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10 Celebrities on Why They DGAF About Cellulite

Once upon a time, you couldn’t walk past a newsstand without seeing photos of celebrities in swimsuits—bumps and scars and all, because they’re human—trying to live their life and getting body-shamed for it. But times have changed, and models and actresses alike are now leading the charge to normalize cellulite, stretch marks, and other so-called flaws. It couldn’t have come soon enough.

The body positivity movement has spurred a lot of great things, but one of the best has been the embrace of cellulite. Instead of being considered something to mask or get rid of with expensive (often questionable) creams, cellulite is being seen for what it is: normal. (According to recent stats, 93 percent of women have it—regardless of their shape or size.) And celebrities, instead of waiting for the paparazzi to snap and sell photos, are posting pics of their own dimpled legs on social media to rewrite the narrative. Here are a few of the women who are speaking out.

Ashley Graham

The model and body-positivity advocate has long been a champion of embracing your body as it is—bumps and all—an attitude she credits her mom for instilling in her. “I remember telling my mom, ‘Isn’t it disgusting? It’s so ugly.’ She pulled her pants down and said, ‘Look, I have it too.’ And I was like, ‘Gasp!'” Graham shared in a recent issue of V Magazine. “She looked at me, then at it, and just rolled her eyes. She didn’t tell me that it’s beautiful or ugly. She just made it a nonissue. It doesn’t define my worth.”

Demi Lovato

The singer has been promoting body positivity for years, and she’s always down to set an example. “Cellulite and yet I still love myself,” she captioned a Boomerang posted to Instagram Stories, drawing an arrow from the statement to her bare thighs. Though the bumps aren’t quite visible in the Boomerang, she quickly cleared things up. “The Boomerang smoothed out my legs,” she wrote. “The point is, I have cellulite just like the other 93% of women do. What you see on Instagram isn’t always what it seems to be. Let’s embrace our real selves.”

Hunter McGrady

“I’m a size 16. And I’m here to say this is what confidence looks like and it’s beautiful. Why are we so worried if, God forbid, we have a roll, cellulite, or stretch marks?” the Sports Illustrated veteran (who broke barriers as the magazine’s curviest-ever model) told in a recent interview. “These are normal, human things that everybody has. My fiancé has them, and he’s a man. Everybody has them. I just don’t understand because society tells us they are our flaws.”

Gabi Gregg

Style blogger and body-positivity activist Gabi Gregg—a.k.a. GabiFresh—posted an Instagram video to point out how something as simple as lighting can make a difference in what you see in images. “Reminder that cellulite is normal and nothing to be ashamed of (and also depends on lighting! You can literally see mine “disappear” as I walk out of a shadow here).”

Iskra Lawrence

The model—who’s starred in unretouched ads for Aerie—delivered a powerful TED talk on self-love in 2017, where she opened up about the problems with digitally altered images. Here’s just a snippet: “I had to forgive myself for the times I saw retouched pictures of myself with slimmer arms, a thigh gap, unachievably smooth skin, with no cellulite or back fat, and thought that’s how I should look in real life. I now know that just because people decided to alter my appearance to look ‘perfected,’ it doesn’t make me any less beautiful in the real world—where I can’t walk around airbrushed.”

Hilary Duff

Duff kept it real when she posted a photo of herself on a beach, featuring her son and a very cute swimsuit. Her caption made her stance on her body clear: “Since websites and magazines love to share ‘celeb flaws’—well I have them! My body has given me the greatest gift of my life: Luca, 5 years ago. I’m turning 30 in September and my body is healthy and gets me where I need to go. Ladies, lets be proud of what we’ve got and stop wasting precious time in the day wishing we were different, better, and unflawed. You guys (you know who you are!) already know how to ruin a good time, and now you are body shamers as well. #kissmyass.”

Kelly Rowland

Do not come for Kelly Rowland, because she won’t have it. “I used to be very self-conscious about the cellulite and stretch marks on my butt,” she said in a 2017 interview with Shape. “When I was overseas, a picture came out showing my imperfections and someone tried to body-shame me. That moment made me embrace my derrière.” So she posted the picture in question to Instagram with the caption: “B!T@H BE HUMBLE” -@KendrickLamar”

Lena Dunham

Dunham was proud of Glamour‘s February 2017 cover, which featured unretouched photos of the Girls cast. She wrote in an Instagram post: “Thank you to the women in Hollywood (and on Instagram!) leading the way, inspiring and normalizing the female form in EVERY form, and thank you to @glamourmag for letting my cellulite do the damn thing on newsstands everywhere today ❤️ Love you all.”

Jameela Jamil

The Good Place star has been a staunch advocate of body positivity—so much so, she even started an Instagram feed called @i_weigh that encourages women to measure their talents and values, not their weight. “Would you tell your friend that she would be funnier, smarter, or a better person if she were more toned? Would you tell her she didn’t deserve love or happiness because she had cellulite or some wrinkles?” she wrote in an essay for Glamour. “Would you tell her it didn’t matter how much she had achieved because she didn’t have a thigh gap and that she is a failure in life and a waste of space for not looking like a doll? Then why do you say it to yourself?”

Paris Jackson

In a 2017 interview, Jackson went into detail about her effort to embrace herself despite the strict (and, frankly, unrealistic) standards of beauty in the fashion industry. “I’m not symmetrical, I’m not a size zero, I eat hella burgers and endless amounts of pizza. I can’t fit into a runway sample size of designer clothes, I have scars and stretch marks and acne and I have cellulite,” she explained. “I’m human. Not a dress-up doll. The idea that we all have to fit one idea of beauty is outrageous and ridiculous because ‘perfection’ is just an opinion.”

Jessie J

Singer Jessie J recently posted a gorgeous photo of herself in a bathing suit, looking out into the ocean on Instagram—and she preemptively called out anyone who might try to body shame her in the caption. “Took ages to hairspray my hair like that,” she wrote. “My shadow is my mood 🥴 oh and for those telling me I have cellulite. I know. I own a mirror. 👍🏻” Her comments section soon filled with supportive messages like “I don’t see cellulite. I see BEAUTY and BRAVERY and CONFIDENCE❤️” and “Nothing wrong with you at all.”

Plus-Size Stylist Susan Moses’ 8 Tips for Curvy Women

Susan Moses has styled everyone from Britney Spears to Queen Latifah over her two-decade-plus-long career—and she’s learned a few things in the process. OK, more like a book’s worth of things. Which happens to be fitting (pardon the pun): In 2016, Moses released her debut title, The Art of Dressing Curves. Glamour spoke with Moses about the style advice women with curves—plus size or not—need to know about getting dressed.

Read on for her top eight style tips for curvy women:

1. Strike the right balance between fitted and too tight. “There’s a difference between being squeezed up in a dress and a dress fitting your body nicely,” she says. “You shouldn’t see lines of any undergarments through the dress—that’s when you know it’s too tight!”

2. Everybody should have a shapewear arsenal. “This is universal!” says Moses. “Every woman needs a little bit of cinching, smoothing, and support sometimes. Generally, smoothing in the tummy and hips can make us look more refined and polished in our clothes. The No. 1 piece that women should have is a body briefer.”

3. Don’t wear leggings as pants. “There is way too much personal information on the streets of many cities because of this trend. Leggings are not pants. They are meant to be worn underneath clothing. That’s why they are sold with hosiery and accessories in department stores.” (Hint: Get a pair of skinny jeggings instead!)

4. When in doubt, reach for a pencil skirt. “To-the-knee is the most flattering hemline on everyone,” she says. “It elongates your curves and gives your body good balance.”

5. No outfit is complete without the right shoes. “Pay attention to the line of your shoes,” says Moses. “Avoid straps around the ankles—they can make legs look shorter. A classic pump in a neutral will give you the cleanest line and make your legs look longest.”

6. Shop through any weight changes. “Do go shopping and invest in the essentials pieces, even if you gain [or lose] a few pounds. The most important thing is to wear clothes that fit and to feel you look your very best at every size.”

7. Carry the right size bag. “You should have a bag that is proportioned to your body,” she says. “Too small is not good! For day, I like a medium-size structured tote. At night, if you can’t see the bag behind your hand, that bag is too small.”

8. Tailor your clothing. “A good tailor is every woman’s secret weapon. There’s no substitute! Most department stores and boutiques offer tailoring services too. Wearing clothes that it and hang properly on your body can make the difference between terrible and terrific.”

Points 3, 6, and 8 are excerpts from The Art of Dressing Curves: The Best-Kept Secrets of a Fashion Stylist by Susan Moses, published by Harper Design, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

Godzilla: King Of Monsters Director Teases Idea For An Avengers Crossover

We are only about one month away from the release of Avengers: Endgame and the end of this iteration of the MCU as we know it. Though the plot is being treated like a military-grade secret, it’s likely that the Avengers will be in need of a new villain by the time the rumored three hour runtime is complete. There are plenty of villains to choose from, but director Michael Dougherty presented a really cool option: Godzilla.

Michael Dougherty is the director of the upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which will be hitting theaters in May. The sequel will find Godzilla going head-to-head against Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah in a battle to decide who is the alpha Titan of planet Earth. Having three of Godzilla’s most iconic monster foes in one movie must not have been enough for Dougherty because he’d like to see Godzilla go to town on the Avengers.

And it’s not such a crazy idea! There’s actually some real history in the comics to support this, something that Mike Dougherty knows well. The director took to social media posting a picture of a comic book in which the Avengers had to fight Godzilla. Dougherty wrote that this movie would “make the world a better place” and I’d have to agree with him.

The comic book in reference is back during the late ’70s when Marvel had the licensing rights to Godzilla. Occasionally during the issues it released, Godzilla would encounter Marvel superheroes, in one case going up against the Avengers. The heroes are called in to stop one of Godzilla’s rampages.

It’s not too hard to see why Dougherty would be 100% down for this crossover. The Avengers are arguably the biggest box office success in history, and a movie where they meet Godzilla would be filled with enough spectacle to make your eyes bleed. I don’t know how the Avengers could ever beat Godzilla, but I also don’t know how they will reverse half the universe getting erased either.

Even though an Avengers and Godzilla crossover is just an impossible dream right now (movie rights are owned by different studios), it’s not like there isn’t plenty to look forward to from both franchises. Endgame is just right around the corner, and the movie is already projected to shatter box office records.

Meanwhile, Godzilla doesn’t have a shortage of foes to beat as he fights his arch-nemesis King Ghidorah in King of the Monsters. The trailers have teased that this is the effects-heavy, big budget monster brawl that fans have ben waiting years for and it looks like a very entertaining movie.

You can catch Avengers: Endgame on April 26, while Godzilla: King of the Monsters will follow about a little over a month later on May 31.

Bikini Wax Advice: 12 Things Your Waxer Wants You to Know

Let’s get this straight: there’s no wrong way to choose how to remove your pubes or not. From Barbie-doll hairless to full bush (as celebrities have candidly begun talking about), how you groom down there is a purely personal decision. But if totally bare is what you’re after, there’s no denying that a brazilian wax is the fastest, least bump-inducing way to smooth things out below the waist.

That said, it doesn’t matter how advanced you are in the Brazilian arts, we get that it can be a nerve-racking experience. Here, our favorite bikini-waxing specialists share what they wish they could tell you before you lie down on the table. (Hint: You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Unless you show up drunk. Don’t do that.)

1. No one is judging your vagina.

First thing’s first, “don’t be nervous about the way your vagina looks,” says Spruce & Bond specialist Krystal Cordova. “We see all sizes and colors on a daily basis. Our job is to make you look and feel better about it.” It’s a bikini wax, not an audition to be a pubic hair model.

2. It’s not really as bad as you’re expecting it to be.

If you’re a newbie and anticipating pain levels that revel that of Steve Carell’s character in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, know that a bikini wax certainly isn’t a paid vacation, but it’s likely going go better than you think. “For first-time waxers especially, the buildup of anticipation before you get in the room is the worst part,” says Shobha Tummala, Founder and CEO of Shobha. “If you’re seeing a pro, the ‘act’ itself will be much faster and less painful.”

3. Don’t come straight from spin class.

“Come in tidy, like brushing your teeth before a dental exam, but more along the lines of prepping for your annual exam at the gynecologist,” says Tummala. “At Shobha, we have rosewater freshening clothes in the room just in case.” She notes that the drier the area is, the better the wax will adhere and the better the results will be. “If you know you’re a sweater when it comes to physical activity, most likely you’ll sweat in your bikini area as well,” she explains. Wiping the area of other natural—and completely normal—bodily fluids like discharge is appreciated as well.

4. Go easy on the booze.

A glass of wine to temper your nerves before is one thing. But showing up plastered is a different story. “Don’t come into your appointment drunk, it will only make your blood thinner and more sensitive to pain,” says Cordova. There’s also the fact that it’s just kind of rude. For example, Los Angeles-based owner of Pink Cheeks Salon, Cindy Thorin, once had a client arrive so drunk, she didn’t know what to do. “I told her we had to take off her pants, not her underwear if she didn’t want to,” Thorin recalls. When the woman couldn’t get them down on her own, Thorin had to help her. (Don’t worry she came in to apologize for it—along with some other embarrassing things that happened—a few days later.)

5. Pee before your appointment.

If you’re nervous, pre-wax jitters can lead to a nervous bladder. “Make a pit stop in the powder room first because undressing and then re-dressing once you realize you have to ‘go’ slows things down and adds more hassle for you,” notes Tummala. She says this is a common occurrence: “Oftentimes, after disrobing from the waist down for a bikini treatment, you might feel a little colder, which can intensify the need to pee. Also, during certain parts of the treatment your skin is pulled taut, so even a light press on a full bladder can be uncomfortable.”

6. Don’t shave.

“Hair needs to be ¼-inch long to be pulled by wax from the hair root,” says Exhale Spa aesthetician Angela Marinescu. She says that after shaving, it takes three or four weeks for hair to be the best length to be waxed. “On those with blond hair, it takes about two to three weeks, dark hair takes longer because the roots are stronger,” she says.

7. Seriously. There’s no such thing as being too hairy.

“A lot of clients get embarrassed about their growth if it’s been awhile,” Cordova says. “I’d rather wax overgrown hair than a two-week-old shave. It’s easier for the specialist and less painful for you.”

8. Timing matters.

Don’t schedule a wax five days before your menstrual cycle, during, or immediately after. “Your body is especially sensitive during this time period,” says Marinescu. If you’re sensitive or it’s your first time getting waxed, she adds that taking Advil half an hour prior to your appointment will help. Or you could try these other reader-approved painkillers.

9. Don’t workout after your wax either.

“The friction in tight yoga pants can cause irritation,” says Marinescu. Additionally, “you should avoid any physical activity 12 to 24 hours after your wax,” Cordova says. “The less heat you bring to the area, the better.” Steering clear of another—more private—athletic endeavor can be beneficial as well. Aesthetician Elana De Damian of Elana De Damian Skin Care suggests holding off on getting busy post-wax for at least 24 hours. And while we’re at it, cross these other things off your to-do list too.

10. Wear comfortable clothes into your appointment.

It’s not just yoga pants you might want to avoid. Anything tight-fitting can rub raw spots and make matters worse, says dermatologist Kally Papantoniou, M.D., in New York City. So think maxi dresses and harem pants and breathable cotton fabrics.

11. Be vocal.

“If you have a specific idea of how you want your bikini line to look like, speak up,” Cordova says. “Transparency is welcome.” Cordova says she and her team can create clean edges “like a tapestry” or just clean up what’s visible outside of your bikini.

12. Resist the urge to do recon work postwax job.

“If ingrown hairs appear after your wax, don’t pluck them,” advises Cordova. “Let us handle it.” If you pick at your ingrowns with your nails, you risk scarring and infection. “We have tons of bacteria underneath our nail beds,” she says. If you can’t make it back into your waxer, an ingrown hair treatment (like Anthony or Fur) can help safely address the issue, as well as gentle exfoliation of the area three days after your wax.

Josh Brolin Preps For Dune Filming With Intense Shirtless Photo

Denis Villeneuve’s 2020 Dune movie has officially started filming. Josh Brolin is one of the many, many — seriously, so many — major stars of the film adapting Frank Herbert’s novel. Brolin plays Gurney Halleck, weapons master for House Atreides, who teaches young Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet). Brolin got into battle mode with his usual intensity, staring into the camera for a photo he posted with a caption quoting the Dune author:

Fear is the mind-killer. It’s clear Josh Brolin is not afraid to strip himself down to the basics and #cowboyup for his role. Since filming just started, it looks like Brolin is getting in on the early action, possibly for some training scenes with young Paul.

Patrick Stewart played Gurney Halleck in David Lynch’s 1984 Dune. Denis Villeneuve has his own very different plans for the story, which is also meant to carry across more than one film. Just the physicality of Josh Brolin alone hints in a different direction, not that SirPatStew isn’t boss in his own right.

Dune is filming on location in Budapest, Hungary, and Jordan, so those countries can look forward to seeing many famous faces in the next few months.

So far, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune cast includes Rebecca Ferguson as Jessica Atreides; Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto; Zendaya as Chani; Javier Bardem as Stilgar; Dave Bautista as Glossu Rabban; Stellan Skarsgård as Vladimir Harkonnen; Charlotte Rampling as Reverend Mother Mohiam; Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho; David Dastmalchian as Piter De Vries; and Chang Chen as Dr. Wellington Yueh.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis, from Warner Bros. and Legendary:

Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Blade Runner 2049) is not only directing the film, he also co-wrote the screenplay (with Eric Roth and Jon Spaihts) and he’s one of the film’s producers. Dune is currently scheduled for worldwide release on November 20, 2020.

Meanwhile, Josh Brolin — no stranger to major films, from Deadpool 2 to Avengers: Infinity War — will soon be seen back in action as Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. That movie opens April 26, 2019 as one of the many films hitting the big screen this year.

Dora And The Lost City of Gold Trailer Explores The Live-Action Jungle

This summer, the popular Nick Jr. series Dora the Explorer is making the big jump to live-action with its first theatrical movie. Isabela Moner straps on the purple backpack to go on a journey through the jungle to save her missing parents and find a lost city of gold. Danger, friendship, and foxes dressed as burglars abound! Check out the first trailer for Dora and the Lost City of Gold right now.

Just about anything with a recognizable IP is getting the movie treatment these days and that’s especially true for Dora the Explorer. The iconic children’s education series was one of the longest running programs on Nick Jr. and it spun off a number of series, specials, and TV movies over the course of its 172-episode run.

Given the fourth-wall breaking nature of the show and its very specific format, it’s fair to say that some people were curious how a live-action movie would work. Would it embrace those elements of the show or would it be a more straight-forward and grounded take on the material? The answer, it seems, is a little bit of both. The first trailer for Dora and the Lost City of Gold dropped last night and it presents a Dora who is more adept at navigating the literal jungle than the jungle of high school.

The new trailer lays out the basics of the plot. The film follows Dora (Moner), an energetic but reckless teenage explorer who is sent to high school by her parents (Michael Peña and Eva Longoria) to meet kids her own age. While Dora has trouble fitting in, she and some of her classmates are dragged back to the jungle in order to save her parents and find a mythical city of gold.

This trailer is a pretty solid confirmation that Dora is shooting for a younger target audience and it looks fun for that age group! It’s silly and over the top, which is certainly a good tone to have when your main character hangs around with a monkey and keeps flare guns in her backpack instead of textbooks.

My only gripe is that Boots the Monkey isn’t wearing any boots. Is he named Boots just because it’s cute? #NotMyBoots

The only other thing missing from this trailer is Swiper the Fox. The kleptomaniac fox is voiced by Benicio del Toro, but it looks like the marketing team is saving the reveal of what Swiper looks and sounds like for a rainy day.

About 80% Of Captain Marvel’s Goose Shots Are CGI, VFX Boss Says

Goose the cat is a scene-stealer in Captain Marvel, but apparently most of the scenes were stolen by computer-generated images. We’ve already heard from the trainer who coached four different cats — mostly a little guy named Reggie — to play the role of Goose on set. But Captain Marvel visual effects supervisor Chris Townsend said most of the shots actually used in the MCU film were done through effects company Trixter, even beyond just the obvious Flerken fun.

Visual effects supervisor Chris Townsend told HuffPost the CG version of Goose looked so realistic, even directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck didn’t recognize real from fake. Townsend explained some of the times they felt they needed to go with a CG version, including when working around star Brie Larson’s (Carol Danvers) allergy to cats:

Divas! Chris Townsend did praise the cats and the cat trainers, but he’s right that there’s only so much you can demand from a cat — especially one that probably doesn’t even have profit participation, so what’s their motivation, really?

Pet trailer Ursula Brauner had said, of the four cats used, a dude named Reggie was probably in about 70% of the Goose scenes. But Chris Townsend is saying about 20-30% of what’s seen on screen was CG. So it sounds like Reggie didn’t really get that much screen time. (Call your agent, man.)

The cats did spend a lot of time on set, though, and that’s useful for the VFX team. Apparently Ben Mendelsohn was very patient with the cats, to get them used to the Skrulls. Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) gave mixed reactions to working with the cats, but the trainer said he was one of the best people working with them, and that the cats would go right up to him.

Goose is a character out of Marvel Comics, but on the page the Flerken “cat” was called Chewie. The movie decided to change the name to have a reference that was more era-specific to pilot Carol Danvers.

Captain Marvel is hurtling toward $1 billion at the global box office as we speak, even though it was just dethroned this weekend by new horror film Us. The MCU has more treats ahead in Avengers: Endgame on April 26, and right now we are just crossing our Flerken fingers that Goose — CGI or not — has a role in that story. Keep up with everything headed to the big screen with our 2019 movie schedule.

11 TV Shows and Movies to Watch the Week of March 24, 2019

If you find yourself with some downtime this week, consider watching these 11 TV shows and movies, which are a great mix of new shows, season premieres, and oldies but goodies. If you’re not spending your Friday watching the new season of Santa Clarita Diet followed by a screening of the live-action Dumbo, are you even living?

Below, the full list of TV shows and movies to put on your radar this week:

Two Weeks Notice: If you’re bored on Sunday, try watching this 2002 rom-com starring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, which is a total gem. It centers on Lucy (Sandra Bullock), a type-A lawyer who takes a job working for a flighty billionaire (Grant), and romance ensues. Streaming on Hulu

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: Rasheeda Frost, Mimi Faust, Karlie Redd, Kirk Frost, Scrapp DeLeon, Spice, Tokyo Vanity, and Stevie J are all back for another season of major drama. 8 P.M. ET on VH1

One Nation Under Stress: A new HBO documentary that explores the correlation between stress and life expectancy in America. 9 P.M. ET on HBO

Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid: Comedian Nate Bargatze touches on air travel, cheap weddings, and, oddly enough, chocolate milk in this new Netflix special. Streaming on Netflix

Million Dollar Mile: This endurance reality competition show is produced by Lebron James, and I’m exhausted just looking at the promo. 9 P.M. ET on CBS

Jane the Virgin: Season five of this long-running series starring Gina Rodriguez kicks off tonight. Check out the trailer, below. 9 P.M. ET on The CW

Abby’s: A woman named Abby (Natalie Morales) owns and operates a bar from her backyard. What can go wrong? Spoiler: So many things. 9:30 P.M. ET on on NBC

Hanna: Based on the 2011 film starring Saoirse Ronan, this new series centers on a young girl (Esme Creed-Miles) who’s raised as an assassin in the woods. Streaming on Amazon Prime

Santa Clarita Diet: Drew Barrymore is still a cannibal and still hilarious in season three of this popular Netflix show. Streaming on Netflix

Dumbo: This beloved Disney movie, about a flying elephant that saves a struggling circus, is receiving the live-action treatment. Actors who appear include Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, and Michael Keaton. In theaters

50th NAACP Image Awards: Anthony Anderson hosts this annual awards show, which honors Black artists working in TV and film. 9 P.M. ET on TV One

During Clueless Cast Reunion, Paul Rudd Finally Explained Why He Never Ages

Clueless came out in 1995, and it has become a running joke that Paul Rudd — who will turn 50 on April 6, yes, 50! — simply does not age. The cast of Clueless just reunited for a panel at Chicago’s C2E2 expo. Paul Rudd (Josh) ended up a main attraction, after he arrived a little bit late, sitting next to co-stars Alicia Silverstone (Cher Horowitz), Breckin Meyer (Travis Birkenstock), and Donald Faison (Murray).

During the panel, Ant-Man star Paul Rudd was asked about the recent death of Stan Lee, and told a wonderful story. Rudd was also asked about his own apparent lack of aging, and had a great response, with backup from Breckin Meyer:

As IF the rest of the cast has aged much in the past 24 years either.

Thanks to C2E2 fans for tweeting out the responses so the rest of us can follow along from far. This next one is great, with Ant-Man star Paul Rudd talking about “the real thrill” of meeting and working with Marvel icon Stan Lee for his cameo:

Paul Rudd’s story continued, and you can watch in a fan’s full video below. Rudd said Stan Lee was excited to see his vision of Ant-Man from the comic book finally play out on screen.

Very sweet. Since it was a Clueless panel, they did talk some Clueless. @ClareKramer was there with some great live feed Q&A reactions. Here’s one funny exchange:

Of course, Paul Rudd was partly a focus of attention because there’s so much hype for Avengers: Endgame, and he seems to be a major player in what happens. Ant-Man and the Wasp ended up a key bridge between Infinity War and Endgame with the Quantum Realm factor, and we’ll have to see how it all plays out when Endgame opens April 26. That hugely anticipated movie is just one of the many titles heading to the big screen in 2019.