Who We Think Woody Harrelson Will Play In Venom

The general consensus since Spider-Man 3 dropped 11 years ago is that the movie’s depiction of Venom, which marked the character’s first live action appearance, was sorely lacking. But now the longtime Marvel villain-turned-anti-hero is finally getting a chance at theatrical redemption in his own movie, only this time, Spider-Man won’t play any role in Venom’s origin story (though perhaps the two could still cross paths in this continuity someday). Instead, the Venom movie is pulling from the smaller, but still meaty, mythology that that the eponymous character has carved out for himself, particularly the Lethal Protector and the Planet of the Symbiotes storylines. So far most of Venom‘s cast has been identified, but there are still a couple actors whose roles are being kept secret, with Woody Harrelson arguably being the biggest question mark. However, thanks to rumors and reports that have trickled in this year, as well as looking at Venom’s history, we think there’s a good chance that Harrelson is playing Cletus Kasady, a.k.a. Carnage.

As longtime comic book fans know, while Venom is one of Spider-Man’s most dangerous adversaries, he at least has a own moral code, something that Carnage completely lacks. Having adopted the mindset that life was meaningless and that it was best to spread chaos, Cletus Kasady became a serial killer, which eventually led to him becoming cellmates with Eddie Brock, the original and most frequent host of the Venom symbiote. When said symbiote snuck into prison to break Eddie out, it also left behind an offspring, and this offspring bonded with Cletus, transforming him into Carnage. Like Venom, Carnage shares the same abilities Spider-Man has, but he’s also much stronger than Venom, with part of this enhancement due to Cletus’ psychopathic philosophies. Carnage definitely has a spot reserved in Spider-Man’s rogues gallery, but he and Venom have also clashed numerous times over the years, hence why it seems likely that the Venom movie is laying the groundwork for his introduction.

Carnage was first reported to be appearing in Venom in June 2017, and while it was initially rumored that Rogue One actor Riz Ahmed was playing the character, it’s since been revealed that Ahmed is actually playing Carlton Drake, head of the Life Foundation and host of the Riot symbiote. Venom will include other antagonistic symbiotes connected to the Life Foundation, so the main story has its bad guys covered. As far as Woody Harrelson goes, he was first said to be joining Venom last December, and then in April, the rumor broke that the actor was playing Cletus Kasady. The following month, Harrelson stated that he’s in “a little fraction” of Venom, but he’d be back for “the next one,” so we should’t expect him to have a lot of screen time. Nevertheless, his comment suggests that he’ll have a prominent role in Venom 2, and Carnage would be a great role for him.

Many Spider-Man fans have clamored for years for Carnage to appear in one of the Web-Slinger’s movies, but it’s doubtful that’s going to happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Venom on the board, a movie that director Ruben Fleischer says will be more violent, that’s the best platform for Carnage to make his live action debut. Thanks to Woody Harrelson’s profile increasing in recent years thanks to the Hunger Games movies, War for the Planet of the Apes and Solo: A Star Wars Story (to name a few), as well as his turns playing less-than-stable characters, he’s more than qualified to fill Cletus Kasady’s shoes. As for how Cletus could become Carnage in this continuity, a rumor back in February claimed that a scene towards the end of Venom sees Eddie Brock visiting San Quentin State Prison to see Cletus, who is under the care of Dr. Ashley Kafka. While there, part of Eddie’s symbiote breaks free during Eddie’s encounter with Cletus and starts making its way towards the latter, and then the scene cuts to black.

We’re less than a month from finding out if this is true or not, but considering Carnage’s popularity and that Venom doesn’t have the biggest collection of villains, bringing Cletus Kasady into play is a good way to increase the stakes in Venom 2. We don’t doubt the Life Foundation symbiotes in Venom are threatening, but when you have someone’s whose already pure evil bonded with a symbiote, then things are only going to get worse. Sony wouldn’t bring Woody Harrelson aboard Venom for just a minor role, so even though he’s only cameoing in the movie, he has the star power to fully bring Cletus/Carnage to life if Venom 2 gets the green light.

Venom hits theaters on October 5, and don’t forget to look through our 2018 release schedule to learn what other movies are arriving before the year is finished.

Do You Think Woody Harrelson Is Playing Carnage In Venom?

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Supergirl Is A Great Idea, So Long As It’s Being Made For The Right Reasons

The news that Henry Cavill may be done as DC’s big screen Superman is shocking enough, but part of the reason why is quite curious. Two major points were mentioned in the initial report that Cavill would be hanging up the cape. One was an inability to come to terms on a cameo appearance in Shazam! but the other was the claim that making another Superman movie was not a priority for DC and Warner Bros., with the focus currently being on a previously rumored Supergirl movie. While I’m all for a Supergirl film, and the sooner the better, this move seemingly came out of left field, and according to reports from not that long ago, is in very early stages of development. So then, why are DC and WB willing to put all their eggs in this basket? I hope it’s not for the reason I think it is.

While the DC movie universe that started with Man of Steel has done, for the most part, really well at the box office, one of the franchise’s biggest hits is also the one movie that succeeded the most with critics and fans alike, Wonder Woman. Considering the success that movie had both domestically and internationally, and the way it attracted a segment of the population, that doesn’t go to every superhero movie, into the theater, it’s obvious why a studio might look to replicate that success. The problem is that if they think they can do that simply by putting more female heroes front and center, they’re running a great risk. Wonder Woman wasn’t simply successful because it had a female hero. If that was the case, Catwoman would have been box office gold.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the conventional wisdom was that nobody wanted to see female superheroes. The original 1980s Supergirl movie was no smash and the same held true for characters like Catwoman and Elektra. Of course, the reason that these movies were not successful had nothing to do with the characters being women, it had to do with the movies being bad. The same holds true in the opposite direction. There hasn’t been some massive shift in the moviegoing public that they suddenly want female heroes. We always wanted movies with female heroes. We just happened to finally see a good one.

People absolutely do want to see female superheroes in the same way that they want to see people of color as heroes. The buzz for Wonder Woman and Black Panther was huge before either film actually opened, but if the movies had turned out to be terrible, the box office would have collapsed. Maybe you can get yourself a great opening weekend with the character alone, but after the word gets out you made a bad movie, forget it.

I sincerely hope that DC isn’t just trying to cash in on what it sees as a successful trend. Maybe Warner Bros. is going all in on Supergirl because there’s a script treatment the studio truly believes is something special and there’s an actress lined up who is going to absolutely kill it. Maybe there is a director in the wings with a true vision and so there is confidence that this is the right move. If, however, this is just the same faulty logic that kept female heroes off the screen for so long, then we’re going to get a bad Supergirl movie and who knows what faulty conclusion Hollywood will draw from that or how long we’ll have to deal with repercussions?

The Weird YouTube Spiral Anna Kendrick Fell Down Before Filming A Simple Favor

Through the wonder of streaming platforms like Youtube, anyone can create their own content. And in the world of video blogs, there are few communities quite as powerful as the mommy bloggers. Communicating and collaborating on parenting via the web, parenting vlogs make up a powerful corner of Youtube. And while you wouldn’t associate that community with criminal cases and possible murder, that’s exactly what Paul Feig did with A Simple Favor. Based off the novel of the same name, the film follows a mommy vlogger Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), whose best friend goes missing under mysterious circumstances. The film’s narration is set up through Stephanie’s vlogs, and I recently spoke with Kendrick about her research process, which including a strange dive into the popular video blog genre.

While Anna Kendrick’s Youtube spiral may have included the occasional creepy vlog, it seems the process ultimately helped inform her character in A Simple Favor. A thoroughly awkward and flawed single mother, the source of her turmoil comes from pretending to be perfect. It’s only when Blake Lively’s Emily forces her to get real that Stephanie really blossoms… and then gets involved in a missing persons case.

Rather than following Emily’s disappearance on TV interviews and news alerts a la Gone Girl, updates in A Simple Favor are given to the audience exclusively through Stephanie’s vlog. And as the twist and turns continue to pile up, so does her viewership. Stephanie’s awkwardness is on display on camera in all its glory, as is her fatal flaw.

You can check out my conversation with Anna Kendrick about mommy vlogs below.

Stephanie’s vlog is just one of the many comedic beats in A Simple Favor. Despite the movie’s underlying mystery and extremely high stakes, the project has plenty of Paul Feig’s signature humor. And with someone as quirky and layered as Anna Kendrick playing the character, there is a ton of buzz currently surrounding the upcoming dramedy thriller.

A Simple Favor will arrive in theaters on September 14, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Castle Rock’s Creator Is Ready To Expand The World In Season 2

Spoilers ahead for the Season 1 finale of Castle Rock on Hulu.

The first season of Hulu’s Stephen King-inspired Castle Rock has come to an end, and the finale leaves almost more questions than answers as Henry Deaver locked The Kid back up in Shawshank despite The Kid’s attempts to lure Henry to the woods and return to his own world. The good news is that the show was renewed for a second season, but we shouldn’t count on all our questions being answered in the next batch of episodes. Castle Rock is after all an anthology, and a mid-credits sequence set Jackie Torrance up to star in the next season, rather than Henry or Molly or anybody else. Co-creator Sam Shaw revealed that he’d like to expand the world of the show in the second season, saying this:

The mid-credits sequence of the Castle Rock finale saw Jackie reading part of a story she’d written aloud to a friend, and it was a bloody affair that fit with Jackie’s personality, choice of name, and family history. Her friend wasn’t overflowing with praise, and he even took issue with the name: Overlooked. Jackie explained that the title refers to “ancient history” and “backstory” that can be overlooked. She also revealed that she would be heading out west on a “research trip,” all of which points toward Jackie checking out the Overlook Hotel.

Scenes earlier in Castle Rock indicated that The Shining story more or less took place in that universe, so a research trip to the Overlook could yield some interesting results. A lot may depend on whether Castle Rock‘s version of The Shining ended differently than the book, because the book ending was not exactly the same as the infamous movie ending. Basically, the mid-credits scene set the stage for Season 2 to move the action out of the titular Castle Rock. As Sam Shaw said in his comments to EW, there are a lot of places and presumably thrilling stories going on outside of Maine.

If the goal is indeed to take the action out of Maine, viewers hoping for a Castle Rock take on IT should probably prepare themselves for another Pennywise-less season. Also, given the fact that Castle Rock is evidently an anthology that follows different characters in different stories rather than an anthology a la American Horror Story that uses the same cast to play different characters year after year, we probably don’t want to count on Bill Skarsgard ever playing Pennywise on the Hulu series. Still, perhaps the show could find a way to bring The Kid and Henry and Co. back in Season 2. I’m just sad that the deaths of Alan and Ruth means no more Scott Glenn and Sissy Spacek in the present.

All ten episodes of Castle Rock Season 1 are currently available to stream and binge-watch on Hulu, among many options on that streaming service. There’s plenty of broadcast network TV shows on the way as well, so there’s plenty to look forward to this fall.

Mac Miller Was Memorialized In Hometown Of Pittsburgh

As it was reported in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, fans and friends of the late Mac Miller have remembered the artist by attending the vigil for the late musician, which was held in Blue Slide Park– the East End playground which was considered among the musician’s favorite locales in his hometown. During this public service, the thousands of people in attendance could be heard chanting “4-1-2,” the local area code, as well as “One more song!” Once the crowd drew silent, however, there was reportedly moments of silence ,as candles were raised and memories were silently held inside the mournful eyes of those in remembrance. It wasn’t long, however, when the silence was broken by a person in the crowd shouting, “We love you, Mac!”

New Overlord Poster Teases A Bloody Affair

World War II movies are a dime a dozen. Although some of the best movies ever made were set during that harrowing 20th century conflict, making a new World War II movie stand out is no easy task. That is part of what makes this fall’s Overlord interesting. The Nazi zombie film from producer J.J. Abrams imbues the conflict with a mysterious supernatural element. The first trailer for Overlord made it clear that this horror flick will not be for the faint of heart, and a new poster for the film hammers that home. Take a look below to see the new Overlord poster that teases a bloody affair.

This is a fantastic poster. So often we get generic, cookie cutter posters that just show a bunch of actors’ faces crammed in a mishmash display of Photoshop 101. This Overlord poster, however, is artistic; a simple, minimalistic design that takes a ‘less is more’ approach and still tells us everything we need to know to be sold on this movie. The virgin white background stained with red blood splatters in the shape of a plane and parachuting soldiers lets us know exactly what kind of grim fate awaits all those who drop into this hell. All war movies are bloody, but the added zombie element in Overlord is sure to up the splatter quotient, and this poster does a good job of illustrating that.

I would have liked this poster to drop before we had seen anything from the movie, but it certainly fits with the horrors shown in the trailer. The marketing for this movie is definitely playing up the horror element that we will be seeing. War films always feature horrors, but they are rarely horror films. That’s what makes Overlord stand out and hopefully it will be able to capitalize on that and deliver a fresh and terrifying war film.

Overlord follows a group of American paratroopers who are trapped behind enemy lines on D-Day. They find that they have to contend with something much more sinister than the normal horrors of war when they discover that the enemy is playing by an entirely different set of rules, namely creating zombie-esque soldiers. At one point, Overlord was rumored to be the next film in the Cloverfield series, and it certainly looks to share some of the weirdness of that series, but it will not be a part of the Cloververse. Instead, there is a true, dedicated Cloverfield sequel is on the way, which sounds a lot better than shoehorning Overlord into the universe when it wasn’t originally made to be.

Overlord is directed by Julius Avery and stars Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell, Pilou Asbæk and Mathilde Ollivier. Overlord parachutes into theaters on November 9. Check out our release guide to see all of the biggest and bloodiest movies coming to theaters this rest of this year.

Matthew McConaughey Once Saved His Family From A Ram

Matthew McConaughey is known to perform a few daring stunts in the movies. Perhaps his most daring stunt, however, didn’t occur while cameras were rolling. In fact, it was a moment so crazy, it’s hard to believe it’s true. During his most recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where the actor was promoting his upcoming ’80s crime drama flick White Boy Rick, McConaughey talked about the time he saved his family and dog from an attacking ram, which was endangering his loved ones. And it involves a quick handoff of the dog and baby to his wife. Here’s how Mr. McConaughey explained this terrifying ram ordeal.

As you can see in the late night talk show clip, the topic came up when Matthew McConaughey played a game of True Confessions with The Roots’ Tarik Trotter, with Jimmy Fallon serving as the moderator between the two. The first confession of the evening was that McConaughey was charged by a mountain ram and he found himself at the edge of the Grand Canyon, where he needed to throw his dog and his six-month-old baby 15 feet up in the air in order to save him by the attacking animal. The Oscar winner also claimed this incident all went down on his birthday. It’s a truly wild occurrence. While Fallon believed it to be true, Trotter appeared to be skeptical about the story’s authenticity. Sure enough, however, McConaughey told the truth.

Matthew McConaughey doesn’t live a dull life, that much can be said for certain. Apparently, the McConaughey family were having a picnic in the Grand Canyon and that’s when they first made contact with the wild animal. The dog was apparently causing the other animal to be agitated, and the actor was able to get his pet and his child to safety before he found a way to make a daring escape. In order to get the ram away from the family, McConaughey claimed he needed to channel his inner actor and “go Yoda,” playing mind tricks on the animal to get him away from the fearful family. Apparently, the ram felt that the family was imposing on his territory, and once the animal felt that McConaughey wasn’t planning to stay, he let him be.

Check out The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon clip with Matthew McConaughey below.

Sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction. Meanwhile, speaking of true stories, White Boy Rick enters theaters this weekend.

How Riverdale Is Working Musical Numbers Into Season 3

At the end of Season 2, Veronica found a basement at Pop’s, which she planned to make into a bar. This speakeasy will be used to showcase musical talent, therefore giving a logical reason for Archie, Veronica, Josie, and the rest of the cast to sing their hearts out whenever the script calls for it. So don’t worry, the Riverdale Season 3 soundtrack will still happen.

The Last Remnant Is Finally Coming To PlayStation

Way back in 2008 Square Enix released a highly anticipated 3D JRPG called The Last Remnant. It was one of the games considered to be a next-generation title for the then seventh generation of home console gaming. This was also during the time when Microsoft was heavily courting Japanese game development studios and publishers in order to make games for the Xbox 360. The Last Remnant was one of those games, alongside other cult classics such as Lost Odyssey and Mistwalker StudiosBlue Dragon. Many JRPG fans were disappointed to find out that games like The Last Remnant were not available on the PS3, and after some begging and pleading gamers managed to get Square Enix to announce the game for the PS3 but it never came out. Recently Square Enix finally decided to follow through with the initial announcement from nearly a decade ago, and release The Last Remnant on a PlayStation console for the very first time.

The ‘M’ rated The Last Remnant finally received its first ever PS4 trailer, featuring half-a-minute’s worth of content. It’s more of a teaser trailer than anything, simply revealing that for the very first time ever PlayStation only gamers will be able to play through the role-playing title starting December 6th, later this year. The trailer doesn’t showcase any actual gameplay and we have no idea how it will actually run on Sony’s system, but that hasn’t stopped fans from getting excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

One thing that Square does mention is that this is slightly closer to a remake than a remaster or a re-release. You see, the game is being refitted to run on the Unreal Engine 4. Back in 2008 when it first released it was running on an unstable version of the Unreal Engine 3, causing the game to suffer from performance issues and LOD streaming glitches. These were very common issues for that build of the Unreal Engine, affecting other projects like Too Human.

Moving the game over to the Unreal Engine 4 also comes with added graphical upgrades and HD overhauls. So the game should look and run a lot better than it did when it first released a decade ago.

Given that this was just a teaser trailer, we have no idea what other changes or upgrades are taking place, but considering that it’s several months out from release, I suspect Square will take its time in pumping out the info and getting gamers geeked for the upcoming re-release.

Obviously, this sent some fans into a tizzy and they have been requesting for Square to also re-release Lost Odyssey as a remake or remastered edition as well.

I’m pretty sure Square will monitor the sales and reception of The Last Remnant and depending on how well it does will determine if more games will also get the remaster treatment.

Queen Had A Say In Who Bohemian Rhapsody Cast As Freddie Mercury

Some talents who are successful enough to reach icon status might find themselves watching on the sidelines as Hollywood tells their story for the silver screen. That wasn’t the case for the remaining band members of Queen, as they were part of the creative process for the upcoming biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, starring Rami Malek as their stunning lead singer, Freddie Mercury. The film will take audiences through the journey of the band, leading up to their legendary appearance at Live Aid in 1985. On Rami Malek’s latest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he was asked how involved the band had a hand in casting him as Mercury and themselves to which he said,

What an honor for the actors of Bohemian Rhapsody to be picked with the help of the British rock band. Apart from Rami Malek taking on the late-great Freddie Mercury, the rest of the members would be meeting the icons they play. 2017’s Jamestown television series actor Gwilym Lee as lead guitarist Brian May, Ben Hardy from X-Men: Apocalypse as drummer Roger Taylor and Jurassic Park‘s Joseph Mazzello as bassist John Deacon. While Malek has already gained past acclaim for his Emmy-winning performance on Mr. Robot, the rest of the band members’ actors aren’t nearly as well known.

During Rami Malek’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel, he explained that their first five days on set dove right into it, as the actors shot the Live Aid performance at Wembley Stadium as Queen in front of an audience and also in front of Queen. Talk about an intimidating first day at work. Malek called it terrifying and said:

Rami Malek especially appreciated it because it allowed him to play a little prank on Ben Hardy on set, as he convinced some of the crew members to tell the actor that Queen drummer Roger Taylor had one request: for Hardy to complete the extremely complex drum solo in the song “Keep Yourself Alive.” On the call sheet, the plan was to only play the first verse and skip over it. As a result, Hardy didn’t leave his trailer for a while, likely in a panic, but Malek did finally let him in on the joke.

Bohemian Rhapsody has faced some controversy during production, as director Bryan Singer was fired for reportedly being frequently absent on set, and Dexter Fletcher stepped in as his replacement, although it’s also been said that Singer was tending to an ill parent. Singer will get directing credit for the potential Oscar contender despite his firing. We will have a clearer picture of how well the Queen biopic came together when the title is released in theaters on November 2. Although with the approval of the actual band during the process, it looks like a promising depiction of their story.