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Young Thug And Gunna’s ‘Quarantine Clean’ Sticks A Middle Finger Up At Coronavirus

Young Thug and Gunna (along with producer Turbo) are practicing the fine art of social isolation in the midst of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and want the world to know that they can do it too. Henceforth their new collaboration, “Quarantine Clean,” that’s equally about practicing safe social distancing and also having enough money to sleep inside of an expensive car. If this doesn’t reinforce the notion that we need to stay home to beat this disease, I don’t know what will.

A few weeks ago, Young Thug posted a supportive message to our country’s medical personnel who are in the midst of treating COVID-19 patients. It let fans know that he was serious about adhering to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines about avoiding close contact with people who are sick, washing hands for at least 20 seconds after being in a public place, covering the mouth and nose after sneezing, and more.

So Thug did what any musician with a voice would do: make a song with a frequent collaborator that tells fans that they should also respect the guidelines. Gunna put the song on fans’s radars after he posted a video jamming to it on the freeway. Socially isolated, I might add.

That brings us to “Quarantine Clean” itself, which wastes no time doling out the medically helpful advice. Its first line is “Yeah, I’m quarantine-clean, so relaxed” and it continuously builds into grander health-conscious brags. Over the course of its chorus, it admires clean cars, great health, and being financially independent. Gunna raps about having paper towels and it feels like a great flex here given the circumstances; wearing designer right now just doesn’t hit as much of a brag.

When Thug comes in, you know that the excitement is going to be cranked up even higher. The rapper is excited to be clean and healthy, but admits that he has a “slime disease.” His verse balances the bragging out by telling listeners what they should stock up on during these tough times: water, dental floss, and optimism.

He ends his contribution by locking himself in the house and saying a prayer. That’s probably the easiest and safest lyric to turn into a TikTok challenge yet. Let’s all give it a shot.

Thug has been relatively quiet since the release of the deluxe edition of So Much Fun last December that came with four new songs. In February, he released “Give No Fxk” with Migos and Young Thug. Last month, he appeared in the “Out West” video from the compilation album for Travis Scott‘s Cactus Jack Records.

Be safe with Young Thug and Gunna’s “Quarantine Clean” up above.

No Time To Die Bond Girl Thinks 007 Is Actually The Overly Sexualized Character

There are long running film franchises, and then there’s James Bond. Eon productions has been bringing 007 to theaters for decades, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Quite a few iconic actors have taken on Bond’s signature tuxedo and martini throughout the years, with Daniel Craig playing the MI6 agent for the past decade and change. His time as 007 will come to an end with Cary Joji Fukunaga’s No Time to Die. While the Bond franchise hasn’t had a great history in regards to its treatment of women, actress Léa Seydoux actually believes that it’s the protagonist who is overly sexualized in the current incarnation, rather than the Bond Girls.

Disney Announces First Delayed Movie To Head To Disney+

Well, there it is. A huge landslide of delays and reschedulings have been announced for the Disney release slate, and with movies like Mulan and Black Widow now finally getting new dates, one film originally scheduled for theatrical release has been shifted to a Disney+ exclusive debut. For those of you who were betting on this outcome, and had Kenneth Branagh’s Artemis Fowl adaptation as your horse in the race, please collect your bets through Venmo.

Disney Has Set New Release Dates For Black Widow, Mulan And More

Well, now the Mouse House has finally given new dates for those movies and plenty more. First off, Mulan, which was originally supposed to come out on March 27, is now slated for July 24, and Black Widow, which was primed for May 1, will now open on November 6. Then there’s Jungle Cruise, which had been the movie occupying Mulan’s new date and has now been pushed back to July 30, 2021, i.e. basically a full year.

Why Sea Fever Is A Perfect Isolation Movie, According To Connie Nielsen

With unusual circumstances ruling the day, and everyone looking for something to keep themselves entertained with, Sea Fever could be seen as apropos for the world we currently live in. Showcasing the same sort of discussions that are currently being had, you can see how Connie Nielsen believes that now, more than ever, is a good time to watch a monster movie with such unintended, but fitting parallels. If we can beat it in fiction, there’s a good chance it’ll inspire those who are trying to get a handle on the world outside to solve our very real crisis.

21 Genius Kitchen Organization Ideas to Make Your Pantry Look Like a Pro

With nowhere to go but our kitchens, those lucky enough to stay at home have developed a newfound love for cleaning or, rather, a desperate need to keep busy by sprucing up. So let’s take a second to give Chrissy Teigen and her brilliant kitchen organization ideas a round of applause—because it’s inspired our next home project. She shared an Instagram post of her incredible pantry transformation back in February, and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s easily the most satisfying thing you’ll set your eyes on today.

Look at all those snacks. Are those individual Lazy Susans for olive oil and hot sauce? And who knew clear storage bins filled with super grains were so appealing? Her pantry is a Virgo’s dream and, as her caption put it, an “organizational orgasm.”

In the spirit of spring cleaning, we’re channeling our nervous energy into our kitchens, vanities, and closets, bringing some much-needed tidiness to all of our routines. We may not have Teigen’s fairy godmother Ría Safford to re-do our pantries, but there are some ingenious products out there that can help. Ahead, 21 kitchen organization ideas to help you get on Chrissy’s level.

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Virtual Happy Hour: How to Host a Socially Distant Party

Your supervisor, your presidential candidate, your rabbi, and your yoga instructor can all be found in the same place at 5 p.m.—online, hosting a virtual happy hour.

When people started going into quarantine en masse a few weeks ago, virtual happy hours were still a novelty. “Where did these people get all their friends?” you thought, seeing social media fill with gritty mosaics of people, all grinning at some kind of unknowable inside joke. “I want to be a part of it.” So you learned to love gallery mode. Coffee time blended seamlessly into wine time. You kicked your piles of dirty laundry out of the camera’s reproachful eye and you were good to go.

But now, if you want to host a happy hour, you have to compete. A ironic side-effect of semi-national lockdown is that your friends’ iCals are stacked with virtual dance parties, Skype sessions, FaceTime catch-ups, webinars, and watch parties. There is a brand new social ecosystem of online gatherings. At the end of a long day of starting at colleagues through questionably secure videoconferencing apps, can you convince friends to begin an evening of staring at each through questionably secure videoconferencing apps? Can you avoid the crushing rejection of friends canceling on your virtual hangout when they have literally nowhere to be?

We asked experts for tips to host a virtual happy hour that won’t leave people cursing the invention of the front-facing camera.

Drink up

“I like giving people ideas for how to use the ingredients that might be in their freezer or around the house,” says mixologist Lynnette Marrero, co-founder of the women bartender mixology competition Speed Rack, and bar director at Brooklyn’s Llama Inn. A few of the usual suspects are “blueberries and other fruits, honey or agave nectar, or different sugars in your house that have been hanging around, like sugar cubes or maple syrup, and vinegars, which you can sweeten to make long drinks and spritzes—these are quick and easy ways to update your cocktail game at home.”

And what you don’t have, you can substitute. If you and your happy hour group decide to make old-fashions, Marrero says any aged spirit and any sugar source will do. If a recipe calls for mint, but you only have basil, swap with abandon. A forlorn looking can of pineapple in your cupboard can be crushed up and combined with coconut water for a piña colada or—for a Marrero-approved riff—a colada-IPA. During quarantine, Marrero has been enjoying combining ingredients most of us have: hot sauce and beer. She makes a Michelada, a Mexican cocktail, using hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce or Maggi sauce, or a dash of soy sauce, lime juice, a little bit of orange juice, and beer.

Find your platform

Zoom, glorious zoom! It is our quarantine daddy, our eternal online office park, conference room to the stars, and it is somewhat problematic. It is an easy, familiar interface for a large group meeting…but it might be a little business-y for an intimate evening hang.

A good option for a small group is House Party, a phone or desktop app that sorts friends (and strangers, if you like) into video chatrooms that cap off at eight. Or even Google Hangouts, which can be office breakroom chic, if you’re in the right mood. FaceTime can host up to 32 (but only if everyone has the latest IOS.) Skype is…fine.

Lights, cameras, background

When I turn on my front-facing camera I see a haggard, slightly oozing version of myself, similar to a mugshot. When Camille Johnson, the YouTuber behind OffBeatLook, turns hers on, she glows like one thousand angels are tipping their haloes towards her.

Why Is My Ex Texting Me During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Like most of us, I’ve been sheltering in place since mid-March because of the Covid-19 pandemic. As I try to make sense of my new reality—balancing my indoor free time while working from home, constantly binging social and news media, managing mini midday anxiety attacks, debating whether a wine run is worth it—I’ve been relieved to discover a few acquaintances coming out of the woodwork to check in. What a small mercy it is to receive a kind message or hilarious meme from a friend. However, with the good, also came the unexpected—and uncomfortable. The welcome wave of old friends also washed in a few of my exes.

During the best of times, most of us could be called guilty of silently checking in on an ex on social media. During a time of global crisis, though, lurking seems to be on the rise. I occasionally take a moment to observe the list of instagram accounts that watch my stories. Mostly because I think it’s only fair to watch the stories of those who watch mine—simple reciprocity, you know? But last week, I was surprised to see a few ghosts from my past. In a way it’s flattering to know that an ex would want to keep track of my movements, although in reality it always seems to be the bad eggs that insist on lurking.

I’m not the only one with exes coming out of the woodwork in quarantine. I did a small survey among several women in their thirties and found that they too were indeed experiencing an uptick in outreach from exes and ex-lovers—some more cringe-worthy than others.

One friend of mine had an ex reach out who seemingly wanted nothing more than to strike up an idle conversation about his problems, which seems kind of nice. And also a little annoying. Emotional labor is a large part of being in a relationship—being someone’s rock, hearing them out, helping them process their feelings—but once the relationship is severed, that is no longer the ex’s responsibility. We’re all sympathetic to the fact that this is an incredibly complex and rough experience, but that’s what therapists and friends are for—not the ex-girlfriend you never appreciated.

There are apparently also some exes who feel a pandemic is the right time to absolve themselves of their relationship sins. Be weary of ex partners, reaching out now to apologize for all their wrongs in a time where there are almost no social consequences and reduced expectations. One friend I spoke to shared with me that her ex-husband emailed her to ask for financial forgiveness. When they were married they failed to pay taxes, and as a result jointly owe the IRS a fairly large sum of money. But since “the world is ending” he requested permission to stop paying his share. No, sorry, the world is not ending. It may feel that way, but it’s atrocious to think you can take advantage of a former partner, and put her in financial health in jeopardy.

Then of course there are the always awkward sexts from the ex. A friend shared with me that several of her ex lovers had reached out to flirt and she received a few botched sexting attempts. It’s a lonely time if you’re single, I get it. But that’s what the apps are for (apparently they’re thriving), leave your exes be.

Still, the impulse to reach out can be normal: “In times of stress and crisis our attachment style—the ways we relate to others in order to have our emotional needs met—can become activated leading us to reach out,” says Letizia Rossi, a licensed clinical social worker, based in New York. It’s a way to seek comfort and connection, she says, and “also to replay dynamics, helpful or otherwise, from our past that feel familiar to us.” That certainly explains the “how you doing?” text from the ex I haven’t spoken to in years and the sudden influx of “likes” on my Instagram posts from another ex I haven’t heard from in months.

And seeing an ex’s name light up your phone isn’t always bad. One of my dearest exes sent me such a heartfelt message inquiring about my safety and my family’s health that I nearly cried when I read it. It was a golden example of how beneficial it can be to treat former partners with tenderness and respect. Kudos to all the sensitive ex-lovers out there, that remember the names of all your family members and friends, and are genuinely concerned about their wellbeing.

At the end of the day, we’re all experiencing an extremely stressful and anxiety amplifying global event, it’s only natural to want closure or satisfaction. Maybe it’s actually the most healthy thing a person could do in this situation. After I spent some time mulling this over, I couldn’t resist reaching out to a couple exes myself. What’s wrong with letting people know that you’re thinking about them? As long as it’s tasteful—and doesn’t involve sexting.

Prince Harry Broke a Simple Relationship Rule on Meghan Markle’s Latest Project

You probably know by now that Meghan Markle has already landed (and completed) her first Hollywood gig since marrying into the British royal family: a voiceover for Disneynature’s Elephant, which is available to stream today, April 3, on Disney+.

The film follows a specific herd of elephants as they cross 1,000 miles of the Kalahari Desert in search of water, beginning in Botswana. This detail is important. Remember Botswana.

Now, in an interview with People, filmmakers Vanessa Berlowitz and Mark Linfield have revealed new details of (Prince) Harry’s involvement in the process. Apparently, Markle recorded the voiceover in London last October with her husband in the room. That’s when he committed my biggest relationship pet peeve.

Before you grab those pitchforks, it’s not that deep. Plus, I’m sure he meant well—just like your college boyfriend who just returned from his semester abroad did when he corrected your pronunciation of coq au vin at that fancy French restaurant you went to for your anniversary.

“Harry was correcting her pronunciation,” Linfield said, reportedly with a laugh. Groan. Not while she’s working, man!

“It was amazing having [Harry] there,” Berlowitz said. “He had a connection to Botswana, of course.” (See, I told you to remember Botswana. That’s also why the pet peeve isn’t so bad—Harry knows quite a bit about Botswana—but a pet peeve nonetheless. )

(Prince) Harry is not the only one with a connection to the African country, of course. Markle took a trip there with him in 2017 to assist Elephants Without Borders. (So I’m sure her pronunciation was just fine, thank you very much! I tease.)

Still, it seems like Markle wasn’t thrown by the apparent pronunciation corrections. “She made it her own,” says filmmaker Roy Conli, a producer on Elephant. “I always say, ‘If you feel something, do it, make it organic.’ She’s such a diligent professional and she wanted to get it right. It was a delight all the way around.”

Berlowitz and Linfield listed another reason Markle was so into the project. “She was absolutely intrigued by the elephants and transfixed, especially by the female empowerment side,” Berlowitz told People. “It really is all about female leadership. It’s a different form of power—it’s about consensual leadership. It’s also very inclusive, as well—very contemporary.”

I’m sure Markle can relate.

James Gunn’s Approach To Harley Quinn In The Suicide Squad Will Make Comic Fans Very Happy

Harley Quinn was first introduced in Batman: The Animated series, before being adapted for the comics, video games, and eventually movies. She’s a fan favorite villain, so fans are eager to see how her story will continue to move forward with The Suicide Squad. When asked about her arc in his DC debut, James Gunn teased the comic book influence on her characterization, saying: