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Constance Wu Says It May Be A While Before We Get The Crazy Rich Asians Sequel

A Crazy Rich Asians sequel has already been greenlighted, much to the delight of fans. However, if you were hoping for the movies sooner rather than later, your hopes may be dashed. Constance Wu, who starred in the first installation and would be back for China Rich Girlfriend, revealed it may be longer for the new movie to come together than we initially thought. In a recent interview, Wu said:

Constance Wu revealed that Jon M. Chu definitely does want to come back for round 2 after directing the first movie, which makes sense, considering the cultural impact that Crazy Rich Asians had. We previously learned that he, along with Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim, would be collaborating on China Rich Girlfriend. We also knew that In The Heights would be coming up, but it wasn’t clear that it would take most of 2019 for that to come together. Which means China Rich Girlfriend might not even really get off the ground until 2020, depending on how timelines work out.

Per Wu’s comments at Vulture Festival (via Deadline), China Rich Girlfriend may or may not follow the second book in Kevin Kwan’s popular series, but she also mentions she’s not super in the know about the creative process. We did previously learn that Astrid would be in the second movie more significantly than she was in the first movie.

This actually totally makes sense, considering Astrid gets plenty of time on the page in the books and is a character that is a big deal outside of the Nick and Rachel relationship that took up a good portion of the first flick. If she’s the focal point, however, I wonder if we’ll get to see a lot of the stuff about Rachel and her dad.

As for In The Heights, the movie based on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s popular and award-winning musical, was dealing with some trouble for a while. The project had been set up at The Weinstein Company, which then went through bankruptcy. A few months ago, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Quiara Alegría Hudes and more nabbed the rights back. Regardless, it’s still taking a while for the flick to move forward.

In turn, it wasn’t always a shoe-in that Crazy Rich Asians would be a big box office success. It was a nice win for Warner Bros., I’m sure, but it’s not as if the studio went ahead and greenlighted a sequel before seeing how the first flick did.

All in all, everything should work out. Musical fans should be happy to finally be getting In The Heights and fans of Crazy Rich Asians should be happy to get a sequel from the same director. Good vibes all around. The issue will be in the waiting.

As soon as China Rich Girlfriend starts moving forward, we’ll be sure to let you know, of course. Plus, be sure to check out all the fun and diverse films coming out next year with our full schedule. On the bright side, the Blu-ray for the first movie will be out tomorrow, so you can be sure to relive your favorite moments, plus a few extras.

How Sophia’s Death Made The Walking Dead’s Carol Better, According To The Former Star

Back in Season 2, when The Walking Dead was going through some things behind the scenes, viewers said hello to the Greene family and goodbye to Carol’s daughter Sophia. That awkwardly drawn-out storyline did wrap up in a most glorious way, with the long-missing Sophia revealed to be a walker. Appearing on Talking Dead, former star Madison Lintz was asked what she thought would happen if Sophia had lived, and her response pointed to how the death actually helped Carol overall.

Yeah, I’d like to think we would both be badasses together, I’d like to think that. I actually think, because I died, [Carol] developed a lot, and became absolutely amazing. So great, such an amazing character. I think Sophia would be very proud of her.

It’s not the most natural feeling to get slightly emotional while considering the hypothetical thoughts a dead (or undead) kid character would have about their parent’s empowering life arc. Still, I’ll be damned if part of me didn’t get a little choked up thinking about Sophia being proud of Carol’s journey. Although maybe the urge to cry was brought on by thinking about watching everyone searching for Sophia again.

Sincerely, though, Madison Lintz is so correct it’s ridiculous. In those early days, The Walking Dead didn’t really know what to do with Melissa McBride’s Carol, who was never quite like the version in the comic books. She started off as the mistreated wife whose independence took a backseat to everything her husband called for. Once he died and she got to destroy his stupid head with a pick-axe, Carol seemed destined for greatness, but it was truly Sophia’s death that wiped the slate clean and let the phoenix rise.

Granted, it’s not an invincible phoenix, as evidenced by Carol’s many tragedies that she’s faced before and after Sophia’s death. But can any Walking Dead fan say with certainty that Carol would commited all the horrific, if necessary, acts over the years that no other characters would do, if Sophia were still around? Would Carol have burned Saviors alive had Sophia survived? Could Carol have possibly made Lizzie look at the flowers if Sophia hadn’t turned? I’m at a hard no on that last one.

During her interview on Talking Dead, Madison Lintz was asked about her memories from the show in Season 1 and Season 2, and unsurprisingly, the 19-year-old actress didn’t have a ton of fully fleshed-out Walking Dead memories. Here’s what she did hold on to from her very first TV show, though.

That was seven years ago. I remember auditioning for it and being like, ‘Okay, this is kinda stupid. It’s a zombie show. Whatever, we’ll just roll with it.’ I remember booking it, and going to Barnes and Noble and reading the comics, and seeing someone there and being like, “Hey, I’m in the show! I’m Sophia!’ I mean, it’s been seven years. It’s a distant but incredible childhood memory at this point.

Madison Lintz, who has been grateful about _The Walking Dead _referencing Sophia when it happens, talked about how she actually knew Melissa McBride as an Atlanta actress. The young star was excited at the time to have someone else on the set that was familiar. For a preteen on her first TV show, I guess that beat nervously staring at people in ghoulish walker make-up the entire time.

As only the first of three family members to join The Walking Dead‘s cast, Madison Lintz found it interesting that her younger brother Mascen was the same age as she was when he was cast to play Henry back in Season 8. (Their brother Matt Lintz plays the older, post-time jump Henry, for those keeping score.) She shared with Talking Dead‘s Chris Hardwick the advice that she gave Mascen upon landing the job.

Listen dude, people die on this show. You get eaten. Just roll with the punches. Don’t take anything for granted. Enjoy it while you can. You’re probably gonna die.

It’s perhaps not advice suited for most newspaper columns or Magic Eight Balls, but it’s certainly fitting for someone passing through the revolving door ofWalking Dead characters. Madison Lintz got to learn earlier than most what it’s like to suddenly get written out of the show.

Who’s going to get killed off next? Will it have anything to do with those scars? Will Carol be the one doing the killing? Find out when The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET, followed by Talking Dead. The midseason finale is almost upon us, so be sure to bookmark the fall TV schedule and the midseason premiere guide to keep track of everything available to watch until the walkers return in 2019.

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Hailey Baldwin Is Now Hailey Bieber—and Has the Jacket to Prove It

It’s not official until you embroider your married name onto a piece of clothing. Fine, that’s definitely not how it works—but before Hailey Baldwin quietly announced she’d changed her name to Hailey Bieber, she made a reference to her husband, Justin Bieber, via her clothing.

The model attended the opening for Levi’s new flagship in New York on Thursday evening. (Emily Ratajkowski, Joan Smalls, Barbara Palvin, Dylan Sprouse, and Ansel Elgort were also in attendance—so, you know, casual weeknight outing.) It appears she took advantage of the store’s customization options, leaving the party with a new denim jacket emblazoned with “BIEBER” across the back.

Levi’s managed to get a picture of on its Instagram Story that evening as Baldwinr left the event. Check out it.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Levi’s.

The next day, the 21-year-old would change her Instagram handle from @haileybaldwin to @haileybieber, as well as how her name appears on her account, seemingly confirming that she and the singer had officially tied the knot—after Bieber referred to her as “my wife” in a separate Instagram post. Ah, these two.

You too can buy the same Levi’s jacket Baldwin customized—it’s the Oversized Sherpa Jacket, which retails for $168. How you customize it is entirely up to you.

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Taylor Swift Says Goodbye To The Label She Signed With At Age 15

For over a decade, Taylor Swift‘s association with her record label, Big Machine, has been one of the defining aspects of her career. She’s been signed to the Nashville label since her 2006 debut, and as her music has evolved and landed more squarely in the pop space, her affiliation with Big Machine has kept her attached to her country roots. But that’s all changing.

On Monday (November 19), Swift revealed she’d left Big Machine and signed with Republic Records, part of the massive Universal Music Group family. In a message posted to Instagram, the 28-year-old artist wrote that, as per the new deal, she will “own all of my master recordings that I make from now on. It’s really important to me to see eye to eye with a label regarding the future of our industry.”

Owning your own masters is a hugely lucrative for artists as it keeps them firmly in control of their own music and how it’s released. And Swift has long advocated for the rights of artists in a changing music industry that’s more dependent on streaming than ever. In 2014, she pulled her entire catalog from Spotify, and the following year threatened to do the same with Apple Music unless it improved royalties for artists. (Her music has since returned to the platform.)

As part of her new deal with Republic and UMG, Swift also continued to push for more on behalf of those who create. “There was one condition that meant more to me than any other deal point,” she wrote. “I asked that any sale of [UMG]’s Spotify shares result in a distribution of money to their artists, non-recoupable. They have generously agreed to this, at what they believe will be much better terms than paid out previously by other major labels.”

In short, this is a big win for the rights of artists in the streaming era — one often characterized by inequality and artists’ creative ways around it. It certainly helps to have Taylor Swift there as a champion. Read her full statement in the Instagram post above.

Amber Heard Shows Off How In Shape She Got At Aquaman Premiere

Aquaman‘s Mera is a fierce warrior, and the actress who plays her is just as bold. All eyes were on Amber Heard at the Beijing premiere of the movie. Her daring keyhole cutout mini-dress stole attention from Aquaman/Arthur Curry himself, Jason Momoa, and film director James Wan. Heard’s sparkling Celine dress showed off her fit form, after all that intense superhero training:

Here’s a closer look at the dress:

Wowza! You have to be confident to pull off that look, and Amber Heard has earned her confidence after so much hard work. As she recently explained, after several months of training six days a week — including weight and strength workouts, plus special martial arts training — she started to feel pretty superhuman herself. The movie started filming in May 2017, and that’s also when she started sharing her intense workouts for the role.

Clearly she has stayed in shape, even after filming, and doesn’t mind showing it off. Can’t blame her.

Amber Heard is also on the new cover of Shape magazine. In her interview she talks about working out, but also still loving her favorite foods — like Tex-Mex, chocolate, and red wine — and cooking fried-chicken sandwiches. Here’s her take on a healthy balance:

Very wise. In Aquaman, Amber Heard plays the daughter of King Nereus and partner of Aquaman himself. She made her debut as the character in Justice League. Heard said it took some convincing from Zack Snyder for her to accept the role. But he won her over with promise of a sword and a crown, and lines like this: “I’m not Aquawoman. I have my own name. My name is Mera.” Heard said she could get behind that kind of woman.

Aquaman only recently finished production, with an exhausted James Wan thanking the cast and crew for all of their hard work over the past two years. Fans can only hope it was all worth it. There’s just one month left until we find out.

Aquaman is the sixth film in the DC Extended Universe, after Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and Justice League. After Aquaman opens in theaters this December 21, the DCEU has Shazam! up next on April 5, 2019, followed by Birds of Prey currently scheduled for February 7, 2020, and Wonder Woman 1984 on June 5, 2020. Keep up with everything in our special DCEU section.

Barack Obama Surprised Michelle With a Bouquet of Roses During Her Book Tour

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is currently on a massive book tour promoting her new memoir, Becoming. People are shelling out up to $3,000 for tickets—that’s how in demand she is.

Everyone who scored a seat at her latest stop in Washington, D.C. was treated to a special surprise guest: her husband, former President Barack Obama. Naturally the crowd went nuts when moderator (and longtime friend and advisor to the couple) Valerie Jarrett brought him out. And the man formerly known as POTUS did not disappoint.

He arrived on stage with a bouquet of pink roses for his wife and called himself the Jay-Z to Michelle’s Beyoncé—which, frankly, is kind of spot on. “This is like, you know when Jay-Z comes out during the Beyonce concert?… Like, ‘Crazy in Love’?” Obama said. “It’s the same thing. It’s just a little sample to enhance the concert.” He even did a few bars of the song.

Obama said he’d been listening to the talk upstairs and joked that there were a couple things he would “correct” to which his wife replied, “You don’t have to do that here. It’s my book. It’s my version of reality.”

Jarrett also asked him what about Michelle captured his heart when they first met working together at a Chicago law firm. Obama said she was “one of a kind,” strong and honest, and someone he knew he could always count on. He also said he knew that if she was the mother of his children their offspring would be “extraordinary.”

The former First Lady is very open in the book about areas of the couple’s private life that we’ve not gotten a glimpse of until now. And from sharing their struggles with infertility (eventually leading to daughters Sasha and Malia being born via in vitro fertilization) to the fact that they two use a couples counselor when necessary to keep their marriage strong or embarrassing Malia on her way to prom, their appearance on stage together further proves that the couple isn’t so different from lots of others we all know.

The Crimes Of Grindelwald Did Have The Lowest Opening In The Harry Potter Universe, But There’s Still Good News

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was the number one movie at the box office this past weekend. Having said that, it wasn’t exactly a smashing success. The sequel brought in just over $62 million, which is an all-time low for an opening weekend for the Wizarding World franchise. Having said that, there is an upside, as the film did bring in nearly $200 million more around the world, which, when combined with the domestic take, as well as the over $800 million that the first Fantastic Beasts movie did, puts the larger franchise over the $1 billion mark.

This fact does spotlight one thing that seems fairly clear about the Fantastic Beast movies as a whole, they’re not really meant for us. The first movie in the franchise did over $800 million around the world, but less than 30% of that total came from North America. The rest came from overseas, with significant numbers coming from China, South Korea, and somewhat unsurprisingly, Great Britain.

Even if Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald ends up being the lowest grossing movie ever based on a J.K. Rowling story, it doesn’t mean the movie is going to actually have that small a box office total. If the international numbers continue for the next few weeks, the movie is going to be fine, even if the North American numbers don’t go anywhere.

And with a couple of major releases coming up during the long Thanksgiving weekend, including Creed II and the very family friendly Ralph Breaks the Internet, it would seem likely that the new Fantastic Beasts is going to have some stiff competition.

It does make one wonder just what the issue us with these film and the domestic audience. Even the first Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them didn’t have a massive opening weekend. It’s not like all the crazy Harry Potter fans rushed to check out the new film and then went home disappointed. Many were clearly uninterested when this whole franchise started. Is the North American audience just done with the Wizarding World overall? Are we just not interested in the adventures of a character not named Harry Potter while others are? If so, why is that?

At the same time, the box office has been changing and becoming more global overall. North America is still the biggest, and most important, box office region in the world for Hollywood movies, but countries like China have already become major secondary markets and many analysts feel that the nation will eventually top the U.S. when it comes to box office dollars.

While Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald might be off to a slow start, it doesn’t seem like the movie is in any real trouble. We’re still going to get three more movies in the series and they’ll probably continue to do well overseas, even if the domestic crowd doesn’t care about them as much.

Supergirl’s Arrow-verse Crossover Video Changes Up Kara And Alex’s Relationship

With “Elseworlds,” The CW’s Arrow-verse is going harder than ever on giving fans remixed versions of the familiar heroes (and possibly villains). We’ve already been fairly creeped out watching Stephen Amell’s Barry Allen locking lips with Iris, but Supergirl‘s first look at the big crossover offers up a more emotional twist. Check out how Kara’s relationship with Alex is going to get complicated.

When I said complicated, I guess I really meant “eradicated,” since Alex no longer seems to be feeling much of a kinship with her sis…new prisoner. This clearly has to do with the mysterious circumstances that set off the “Elseworlds” divergence, and isn’t just Alex playing an April Fool’s Day prank. (Supergirl just celebrated Thanksgiving, so April 1 is still a long ways away.)

In any case, this brief-but-powerful clip provides one of our first looks at how the “Elseworlds” storyline is going to affect the Supergirl characters. By all means, it’s understandable why the creative team chose to strike up this imbalance between the non-biological sisters. As important as keeping Earth’s citizens safe is to Kara, so is her connection with Alex, and any family ties she still has left.

When Alex swings that hand around all sarcastically like that, though, I can’t help but think that Kara would briefly like to smack all that smugness right out of the room.

Beyond Kara and Alex, Superman will be swooping into the crossover chaos for the first time, so maybe he’ll first be called in to break Kara out of her cell. Of course, that’s assuming that Superman isn’t on the same wavelength that Alex is, and that he’d even want to save her in the first place. Be a good cousin, bro.

Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel will also get to mix it up with The Flash and Green Arrow, among others, and he’ll do at least some of it wearing the black Superman outfit, which looks pretty sweet. Acting opposite a real-life Superman threw The Flash‘s Grant Gustin for a loop, so we can probably expect things to go in some enjoyably bonkers directions. (And somehow without Legends of Tomorrow involved.)

While the exact details are still being shrouded in secrecy, it’s been revealed that Jeremy Davies’ John Deegan will be up to no good in Gotham City when he starts rewriting reality. He’ll be the source of the “Elseworlds” spin on things, and his reach will apparently make it all the way to Earth-38 and presumably beyond.

The crossover is also giving us Lois Lane, Batwoman, more from Gotham City and only the Arrow-verse’s powers that be know what else is on the way. Stay tuned for The Flash kicking “Elseworlds” off on Sunday, December 9, at 8:00 p.m., with Arrow and Supergirl following on successive nights.

Albert Brooks Played A Funny Joke On Oscar Isaac During His Star Wars Audition Process

It’s pretty easy to fool Poe Dameron. Before Oscar Isaac joined the Star Wars galaxy with The Force Awakens, he got pranked by his A Most Violent Year co-star Albert Brooks. Apparently Brooks would be a solid recruit for The First Order — Isaac said the veteran actor got him good when pretending to be Episode VII director J.J. Abrams:

Nice. It’s always fun to read about on-set shenanigans, and it sounds like Albert Brooks’ prank call was well executed. Props to him for that.

Oscar Isaac shared his Albert Brooks anecdote while breaking down some of his most memorable film characters for GQ. Most of his conversation about A Most Violent Year was praise for Jessica Chastain. But when the conversation turned to Star Wars, this memory — and saved voicemail — immediately sprung to mind.

Still talking about The Force Awakens, Oscar Isaac continued to say what happened next in his audition with Kathleen Kennedy and Lawrence Kasdan. They pitched him this heroic character who died spectacularly, since that was the original plan for Poe Dameron.

As Oscar Isaac previously explained, when faced with that character trajectory, he was conflicted. On one hand, it’s Star Wars! On the other hand, he had just done that kind of thing with The Bourne Legacy, when he set things up for the main characters, then died in a spectacular way. When he called the producers back to say he would take the role, they said they had changed their minds and Poe would now be in the entire movie.

Resistance X-wing fighter pilot extraordinaire Poe Dameron ended up being a fan favorite, so we’re glad it all turned out this way. Poe not only survived Episode VII, he returned for The Last Jedi, and we know we’ll be seeing him again in Episode IX next year.

In the same GQ video, Oscar Isaac spoke about his “excruciating” experience filming X-Men: Apocalypse. Thankfully, life as Poe Dameron does not sound as rough. He’ll fly back onto screens with director J.J. Abrams in Star Wars: Episode IX on December 20, 2019. Here are more movie releases to look forward to in 2019.