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Comic-Con Crowd To Matt Reeves: ‘Don’t Screw Up Our Batman Movie’

The DC live-action universe has been a fascinating place since its inception, and has featured a mixture of victories and losses. Zack Snyder’s vision kickstarted the DCEU with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as he introduced Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne to audiences. Unfortunately, the latter actor has already hung up the cowl and cape, no longer appearing in the solo flick The Batman.

Matt Reeves is tasked with helming the Batman movie, and recently cast Robert Pattinson to play the Caped Crusader. The pressure is on for the Cloverfield director to deliver with the long gestating project, as the Batman is one of the most popular superheroes ever. And the crowd at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 made sure to tell Reeves not to mess it up. In fact, there’s video to prove it.

The people have spoken, and they don’t want Matt Reeves screwing up his opportunity with The Dark Knight. And considering how long The Batman‘s development process has already been, moviegoers are going to have some trepidation going into theaters.

This video comes from Matt Reeves’ personal Twitter page, which he uses to communicate directly with the rabid DC fandom. The video sees a crowd in Comic-Con’s historic Hall H making their plea to the director. While Reeves wasn’t personally presenting anything (I wish), the clip was actually sent to him from within this year’s convention. And Reeves seems to have a good sense of humor about it.

Matt Reeves has been attached to The Batman for a number of years, after Ben Affleck dropped out of the director’s seat (but before he dropped out of the role). But the project only recently started moving forward, with Robert Pattinson’s casting revealing that Reeves and the studio are still moving forward. Just what the developing blockbuster contains is a mystery, but it’ll introduce a whole new Bruce Wayne to audiences.

There have been some rumblings about Matt Reeves’ ideas for The Batman, and they do seem notably different than the character’s last incarnation. The report indicates that his version of Batman will be more green and hopeful than the jaded version we got from Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman. What’s more, the project will put a special highlight on the hero’s ability as a detective, and may feature a few villains from his iconic rogues gallery.

There have been plenty of live-action versions of Batman throughout the years, starting with the iconic Adam West. But none of them have really zeroed in on the character’s work as a detective. After all, he’s billed as the world’s greatest. This was an aspect of the character that was utilized during the Arkham video games, but would be a first on the big screen.

While Matt Reeves seems amused by his video from the Comic-Con constituents, there is a distinct possibility that The Batman will face backlash. The past few years have demonstrated how passionate the fans are– sometimes to a fault. Let’s hope he doesn’t end up the victim of trolling, regardless of the movie’s contents.

The Batman is currently set to arrive in theaters on June 25th, 2021. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

The Internet Is Having A Field Day With The Cats Trailer

As in the original stage musical, the roles are played by human actors who largely walk around on two legs, but are otherwise dressed as various varieties of domesticated feline. Whether you love Cats or love to hate on Cats, it’s without question a weird sort of a thing, and Twitter basically went nuts.

We knew what we were getting with a movie based on Cats, but knowing it and actually seeing it are two different things. I’m not saying we can’t all deal with it, but it’s the sort of concept that takes some getting used to. They’re cats, but they’re also vaguely human. It’s this sort of feline uncanny valley. As some have pointed out, it takes a very different path to the screen than say, another new movie that personifies cats in a major way.

Obviously, if you haven’t actually seen the new Cats trailer, you have no idea what all these people are talking about, so you need to take a minute and find out. Check out the new trailer below. You will either thank me or hate me forever. Possibly both.

After viewing that, you likely have some very strange feelings. Luckily, there are people in the world like Anna Kendrick, who just go ahead and say out loud what the rest of us don’t want to admit we were thinking.

More than a few people have remarked that the Cats trailer is probably a glimpse into a different fantasy world that many fans have wanted to see over the years. Turns out, maybe we don’t need a live-action Thundercats movie after all?

Of course, while social media went nuts over the Cats trailer, it has to be said that not everybody was hating on it. A lot of the response on the CinemaBlend Facebook page was actually quite positive and they weren’t the only ones looking forward to it. Yes, Cats looks like a fever dream, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The stage musical has a lot of fans, many love Cats largely because it’s bonkers and they’re looking forward to the film adaptation for all of the same reasons.

At the end of the day, you have a movie musical with a cast that includes Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, Idris Elba and Sir Ian Mckellan. That cast right there would sell any other movie instantly and so sometimes you just have to embrace the insanity.

Cats hits theaters in December. Get ready.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: 15 Best Coats and Jackets To Buy

If the headline of this story made you start to sweat, I understand. We’re in the middle of summer, it is insanely hot and humid out and the last thing you want to think about is wearing more clothing, especially not a teddy coat. But the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is making a really strong case for forgetting about that belted bikini you’ve had your eye on and filling your summer shopping cart with trench coats, moto jackets and yes, the extra fluffy illustrious teddy coat, instead.

The reality is (don’t shoot the messenger) summer isn’t going to last forever and if you buy a summer piece now, you’ll only get a couple more weeks wear out of it. But if you go ahead and start building out your fall wardrobe instead, you’ll have the entire season ahead to wear it. Not to mention you’ll skip out on the stress of feeling like you have nothing to wear when the leaves finally do fall.

From light denim jackets to leopard print rain coats to a heavily discounted Tibi blazer, here are the 15 coats and jackets on sale this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 that are worth (temporarily) forgetting about summer for.

Bop Shop: Songs From Charli XCX, MUNA, Hayley Kiyoko, And More

In the subjective world of music, titling a track “Good” is a lot of pressure to put on a listener. But if there’s one thing Twin XL accomplishes in their debut single, it’s making you feel, well, good. From its perky whistling intro to its punctuated declaration that “Nobody gonna kill my vibe,” the song is a Certified Bop™ fitting for both swaying in the car in on a sunny day and power-walking into the office when you’re running late.

The L.A. alt-pop trio is a who’s who of producers and musicians, having done their time in bands like The Summer Set and Nekokat and working with artists like All Time Low and Lindsey Stirling. Their EP How to Talk to Strangers demonstrates that their sound is decidedly their own: shiny, bright, and daring the alt-pop genre to out-sleek itself. Put this one on and let the good vibes roll. —Carson Mlnarik

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: 13 Best Boots, Sneakers and Shoes to Buy During

When you’re tipped off about a summer sale, like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale kicking off this weekend, you’re likely getting ready for racks on racks of dresses and sandals. Those standbys haven’t gone anywhere, but there’s some forward-looking purchases to consider after you’ve seen what’s on sale. Judging by the top-notch footwear in this year’s assortment, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is inarguably the best time to buy fall shoes.

Sure, it’s pushing 100 degrees in most parts of the country, and you’re a week and a half out from vacation. The Bachelorette hasn’t accepted a proposal yet. Fall shoes are probably far from your mind (and at the back of your closet). Thankfully, Nordstrom has done the work of sorting the best-of-the-best fall shoes for you early and at lower prices than you’ll see in stores when the leaves turn. Basically buying more than one pair during this sale should be a no-brainer.

The footwear festivities kick off today with Early Access—i.e., a weeklong head start for everyone with a Nordstrom Card—so there’s very little between you and a wallet-friendly pair of leather boots (or sneakers, or flats). Ahead, we’ve picked out the fall shoes you’ll want to pick up today to prep your autumn wardrobe. After all: If you’re shopping early access, you might as well go all-in.

Incredibly, Captain Marvel Composer Personally Hired 70 Musicians To Get The Job

Pinar Toprak wasn’t exactly an unknown name in Hollywood when she landed the gig on Captain Marvel, but it was still a big deal when she became Marvel’s first female composer. The route she took to land the job was a little extreme, however.

This year at San Diego Comic-Con, Pinar Toprak was on hand to talk about how she worked to earn the job on Captain Marvel and she told the crowd at the “Musical Anatomy of a Superhero” panel that she personally hired a 70-person orchestra to bring her vision to life well before she really even knew whether or not she had a chance at the job. Toprak revealed:

Ultimately, even though this may seem like a wild (and expensive) step to take, Pinar Toprak saw it as a way forward for her career, even if the Captain Marvel gig hadn’t panned out.

Her audition didn’t end with the composition recorded by 70 musicians, however. According to Pinar Toprak, she also made a tape to argue her case.

The movie hadn’t started filming yet, but she used the Captain Marvel audition tapes to supplement the point. Ultimately, she won the job, but even after the hard work paid off, it took a while for Marvel’s decision to sink in. Per Pinar Toprak, when she got the call she “pretty much collapsed.”

Toprak also told the audience she’s been a big fan of superheroes for a long time, particularly on screen. She really has an affinity for Superman (1978) and her early exposure to superheroes has seemingly made her a good fit for superhero composition.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: What ‘Glamour’ Editors Actually Want

The highly anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is finally here. Early access technically started on July 12 but the sale is finally open to the public and it lasts for weeks—until August 4. The deals of course are insane and range from shoes that are worth building your fall wardrobe around to 26 pieces Meghan Markle would approve of to all the luxury beauty products you could ever need (yes, including La Mer). It’s basically Black Friday in July, and we’re here for it.

Naturally, we’ve spent the past couple of weeks drooling over Nordstrom’s early access offerings and now that everything is finally available to non-Nordstrom cardholders? Our bodies are ready (our wallets though, are not). From brand like Allsaints, Charlotte Tilbury, and Topshop—there’s a lot to look forward to. As far as what Glamour editors are actually buying? An essential leather bootie that’s perfect year-round, a blazer dress that reminds us of Beyonce, a Dalmatian print top that is making one editor wonder why that animal print isn’t already everywhere and seven other incredible discounted pieces, ahead.

Big Little Lies Season Two Review: Is Anyone Else Bored?

Big Little Lies was my favorite TV show in 2017, so you can imagine my elation when news broke about season two. That excitement only intensified when HBO confirmed Meryl Streep had joined the cast. Meryl. Streep. The Monterrey Moms were already a who’s who of A-list actors, but adding a legend to the mix pushed things over the edge. Throw in the fact that most of the season one creatives signed back on, and you have a recipe for success (and another Emmys sweep).

That could happen again next year, when BLL season two is eligible for the Emmys. The second chapter of this soapy series, about a group of wealthy moms covering up a murder, has been a success. It has an impressive 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The narratives feel timely and necessary, especially the ones centered around sexual assault. And, of course, the acting is a high point. When Nicole Kidman slapped Meryl Streep in episode four? Reader, when I tell you I screamed, I screamed.

But these moments of over-the-top action have been few and far between. We spend most of each Big Little Lies episode watching Streep and the Monterrey Five (Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, and Zoë Kravitz) walk and talk. And the conversations are pretty cyclical. Here’s the gist:

Bonnie: We killed someone, and I’m worried about it.

Madeline: Shut the fuck up!

Celeste: [Half-Australian accent] Mary Louise!

Jane: Ziggy, tell me the truth.

Renata: MONEY.

Mary Louise: [To Madeline only] Short, short, short!

Don’t get me wrong, this was fun to watch in the premiere. But by episode five—when I realized the women were having some of the same discussions over and over—I got…well, bored. These actors deliver in every scene, but they don’t have much to work with. In my opinion, there just isn’t enough plot to sustain seven hour-long episodes. It wasn’t until episode six, when Mary Louise and Celeste begin the custody battle over Celeste’s twins, that I felt like there was a substantial something to engage with.

Not even the hook of, “Will Mary Louise find out about Perry’s murder?” is keeping me interested. This was heavily teased in the promos before the premiere, but the tension deflated for me by episode three. There’s only so many worried looks the Monterrey Five can give each other before you’re begging for something—anything—to happen.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Best Bras, Underwear and Lingerie To Buy

It’s no surprise that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has crazy discounts. Everyone already knows this. But what is surprising is the actual best-selling products that drive the people crazy. An XXL bottle of Kiehl’s moisturizer with a pump! A pair of high waisted leggings with over 6,000 reviews! And a bra allegedly so magical it’s fan club consists of probably every girl you know and Lady Gaga!

Now while you may understand the need for a moisturizer the size of your head (it’ll last two years) or a great pair of affordable workout leggings (they’re expensive these days), a bra might come as a surprise. How life changing could it possibly be and how could it possibly work for everyone? Well if you’ve never felt as passionately about a bra as the 3,000 reviewers of the Natori Feathers Bra have, you might want to consider adding it to your cart, especially now that it’s available for under $50. And it’s not just the Natori Feathers Bra, Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale has tons of best selling bras, underwear and shapewear that more than a couple people (try thousands) swear by.

Stocking up on undergarments may not be what you initially thought of doing when you heard about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but listen, it’s tricky to find bras and underwear that you love and Nordstrom’s sale section offers some of the best, most universally loved pieces out there. They even have shapewear Karlie Kloss wore to the Met Gala. The Met Gala! So go ahead and shop all the best bras, underwear and lingerie from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale below. We wouldn’t be surprised if a couple weeks from now you found yourself leaving a passionate five star review on any of them.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Best General Access Fashion Buys

Have you ever been to a sample sale where the prices are so good everything practically feels free and the excitement is so overwhelming you don’t even know where to start? That’s basically like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale except you don’t have to deal with people elbowing you over the last pair of ankle boots, because you can get everything online. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale also isn’t a one-day-only deal either; it’s basically a discount marathon that lasts until August 4 with wardrobe essentials from brands like Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Sam Edelman, and Allsaints up for grabs at a fraction of the price.

If you’re a Nordstrom superfan, you probably already know that Nordstrom cardholders got a first pass at the hundreds of pages of discounted goods on July 12 for early access. But if you’re like the rest of us non-cardholders, the sale is finally open to everyone and will be for more than two weeks. Trust us when we say there will still be plenty of goods to shop, but the pieces tend to sell out quickly, so add to cart ASAP.

We’re here to help navigate the hundreds of on-sale product pages and find the very best pieces. Scroll down for all of our favorite picks from the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.