae Kim, and more. Because of the release date change we’re not entirely sure right now when we’re actually going to see our first footage from the film, and specifically Harbour in action as the titular hero, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer.

For all of the latest news and updates about Hellboy, as well as this Hellboy-themed wedding, stay tuned here on CinemaBlend – and to see all of the releases set to hit theaters next year, be sure to check out our 2019 Release Calendar.

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Why Star Trek Vet Wil Wheaton Is Totally Down To Join Patrick Stewart’s Picard Show

Patrick Stewart’s new Star Trek series has already created a lot of buzz, with many long-time fans wondering how the new project will tie into his past work on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Fans have also been wondering if other veteran actors from the beloved Trek series or any other franchise shows are set to make appearances as well, and former TNG actor Wil Wheaton has revealed he’s definitely down to return if asked.

A recurring actor on CBS’ hit The Big Bang Theory, Wil Wheaton made it absolutely clear that he is wholly up to sign on for CBS All Access’ upcoming Picard TV series if asked. He would presumably to return to his former role of Wesley Crusher, but the writers could always change things up to spin him into a different character.

It’s certainly possible within the character’s presently known story that Wesley Crusher could appear in this new Picard series. Wesley was spotted in 2379 in a junior-grade lieutenant’s dress uniform in Star Trek: Nemesis, which is as far as the character’s known history has gone at this point. If this new series involves Starfleet, one could imagine Wesley will make an appearance. That’s a big “if,” however, since Patrick Stewart has hinted the captain’s days in command could be long over when fans see him again. Still, one would think he’d maintain his friendships with past comrades.

Wil Wheaton probably isn’t alone in having enthusiasm for Patrick Stewart’s big franchise return. He took things one step further and announced that he believes other former cast members from Star Trek: The Next Generation would also jump on board without question, if only out of love for the original series. This might be why many former cast members reunited with Patrick Stewart for dinner recently, perhaps hoping to hear about parts for them to play in this new adventure.

Unfortunately, Wil Wheaton wasn’t at that dinner, which may be why the actor isn’t overly optimistic about reprising the role of Wesley Crusher. The actor prefaced his previous comment, which was brimming with hope and optimism, by telling the Baltimore Comic-Con audience (via Comicbook.com) he doesn’t think he’ll be asked to return:

Wil Wheaton’s statement makes it sound as though he knows something he can’t necessarily reveal to the audience. Even if the Star Trek-loving Wheaton was denied an invitation to Patrick Stewart’s possible “Will you be in my new show?” dinner, his on-screen mother Gates McFadden was there. If Dr. Beverly Crusher would appear in a new Picard series, it seems more than likely that Wesley would surface, unless something happened to the character down the road. Maybe Wil Wheaton was told something happened to Wesley!

CBS All Access’ new Star Trek adventure with Jean-Luc Picard is still in the works, but Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 is scheduled to premiere in 2019. For a look at all television arriving sooner than that, visit our fall premiere guide.