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Martin Garrix, Macklemore, And Patrick Stump’s ‘Summer Days’ Video Is A Sweaty Daydream

Last month, Dutch wunderkind DJ Martin Garrix dropped his latest funk-EDM crossover, “Summer Days,” just in time to be played loudly via car speakers all throughout the season it suggests. With help from a crisp popping bass line, a pair of seasonally appropriate verses from Macklemore, and an irresistible falsetto hook from Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, “Summer Days” deserves the sunshine.

Luckily, its radiant new video — which you can catch today (May 22) on mtvU and MTV Live — emits all the lightheartedness the tune demands. It’s centered around an older woman who, as the saying goes, is living her best life: basking in the rays, enjoying a bubble bath, and looking like a supermodel in a flowing sun dress. In fact, she’s so attractive that wherever she goes, she makes the people around her sweat uncontrollably; we’re talking buckets of perspiration here. Garrix stops cold when he confronts her at a crosswalk, Mack feels the heat while he paints her in a nude art class, and Stump is, well, stumped as his cab swelters in her very presence. Hell, even the dog she encounters can’t help but stop and stare (and, yes, sweat).

Truly, the video’s sundress-wearing star is a Summer ’19 role model — confidence and happiness, it seems, are the only things you need to make yourself a thirst-triggering, sweat-generating force this season.

The party doesn’t end when the clip’s over, either. In just a few weeks, the trio will perform “Summer Days” live for the first time ever at the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards. The show airs on Monday, June 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Before then, make sure you vote for all your faves at and by direct messaging @MTVAwards on Twitter and Facebook Messenger.

How The Aladdin Live Action, Animated And Broadway Versions Compare To Each Other

Will Smith as the Genie in Aladdin

The following contains some minor SPOILERS for the new remake of Aladdin**.**

Aladdin was a smash hit when it was released by Disney in 1992. It contained one of the greatest animated voice performances ever by Robin Williams, it had an incredible collection of memorable songs and it had a story that combined great action, comedy and romance. It’s no wonder that Aladdin is now getting the live-action remake treatment from Disney in the same way that other successful Disney films have.

Of course, the new theatrical remake isn’t actually the first time the story of Aladdin has been re-told. After Robin Williams, but before Will Smith, Aladdin was adopted for the Broadway stage. How do these three different versions of Aladdin compare to each other, and which is the best version of Aladdin? Let’s break them all down and find out.

Guards dancing in animated aladdin

The Similarities

The Story: First and foremost, the main thing that ties the three versions of Aladdin together is the story. If you’ve seen one version of Aladdin, then you basically know where the story is going when you sit down to watch another version. Aladdin is a homeless thief. He meets a disguised Jasmine in the marketplace and falls for her. He is tricked by Jafar to go after the magic lamp. Aladdin frees the Genie and becomes a prince… etc… etc…

The characters: The majority of the characters are basically the same. Aladdin is still the dreamer who wishes for more in his life. Jasmine still wants to be free to make her own decisions. The Sultan is mostly clueless, and Jafar is just cartoonishly evil, even in the versions that aren’t actually cartoons.

The music: You’ll also find that most of the music is the same, while both the stage and live action film version have additional music that has been added, they also contain all of the songs from the original animated film soundtrack, if not every version of those songs.

What makes these iterations of Aladdin stand out, however, is what they do differently.

The peddler in animated Aladdin

The Differences

The story: While the general structure of the plot is essentially identical across the three versions, there are a few nuanced differences. The animated film and the new live-action one create a framing device which sets up the idea of a character telling us the story of Aladdin. The Broadway show just gives us a basic introduction by the Genie which is implied to be non-diegetic.

While both the animated film and the Broadway show have two major marketplace scenes, the “One Jump Ahead” song and the meeting with Jasmine, the new live action movie combines these into one. Also, in the new movie, instead of being imprisoned after being discovered with the princess, Aladdin breaks into the palace to see Jasmine again and gets nabbed then.

In the animated film, Jafar convinces Aladdin to help him while in disguise, which means he doesn’t know Jafar is dangerous when he meets the real vizier later on. In both the Broadway play and the new film, Aladdin knows he’s working for Jafar the whole time, which puts him (somewhat) on guard later.

The live-action film also contains a significant new scene where Aladdin, in his Prince Ali disguise, tries to woo Jasmine at a party, which helps build the relationship of the two.

While both animated and live-action films have Aladdin using his second wish to avoid drowning. On Broadway, Aladdin is simply thrown in prison but he uses his wish to get free.

The finale of the three stories is also significantly different. On Broadway, Jafar never wishes to make himself a powerful sorcerer (probably because it would have made the show really expensive). Instead, he wishes to make Jasmine his prisoner and to become Sultan.

In the animated film, Aladdin ends up doing battle with Jafar, who has magically transformed himself into a giant snake. In the live-action film, our big action finale is a chase scene as Aladdin and Jasmine try to keep the lamp out of Jafar’s hands while they’re being chased by a magically-enlarged Iago.

The characters: The biggest character changes take place between the animated Aladdin and the Broadway version. While many Disney musicals have used intricate puppets to recreate the parts of animated movies that are difficult to realize on stage, Aladdin avoids this problem by eliminating and changing those characters.

Aladdin’s pet monkey Abu doesn’t make the jump to the stage. Instead, Aladdin has three friends, named Babkak, Omar and Kassim, that he pals around with who are in similar financial and living situations as he is.

Rajah the tiger also doesn’t appear on stage. In his place, Jasmine has three handmaiden characters that she give her somebody to play off of.

Jafar’s pet Iago does slightly better. The character exists, but rather than being a parrot, Iago is a man. He’s just a basic henchman.

The new live-action film uses the realistic CGI that Disney has had such success with to bring Abu and Rajah back. Iago is also a parrot again, though while he does speak, he sounds more like the way a parrot would naturally speak, rather than speaking fully coherent English as he does in the animated film.

Jasmine does, however, still have a single handmaiden character in the new film. The character of Dahlia is much more involved in the story than any of the similar characters from Broadway.

Jasmine herself sees the most interesting evolution across the three versions. She’s mostly a bystander character in the animated movie. Her desire for freedom and to make her own choices are given more time to breathe on Broadway. It’s actually the new movie where the character is fully realized as a much more independent woman.

Jafar is largely identical on Broadway and the animated film. The live-action movie gives the character a little bit of backstory and motivation not present in the other two iterations. He only attempts to actually marry Jasmine in the animated version.

The biggest, and likely most important character change, however, is, of course, the Genie. The animated film gave us a manic Robin Williams. The character makes a host of modern pop culture references and breaks into one impression after another. Will Smith’s Genie in the new Aladdin is essentially, The Fresh Prince of Agrabah, the actor/rapper’s own persona amplified.

While the Robin Williams and Will Smith Genie’s are obviously different in execution, they’re largely the same in result. On Broadway, however, the Genie is quite different. This one is never blue in color. He actually tends to look a lot like Will Smith’s Genie when he’s disguised as human, one way the Broadway show likely influenced the new movie.

The Broadway Genie’s humor is also less pop culture focused. Of course, what modern jokes there are have the potential to change as the stage show is continuously performed, similarly to the way the Aladdin stage show at Disney’s California Adventure was handled, if you’ve ever seen that. You can get a taste of what the stage Genie is like in the clip below.

The music: Using the animated original as our baseline, all the music from that movie makes the jump to Broadway essentially unchanged. Several new songs are also added. “Proud of Your Boy” is actually a song originally written for the animated film that was cut, which has Aladdin singing to his dead mother about his desire to make her proud, a motivation missing from the other versions. Aladdin’s friends have a pair of songs they sing with Aladdin. One precedes Aladdin meeting Jasmine, the other as part of Aladdin getting himself free of the dungeon.

Jafar gets his own full song “Diamond in the Rough” on Broadway. In the live-action film, Jafar’s reprise of the “Prince Ali” song gets cut, so the villain never gets a chance to sing at all.

On Broadway, Jasmine sings about her desire to be free with her handmaidens in the song “These Palace Walls.” In the new live-action movie Jasmine sings “Speechless” about her desire to be able to speak her mind.

Aladdin and the lamp

The Quality

Animated Aladdin: It’s difficult to say much against the original version of the story. By virtue of being the first, it’s the one that is the most creative since it started with nothing. The music is great and Robin Williams just is that great. If there’s a downside to the performance, it’s that some of the pop culture references probably don’t work as well today as they did in 1992. Does anybody remember who Arsenio Hall was?

Broadway Aladdin: The Broadway version is a tough one to judge because the show evolves over time. The show you see in one town isn’t necessarily the same you get a year later in another place. Having said that, none of the additional music from Broadway is going to replace anything from the original soundtrack as your favorite song. Some of the show’s action, like chase scenes, suffer due to the limited space of the stage, and the finale is incredibly rushed. At the same time, the Genie is having a lot of fun on that stage, and that fun can be incredibly infectious.

Live action Aladdin: Will Smith does a good job making the role of the Genie his own, though the CGI on him isn’t perfect. All of the classic music is given a bit of an update, so while they’re still songs you know, they’re not identical, meaning you may want to actually listen to them now and then. The one new song, “Speechless,” is a valiant attempt at a strong anthem for Jasmine, but the song itself feels shoehorned in. Jasmine as a character, however, is at her best in this version.

So Which Is Best?

Each of the three versions have unique things about them which make them each worth seeing, but in the end, both Broadway and the new live-action movie are just trying to reinvent the wheel. Both Broadway and the live-action film basically rely on your love of the original. The nostalgia is a necessary element of both, which the original never needed.

You can judge the live action Aladdin movie for yourself once it hits theaters this Friday, May 24.

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Quentin Tarantino Compares Once Upon A Time In Hollywood To Pulp Fiction

If you ask many film fans, or even many laypersons, what their favorite Quentin Tarantino movie is, there’s a good chance they’ll say Pulp Fiction. The auteur’s 1994 tale of the intersecting lives of criminals in Los Angeles is his calling card and the film in his oeuvre that is the most firmly engrained in pop culture. Speaking about how his 9th film, the Los Angeles-set Once Upon a Time in Hollywood compares to Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino said:

Long before we saw the first trailer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the film was being described as Pulp Fiction-esque and Quentin Tarantino affirmed the comparisons in his recent interview with Esquire. While all of Quentin Tarantino’s films bear certain hallmarks of the director’s style, his new film will be the closest thing he has done to Pulp Fiction, a tease that is sure to delight fans of that movie.

What this comparison should mean in practice, beyond the similarity of both films being set in Los Angeles, is that like Pulp Fiction, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will be an ensemble film with multiple characters. Some of those characters are based on real people and others are born entirely from Tarantino’s imagination.

Like Pulp Fiction, these vignettes of the character’s individual stories in 1969 Los Angeles are seemingly disparate until the characters and their stories collide in unexpected and consequential ways. We don’t know how this will come about yet in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but it brings to mind Jules and Vincent eating breakfast at the diner Honey Bunny and Pumpkin rob or Butch catching Vincent unawares while on the toilet.

This quality definitely adds a bit of excitement and tension to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, because while we are watching the film we will wonder what the overarching story is and what the circumstances are that will bring characters together. The answer to that must be pretty wild and exciting considering how Quentin Tarantino has requested that nobody spoil the film in their reviews.

In addition to the Pulp Fiction comparison, Quentin Tarantino also calls Once Upon a Time in Hollywood his most personal film, comparing it to what Roma was for Alfonso Cuarón. Roma depicted the Mexico City of Alfonso Cuarón’s childhood and the film itself was semi-autobiographical.

While Once Upon a Time in Hollywood isn’t autobiographical in quite that way (presumably six-year-old Quentin Tarantino never had a run-in with the Manson family) the film is depicting the Los Angeles the director grew up in. The Los Angeles of Quentin Tarantino’s youth shaped him and meant a lot to him and thus his new film is reflective of that, acting as a love letter to the city and that time period.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood premiered at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday and the early reactions are quite positive, as you might expect. Coinciding with the world premiere, a new trailer was released for the film and even in those brief 2+ minutes that love for Los Angeles comes through.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood opens in theaters on July 26. Check out our 2019 release schedule to keep track of that and all of this summer’s biggest movies.

Yes, Zachary Levi Prefers DC To Marvel, Thank You Very Much

What started off as the MCU dominating the on-screen superhero sphere and DC playing catch up has switched up n recent years. Warner Bros has made a good case for the potential of its own universe with entries such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman and most recently with the success of Shazam!.

Zachary Levi, who played the titular hero, is one of the few actors who has played comic book characters in both the Marvel and DC film worlds. Naturally, fans are curious how working under the two mantles compare. When Levi took questions at a panel at MegaCon in Orlando, here’s what he said:

This isn’t a huge surprise. The actor was given an entire hero to call his own in the DC Extended Universe. For Marvel, he revealed that he was cast to play Fandral in the first Thor movie, but was unavailable. As a result, Josh Dallas took on the role for the 2011 film and Levi took over for Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok. Although he seems to have loved his character in the Thor franchise as well, it didn’t live up to its potential. He continued with these words:

Fandral and the Warriors Three may have been a common thread in the Thor trilogy, but they continued to be on the sidelines as the films went on and didn’t get much screen time. Levi previously expressed interest for the Thor sidekicks to get a spinoff of their own, but they were killed off in Ragnarok. After The Dark World struggled to impress Marvel fans, Levi’s Fandral didn’t even get a line in Ragnarok. His last words (or any lines for that matter) were cut from the film.

Zachary Levi even admitted his relief that Fandral didn’t make it out alive for Avengers: Infinity War, because it may not have freed his schedule for Shazam!. He said he likely would have been a sitting duck on set for three months only to be killed off then too.

When you ask Zachary Levi to compare his experiences with the two comic book franchises, his answer isn’t tough to predict or understand. His time with Marvel may have been a bit of a letdown, but it was redeemed in a big way when he took on the role of the adult Billy Batson. His Shazam! role allowed him to really show off his acting chops and play a kid in a superhero’s body. He was far from disappointed by the product since the movie was met with positive responses from critics and fans.

There really is no comparison for the actor given his experiences. That said, he has spoken out to fans in the past to stop pitting the two franchises against one another when Captain Marvel and Shazam! were being placed side by side at the box office and since the two heroes once shared the same title.

Why pick a side anyway? Both the comic book universes are offering something different for fans and can be appreciated in their own lights as they both continue to stack its slates with exciting releases.

Kylie Skin Review: Everything Worth It From Kylie Jenner’s Skin Care Line

We toss around the phrase “break the internet” a lot, but there are few people who truly manage to. The Kardashian-Jenners always do, particularly Kylie. In 2015, she did just that with the launch of her makeup line Kylie Lip Kits (now Kylie Cosmetics). Her signature lip kits sold out in mere seconds, with resellers on eBay charging up to $3,000 for certain shades. Four years and a billion dollars later, Kylie Cosmetics is an empire in its own right, and has branched out into nearly every color cosmetic category.

Now, she’s venturing into skin care, another savvy business move, given that the category is quickly outpacing makeup sales. Fans caught on that she might have skin care in the works back in October, and the formal announcement—and separate Instagram page—came earlier this month.

What’s most notable (besides the very Glossier-esque baby pink packaging) is the price—nothing costs more than $30, which isn’t too surprising since her fan base skews younger. The same can be said for the products themselves. While nothing in it is going to be a potent gamechanger for someone with serious concerns (think acne, discoloration, or wrinkles), Kylie makes good on the basics. The line’s got two different types of face washes: a foaming cleanser and a walnut scrub (which was met with some skepticism on social media when Jenner announced it). There’s also a vanilla-scented toner, an eye cream, a vitamin C serum, and a moisturizer. Or you can get everything in a bundle for $125.

Diehards no doubt will drop the cash for the full line, but for the rest who are curious if Kylie Skin stacks up to her makeup, we recruited Glamour editors to give the products an initial test run ahead of the May 22 launch. Here are our first impressions.

Halsey Performed ‘Nightmare’ For The First Time And It Was ‘Absolutely Chaos’

Earlier this year, Halsey described her impending third album as “a loud one,” and she really wasn’t kidding. “Nightmare,” the first taste of her new era, crash-landed last week with the force of a woman scorned. It’s a sharp, furious, and empowering anthem about what it’s like to be a woman in the year 2019, and after illustrating that concept in its accompanying music video, Halsey has continued bringing the single to life with a pair of explosive performances.

This week, Halsey performed “Nightmare” for the first time onstage at the Minneapolis Armory in Minnesota, where she hosted a free pop-up gig. Prior to the show, Halsey asked her fans not to use their phones, explaining, “The whole point of this was to create a once in a lifetime moment for us. I only get 1 chance to sing Nightmare for the 1st time.” They obliged, to stunning results — it’s special to see a crowd this present and this energetic, screaming lyrics to a song they hadn’t lived with for more than a few days. As Halsey paced the four-sided, flame-filled stage, they were right there with her, for a moment that she accurately later described as “chaos.”

The following day, Halsey brought “Nightmare” to the star-studded finale of The Voice, where Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, and BTS also hit the stage. She kicked it off by descending from the rafters in a harness, before joining a mob of dancers for some choreographed moshing and synchronized head-banging. (The performance isn’t viewable on YouTube yet, but it’s available on NBC’s website — see it in the full episode around the 52:45 mark.)

Speaking about the urgent new single before its premiere, Halsey tweeted, “Imagine getting onstage every night and seeing young women sweating mascara tears, lightning in their eyes, throwing elbows and raising fists, screaming till the veins in their necks raise under warm skin, and not being inspired by it. This song is about you, for you.” Judging by her first two performances of “Nightmare,” it’s clear that she’s taking that motive to heart by inspiring fans to rage right alongside her.

Christopher Nolan’s New Movie Tenet Is Putting Together A Fantastic Cast

Christopher Nolan is a filmmaker who, even at his most generous, loves to keep the public in the dark about what he’s working on until the last possible moment. His latest film, slated for release next summer, is certainly no exception, as it has just recently unveiled its title, Tenet, on this the first day of shooting. Plot details are also sparse, as the recently provided description of “North By Northwest meets Inception” was dismissed as quickly as it had arrived, though the “world of international espionage” has now been thrown out as the setting of the film’s story.

With such a diverse and dangerous setting comes a cast of impressive actors taking on the task of working with Nolan himself. So fresh off the back of Tenet getting a title, and a few new members to its’ cast, now is a good time to run down the line and see who’s on board for this would be blockbuster of summer 2020! We’ll start with Mr. Robert Pattinson himself!

Life Robert Pattinson sitting in a theater, watching a movie

Robert Pattinson

Initial reports have mentioned that Christopher Nolan’s latest film is to have two male leads, with a female lead around the same age range. Robert Pattinson is the most recently cast male out of the two, with his credits of late being represented in the sci-fi drama High Life, and the western/comedy Damsel. His casting in Tenet seemed sure to set off the rumor mill, as Pattinson’s name has been come up as the all but confirmed as a successor to Ben Affleck in the role of Batman. Which makes Robert Pattinson’s collaboration with the director of the still highly regarded Dark Knight Trilogy practically kismet.

BlacKkKlansman John David Washington checks a note on a Post It at his desk

John David Washington

The first lead cast in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, John David Washington will be adding this sought after role on top of a year that’s brought him a lot of notice. His role in the HBO series Ballers saw its fourth year of action in 2018, with his lead role in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman netting him several prestigious award nominations in that very same year. Washington’s recent credits also include Monsters and Men, as well as The Old Man and The Gun.

Widows Elizabeth Debicki examining a gun in her hands

Elizabeth Debicki

Also part of the previously known cast for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is none other than rising star Elizabeth Debicki. 2018 was also good for Debicki, as Steve McQueen’s Widows saw her impressing the hell out of critics and fans alike, as one of the titular stars alongside Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, and Cynthia Erivo. Previously, Debicki was seen in franchise sequels The Cloverfield Paradox and Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, as well as the Guy Ritchie feature film adaptation of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Welcome Back Dimple Kapadia posing in the poster art

Dimple Kapadia

Primarily known for her work in the Indian film world, actor Dimple Kapadia has been added to the cast of Tenet in the film’s most recent run up to production. Kapadia has been a fixture since the 1980’s, most recently starring in Welcome Back, alongside fellow Indian actor/crossover star Anil Kapoor. Tenet marks Dimple Kapadia’s first Hollywood film.

Outlaw King Aaron Taylor-Johnson kneeling with a sword held in front of him

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Best known for his roles as both Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the lead in Mark Millar’s comic adaptation Kick-Ass, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is another one of Tenet’s latest additions to the cast. Most recently seen in Netflix’s Outlaw King, Taylor-Johnson will also be seen in the Kingsman: The Great Game, which will see the famed spy organization’s origins in the 1900’s.

Genius: Picasso Clemence Poesy smiling in the sunlight

Clémence Poésy

If you’re struggling to remember where you’ve seen Clémence Poésy before, we’ll go ahead and tell you that you most likely recognize her from her role of Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter film franchise. You may even remember her from films like In Bruges and 127 Hours. But lately, this Tenet star has been seen in TV shows like National Geographic’s Genius: Picasso, where she played French icon Françoise Gilot, as well as the British/French TV procedural, The Tunnel.

King Of Thieves Michael Caine looking dour on the streets of London

Michael Caine

Known quite well as the lucky charm to Christopher Nolan, as well as an actor of great distinction and honor, Michael Caine makes his return to appearing on camera for Nolan with Tenet. Previously, Caine made an uncredited cameo as the voice of Fortis Leader, guiding Tom Hardy and his air squadron in Dunkirk. Caine’s notable credits in the cast range from classics like Alfie and The Italian Job to more recent films like Now You See Me 2.

Dunkirk Kenneth Branagh looks up at the incoming air attack from the docks

Kenneth Branagh

In what looks like his addition to the Christopher Nolan repertory company, Kenneth Branagh is the last and latest addition to the Tenet cast. Much like Michael Caine, Branagh was also part of the massive cast that made Nolan’s Dunkirk come to life. More recently, Branagh starred and directed in the Shakespeare biopic All Is Well, and has Artemis Foul ready to go for release next summer through Disney.

As the cast for Tenet continues to form up, and more details besides those provided previously are made known, we’ll update this list to reflect the new changes. But until then, know that this newly titled Christopher Nolan event film will be released in conventional and IMAX theaters on July 17, 2020. So, it’s probably best you find some movies throughout the rest of 2019’s release schedule to pass the time in-between.

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Coming to Netflix in June 2019: These 106 Titles Are Hitting Your Queues Very Soon

Every teen movie from the early 2000s deserves an Academy Award—especially What a Girl Wants, the seminal classic starring Amanda Bynes, which hits Netflix on June 1. Yup, in just a few days you’ll have streaming access to one of the greatest pieces of cinema in history. Name a movie scene better than Bynes’ runway moment in What a Girl Wants set to Willa Ford’s “I Wanna Be Bad.” You can’t! It just doesn’t exist!

And this isn’t the only phenomenal movie-slash-show coming to Netflix in June. We’re also getting Carrie, Cabaret, and Netflix originals like Black Mirror season five. So! Much! Content!

Here are all 106 movies and TV shows arriving on Netflix next month:

Arthdal Chronicles
Oh, Ramona! (NETFLIX FILM)
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
Batman Begins
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Dynasty, season 2
Good Night, and Good Luck
Gran Torino
Life in the Doghouse
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
Magic Mike
Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World Of Ben Ferencz
Satan & Adam
Small Soldiers
The Dark Knight
The Phantom of the Opera
The Space Between Us
What a Girl Wants

Documentary Now, season 3
Malibu Rescue: The Series (NETFLIX FAMILY)

Miranda Sings Live…Your Welcome (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

A Silent Voice
Black Mirror, season 5 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch

Alles ist gut (NETFLIX FILM)
Todos lo saben

3%, season 3 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
The Black Godfather (NETFLIX FILM)
Designated Survivor, season 3 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Elisa & Marcela (NETFLIX FILM)
Rock My Heart (NETFLIX FILM)
Super Monsters Monster Pets (NETFLIX FAMILY)
Tales of the City (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Berlin, I Love You

Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet

Jo Koy: Comin’ In Hot (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese (NETFLIX FILM)

The 3rd Eye 2 (NETFLIX FILM)
Kakegurui xx (NETFLIX ANIME)

Aggretsuko, season 2 (NETFLIX ANIME)
The Alcàsser Murders (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Awake: The Million Dollar Game (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Cinderella Pop (NETFLIX FILM)
Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, season 5
Life Overtakes Me (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Marlon, season 2
Murder Mystery (NETFLIX FILM)

Grey’s Anatomy, season 15

Cop Car

The Missing, season 3 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Adam Devine: Best Time of Our Lives (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Big Kill

The Edge of Democracy (NETFLIX FILM)

Le Chant du Loup (NETFLIX FILM)

The Casketeers, season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
The Confession Tapes, season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Dark, season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
The End of Evangelion
Girls Incarcerated, season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
GO! Live Your Way, season 2 (NETFLIX FAMILY)
Jaoon Kahan Bata Ae Dil (NETFLIX FILM)
La misma sangre (NETFLIX FILM)
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Shooter, season 3

Forest of Piano, season 2 (NETFLIX ANIME)

Mike Epps: Only One Mike (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

The Golem
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
The Zookeeper

Answer for Heaven (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

20th Century Women
Dope, season 3 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Instant Hotel, season 2 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)
Motown Magic, season 2 (NETFLIX FAMILY)
Paquita Salas, season 3 (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Scare Tactics, seasons 4 and 5

Madam Secretary, season 5

I Hate Talking About Myself
Watching With…
Human Algorithm
I’m Obsessed with This
You Can’t Make This Up

Marvel’s Jessica Jones, season 3

Best Beach Shoes: Sandals and Espadrilles to Wear in Summer 2019

As soon as Memorial Day is in sight, all we can think about is the hours we’ll be logging at the beach in the coming months. The feeling of warm sand between your toes, the smell of salty ocean water, the satisfaction of wearing your new swimsuit—it almost makes those months buried beneath layers worth it. The next item on your summer shopping list should be shoes that can withstand the beach or pool and make it well past Labor Day. Sure, designers have been toying around with bringing back the flip-flop in 2019. But there are plenty of other footwear styles that are just as practical, if not a little more stylish: sleek slides, strappy sandals, minimal espadrilles, jelly shoes. Ahead, you’ll find 22 flip-flop alternatives to get you through the season.

Eagle-Eyed Fan Seemingly Spotted A Touching Avengers: Endgame Nod To The Dusted Characters

It was shocking to see half of all life in the universe turn to dust at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, but it was arguably equally as devastating seeing the reactions of those who survived having to watch their loved ones disappear. Avengers: Endgame showed the survivors coping with these losses five years later, and in Rocket Raccoon’s case, it appears he paid tribute to the fallen Guardians of the Galaxy, namely Peter Quill, with a wardrobe choice, as you’ll see below.

Over on Reddit, an eagle-eyed Marvel fan noticed that Rocket Raccoon is wearing the same crimson scarf that Peter Quill wore in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, or at least one that looks just like it. I’m leaning towards the former, because Quill wasn’t wearing that scarf during Avengers: Infinity War, so it wouldn’t have turned to dust with him.

Those familiar with the Guardians of the Galaxy comics, particularly the ones from before the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie’s release, will recognize that Bradley Cooper’s Rocket Raccoon finally wore the same costume as his comic counterpart did. The scarf isn’t part of that ensemble on the printed page, but it’s a subtle, yet nice way for him to honor the Guardians, i.e. his family.

Rocket Raccoon was one of the only two Guardians who survived Avengers: Infinity War, Nebula being the second. Those two were hardly close in the first two Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but at the beginning of Avengers: Endgame, they held hands in grief over their fallen allies.

In the following five years, it looks like those two worked closely together on various missions, and when the opportunity to came to time travel through the Quantum Realm, retrieve the Infinity Stones and snap the dusted back into existence, naturally both were on board with the plan. Rocket accompanied Thor to 2013 Asgard and Nebula joined War Machine on Morag in 2014.

One time heist and massive battle against 2014 Thanos and his army later, and the Guardians of the Galaxy are whole again. Peter Quill, Drax the Destroyer, Groot and Mantis were among the many heroes who arrived during the portals sequence, and while the present day Gamora is still dead, her 2014 self followed in her earlier self’s footsteps and betrayed Thanos, which luckily meant she wasn’t turned to dust when Tony Stark sacrificed his life to destroy the Mad Titan and his forces using the Infinity Stones.

Even though it’s been five years since Rocket Raccoon last saw the Guardians of the Galaxy together again, he didn’t miss a beat getting back into his usual rhythm with them, offering knives to Peter Quill and Thor for a fight to decide who will lead the team. I also wonder if Quill is going to ask for his scarf back or let Rocket keep it.

Now that all the Guardians of the Galaxy members are back in action, that sets the stage for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is rumored to begin filming sometime next year. No plot details have been revealed yet, but along with Thor potentially coming along, it also looks like we’ll follow Peter Quill searching for the past version of Gamora, who doesn’t have that history with the Guardians that her older self did.

You can still see Avengers: Endgame in theaters now, and we here at CinemaBlend will let you know once Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has an official release date. For now, you can browse through our Marvel movies guide to learn what other movies this superhero franchise has coming up.