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Hillary Clinton Says Her Husband’s Affair with Monica Lewinsky Wasn’t an ‘Abuse of Power’

In the year since the Harvey Weinstein story broke and the #MeToo movement took center stage, many women (and men) have spent time reflecting on events of the past and how they might be perceived if they happened today. We saw this most recently during the Brett Kavanaugh nomination hearings, when Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony drew obvious comparisons to Anita Hill‘s during the Clarence Thomas hearings back in 1991.

Another public figure who has been subjected to this reassessment is former President Bill Clinton, who, when asked about #MeToo this summer, said he doesn’t “agree with everything.” Now his wife, Hillary Clinton, has weighed in on the matter. On CBS’ Sunday Morning, Clinton was asked about her husband’s relationship with former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, more than 20 years ago, and whether it should have led to his resignation. Her answer: “Absolutely not.”

But it is the follow-up to the initial question that many see as problematic.

“It wasn’t an abuse of power?” asks CBS News’ Tony Dokoupil. “No,” says Clinton. Dokoupil continues, “There are people who look at the incidents of the 90s and they say, ‘A president of the United States cannot have a consensual relationship with an intern; the power imbalance is too great.'” Clinton interjects, “Who was an adult.”

“Let me ask you this,” she continues, “where’s the investigation of the current incumbent, against whom numerous allegations have been made, and which he dismisses, denies, and ridicules? So, there was an investigation [of President Clinton], and it, as I believe, came out in the right place.”

Let’s break this down: She is indeed correct about the allegations against President Donald Trump, but what Clinton says in defense of her husband is so deeply disappointing for those who understand how power works. To argue that because Lewinsky was an adult at the time there could be no power imbalance is just wrong and negates the workplace harassment experiences of women of every age.

It saddens me that the Clintons don’t seem to have evolved their points-of-view on the matter since the ’90s, as so many others have in the wake of #MeToo. In that June 2018 interview where Bill Clinton said he had questions about the movement, he also took a defensive (and questionable) stand. “Nobody believes that I got out of that for free. I left the White House $16 million in debt,” he said. “But you typically have ignored gaping facts in describing this. And I bet you don’t even know that. This was litigated 20 years ago, and two thirds of the American people sided with me.”

Lewinsky herself has done some re-thinking about the relationship. “Now, at 44, I’m beginning (just beginning) to consider the implications of the power differentials that were so vast between a president and a White House intern,” she wrote in a Vanity Fair essay in February. “I’m beginning to entertain the notion that in such a circumstance the idea of consent might well be rendered moot. (Although power imbalances—and the ability to abuse them—do exist even when the sex has been consensual.)”

“He was my boss. He was the most powerful man on the planet,” she continued. “He was 27 years my senior, with enough life experience to know better. He was, at the time, at the pinnacle of his career, while I was in my first job out of college.”

Social media users quickly called Clinton out for her failure to recognize the power dynamic between Lewinsky and her husband.

We cannot make necessary progress if we refuse to look at our collective past and learn from it—as hard as it may be to face. That’s true for everyone, even Hillary Clinton.

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The Rebooted Charmed Has Premiered, Here’s What Audiences Think

There is often a dichotomy between critics and audience reviews and with the 2018 Charmed reboot, it seems to be no different. The show premiered on The CW on Sunday night and ahead of its premiere it earned decent reviews, snagging a 70% positive rating on the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Fans seemingly liked it less, as the same site ranks fan reviews at 33%.

However, after the show actually aired, a slew of people took to social media with strong thoughts about the Charmed reboot premiere. Good to meh to great reviews all had strong showings, and we’ve culled through some of the best comments.

Related to the new show, there are a lot of positives fans of the original show saw in the new series. For instance, one Twitter user really liked that Andy is now a female character.

Other people really didn’t like what the new Charmed ones brought to the series. One user went so far as to call the reboot “garbage,” noting,

Some users weren’t totally open about their ultimate love or hate for the new CW drama remake, but they did at least point out things they thought worked about the series:

Finally, one user was not impressed by the pilot, but at least is ready to give Charmed a second view during Episode 2 to see whether or not the show might become something more watchable.

All in all, a lot of people have been keeping an eye on the Charmed remake as it came together. Much of the spotlight on the show came because the cast of the original Charmed did not seem keen about the CW remaking the popular drama, about a series of sisters who are good witches. Holly Marie Combs, in particular talked about how a reboot just made it clear that the actresses in the original series are aging and that reboots “fair better” when they at least look to the roots of the original as source material.

Still, The CW pressed forward with the new concept and the girls on the new show have been really congenial about the situation. They’ve noted they feel “really lucky” to be able to reboot the series, even if they haven’t been fully backed by the original cast. We’ll still have to wait and see whether or not the new production ends up building a big audience on network TV, although we know the premiere hit with a middling 1.54 episodes.

New episodes of Charmed will air on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET, only on The CW.

Crazy Rich Asians Will Open In China After All, So Back Up The Money Trucks

Jon M. Chu’s summer hit Crazy Rich Asians already has made boatloads of cash. It’s about to make a lot more. After dominating multiple global markets, the Warner Bros. release has secured a China release date. How do you think it will play there?

Before it even opens in China — which will happen on November 30, according to The Hollywood ReporterCrazy Rich Asians already banked a staggering $228 million in estimated worldwide ticket sales. This off of a reported budget of $30 million, according to stats on BoxOfficeMojo. Every studio in town would trade a limb for profit margins of that size.

That being said, a release in China was never a guarantee for Crazy Rich Asians. As THR notes, the film’s “celebration of decadence” amongst the wealthy Asians characters might be seen as off-putting by China’s strict content regulators.

In fact, Warner Bros. appeared to be bracing for the fact that they wouldn’t get to open Crazy Rich Asians in China, as their initial appeals to the Chinese regulators over the summer — when Jon M, Chu’s movie opened — were met with silence and inactivity. This led several analysts to conclude that the movie had been rejected. And now, to the studio’s delight, the movie received the Nov. 30 release date, and the marketing of the film to Chinese audience likely can begin.

This is a huge win for a movie that already has enjoyed several wins. The adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s 2013 novel was both critically acclaimed and financially supported. The film performed admirably against a slew of summer blockbusters, dominating the end-of-season August slate (with no real competition outside of The Meganother Warner Bros. film). Even without the Chinese release, Crazy Rich Asians is a massive hit.

We can only imagine what the movie’s final number will be now that it’s going to play in Asia’s richest box-office territory.

This is only the beginning for this franchise. Because Crazy Rich Asians performed so well, establishing itself as a crowd-pleaser, Warner Bros. went ahead and greenlit the follow up movie, China Rich Girlfriend. Jon M. Chu is returning to helm the sequel, which also is based on a Kevin Kwan novel, furthering the story of key characters like Nick and Rachel, Eddie Cheng and Astrid Teo, to name just a few.

Planning on China Rich Girlfriend is still underway. There’s no release date, as Crazy Rich Asians is still in some theaters. But once WB sees the ticket sales flowing in from China come November and early December, we can guarantee that the script process will happen sooner rather than later.

*Dirty John* Details: Everything We Know About the Bravo TV Adaptation

One of fall’s most-anticipated shows is Bravo’s Dirty John, an adaptation of the popular Los Angeles Times podcast that took the Internet by storm last fall. For the unfamiliar, Dirty John tells the real story of Debra Newell, a woman with a successful interior design company who began dating a man she met on the Internet named John Meehan. What started out as a picturesque relationship quickly spiraled into a terrifying sequence of lies, threats, and potential homicide. It’s a gripping story that’s even more nail-biting when you realized it actually happened to someone.

Naturally, Bravo saw the absolute pandemonium surrounding Dirty John and decided to adapt it for the small screen. The first of eight episodes airs next month. To get you psyched about the show, we compiled everything known about it in this handy-dandy list. Read on, and mark your calendars accordingly.

1. The premiere date. November 25 at 10 P.M. ET on Bravo.

2. The cast. Connie Britton is playing Debra Newell, the successful interior designer who met John Meehan on the Internet and began a relationship with him that turned ugly. Eric Bana is stepping into John’s shoes, while Julia Garner and Juno Temple are playing Debra’s daughters, Terra and Veronica, respectively. (“Veronica’s” real name is Jacquelyn.)

3. The source material. Obviously, it’s based on the Los Angeles Times article and podcast by Christopher Goffard, though there will be some changes. “We’re going deeper on the things maybe the podcast just touched on,” Dirty John‘s showrunner Alexandra Cunningham said, accordng to the Los Angeles Times.

Dirty John - Season 1


4. The show will focus on multiple perspectives. As opposed to just the reporter’s, like the podcast does.

5. There will be time jumps. “It’s all about, ‘Who is John?’ ” Dirty John‘s executive producer Jeffrey Reiner said. “We go back in time [and include] things that were not necessarily in the podcast.”

6. Britton met Newell as she was preparing for the role. “We actually spent a good deal of time together, and I really like her a lot, so it’s been such a great experience for me, and new experience for me, to sit down and really get to ask her questions,” Britton said, per the L.A. Times. “And also, it’s helping to give so much insight into the story in a way that maybe we weren’t able to experience in the podcast.”

7. There are several teasers out. Including an official trailer and a creepy video of John practicing an “I love you” speech for Debra. Peep them both, below

8. There won’t be any references to The Walking Dead. Without giving away spoilers, let’s just say the popular AMC zombie show is an integral part to the Dirty John podcast’s final act. However, because AMC is a competitor to NBC/Bravo, there won’t be a reference to it on the TV adaptation.

9. A second season has already been picked up, but there’s a catch. The series is an anthology, so season two will have nothing to do with Dirty John. “There’s a number of stories we can tell. We’re just trying to figure out which one will be the right one,” Dirty John executive producer Richard Suckle said, according to the L.A. Times.

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Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Call Off Engagement After Mac Miller’s Death

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson weren’t romantically intertwined for a super long time, but the pop singer and the comedian have certainly shared an eventful engagement together. Since they first became an item back in May, it didn’t take long for the couple to get tattoos for one another, dedicate songs in each others’ honor and ultimately get engaged after being in a relationship for a mere two weeks. Now, those days have come to an abrupt end.

As it was recently announced, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have separated, and their heavily-reported engagement is officially finished. Many fans of the musician and comedian are likely discouraged to hear the heartbreaking news, and while there are no official reasons announced as to why the couple decided to call it quits, it might reportedly have something to do with the tragic death of Mac Miller, whom Grande dated before Davidson.

TMZ speculates that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson found a stumbling block in their romantic relationship when Mac Miller was taken from this world last month. Grande is allegedly not in a great emotional headspace since the unexpected death of her former longtime boyfriend, and though she did what she could to help Miller find sobriety, it ultimately wasn’t enough. This emotional unrest might be the reason why she decided to not be Saturday Night Live‘s musical guest during its season premiere a few weeks ago; she was replaced by Kanye West instead.

Upon Mac Miller’s death, sources reportedly close to Ariana Grande claim she needed to reevaluate her life and where she stood. She ultimately felt, according to reports, that she couldn’t be in a committed relationship — particularly one that escalated in such a quick, rapid fashion. That said, this news comes as a surprise to many people; Grande was reportedly close to Davidson during Saturday Night Live‘s latest episode. The implosion of their relationship might’ve happened over the weekend, and now, it seems the young, famous celebrities are no longer linked in each other’s arms.

It has been a rollercoaster of a relationship, and it has also been a pretty, well, revealing one too. But the lightning-fast escalation of their coupling, mixed with the high publicity of their bond and Pete Davidson’s own history of troubles, was perhaps a reason for concern for the young celebs. Combined with the reported heartache and deep-seated sadness that Ariana Grande allegedly feels in the wake of Mac Miller’s death, these factors could paint a picture as to why the couple decided to end their engagement and separate as a couple. It’s unclear if they’ll come back to one another given time.

Of course, one cannot know for certain from a distance what caused these celebrities to terminate their romance. We can only hope that Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande find some individual peace during this difficult time away from each other.

The Best Hair Colors for Fall

As sure as the leaves change every fall, new hair colors emerge to kick off the season. The past few years have seen colorists get innovative with fresh techniques and plays on shades to save us from feeling bored with the same old blond, brunette, and red. But lately, it’s not even the colors themselves that are attention-grabbing. The names too have become increasingly, well, thirsty.

Late summer brought us “Cold Brew Hair“—as in the slightly varying shade of brown you get when you pour milk into your coffee. While “Root Beer Hair” and “Pink Champagne Hair” were the frontrunners for 2017. Even “Lacroix Hair” bubbled its way up into our hair color lexicon.

It’s a recipe we’ve seen time and time again. Name a hair color after a dessert or drink and suddenly bronde balayage becomes the much more appealing (or absurd, depending on your taste) sounding “Blond Roast Hair.” But it’s not all internet gimmick. As ridiculous as it might seem to sit in your colorists chair and request “S’mores Hair,” these names serve to differentiate between subtle tricks and innovative techniques. After all, while “Dark Roast Hair” and Cold Brew color might look like “brunette” to some, there’s way more nuance than you might think. Here, we’re bringing you the best of these colors for fall, with options for blonds, brunettes, redheads, and everything in between. Order up.

This Company is Fast Becoming the Warby Parker of Scrubs

Figs’ slick, brightly lit approach to branding and marketing their scrubs has more in common with fashion brands than it does other medical apparel companies.
Figs’ slick, brightly lit approach to branding and marketing their scrubs has more in common with fashion brands than it does other medical apparel companies.

FOR MOST OF US, medical scrubs—like toilet paper, open parking spots and triple-A batteries—are something you don’t think about until you really need them. But for the 20 million Americans who are part of the healthcare industry, the nation’s largest employment sector, scrubs are a daily necessity. To serve that vast market, Heather Hasson and Trina Spear launched Figs in 2013, a Los Angeles-based, direct-to-consumer, “premium” scrubs company that’s on track to notch $100 million in revenue this year. What Warby Parker did for glasses and Casper did for mattresses, Figs is doing for scrubs. But while those startups have universal appeal, Figs caters solely to M.D.s, P.A.s, R.N.s, D.D.S.s as well as the various orderlies and attendants that lack initials but still need scrubs.

Neither Ms. Hasson nor Ms. Spear has those letters trailing their names either. Ms. Hasson, who got her start in the fashion industry, came up with the idea for Figs when a friend of hers, a nurse practitioner, arrived for a coffee date in baggy, scratchy scrubs. “I said, ‘I can’t believe you still wear this—where are you shopping?’” she remembered. If the scrubs were bad, the medical supply store Ms. Hasson’s friend pointed her to was worse, with racks of unrefined scrubs crammed next to wheelchairs and canes.

With a cinched, sweatpant-like cuff and a zippered side pocket, Figs’ jogger pant (seen above) takes its cues from activewear.
With a cinched, sweatpant-like cuff and a zippered side pocket, Figs’ jogger pant (seen above) takes its cues from activewear.

With the help of Ms. Spear, who’d previously tracked medical-supply companies in the Blackstone Group ’s private equity division, Ms. Hasson learned that the majority of medical professionals must buy their own scrubs. Until the late 1980s, she explained, when scrubs was still a business-to-business industry, “hospitals did buy on behalf of their staff.” But then, she continued, “budgets were constrained and the hospitals said, ‘We’re not going to do this anymore, we can’t afford it.’” Doctors and nurses were left picking up the tab. Though medical apparel is now a $10 billion industry here in the U.S., and a $60 billion industry worldwide, little else about it had changed as of 2013. Coarse cotton one-size-fits-most scrubs were still sold by large-scale supply shops for as little as $10 a top.

Into this marketplace, Figs introduced its direct-to-consumer model with $38-and-up prices, innovative styles and a Silvadur-treated antimicrobial, wrinkle-resistant and odor-free fabric that took nearly two years to develop. In the early days, Ms. Hasson and Ms. Spear parked themselves in hospitals, soaking up feedback from the staff. They discovered that doctors had been tying their wedding rings to the drawstring of their pants because standard scrubs skimped on pockets, inspiring the Figs duo to add a zippered pocket to their pants. The brand also trimmed down the sack-like fit of traditional scrubs, offering shapely “jogger” style pants while banishing “one-size” tops. “They’re very slimming,” said Danish Hasan, 25, a registered nurse who recently moved from Chicago to New York. “They don’t even look like scrubs—they look like nice clothes that you would wear out.” After buying his first Figs pair about a year ago, Mr. Hasan has sworn off supply-store scrubs entirely.

Figs has taken a “lifestyle” approach to marketing that the founders liken to that of Lululemon , the athletic-wear brand that helped make yoga a way of life (former Lululemon CEO Christine McCormick Day was an early Figs investor, as was the actor Will Smith). Figs has a well-curated Instagram page with over 166,000 followers that showcases customers—primarily women, who make up 70% of Figs’s customer base—in brightly lit settings, far from the mayhem of an emergency room. Last week, Figs opened its first pop-up store on Melrose Avenue in L.A., alongside boutiques for trendy fashion brands like Marc Jacobs, A.P.C. and Theory.

The five-year-old company recently opened a pop-up store on trendy Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.
The five-year-old company recently opened a pop-up store on trendy Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

“Their advertisements are everywhere: Instagram, my Facebook page, so that’s how I heard about [Figs],” said Mr. Hasan. But the brand’s marketing savvy extends beyond social media. Figs has also created traditional advertising, blanketing subway cars with ads here in New York. This multi-channel strategy appears to have worked by hooking a younger, millennial generation. “Everyone on Instagram seems to have a pair of these scrubs,” said Macie Lucas, 23, a physician’s assistant in State College, Pa. Ms. Lucas’ hospital actually does not allow for staff to wear Figs because they do not meet its uniform color and logo requirements, so she wears them surreptitiously to and from the operating room. Other hospitals have less rigorous standards. Catholic Health Initiatives, a healthcare system with over 12,000 employees allows its staff to wear scrubs from any manufacturer, though they do have to be in a set color that corresponds to a given occupation—ceil (light) blue for nurses, for example.

It is a “keeping up with the Joneses” sort of mentality that has led Ms. Lucas to break the rules. Though a patient would not immediately notice the difference between Figs and traditional scrubs, Ms. Lucas and her savvy peers can spot them instantly. “They have the little logo on the sleeve and pant–that little white logo, which you automatically know,” said Ms. Lucas, adding that the brand’s online marketing strategy works particularly well with her and her young colleagues. “Because Figs started online…I think that’s why we see it on the 20-year-olds.”

Tom Booth, 27, a nurse in Middletown, N.J., came to Figs after seeing a colleague in a pair of its scrubs. “They looked really good,” Mr. Booth said, and when he was urged to feel them, he found the fabric really soft in a way that promised comfort. “So I went out and got a pair and then I just kept buying them.” Rather than worry about wearing the same shirt as his co-worker, Mr. Booth actually wanted to copy him; a unique benefit for a medical apparel brand like Figs.

Figs is not alone in this space—Jaanuu is another direct-to-consumer scrubs brand that launched in 2013—but Figs’s reported growth (9,938% between 2014 and 2017) places it at the vanguard of the medical apparel space. Last year, film producer Thomas Tull (known for movies such as “The Dark Knight” and “The Hangover”) invested $65 million into the company.

Still, expansion has not come without growing pains. A scan through recent Instagram and Twitter posts revealed many customers complaining about delayed orders and a lack of communication. According to Ms. Spear, a need to switch warehouses led to a delay in fulfillment. Ms. Lucas was not among the customers who experienced the delay, though she did notice the complaints across Figs’s online community. That did not stop her from ordering a set of scrubs. They came within four days, helping her keep up with her fellow P.A.s.

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Creature Actor Javier Botet Reveals New Star Trek: Discovery Role

When Hollywood needs a tall and lanky actor willing to spend hours in a restrictive suit or makeup, there are only a handful of people casting agents can call. Star Trek: Discovery already has one of the world’s most notable creature actors Doug Jones as Saru, but apparently the show needed another for Season 2. Now, Javier Botet has been cast for a creature role in an upcoming episode.

Javier Botet explained he’s filming in Toronto for Star Trek: Discovery and that he’s currently signed on for one episode. Botet will, as usual, be in full makeup and portray an unknown creature that Star Trek viewers may be familiar with. Botet kept the identity of his character secret in a recent interview, but did give a bit of information to get folks guessing:

Javier Botet’s comment to Bloody Disgusting can be interpreted a couple of different ways, both of which revolve around his use of the word “old.” Botet could be saying that his creature is a classic villain from the original Star Trek days and that fans will recognize his character when they see him onscreen. Botet could also be saying that his creature is old in the sense that it’s part of an ancient civilization or some centuries-old being.

The latter theory could mean Javier Botet is linked to the mystery of the Red Angel. Star Trek: Discovery viewers have theorized this mysterious creature showcased in recently released footage is actually an Iconian, a Star Trek species thought to be wiped out long ago. Later Star Trek shows would appear to reveal that’s not the case, and while the creatures never appeared in a series, they were shown in a Star Trek video game.

Iconian representations in Star Trek Online show completely alien-looking creatures with tall and slender frames. Additionally, their civilization is described as “ancient,” which would explain the use of “old” by the also tall and slender Javier Botet. Iconian theories aside, the Red Angel appears to have a frame similar to that of Botet and could certainly be the creature he’s been asked to portray for Star Trek: Discovery.

It’s also entirely possible Botet is portraying a “monster of the week” type creature and his time on Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery will be short-lived. Javier Botet did say he’s only a part of one episode, although the “for now” he added on could also be a tease that there’s a chance this character could return. It could also mean Star Trek: Discovery has more creature roles for Botet in the future, as recasting an actor in a different role isn’t a huge deal when their body is almost entirely concealed by makeup.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 is expected to arrive on CBS All Access in 2019. Many shows will be premiering before that, of course, so head on over to our fall premiere guide and see what’s on the way.

Angelina Jolie Looks Totally Unrecognizable In New Movie Come Away

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Angelina Jolie on the big screen, but one of her next films has her looking unlike we’re used to seeing her. The film is called Come Away and it co-stars the actress and David Oyelowo as the parents of a pair of children who escape into their own imaginations, where they become Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. The new movie has wrapped filming and Oyelowo recently celebrated with a photo that shows how much Angelina Jolie has transformed for the role. Check it out.

Angelina Jolie usually has dark hair but we see her here as a blonde. She’s dressed all in black, which makes her skin look that much more pale by comparison. If you didn’t know Angelina Jolie was in this photo, it wouldn’t be that difficult to miss her entirely.

The fact that Angelina Jolie looks so different is likely due to the requirements of the role. Come Away deals with parents who have lost a child through some sort of traumatic accident. Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo get lost in their own despair over the loss, resulting in the child’s siblings retreating into their own fantasies.

The story is being billed as a sort of prequel to both Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland, as the children will apparently become these characters in their fantasy worlds. Whether the idea is that they become the inspirations for the books, or actually become the characters isn’t clear. David Oyelowo calls the movie a “magical” reimagining so it seems like the latter is very much a possibility. Either way, it seems the film’s darker overtones may be lightened by letting the audience escape into the fantasy the same way the children do.

We can see those children in the front of the image David Oyelowo posted to Instagram. Not everybody of note in the film is in the picture. Michael Caine and Gugu Mbatha-Raw both have roles in the film as well, though I can’t find them here.

We haven’t actually seen Angelina Jolie in a feature film since 2015’s By the Sea so Come Away, while it doesn’t have a release date at the moment, will probably be her first film on the screen in years. While Maleficent 2 was filmed first, it won’t hit theaters until 2020.

However she looks, it’s great to see Angelina Jolie getting in front of the camera again. Jolie has still been working over the last few years, but she’s been working as a producer or director more than as an actress recently. She’s also been working as a voice actress, so she’s been heard on screen and simply not seen. She was part of Kung-Fu Panda 3 in 2016 and will also be lending her voice to the upcoming The One and Only Ivan.

With Come Away now going into post-production, it will be at least several more months before we see the finished film. This certainly sounds like the sort of movie that could be a strong holiday movie, and potentially even an awards contender, so a release around this time next year is highly likely.

How Much Titans Will Explore Robin’s Past, According To Geoff Johns

The first episode of Titans has made its debut on DC Universe! Among the characters taking center stage is Dick Grayson aka Batman’s first Robin — relationship that in and of itself offers a lot of backstory to sift through. With one episode down, it stands to reason you may be curious how much Titans will explore Robin’s past. Well, executive producer Geoff Johns has revealed the answer. Speaking to CinemaBlend’s Mike Reyes at the red carpet of New York Comic Con, Johns said:

Geoff Johns’ answer is especially exciting when you consider one especially tantalizing tidbit. There will be flashbacks to Robin’s past in Titans. Why does that matter? It means that instead of solely relying on monologues to reveal the history, viewers will get to watch it unfold. There is something to be said for using that technique. Johns also hints there will be more flashbacks than people expect. So, it sounds like it will not be a sparsely-utilized thing.

Titans executive producer John Fawcett also weighed in with insight on how the series will handle Robin’s past. What Fawcett teases builds on what those have seen the trailer may be anticipating. That would be the strained relationship between Dick/Robin and Batman. Suffice it to say; the two of them are not in a great place when Titans picks. As part of Dick’s story, Titans will explore that. Fawcett said:

As previously teased, assembling the group known as Titans will be at the fore of Season 1. So, John Fawcett’s reveal follows suit, with previous hints of what the freshman installment will entail. As for Batman and Robin, Titans has a lot of ground to cover. In a promo clip from Season 1, Robin is shown meeting his replacement. This means Batman has at least moved on in the sense of finding another Robin.

As seen in the clip, that is something that clearly stings Robin 1.0. Well, that and Robin 2.0 seems to have been vested with more to do than Batman gave Dick, all of which hints at a sibling rivalry of sorts. Whatever the history that made Robin want to part ways with Batman, it is more than a “child-parent” rebellion. Actor Brenton Thwaites previously teased that fans would learn that Batman has gone a bit far when Titans picks up.

Add to that their crime-fighting past and the duo share a complicated relationship, to say the least. With Dick Grayson stepping away from Batman, there will be a lot for Titans to investigate emotionally. Fans are used to exploring Batman without Robin. How Robin is without a Batman has been a lesser explored theme.

Find out how Titans will handle it when new episodes of Season 1 premiere, Fridays on DC Universe. As of October 12, there are eleven more episodes set to debut on the new streaming platform. The superhero drama is among a vast amount of new television offerings available to stream this fall.