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Bucky Almost Rocked A Wakandan Look In Infinity War

Prior to the events of Avengers: Infinity War, Bucky Barnes was recuperating from his Hydra brainwashing in Black Panther‘s Wakanda. Bucky was one of the lucky few outsiders to ever live in Wakanda before it went public, and his time in the country almost influenced his fashion decisions. New concept art has surfaced that shows off several designs for Bucky in which he wore a Wakanda-influenced costume rather than his standard Bucky-blue gear.

People have finally gotten their hands on the art book for Avengers: Infinity War, which shows off some awesome and interesting alternate looks at character costumes, set designs, and events from the movie. Art books always offer deeper dives into the lengthy design processes, and this one showcases the hundreds of different concepts that Marvel’s design team created. Often, these designs can be wildly different from what we see on screen — like Spider-Man in a black suit or Thor with a gun.

One Redditor was kind enough to share a look at a whole page of designs for Sebastian Stan’s Bucky. For the battle in Wakanda, the former assassin ended up wearing a blue costume that was similar to his Howling Commando days, but he almost wore something inspired by the country’s culture. The images show off a few different takes on a conceptual mashup between Bucky’s Winter Soldier gear and Wakanda fashion, while also showing off alternate designs for his theatrical costume.

Overall, the Wakanda costumes are cool, and it would have been interesting to see Bucky wear them in Avengers: Infinity War. It helps tie into his reveal as White Wolf, which is a Black Panther ally/villain. Bucky is a different take on that character, but the costume would have been a nice way to show the influence his time in Wakanda had on him.

Fans really want to know if Bucky will ever get to wear the Captain America uniform. With rumors swirling that this will be Chris Evans’ last time as Steve Rogers, a new Cap will have to take over, and Bucky is one of the lead candidates for replacement. Bucky took over the mantle for a while in the comics, but then so did Falcon, so the two of them are the frontrunners. However, both characters have been tapped to lead a standalone streaming show together, who knows what’s going to happen?

There’s no confirmation that Bucky will be popping up in Avengers 4, but it’s the next most logical place we’ll see him. The blockbuster will arrive in theaters on May 3, 2019, and you can learn everything you need to know about the movie in our handy guide right here. For everything else hitting theaters next year, check out our 2019 movie release guide.

Pete Davidson Tries To End Ariana Grande Break-Up Ugliness On SNL

After a tumultuous series of events, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are no longer engaged. The break-up occurred roughly three weeks ago, but the comedian and the singer have mostly kept quiet about the well-publicized affair — until now. With the return of Saturday Night Live, Davidson finally opened up about his broken engagement to Ariana Grande.

Perhaps surprisingly, Pete Davidson didn’t have anything negative to say when addressing the highly publicized break-up on SNL. In the new episode of the live comedy series, Davidson took a moment to wish his former romantic partner well, stressing that sometimes relationships “don’t work out,” and that’s “okay.”

In a clip from the NBC series, Pete Davidson alluded to his break-up with Ariana Grande by claiming that he was paying more attention to the mid-term elections — since he “had to move back in” with his mother, implying that he was no longer living comfortably in Grande’s apartment. (Davidson quipped “she loving it” soon after this retort.)

After a series of jokes centered around the physical appearances of politicians found in the news, and a few cracks about his own looks, Pete Davidson offered some caring parting words about his broken love with Ariana Grande, and provided more of a public update.

The last thing I will say is, I know some of you are curious about the break-up [with Ariana Grande]. But the truth is, it’s nobody’s business. And sometimes, things just don’t work out. And that’s okay. She’s a wonderful, strong person, and I genuinely wish her all the happiness in the world. Now please, go vote on Tuesday.

Below, you can watch the Saturday Night Live clip with Pete Davidson addressing his fractured relationship with Ariana Grande.

Those comments go against some rumors concerning tension between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. Such rumors were re-sparked after an SNL promo for this Saturday’s episode found Davidson making light of his failed engagement by flippantly asking the musical guest, Maggie Rogers, if she wanted to get married.

When she declined his offer, Davidson sighed, saying “0 for 3,” referencing not only Grande but Davidson’s previous romantic partner, Cazzie David. (Truth be told, when I first heard this, I thought the joke implied that Davidson also unsuccessfully proposed to the show’s guest host, Jonah Hil.)

Ariana Grande didn’t take kindly to that joke, apparently. Once the promo made its way online, Ariana Grande tweeted the following response (which was later deleted), providing a snide response to the light-hearted way Pete Davidson chose to joke about their broken-off engagement.

For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh. thank u. next.

Once things between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were starting to get intense, the couple reportedly agreed to not talk about their relationship publicly, according to TMZ. So either that wasn’t actually the case, or Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande both broke their promises.

In addition to Pete Davidson’s comments on Saturday Night Live, Ariana Grande addressed the break-up with her latest song, “thank u, next,” which dropped (rather conveniently) on Saturday night. In the new song, Grande isn’t afraid to mention Pete Davidson and her other ex-boyfriend, the late Mac Miller.

You can listen to Ariana Grande’s new song, “thank u, next,” below.

Based on Ariana Grande’s new song and Pete Davidson’s comments on Saturday Night Live, it sounds like the musician and the comedian are both ready to move on and let their relationship pass. Whether that remains the case is something that will be determined in the days and weeks to come.

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The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Just Added A New Family Member Before Losing Rick Grimes

This is a bittersweet week for The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. The Daryl Dixon actor and actress Diane Kruger just welcomed their first child together. Obviously that’s joyous news for both the couple and The Walking Dead family, and it came at the perfect time — a new life entering the world just before we lose Rick Grimes.

People confirmed the birth of Norman Reedus’ baby with Inglorious Basterds star Diane Kruger. The sex, name, and exact birth date weren’t revealed, although fans think an Instagram post from Reedus hinted to a baby girl. He already has a 19-year-old son, Mingus Lucien, from his relationship with Helena Christensen. Here’s hoping Reedus names his new little one Little Ass-Kicker, in honor of Judith Grimes’ true name.

Rick Grimes is a fictional character, but he’s played by Norman Reedus’ real-life BFF, Andrew Lincoln. AMC decided to spoil Lincoln’s departure way in advance, using the opportunity to tease Lincoln’s final episodes as Rick Grimes. As the sun now stands, we don’t know how that departure will be resolved, or if Lincoln’s Papa Grimes might make a return in some fashion down the line before the series ends. But we know Sunday, Nov. 4 is meant to mark Lincoln’s goodbye.

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln both started on The Walking Dead in Season 1, and had a pact to leave the show together. That ain’t happenin’ anymore. Instead, there’s talk that Reedus may take over the lead role after Lincoln leaves, and even pick up his major salary.

That extra money should come in handy now that there’s another little mouth to feed. It’s been a while since Norman Reedus raised a baby, but this video should remind you how good his Daryl Dixon was at soothing newborn Judith Grimes:

Speaking of zombie apocalypse babies, The Walking Dead Season 9’s time jump has given us an older Judith, plus Maggie Greene-Rhee’s new baby Hershel. Andrew Lincoln is a huge loss for the AMC series and we also know Maggie actress Lauren Cohan is stepping away from TWD for her new ABC show, Whiskey Cavalier. She has left the door open for a return, and it sounds like Lincoln will also return to the Georgia set next year, although to direct and not play Rick Grimes. But losing Rick and Maggie… however it happens, and even if they come back, is a serious shake-up for a series that already feels so different from the first few seasons.

The Walking Dead taped Andrew Lincoln’s final episode as Rick Grimes several months ago, but it will be raw for viewers this week, with the effects presumably lasting a long time. We’ll have to see what the loss of Rick Grimes does for the show’s storyline and also its already lower ratings.

TWD Season 9 continues Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC. Keep up with everything worth watching in our fall TV roundup.

The Queen Reportedly Invited Meghan Markle’s Mother To Spend Christmas With The Royals

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, will have a very merry Christmas, thanks to the Queen: According to The Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth II has personally invited Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, to join the royal family for their traditional holiday celebrations in Sandringham.

According to a source, the invitation is a “mark of [the Queen’s] respect” for Meghan, who is expecting her first child with husband Prince Harry sometime in the spring. Furthermore, she likely extended the invite to Doria as Meghan has no other family in the country. (The palace declined to comment to The Daily Mail about the invitation.)

Though it might seem normal to invite in-laws over for the holidays, The Daily Mail explained, the invitation for Doria would indeed be a break with royal protocol as non-royals typically don’t spend the night at the family’s Norfolk estate. Though Kate’s parents have attended Christmas mass with the royal family before, they have never stayed at Sandringham. Instead, they typically stay at the nearby Anmer Hall.

But really, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the royal family would invite Doria over for the holidays. After all, the Windsors seemed to welcome her with open arms for Meghan and Harry’s wedding in May.

As for what the group will get up to during the holiday season, People explained, the royals are really just like us. Each year, the family kicks things off with a gift exchange. But it’s not just any exchange: Instead, the family gives the silliest, most over-the-top and inappropriate gifts possible (Kate reportedly gave Harry a plastic Grow Your Own Girlfriend kit a few Christmases ago). Next, the family heads outside for a quick game of soccer, followed by a hearty dinner, which consists of “something festive, some game, like pheasant or venison, and roasted wintery vegetables, like parsnips,” according to chef Darren McGrady, who worked for the Windsors for more than a decade.

Sure, they’ll be doing this all in a centuries-old estate, surrounded by staff and security, but hey, stars are just like us, right?

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An Exhausted James Wan Reveals Aquaman Is Finally Complete

This year, DC is releasing only one movie in the form of Aquaman. What originally began as a joke on Entourage is now a full-blown movie with James Wan in the director’s chair. Wan has been working on the film for the past two years, working hard to make a campy character serious while embracing the spirit of comic books. We won’t know if Wan accomplished his mission until December, but the director can finally rest, because he has officially finished work on the film.

A very sleepy James Wan has taken to Instagram to share that he has officially completed work on Aquaman. The superhero movie is the first solo adventure for Aquaman, who debuted last year in Justice League. Wan took a moment to thank the post-production team who worked on the VFX, sound, and editing for devoting so much time to making this film. In a movie as technically complex as Aquaman, the special effects must have been insane to put together, so one can image the effort that was put into Aquaman by hundreds of people.

Judging by all the released footage for Aquaman, you can see why Wan gave his team a shoutout. There are loads of special effects and CGI in this movie. It takes place underwater, after all, which is complicated enough to begin with. Filming underwater scenes on set must have been challenging enough, but the VFX is what ties it all together.

Hopefully, all this work and sleepless nights will pay off. It’s tough to judge the buzz around the film at the moment, but it looks like people are genuinely curious about what the movie has to offer. As far as dollars are concerned, the movie is currently projected to open to $60 million, which is in line with some Phase One Marvel movies. It’s not a record-breaker, but it’s realistic for a standalone superhero movie for a new franchise.

Aquaman is directed by James Wan and follows Arthur Curry, whose royal Atlantean ancestry makes him the rightful king of Atlantis. Arthur must juggle his royal destiny with own desires as he embarks on a quest with Mera (Amber Heard), to prevent a war between Atlantis and the surface world. The film stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Nicole Kidman.

James Wan finished his movie with time to spare. Aquaman releases in theaters on December 21. To learn more details about the superhero movie, here’s everything you need to know. The undersea epic isn’t the only thing arriving theaters this year. For everything else making its way to theaters before the year wraps, be sure to check out our 2018 movie release guide.

The First Crimes Of Grindelwald Screening Has Happened, Here Are The Early Reactions

Most of us will get to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald when it officially hits theaters on November 16. However, a lucky few fans were able to see the movie early thanks to an advance screening at Universal Studios Hollywood and their first reactions to the second flick in the Fantastic Beasts franchise are overwhelmingly positive. In fact, one person even gave Crimes Of Grindelwald a huge vote of confidence in her early review, noting,

For a more thorough explanation of why the flick works, LA Online Film Critics Society’s Scott Menzel says of the movie,

The big takeaway, however, seems to be that Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindelwald was an utterly shocking movie. So, expect the unexpected during opening weekend.

Although we know the new flick will feature backstory for characters that was originally referenced in J.K. Rowling’s popular Harry Potter series, and we’ve also seen plenty of footage from characters like Newt Scamander and even the adorable Niffler in the trailers for the movie, it seems as if there will be more to the story than fans may have guessed. In fact the #protectthesecrets hashtag the movie seems to be bandying about is teasing a big twist that may make Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald even more exciting than Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Of course, it should be noted there is added excitement around a movie when fans get to see it before almost everyone else in the world. Still, the fact that most people seem really pumped about what they saw in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald at least indicates the project isn’t a hot mess. Plus, if fans have the last word, there’s a lot to look forward to with the new movie:

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will hit theaters later this month on November 16, with some preview showings the evening before on November 15. There will be plenty of competition for the movie around the Thanksgiving holiday, so be sure to check out our full movie premiere schedule to see what else will be hitting theaters during the holidays. If you’d like to know more about The Crimes of Grindelwald ahead of the premiere, take a look at our full guide.

The Good Place Hit A Series Low In The Ratings (Why The Fork Aren’t You Watching?)

The Good Place just descended to The Worst Place in its ratings history. Season 3, Episode 7 aired Thursday, Nov. 1 and dipped to a series low rating of .7 in the advertiser-loving 18-49 demographic. Since it’s still ratings — not overall viewers — that tend to matter most in keeping network shows alive, fans of the Kristen Bell comedy may be right to worry.

Remember back in 2016 when The Good Place debuted to 8 million viewers and a 2.3 rating? Good times. That was a special day/time episode, but the first season averaged just under 5 million viewers. Season 2 averaged just under 4 million. Now, after seven episodes of Season 3, it’s looking like the season might average under 3 million. Why is this show losing one million people each year? Is Trevor stealing them all for The Bad Place?! There has definitely been a dip this year, and you can’t blame it all on sports. (But the more we can blame on football, the better. #sorrynotsorry)

Granted, as TVLine noted, the Nov. 1 episode’s 2.73 million total viewers actually marked a four-week high (although not by much). It’s also worth noting that The Good Place airs in a very competitive timeslot. It shares its 8:30 to 9 p.m. time with Young Sheldon, which is currently airing Season 2 on CBS. That comedy is doing a lot better across the board — with 11 million viewers and a 1.7 rating. It helps to follow The Big Bang Theory, while The Good Place follows Superstore. (Still love you, Superstore, but your 3.2 million viewers and .9 rating aren’t helping too much.)

There’s also Grey’s Anatomy over on ABC. Even after 15 seasons, Grey’s is still popular, picking up nearly 7 million viewers and a 1.6 rating across its 8-9 p.m. timeslot.

And you have to give some blame to The Good Place itself. The show is still forking brilliant, and both Episode 5’s “Jeremy Bearimy” and the Jason-centric October 25 episode “The Ballad of Donkey Doug” were filled with that perfect mix of humor and heart. You never know when another big twist is going to turn this show on its head. But … it doesn’t feel like Must Watch Live TV. At least, maybe not until the finale when fans may expect another mind-blower.

So that’s probably why it does decent business on DVR with Season 3 adding about two million viewers each week through that delayed viewing. (Full disclosure: I am one of the DVR viewers. Feel free to punish me with my own house filled with hideous clown art.) The Good Place is also popular via streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, which also offer delayed viewing.

All this isn’t to say there won’t be more of The Good Place after Season 3. NBC could still give us more — if the writers, producers, and cast have more to give for Season 4. But we know Kristen Bell, for one, is very busy — with her new Veronica Mars revival coming to Hulu, plus more Frozen on the way.

For now, fans can support The Good Place by watching Season 3 as it continues Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on NBC. And check out everything playing in our fall TV schedule.

Pete Davidson Opened Up About His Breakup With Ariana Grande on ‘SNL’

Saturday night was a big night for Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson fans. First, Grande dropped a new single titled, thank u, next that namechecks all her exes. And, at the exact same time, Davidson took to the Weekend Update news desk at SNL to address the breakup once more.

Throughout this season of SNL, Davidson has been rather vocal about his whirlwind romance with Grande. Just a few short weeks ago while making an appearance on “Weekend Update,” Davidson shared with co-hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che that the entire thing felt like a dream come true. “Do you remember when that whole city pretended that kid was Batman because he was, like, sick? That’s what this feels like.” he joked.

And earlier this week, Davidson poked a bit of fun at himself during a promo for the show. In it, Davidson turned to this week’s musical guest Maggie Rogers and asked, “Hey Maggie, I’m Pete. Do you wanna get married?” She promptly replied, “no.” Davidson huffed before adding that he was “zero for three.” (Grande didn’t exactly seem happy about this.)

Though many people might have been dreading some awkward jokes about the breakup on Saturday night’s “Weekend Update”, that’s not what happened. Instead, Davidson came on to review—and laugh at—a few candidates running for office around the country. But, just before ending his segment, Davidson took about 20 seconds to address the breakup elephant in the room.

“The last thing I will say is I know some of you are curious about the breakup, but the truth is it’s nobody’s business,” Davidson said. “Sometimes things just don’t work out, and that’s okay. She’s a wonderful, strong person, and I genuinely wish her all the happiness in the world.” Before going off screen Davidson added, “It’s a good song,” though it remains unclear if he’s talking about Grande’s latest single—dropped right as the episode aired—or her previous song, Pete Davidson.

Now, hopefully, these two — and the entire world — can start moving on with their lives.

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Is Avengers 4’s First Trailer Coming This Month?

Last year, Marvel fans were going crazy in the wait for the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. Now destiny has repeated itself with the trailer for Avengers 4. Fans are clamoring to find out the date the trailer will release, and there are no shortage of rumors regarding when that will be. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has said that it will release this year, but now one Marvel fan site claims to have narrowed down the release window to later this month.

According to MCU Cosmic, the trailer for Avengers 4 (which may be called Avengers: Annihilation) will release before the end of November. The site doesn’t claim to know an exact date to expect the trailer, but it does lay down some ideas. The Infinity War trailer released on November 29, 2017, so a similar target area could be in store for Avengers 4, should Disney stick to a similar release schedule. The trailer will likely debut online first (which is often the case these days), or it will premiere on TV during Good Morning America or a football game.

For those who may not know, Disney owns ABC, the channel that airs Good Morning America, and the studio has used the morning news show to debut footage or new details for its movies. For example, the Captain Marvel trailer premiered on Good Morning America, so it’s not farfetched to say the same could happen with Avengers 4.

MCU Cosmic goes on to say that it has heard from “reliable sources” there’s a high likelihood that the trailer will debut during a football game between November 26 and December 2. Previously, Star Wars trailers have debuted during football games — giving huge ratings boosts to the games. There are no more Star Wars movies until next year, so there’s reason to believe that the NFL would want that Avengers 4 trailer.

My advice would be to take any rumor about Avengers 4 with a healthy dosage of salt. A lot of people on the internet are claiming to have the inside scoop, and while this site has logical reasoning behind its claims, none of it is confirmed. So, we’ll have to keep waiting until Marvel or the Russo Brothers finally take pity on us poor souls and drop that freakin’ trailer already.

There’s no release date for a trailer, but I can tell you when Avengers 4 will come out! The highly anticipated blockbuster will premiere on May 3, 2019 (though, there are rumors that’s not even the release date anymore). To learn everything you can until then, here’s what you need to know about Avengers 4. For everything else coming down the Marvel pipeline, here’s our Marvel movie release guide.

9 TV Shows and Movies to Watch the Week of November 4, 2018

November is officially here, so get ready for a slew of holiday-themed TV shows and movies to hit your queues, theaters, and basic cable. This week is light on Christmas-centric content, but there are still a few things premiering to get you into the holiday spirit. Oh, and Outlander season four is here!

Below, nine things to earmark for this week:

Outlander: Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) have made it to the American colonies, but they’re not out of the woods yet. Tune in to see what happens during the season four opener of this hit Starz show. 8 P.M. ET on Starz

2018 MTV Europe Music Awards: Hailee Steinfeld is hosting this year’s awards, which features performances from Nicki Minaj, Janet Jackson, and Halsey, among others. 7 P.M. ET on MTV

The Reckoning: Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secret: From director Barry Avrich comes this gripping documentary about the sexual assault reckoning currently happening in Hollywood. Available on demand

Christmas Cookie Challenge: Because what better way to kick off the holiday season than with some baking inspiration? 10 P.M. ET on Food

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: The ninth season of RHONJ will certainly be dramatic; we’re already shaking at the tension between Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider. 9 P.M. ET on Bravo

It’s Britney, Bitch!: From pop experts Bradley Stern and T. Kyle MacMahon comes this new Britney Spears-centric podcast, each episode celebrating a year in the pop star’s illustrious career. The first nine installments are available now. New episodes are available every Wednesday. Podcast available on Spotify and iTunes

The Cry: A four-part British psychological thriller about a child abduction and its repercussions, based on the bestselling novel by Helen FitzGerald. Streaming on Sundance Now

Westside: The Hills meets A Star Is Born in new Netflix reality series about nine aspiring singers chasing their aspirations of stardom. Streaming on Netflix

It’s Christmas, Eve: Read the full official synopsis, below. 8 P.M. ET on Hallmark

“As interim school superintendent, Eve (LeAnn Rimes) trims budgets,and now she’s in her hometown where it’s personal. Her handsomeneighbor Liam (Tyler Hines) is a music teacher, and Eve feels hisprogram must be cut. But luckily her friend is married to an IT guy,who’s created a website for donations directly to save the artsprogram. Launched during the tree-lighting ceremony where Liam’sstudents will perform, the website could provide the Christmas miraclethe town needs. Already the universe is cooperating. Eve is back homeand she, Liam, and his daughter look like they might be celebratingmany a future Christmas.”

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