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BTS On Why Their Music Speaks To Young People And Their Collaborative Creative Process

“Five years ago, in our debut, we talked about schools,” RM said. “We talked about schools with three albums. And then we talked about youth with three albums. And then, folks grow up, right? We’re not going to school anymore, and our attitude to life changed a little bit. What we could talk about now, and the story the world needed most was love.”

So the idea for the group’s record-breaking Love Yourself series was born out of this admittedly “very abstract” idea of love. “We started with that phrase,” RM added. “Somebody said, ‘Love is an ability.’ Many people mistake love with being in love, falling in love. Many people, especially in teenage years, they just fall in love. They think they’re in love… But if somebody doesn’t love themselves, then they can love nobody. Mr. Bang came up with it, and we thought it was really great.”

From there, the group and their creative team conceptualized a four-part series — three albums and one video — about love, loss, and acceptance.

“We meet someone, we thought we fell in love, but someday we must know that we’re different. We’re not the same person. You’re not the one I expected. And then we break up. But what’s in our real mind was that, I just never loved myself, so I could love no one,” RM explained. “We’ve been doing this for [two-and-a-half years], so it’s really risky. This music industry is really fast these days, [but] thanks to our fans — they reacted to us, they felt us, and they told us that they came to love themselves even a little more, thanks to this album.”

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