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Zoey Deutch on the One Product That Truly Helps Her Chronic Hormonal Acne

If you’ve had even one angry, uncover-up-able pimple, you might know what it’s like to be a slave to a “bad” skin day: For me, it looks something like hiding under the covers and avoiding all contact with humans (or mirrors) for 48 hours, minimum.

On the first episode of Glamour’s What I Wore When podcast, Zoey Deutch talked about her almost-decade-long battle with acne, and how she eventually decided to stop hiding. The Politician actor isn’t just struggling with an occasional, pre-period zit; she has chronic hormonal acne that she’s been trying to tackle for eight years.

“There’s not one thing that fixes it all,” she said. “You have to come at it from every angle. And I’ve seen every fancy dermatologist and every person that claims to know, and I’ve tried every product and tried every antibiotic and done everything, and I can’t fix it.”

She’s currently taking a “less is more” approach to skin-care, but there’s one thing she swears by: “The one product that I cannot travel without it because I do think my skin goes completely bonkers without is, iS Clinical Active Serum,” she says. “It’s very drying and it’s very intense and stingy, but I think it’s the best product.”

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iS Clinical Active Serum from Dermstore, $135.

Courtesy of brand

But while she is trying to get rid of her pimples, she also said she’s no longer letting acne dictate when she leaves the house. In fact, she’s come to a place in her life where she’s grateful for it. “I have a thyroid problem,” she said. “I keep trying to fix [my acne] from the outside in, but it’s inside out, which is mostly what it is with hormonal acne. And I have had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment with it, which is actually have gratitude for it because if that’s like, I don’t know. It’s not that bad. And also who cares? I’ve made it such a big thing. You hear about it but it’s like I won’t go out or I won’t do certain things [but now I just need to be, like], who cares?”

For more from Zoey, listen to the first episode of What I Wore When.

Erin Doherty’s Princess Anne Is the Best Part of The Crown Season 3

Did you ever doubt that this was the right career path for you?

Erin: I made the decision to just act when I was 18, even though I was acting pretty much from age four. My mum put me and my sister into this drama school thing [on the weekends], so it was always a part of my life. But I also grew up playing football. There came a point when I just knew I was going to act, and I didn’t really give that decision a second thought. Not in like a cocky way, just in a way that I was like, “Nothing fulfills me in the same way.” So I was like, “Well, I’m just going to have to make it happen, because I want to live my life doing it. So let’s just try as hard as I can.” And it’s been going OK.

If Princess Anne watches The Crown, what do you want her to say about your portrayal?

Erin: I don’t expect [her to watch it], but I feel like all I would want is that she feels like we represented her in as true a form to her spirit as possible. I feel like people will come to her side and I hope that they’ll like what they see and connect with that. To me, her spirit is someone who is trying to connect with people as honestly as she can whilst also struggling with fulfilling her duty and being this figure that she is told to be.

Princess Anne at the Badminton Horse Trials in South Gloucestershire, UK, 25th April 1971. (Photo by Harry Dempster/Daily Express/Getty Images)Harry Dempster

And how did you relate to her the most?

Erin: For me, seeing her being thrown in at the deep end like, “OK, now you’re going to be launched and you’re going to become a royal.” I basically felt that way being thrown into The Crown. So I was like, “Oh my God!” As an actor who has pretty much just done theater and a couple of odd TV jobs, I just had to figure it out as I went and also act like everything was fine on the surface. Underneath, though, I was literally having a heart attack, being like, “Oh my God, I don’t know what I’m doing,” or “Oh my God, that’s Olivia Colman.” But that was the correlation that I was like, “OK, cool, you just need to use this, Erin.” Because there is a part of you that’s going to be losing your mind, but surely there was a bit of Anne that was like, “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m going to make sure everyone thinks that I’ve got this.” It’s just a kind of fake it ’til you make it thing.

Last few things: Have you been to the real Buckingham Palace or Kensington Palace?

Erin Doherty: No, I’ve never been. I need to go.

I’d die to see people’s reactions to you being there. You should at least get a discount at the gift shop.

Erin: I’d love it. And they should. Come on.

Most importantly, as awards season gets underway, are you prepared to meet the cast of Stranger Things?

Erin: I’m going to scream. I’m going to lose my head. I love Stranger Things so much, I can’t tell you. And that song (from The NeverEnding Story) with Dustin and Suzie…without a doubt, that was my favorite part of season three. Dustin is my favorite character.

Dustin and Princess Anne: the crossover we didn’t know we needed.

Erin: Yeah, come on, where’s that series?

Erin with Gaten Matarazzo (a.k.a Dustin in Stranger Things)

Jessica Radloff

Season three of The Crown is currently streaming on Netflix. Jessica Radloff is the Glamour West Coast editor. You can follow her on Instagram here.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

This Easy Dry Shampoo Trick Makes My Blowout Last Longer

Just like it only occurs to me to do laundry when I’m down to my last pair of underwear, I’m guilty of only applying dry shampoo once my hair is dirtier than I’d like to admit. (I’m a hygienic person, I swear!) Sure, it helps—but there’s only so much dry shampoo can do once a layer of product residue, pollution, and sweat has already formed.

Then one day (likely while transferring a load of 40 pairs of underwear from washer to dryer) an idea struck: What if I used dry shampoo before my hair got grimy? To write it down makes it sound like a “duh” moment, but I’d always been made to believe that dry shampoo was more of a blowout extender than defender, if you know what I mean.

So I started experimenting. First, I applied dry shampoo on totally clean, just-blown-out hair. But I found that the extra product weighed down my very fine hair. Then, I tried spritzing it on second-day hair. But it was too late—my blowout was too far gone. If you have fine hair and an oily scalp like I do, you know the feeling. You go to bed with lots of volume and perfectly not-too-perfect only to wake up to sad, deflated, rumpled (and not in a good way) curls.

In a round of testing that felt very much like Goldilocks, I was left with only one option: putting it on at night before I went to sleep.

After washing and blowing out my hair the next morning, I spritzed my favorite formula—Davines Hair Refresher—on my fairly-clean roots just before bed, then gathered my hair in a loose topknot. And lo and behold, when I woke up, let down my hair, and combed out the dry shampoo, my style felt surprisingly fresh and looked way more voluminous than normal. I did the same move for three more evenings, and didn’t have to wash my hair in-between. For me, that’s a beauty miracle.

My second-day hair when I use dry shampoo in the morning.

My second-day hair when I use dry shampoo the night before.

I pinged hairstylist Marc Mena, who works with celebrities like Chrissy Metz and Mindy Kaling, to see if my results were an act of divine intervention, or if letting dry shampoo do its thing overnight actually makes sense. Turns out, it was the latter. “I think it’s very clever,” says Mena. “Especially because at night, we all tend to sweat a little bit and release some natural oils.” The dry shampoo acts like a shield to soak up grime before it can take up residence on your roots, he says.

Mena also notes this trick isn’t only for people with fine hair like mine. “It’s more about your scalp than your hair texture,” he says. “If yours gets oily or you sweat a lot, you’ll benefit from using dry shampoo overnight.”

To get even better results, Mena says that—if you can—skip brushing or combing out your hair the next morning and gently work through hair using your fingers instead. That way, you can reap the oil-absorbing benefits of the residual dry shampoo throughout the day. Genius, if I do say so myself.

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Dianna Mazzone is a beauty writer in New York City. Follow her on Instagram @diannamazzone.

Lou Ferrigno Was Not Happy About Hulk’s Change In Avengers: Endgame

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Long before Mark Ruffalo or Edward Norton or even Eric Bana played the Hulk in live-action, there was Lou Ferrigno. The bodybuilder turned actor portrayed the green Marvel Comics character in the 1978-1982 television series The Incredible Hulk and its follow-up TV movies opposite Bill Bixby, who played Dr. David Banner. As something of an authority on the character, Lou Ferrigno was not happy about Hulk’s change into Smart Hulk in Avengers: Endgame, as he explained:

After their internal power struggle in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War, Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner and The Other Guy had finally worked things out in Avengers: Endgame. The result was Smart Hulk, who could talk clearly and appeared as an amalgamation of his two identities, with Bruce Banner’s mind controlling a Hulk body. This was not at all to Lou Ferrigno’s liking.

Lou Ferrigno acknowledges how CGI has improved the look of the Hulk over the years in the character’s various cinematic incarnations, but to him it’s what you do with that technology that matters and he was very disappointed with the direction they took the character in for Endgame. His disappointment seems to stem primarily from Endgame’s depiction of the Hulk as essentially Bruce Banner, but big and green.

As he said at Canada’s Hamilton Comic Con (via Lou Ferrigno did not like that portrayal because to him the Hulk is supposed to be a hideous creature, not a guy wearing glasses and a cardigan taking selfies with kids. For Lou Ferrigno, what worked about The Incredible Hulk TV series was what he dubbed the beauty of the character, that he is a monster.

So for him, seeing the Hulk, which he portrayed as a savage creature, as Smart Hulk, kind of felt like a betrayal of his vision of what the character is supposed to be and that’s why he wasn’t happy about it. Lou Ferrigno attributes Hulk’s change in Avengers: Endgame to Disney and Mark Ruffalo, although he doesn’t elaborate on what exactly he means by that. You can stream Smart Hulk in all his glory on Disney+, as Avengers: Endgame was included on the new service at its launch. You can use this link for a free 7-day trial.

It is worth noting that while Mark Ruffalo portrays the Hulk in the MCU completely now, from 2008’s The Incredible Hulk through Avengers: Age of Ultron, Lou Ferrigno provided the voice for the character he once donned green paint to become.

Opinions will vary but you can understand Lou Ferrigno’s frustration with the Hulk in Avengers: Endgame. He has a very specific vision of the character and the film went in the opposite direction. We’ve all probably experienced this at some point with a superhero film, but for him there’s an extra level to it because he has played this character before.

As far as the substance of his argument goes, there are probably a lot of people who agree with him and want to see the Hulk as a huge rage monster, not as a character struggling to summon the will to smash as he was in Endgame. I was actually a bit disappointed that Endgame didn’t give Hulk a standout moment in the final battle where he got to really cut loose.

On the other hand, the Smart Hulk change has precedent in the comics, where there have been multiple different versions of the Hulk, so it wasn’t something that Disney and Mark Ruffalo just made up for some reason. And the change does show some growth for this character that has been in the MCU for over a decade. It’s not like he hasn’t been a rage monster in multiple films already. But Lou Ferrigno prefers it to stay that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dynamic.

Check out our guide to see when all of Marvel’s upcoming films come out and stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest movie news.

Chris Evans’ Profanity-Filled Knives Out Trailer Scene Was Changed To Avoid An R Rating

Although it’s primarily a whodunnit murder mystery, Knives Out looks like it will have its fair share of amusing moments, including one shown off in the first trailer where Chris Evans’ Ransom Drysdale-Thrombey points out members of his family and tells them to “eat shit.” One person even gets a “definitely eat shit.”

As it turns out, this Knives Out scene could have been a lot more profane, as Rian Johnson, the writer and director, originally had Chris Evans’ character drop f-bombs instead. But he ultimately reversed course in order to avoid his movie getting stamped with an R rating. Johnson explained during his recent appearance on the ReelBlend podcast:

It would have been easy enough to have Chris Evans repeatedly say “fuck you” to his co-stars, but as Rian Johnson laid out, he didn’t want Knives Out to be a movie that only adults could enjoy on the big screen. Thinking back to his childhood watching Peter Ustinov playing the Agatha Christie-created Hercule Poirot (a role currently held by Kenneth Branagh) across numerous theatrical and TV movies, he wanted Knives Out to deliver a similar experience for families today.

So out went the “fuck you” and in came the “eat shit,” although since Knives Out is rated PG-13, presumably Rian Johnson kept in at least one f-bomb. Since Johnson made the dialogue change right before the scene was shot, we won’t get to see the original version as deleted material on the Knives Out home media release, but maybe some alternate scenes will be included that have these other f-bombs the filmmaker mentioned.

Chris Evans is just one member of Knives Out sprawling ensemble cast, with others including Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Toni Collette, Lakeith Stansfield, Ana de Armas, Don Johnson, Katherine Langford and Christopher Plummer. The story follows the investigation into the murder of a wealthy crime novelist following his 85th birthday party.

Having already held its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in early September, Knives Out will be released to the masses on November 27, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more coverage, including our review of the movie. For now, find out what movies are coming out over the next year with our 2019 release schedule and 2020 release schedule.

The Rise Of Skywalker’s J.J. Abrams Thinks It’s ‘Incredible’ Leia’s Story Was Still Told After Carrie Fisher’s Death

It’s a very exciting time to be a Star Wars fan. The sequel trilogy and nine-film Skywalker Saga will all come to an end with J.J. Abrams’ The Rise of Skywalker. The highly anticipated blockbuster will end the franchise as we know it, so there’s a ton of pressure to deliver this coming December. That includes the handling of General Leia following the unexpected death of Carrie Fisher. The late actress/writer will be included in Episode IX through unused footage, and Abrams recently spoke to that part of the film, and the “incredible” way it actually worked.

Carrie Fisher died in December of 2016, a few month after wrapping production on The Last Jedi. While her role in that movie was brought to theaters as planned, The Rise of Skywalker was going to be very much focused on Leia, with Fisher calling it “her movie”. But J.J. Abrams maintains that the same story was told through the unused footage, recently saying:

The man has a point. The Rise of Skywalker is using some very clever filmmaking to tell its story, and give both Carrie Fisher and Leia Organa a proper farewell. The fact that this was an option at all seems to marvel J.J. Abrams, who hopes the efforts pay off when the blockbuster hits theaters.

J.J. Abrams’ comments to Total Film are sure to excite the generations of Star Wars fans out there. Carrie Fisher’s Leia is an integral part of the franchise’s history, fearlessly battling the Dark Side throughout her life onscreen. She deserves to have a major role in the Skywalker Saga’s final installment, leading The Resistance in the process.

Obviously The Rise of Skywalker won’t have quite as much screen time for Leia as originally planned. While The Force Awakens was Han’s story and The Last Jedi focused on a jaded Luke Skywalker, Episode IX was going to give Leia the spotlight. What Abrams originally had in mind remains a mystery, but it seems that Carrie Fisher’s character will have a significant role in his upcoming blockbuster.

Given how tight Star Wars security is, it’s unclear what that role might be. The trailers for The Rise of Skywalker show a few brief glimpses of Leia, mostly embracing Rey. But she’s also got a strong relationship with Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron, who she’d been training as a protegee. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all shakes out in one month’s time.

All will be revealed when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December 20th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies. And our 2020 release list to look ahead toward the New Year.

Check Out Kevin Hart’s Post-Accident ‘Rebuilding’ Routine Ahead Of Getting Back To Work

If you’ve been wondering what Kevin Hart has been up to in the aftermath of the car crash that made headlines and set back his work schedule, he shared the answer with fans over the weekend. In fact, the actor – who has always been a gym rat – is trying to “reach new levels of greatness” in order to get in shape and get back to work.

In a post on social media, Kevin Hart wrote about the “rebuilding” he is currently doing on himself ahead of going back to work. You can see some of his full-body rehab routine, below.

A bunch of celebrities, including D.L. Hughley and Mark Wahlberg, commented on the post, sending prayers and good wishes after watching Kevin Hart work out with free weights, an exercise ball and more equipment.

Watching any actor complete a rehab routine is not what we are generally used to seeing from celebrities, who typically try to entice fans with some of the wilder or harder routines they’ve ever completed. (Remember that time Brie Larson pushed a Jeep as part of her Captain Marvel training? Case in point.) Kevin Hart’s journey right now is a little bit different. He underwent back surgery after a car accident left him wrecked. Rehab for any injury can be brutal and full of obstacles and it’s really bold of Kevin Hart to be showing us how hard he is working just to get back to doing stuff that was presumably simple before.

Kevin Hart hasn’t been wholly out of the public eye since his accident, which happened back at the beginning of September and also involved two of his friends. The actor has been involved with some minor work promoting Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and he’s been active on social media recently, including sharing a video detailing his changed mindset following his harrowing car accident.

Currently, Kevin Hart has some projects on hold as he gets back in shape following his accident and subsequent surgery. But it’s nice to see he’s getting out and about these days, as shown by his Instagram workout and also a recent appearance at the People’s Choice Awards. At the latter event, the actor spoke out to thank the fans, but also to address the fact people were supportive of him after the car accident. He noticed and appreciated the well wishes.

The good news for the actor is he had work in the can already when he got into the car accident. So, while he recovers, his major new movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle will hit theaters (and presumably make a ton of money to boot.) Another movie, Fatherhood, is already wrapped and Kevin Hart will have work in My Own Worst Enemy when he gets back into the groove of things. Even though he’s had to slow down for now, presumably, the accident won’t have a major effect on his career.

Haim’s Warm, Heartfelt ‘Hallelujah’ Is About Grappling With Sudden Loss

When the stage is empty after a packed theater night in Manhattan, the magic begins. Chairs slowly slide across the hardwood floors and melodies seemingly come out of the walls to bring the building alive like in an animated Disney movie. HAIM‘s wondrously calm new video for “Hallelujah” is about what happens when the cleanup crew comes in and takes over, providing them the perfect time to wax the floors with fresh and soothing harmonies. The song itself was inspired by the loss of a friend years ago.

“Hallelujah” is the work of three voices in conversations with each other, with Danielle, Este, and Alana’s chords embracing and twirling around each other like towers of smoke in the night sky. The video reflects this feeling of freefall, but inside of the theater where the three hang out – almost as if they’re the ones supposed to be making sure that everything gets put back in place. Este sits in a chair singing the windy tune as Danielle mimicks pulling it with a magical rope, gradually pulling her to suggest that it’s real. After the two float in the air, Danielle snaps her fingers to cut the lights off as she sings, followed by Alana who whispers her words to an empty audience. After everything’s all tidy, Danielle exits and strolls down the block, humming the tune, and heading home. She’ll be right back to work tomorrow.

Alana Haim detailed the song’s meaning in a note posted to Twitter after the song’s release. She described it as a “song about family, love, loss, and being thankful for it all.” It’s dedicated to a friend, Sammi Kane Kraft, who passed in a car accident that changed their lives forever. “Though I miss her every day I know she’s still here sending me little messages, little signs everywhere I go,” she wrote.

“Hallelujah” is the third song released this year from HAIM, following “Now I’m in It” and “Summer Girl.” In September, they covered Lil Nas X‘s “Panini” for BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge.

Watch HAIM’s new video for “Hallelujah” up above.

Schitt’s Creek Season 6: Everything We Know So Far

One of 2019’s TV breakouts is, without a doubt, Schitt’s Creek, the Canadian sitcom that’s found a whole new audience after it became available on Netflix. The premise is ridiculous in the best way possible: an incredibly wealthy family, the Roses, must rebuild their life after losing their entire fortune. Their only remaining asset is a small town called Schitt’s Creek, which they bought as a joke for their son, David (Dan Levy). As you can imagine, a hilarious comedy of errors ensues as this out-of-touch family attempts to live like “regular” folk in a town with not much of anything.

We’ve grown to love the Rose family—Johnny (Eugene Levy), David, Alexis (Annie Murphy), and Moira (Catherine O’Hara)—over the course of five seasons. And now, they’re bidding us farewell. The sixth and final season of Schitt’s Creek will premiere January 7, 2020 on Pop TV. Dan Levy dropped the first trailer for it in mid-November, and it’ll make you feel all the things. (Perhaps the most surprising element of Schitt’s Creek is its emotional poignancy. I mean, who didn’t cry during Patrick’s serenade to David in season four?)

“Here we go, friends. @SchittsCreek final season. Jan 7 on @CBC and @PopTV,” Dan tweeted alongside the new trailer, which features the Rose family, Stevie, and Patrick. Watch it for yourself, below, and have some tissues handy.

Here’s everything we know about season six of Schitt’s Creek so far:

The premiere date: January 7, 2020

Where you can watch: Pop TV (America) and CBC (Canada).

How many episodes? 14.

The cast. All the key players are returning: the Rose family, Patrick (Noah Reid), Stevie (Emily Hampshire), Ted (Dustin Milligan), plus supporting roles played by Chris Elliot, Jenn Robertson, and Sarah Levy.

The plot. With this show, you never know, but expect follow-ups on all the major developments from season five: Moira’s movie drama, Alexis and Ted’s Galapagos journey, plus David and Patrick’s engagement.

The show is ending on Dan and Eugene Levy’s terms. The father-son duo released a statement earlier this year explaining why Schitt’s Creek was ending despite its popularity:

“To Our Dear Fans,

We are very excited to announce that Schitt’s Creek is coming back for a sixth season on CBC and Pop in 2020! We also wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that we’ve decided season six will be our last. We are so grateful to have been given the time and creative freedom to tell this story in its totality, concluding with a final chapter that we had envisioned from the very beginning. It’s not lost on us what a rare privilege it is in this industry to get to decide when your show should take its final bow. We could never have dreamed that our fans would grow to love and care about these characters in the ways that you have.

We are all so excited to begin shooting these last fourteen episodes and can’t thank you enough for the overwhelming love and generosity you’ve shown us. We hope you continue to enjoy the rest of our fifth season as we prepare to shoot our sixth!

Best Wishes and Warmest Regards,

Dan and Eugene Levy”

We’ll update this post with more info as it comes in.

Captain America’s ‘Avengers Assemble’ Moment Was Kevin Feige’s ‘Highlight Of All Time’

Over the course of 11 years and 23 films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us a number of incredible moments. It would be hard to pick just one, but for the architect of the MCU, Marvel Studios President and Marvel CCO Kevin Feige, there may be an easy answer. Avengers: Endgame executive producer Trinh Tran suspects that Captain America’s ‘Avengers Assemble’ moment was Kevin Feige’s ‘highlight of all time.’ Speaking about that moment, she said:

During his tenure, Kevin Feige has shepherded and bore witness to franchise-defining moments, from ‘I am Iron Man’ and the 360° shot in The Avengers; to the introduction of Spider-Man and Thanos’ snap in Avengers: Infinity War. But if Trinh Tran is right, ‘Avengers Assemble’ is the biggest highlight of all for Kevin Feige. Like so many fans, Kevin Feige had been waiting a long time hear Captain America utter that famous phrase (first said by Thor in 1964’s The Avengers #10).

The Marvel Cinematic Universe films had held off on using the phrase for so long. It didn’t happen in The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War or even Avengers: Infinity War. So when Mjolnir flies into the hands of a worthy Steve Rogers in Endgame and he says “Avengers Assemble,” it was the ultimate highlight for Kevin Feige, because it had been earned and hearing it was the ultimate reward for a decade’s worth of work.

They could have ended Avengers: Endgame right there and been happy after finally delivering that moment. And this wasn’t just magical once all the special effects were put in and the score was added in the final film either, it was special behind the scenes too. As Trinh Tran told Slashfilm, they knew they wanted ‘Avengers Assemble’ in Endgame and they found the perfect moment, with all the recently snapped back heroes standing behind Cap.

Right as it was happening and Chris Evans said the words, there was electricity in the air, watching something truly special happening. Trinh Tran felt it and she imagines Kevin Feige did too, as she continued:

I can only imagine that Kevin Feige felt immensely proud in that moment. He flew in to Atlanta specifically to watch that scene being filmed, and even though he knew it was coming, just as many of us did right before it happened in theaters, it still proved incredibly impactful for him. The Marvel Studios President told Trinh Tran afterwards how great the chill-inducing moment made him feel, indicating that it was indeed the biggest highlight of his career.

Kevin Feige has previously spoken about how emotional this moment made him feel as he was watching it being filmed. Character deaths are emotional, but for him ‘Avengers Assemble’ got him even more misty-eyed, not just because what’s happening in story in that moment with all the heroes coming back to life, but because of what the scene represents. The scene makes him cry because it shows all the characters and actors that have been introduced in this universe over so many years, all coming together for this huge moment.

It’s a moment that will be hard to top and may never be topped. That doesn’t mean Kevin Feige isn’t going to try though. The MCU’s Phase 4 begins next year, and with it, Kevin Feige and Co. will be introducing more new actors and more new characters to this ever-expanding franchise.