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Halloween Kills Celebrated Its First Day Of Shooting In The Perfect Way

The past few years have been a good time to be a horror fan, as the genre has been in a bit of a renaissance. Plenty of quality movies have hit theaters in recent years, making money at the box office while also becoming critical darlings. Many of these new classics have come from Blumhouse, including 2018’s Halloween. That story is being expanded into a bonafide trilogy, with Halloween Kills starting filming in the perfect way.

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride are back as director and writer of Halloween Kills respectively, reuniting them with the current cast, new faces, and OG actors from John Carpenter’s 1978 original. Fans are eager to see what Green has in store narratively, and his crew welcomed him to the director’s chair in a hilarious way: with a butcher knife. Check it out below.

David Gordon Green is a massive fan of the Halloween franchise, so this is a solid way to welcome the filmmaker back to set. Michael Myers is synonymous with his mask and signature butcher knife, which he uses to dispense of babysitters. And with two more movies coming, smart money says the bodies are going to begin piling up.

This image comes to us from Reddit, posted by Blumhouse’s official account. Aside from being a funny image, the update should be massively exciting for fans of the long-running horror franchise. Halloween Kills actually beginning production makes the movie all the more real, in addition to Halloween Ends which will be released the following October.

David Gordon Green and company really succeeded with 2018’s Halloween, winning the generations of fans over with visual homages and a suspense-based story that more closely resembled John Carpenter’s original movie. Blumhouse’s sequel started a new timeline for the franchise, ignoring the myriad sequels that have been released over the years. It was a direct sequel to Carpenter’s 1978 classic, and one that was deeply focused on the psyche of Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode.

We saw how Laurie’s encounter with the boogeyman as a teenager traumatized her, and fractured her relationships with both her family and the outside world. She was convinced Michael would one day come back for her, a suspicion that was proven right once The Shape escaped from Smith’s Grove. Michael returned to Haddonfield as an agent of chaos, killing and sparing people at random before finding Laurie and her family.

Halloween Kills looks like it’ll connect deeply to John Carpenter’s original movie, with characters from that iconic horror flick returning for the upcoming sequel. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Kyle Richards is reprising her role as Lindsey Wallace, with Antony Michael Hall playing Tommy Doyle. Jamie Lee Curtis recently teased that the sequel will unpack the trauma from the first movie, and examine the culture of violence.

All will be revealed when Halloween Kills hits theaters October 16th, 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Ralph Lauren Launched a Collection Inspired By Rachel Green on ‘Friends’

Could we be any more excited about the latest way the fashion world is paying tribute to Friends?

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the show first airing on NBC, Ralph Lauren partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to create the Wear-to-Work collection, inspired by one-time Ralph Lauren employee Rachel Green (played, of course, by Jennifer Aniston).

Ralph Lauren

Rachel was always the fashionista of the show. She may have started as a (not-so-great) waitress at the Central Perk, but it wasn’t long before she found her way to a job in the buying department at Bloomingdale’s and then eventually a role at Ralph Lauren. With ’90s and early aughts fashion having a moment right now, it’s the perfect time for an updated version of her chic workwear aesthetic. (As a young woman in starting her career in New York in the late ’90s, I can attest to the fact that Rachel Green was a definite role model for what to wear to the office.)

Ralph Lauren

“The collection, comprised of pieces from Polo and LAUREN Ralph Lauren, encapsulates the polished style synonymous with the iconic brand. The collection calls on tradition through pinstripe suiting, crested blazers, and equestrian- inspired accessories, while enhancing these classic pieces with navy and orange color-blocking and pops of leopard to offer a fresh fall spirit,” the brand said in a statement. The campaign was shot in recreations of Monica and Rachel’s apartment and the Central Perk, which truly hit all of my nostalgia buttons.

Cary Elwes Had A Classy Response To Those Princess Bride Remake Rumors

There is safety in the familiar. This is why so many movies have sequels made, or get remakes, rather than having serious attempts made at something new and original. If there was any question that no movie is safe from being potentially remade, news has come down that apparently somebody is interested in remaking The Princess Bride.

As one can imagine, the idea of remaking the fairy tale film that seems to be not just liked, but absolutely beloved by pretty much the entire English speaking world, has not been well received by those fans. However, it’s possible nobody had quite as good a response to this news as Westley himself, Cary Elwes, who modified one of his most famous lines from the film to respond to the remake report on social media.

For a lot of people, called The Princess Bride a “perfect movie” isn’t even hyperbole. While the film wasn’t a box office hit in its day, it was a film that benefited from the growing video rental market of the time. A lot of people discovered the movie on VHS and it became a cult hit, though now the movie is so popular we can drop the “cult” bit.

Cary Elwes is echoing a largely held belief that remaking great movies badly has the potential to damage the original. While I’m not sure I agree with the sentiment, the concept behind remakes at their heart is the idea that something about the original could be done better. Whether you’re talking about remaking The Princess Bride or another widely loved film, there are going to be a lot of people who don’t believe that’s the case.

As far as what the odds are that we could actually see such a remake, it’s hard to say. The comment comes from a Variety profile of Norman Lear, who produced the original film. Sony CEO Tony Vinciquerra is the one saying that some person or persons have approached him with an interest in remaking the film. It sounds like these are names we would know if we heard them if they are, in fact, very famous people.

Depending on how famous they are, how much pull they have in the industry, and how badly they want to make the movie, it’s possible something like this could actually happen. Although, based on the largely negative reaction the idea is now getting, they might be thinking twice.

Of course, if there were serious negotiations going on about remaking the movie, it’s unlikely the CEO of Sony would be talking so openly about it, so we can probably all relax, at least for now.

The desire to remake The Princess Bride makes sense. It’s a well loved movie and if you grew up loving it, the idea of being part of a new version is certainly attractive. Of course, there’s no need to bring the film to a new generation. The new generation has easy access to the original movie. The idea of a remake isn’t shocking, but seeing the movie actually made again, seems, well, inconceivable.,

Liam Payne’s Crisp New ‘Stack It Up’ Is A Celebration Of Getting Paid

Liam Payne has money on his mind. After releasing his debut EP First Time last year, he spent much of 2019 in the studio — or as his new single “Stack It Up” puts it, he’s been “working for it.”

“So if you wanna stack it up, man, you gotta work for it / Ain’t nobody gonna be doing it for ya,” he sings on the slick track, propelled by a charming organ riff and the sing-rap style his pal Ed Sheeran has filled stadiums perfecting. It makes sense to learn that Sheeran helped craft the track along with Fred Gibson and Steve Mac, who also helped Liam launch his solo arc in 2017 with “Strip That Down.”

It’s not easy to convincingly pull off what Sheeran can do, and with a lesser vocal talent, the overall Sheeran-ness of “Stack It Up” might cause it to crumble. But Payne’s got the chops, bounding from low croon to higher-register sultry swagger with ease. Those fluctuations are perhaps fitting for a capitalist anthem to getting paid (and working to make sure you keep getting paid).

“Stack It Up” is a swift 2:46 in length, but it still manages to lend 30 seconds to a boastful verse from A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie that also gives some life advice based on experience: “And if I ain’t have money, I woulda been lost her / The loudest ones was the brokest, I was a shit talker.” It’s the latest in A Boogie’s good year of pop appearances; he’s also surfaced on songs by Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Khalid, and more.

On social media, Payne said “Stack It Up” is “about working hard, being inspired and achieving your dreams.” It’s also very much about getting that money. Listen to it while you’re chasing paper above.

Joker Director Todd Phillips Set The Movie In The ‘80s For A Brilliant Reason

Warner Bros. has been moving forward with its live-action DC universe, recovering after the stumble of Justice League and Batman v Superman. The DCEU has stepped away from crossover heavy films, instead allowing each new release to stand on its own feet. Todd Phillips’ Joker is one of those movies, breaking new ground by being disconnected to the greater shared universe. In fact, the movie’s 1981 setting was chosen partly to make this distinction.

Todd Phillips has promised a comic book movie unlike anything we’ve seen with Joker. The movie has been getting some great buzz during its early screenings at the Venice and Toronto International Film Festivals. Phillips approached the story without adapting a story from the comics, and he recently explained the thought process behind Joker‘s setting in 1981 Gotham City. He said,

Well, that’s one way to ensure your movie has nothing to do with the rest of the DC Extended Universe. By having Joker pre-date the timeline as we know it, he can ensure that moviegoers are able to enjoy the capsulated story, free of concern about crossovers and serialized storytelling.

Todd Phillips’ comments at a recent Q&A (via Comic Book) may surprise moviegoers for its simplicity. The filmmaker found a simple way to ensure his movie was kept separate from the DC shared universe, which already has another form of the fan favorite villain. So when Joker was announced, fans wondered how/if the movie would be connected to the Jared Leto version of the character we met in Suicide Squad.

But Phillips has always maintained that his Joker movie wasn’t connected to the DCEU. There will be no crossovers with Robert Pattinson’s upcoming version of Batman, despite the movies coming out in quick succession. After all, Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck would have to age quite a bit if that character pairing were to happen.

Besides, Todd Phillips recently clarified rumors about a Joker sequel, shutting down reports about that possibility. So the movie will seemingly stand on its own, in a refreshing departure from serialized storytelling and shared universes. There has been a ton of buzz surrounding the upcoming psychological origin story, including some early talks about Oscar attention.

While it’s still super early, the buzz around Joker indicates that Joaquin Phoenix might be getting some nominations for the upcoming Awards Season. Phoenix is known for commitment to his roles, and he lost a whopping 52 pounds to play Arthur Fleck, with the 44 year-old actor admitting the physical transformation took its toll on his psyche.

You can judge for yourself when Joker gets its wide theatrical release on October 4th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

What the Bachelor in Paradise Stars Think About Peter Being the Next Bachelor

The wait is over, people: We finally know who the next Bachelor is. After weeks of speculation and predictions, ABC announced on Tuesday night that Peter Weber, a.k.a Pilot Pete, will be the one handing out roses come January. It’s a surprising choice, to say the least. While Weber definitely was a front-runner for next season, he wasn’t the front-runner. That was Mike Johnson, whose big smile and even bigger heart swooned fans during Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Even Derek Peth from Bachelor in Paradise seemed to have a strong shot for a while. (The mature way he handled Demi Burnett leaving him for her now-girlfriend, Kristian Haggerty, really impressed fans.) But no: Pilot Pete is the one. I wonder how many windmill jokes he’ll make next season.

We’ll find out in a few months, but until then a few cast members from Bachelor in Paradise, which just wrapped this week, are weighing in on Weber’s casting. Including Peth. “I wasn’t surprised it was Peter, but I was hopeful it would be Mike that was selected,” he tells Glamour. “I know Mike, so it’s obvious that’s a big reason there. I think he would have done an awesome job and everything. But not surprised, because Peter seems level-headed and he has a job, which is a new one for some of our Bachelors. So I’d say it’s an upgrade from some of the past ones.”

John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

John Paul Jones also mentioned Weber’s job when talking about his Bachelor-ship. “I think Peter is a very eligible Bachelor,” he says. “Professionally speaking, he definitely has his career cut out for him, and personally, I think he’s ready to settle down. I think America will really enjoy watching him fall in love again.”

Burnett, meanwhile, didn’t really have a stake in the race like Peth did. She’s close with all three front-runners (Peth, Johnson, and Weber) and would’ve been cool with any outcome. “I’m friends with Derek, I’m friends with Peter, I’m friends with Mike. I’m friends with all these guys,” she says. “So whoever was going to be picked as the next Bachelor, I have no choice but to stan, because I’m friends with all of them.”

Hannah Godwin, whose Paradise ended with a proposal from Dylan Barbour, is stanning Peter, too. “I think Peter’s gonna crush it,” she tells Glamour. Adds Barbour, “I really like Peter. I think ABC had a great crop of guys to pick from, and I think with Peter they’re going to get someone who is super upfront about their emotions and is going to be open to the experience. I’m excited for him.”

Weber’s season of The Bachelor will begin in January.

The Rookie Actors Respond To Results Of Sexual Harassment Investigation

It’s been a few weeks since Afton Williamson abruptly quit The Rookie, alleging she had been sexually harassed and racially discriminated against by people on the set. Afton Williamson publicly indicated one of the people she was making allegations against was Demetrius Grosse, along with a hairdresser on the series. An investigation was launched that later found Grosse was not behaving inappropriately during the alleged incidents, and now he and Afton Williamson have both made public statements regarding what happened.

We’ve known for a while that The Rookie parent company eOne had completed an outside investigation with the help of law firm Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP and investigators EXTTI. However, the results of that investigation became public this week and now a statement from eOne says that an outside probe was done into the matter, determining that they “respect” Afton Williamson’s experience and decision to quit the show, but that it was ultimately found her coworkers on the series were not being inappropriate during the filming of The Rookie.

Following the release of the eOne statement (via Deadline), Afton Williamson took to social media to clarify that she still feels she was treated poorly on the set of The Rookie and that the results of the investigation feel like a setback to her. As part of a longer statement on Instagram she said:

As for Demetrius Grosse, the actor’s representative reported that Grosse “lost” working jobs in the wake of the Afton Williamson allegations. Grosse spoke through his attorney, Andrew Brettler, about the matter, who crafted a statement:

This post closed with the comment “onward,” also noting that Demetrius Grosse has maintained gigs in upcoming projects such as Jordan Peele’s Lovecraft Country. He will also be in Body Cam and Swagger, a new series, coming up.

The Rookie will be heading into Season 2, and showrunner Alexi Hawley has already detailed how the show will handle the exit of Afton Williamson’s character, Talia Bishop. We know Talia will shifting to a Federal Agency where she hopes to climb the ladder of success.

In the meantime, Nathan Fillion, who is the lead on the ABC series, will be without a partner at the start of the series. This will give the show a unique opportunity to have the character pair with different people on the show before finding his character a new partner, presumably at some point during the upcoming season.

The Rookie will return to ABC’s schedule on Sunday, September 29 in the 10 p.m. ET slot. For more on when your fall favorites are returning, take a look at our premiere schedule.

Sylvester Stallone Wants A Rambo Prequel To Happen

This weekend, one of Sylvester Stallone‘s most iconic film characters, John Rambo, will take what appears to be his last ride in the new film Rambo: Last Blood. Rambo first hit the screen back in 1982 and while the near 40 year journey might be ending for Stallone, that doesn’t mean that the story is truly over for Rambo, as the actor would love to see a Rambo prequel happen.

We first meet John Rambo in 1982’s First Blood after he has already been through the horrors of the Vietnam War. It’s clear the experience has had a permanent impact on the man’s soul. Sylvester Stallone says he’d like to see a movie go back and show the person that Rambo was before Vietnam made him the man we know. According to Stallone…

None of the movies, or the novel the first film is based on, ever really give us any indication what sort of man John Rambo was before ending up in Vietnam. However, Stallone tells ScreenRant that he apparently has a very clear idea of who Rambo was before he was drafted. He was the all-American boy.

It’s stated in Rambo III that Rambo’s exceptional abilities in combat came more from natural talent than training, the training just perfected what was already there, so it would stand to reason that he was an incredible athlete, but the idea that John Rambo was the most popular kid in school really doesn’t match with the man we see in the films, but then, of course, that’s the point. War has changed him forever.

While prequels often seem like a last ditch effort to pull more success from a popular franchise when there’s nowhere left for the story to go, a prequel to Rambo doesn’t necessarily sound like the craziest idea. We know this character has a story from earlier in his life, we’re not inventing one, and watching this super popular, super talented, kid go through the experience of training and war that turned him into the killing machine that he became would certainly be full of drama.

There’s plenty of opportunity here for action, which the Rambo series truly embraced in its sequels, but we could also see a lot of the personal drama, and trauma, that was key to First Blood as we watch this man who is so, unfortunately, good at his job, come to terms with his own actions and become a prisoner of war.

Perhaps, if Rambo: Last Blood does well at the box office, we could see a prequel. Before we see the beginning of the story, however, it’s time to see the end. Last Blood is in theaters Friday.

Priyanka Chopra Threw Nick Jonas a Major Party to Celebrate His 27th Birthday

As a couple, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are pretty much the definition of “go big or go home.” What else would you expect from a couple who kicked off their relationship at an event as grand as the Met Gala? Then, of course, they had that amazing multi-day celebration in India for their wedding—followed by subsequent parties stateside. So, of course, it should come as no surprise that Chopra went all out to mark the occasion of Jonas’s birthday. (He turned 27 on September 16.) No big deal: She just rented out an entire NFL football stadium.

Jonas revealed some of the details about the big bash—which took place in Soldier Field, the home of the Chicago Bears—on Twitter. “My beautiful wife surprised me with a touch football game with some of my closest friends and family on the one and only Soldier Field in Chicago (!!!) followed by a few hours of Topgolf, and then a party where pizza, tequila, cake, and cigars were involved,” he wrote.

The crew wore customized jerseys, seemingly modeled after the New York Giants but with an “NJ” for New Jersey, the JoBros’ home state. On the back, Jonas’s read “Nick” while Chopra’s says, “The Wife.”

There was even a cake with a replica of a Villa One (Jonas’s brand with John Varvatos) tequila bottle.

But the birthday fun didn’t stop in Chicago. “The next day we played a sold out show in St. Paul where so many of you brought birthday signs and sang me Happy Birthday on stage,” Jonas tweeted. “I can’t thank you all enough for the outpouring of love and birthday wishes. Means the world to have you all in my life. Here’s to 27!”

Jonas has until next July to start planning for Chopra’s 38th birthday—but given what she just did for him, we’d say he should start now.

Introducing the ‘Glamour’ TV Issue

If TV is a reflection of where we are as a society, then the fall 2019 season should give you hope.

YouTube influencer Lilly Singh is taking over the male-dominated world of late night with NBC’s A Little Late With Lilly Singh. Ruby Rose is starring as the first out lesbian superhero on the CW’s Batwoman. A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are making the jump from blockbuster movies to streaming giants (in Netflix’s The Politician and Apple TV’s The Morning Show, respectively). Even the idea of a TV star has changed, thanks to actors like Jameela Jamil and Yara Shahidi, who have used the platforms afforded to them by their hit shows The Good Place and Grown-ish for their activism.

Behind the scenes, women are calling more shots than ever. According to the Directors Guild of America, the amount of women directing TV episodes hit a record high during the 2017–18 season. Just one example of this in play: Russian Doll actor, producer, writer, and cocreator Natasha Lyonne has transformed into the small screen’s most in-demand director, helming episodes for Orange Is the New Black (Netflix), Shrill (Hulu), and Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens (Comedy Central). ABC president Karey Burke is leading the network’s slate of diverse programming as the network’s new entertainment president—a role she inherited from another woman, Channing Dungey, in November.

The point: Complex, nuanced roles for women abound—before and behind the camera—and they’re found on streaming platforms, premium cable channels, and network behemoths alike. And to honor this, Glamour invited three women who represent what television is all about in 2019 to be our TV issue cover stars: Jameela Jamil, Natasha Lyonne, and Ruby Rose. Though they have vastly different backgrounds (countries, even), they share the common threads that matter most: They’re passionate advocates for women, forward-thinking storytellers, and, frankly, really good at their jobs.

See their profiles, here.


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