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Walt Disney World’s Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance Reportedly Evacuated On Opening Day

Yesterday was a very big day at Walt Disney World as the newest attraction at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Rise of the Resistance, finally opened to the public. It was a wild day by all accounts. Walt Disney World used a virtual queue system for the new ride which was filled up for the day within only a couple hours, and based on most reactions, the ride itself is truly something special.

But, of course, these attractions are massive undertakings with a lot of moving parts, and you can never really know how they’ll hold up under the stress of a full day of functionality until that day comes. For the most part, it seems Rise of the Resistance held up well, but there were some issues, including a ride evacuation.

It seems the breakdown happened about 7:30 in the morning yesterday. Something happened that stopped the ride and the ride was cleared. Everybody who was pulled off the ride was given a pass to return later, and about an hour later Theme Park Express reported that people were reentering the attraction.

There were no other significant stops to the attraction on day one, and so in all honesty, this feels pretty close to a best case scenario. Rise stoppages happen, they suck, but this one looks to have been handled efficiently and it was only a minor problem.

Considering just how massive Rise of the Resistance actually is and how much is going on it’s honestly more than a bit shocking that the first day jitters weren’t a bit worse. Hell, Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is still dealing with semi-regular downtime problems several months after opening, also bees.

The bigger issue with Rise of the Resistance may be that it’s too popular. Reports are that virtual queue boarding passes for Rise were gone within only a couple of hours again this morning, and that the park opened early, but wasn’t publicly advertised to be opening early. This means that a lot of people who may have planned vacations around the new attraction may be missing out. Even those willing to stand in line for hours simply don’t have that option.

If nothing else, it seems that anybody who thought that not enough people were interested in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge may have to reevaluate their position. While it’s hard to tell just how long crowds will be like this, what seems clear is that if crowds were small during the land’s initial opening, it may very well have been because those planning big vacations to Walt Disney World decided to hold off and wait for the entire land to be complete, which was one of the reasons suggested for the early lax attendance.

Disneyland is likely taking notes. Rise of the Resistance will open there next month, and we’ll likely see a repeat of what’s going on at Disney’s Hollywood Studios there.

Here’s Your First Glimpse of Lizzie McGuire and Ethan Craft on Screen Together

Hilary Duff and her old friends at Lizzie McGuire have been hard at work filming the beloved early aughts show’s reboot for the Disney Plus streaming platform.

But the actor/singer took some time out to meet up with Lizzie McGuire super fan Meghan Trainor to quiz her about some important facts about the show—and surprise her with everybody’s favorite crush, Ethan Craft. Well, actually the actor who played him, Clayton Snyder, but you know what we mean. He even brought out a plate of Ethan’s favorite dish: spaghetti.

Meghan, Meghan, Meghan. I hope your day is proceeding with fineness,” he says in the video by Billboard. “And if it wasn’t, here’s a plate of the best food in the world, spaghetti.” To say Trainor was surprised and thrilled would be a massive understatement. “Oh my God. It’s Hot Ethan,” she says, blushing and clutching her backpack tightly. “You’re so handsome still. You guys aged so well. You look like Hercules!”

Trainor did pretty well for herself on the quiz, as she and Duff reminisced about The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Duff said she rewatched it recently with her 7-year-old son, Luca. “I actually watched it over the weekend with my son, because I hadn’t seen it since the premiere,” she said. “That was a very big portion of my life and I was like, ‘I’m good for a minute.’”

“[Luca] was in and out, but my future husband [Matthew Koma], he loved it the most,” she continued. “I was like, ‘You’re such a nerd!’”

While we don’t have an exact release date for the Lizzie McGuire reboot yet, we do know that it will pick up with Lizzie’s life as she’s living in Brooklyn and about to turn 30.

“She’s older, she’s wiser, she has a much bigger shoe budget, which is super exciting. She has her dream job. She has kind of the perfect life right now,” Duff has said.

Teyana Taylor Is Rich In Heart-Dollars On ‘We Got Love’

Need a feel-good message to uplift you today? Teyana Taylor‘s got you covered with “We Got Love,” a bright and cheery new single that she performed with Kanye West on Saturday Night Live last year. Fans have been waiting a long time for this, so it’s great to have it out during the holiday season when it’s cold and you don’t really want to leave the house. Taylor’s taken it up herself to let you know, personally, that love is the greatest currency in the world.

“We Got Love” is warm, lovely, and the best natural sweetener that you can find today for your morning cup of coffee. The song is equal parts reflective and encouraging as she talks a bit about why her life is so great while also telling listeners how their’s can be too. She’s head-over-heels in love with her husband, NBA player Iman Shumpert, and explores why their marriage is so spectacular, taking it a few years back to tell fans about the birth of their daughter in 2015. “I gave birth on the bathroom floor/Just me, Iman, and headphone cords,” she sings.

It’s the hand-raising chorus that really wins you over though. With three lines, everything just feels better. Especially if you’re surrounded by people that you know and love, exchanging smiles, laughing and having a good time. “Love is the new money/I’m just chillin’ with the homies/Home is where the heart is,” she cheerfully carols.

“We Got Love” was supposed to appear on her 2018 album K.T.S.E. but was cut because of sample clearance issues. In November, she released a seriously sexy video for “Morning” with Kehlani.

Listen to Taylor’s extremely happy new tune, “We Got Love” up above.

Camila Cabello Belted Out Billie Eilish’s ‘Evil Young Boy’

Camila Cabello tackled one of Billie Eilish’s biggest hits on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Everyone knows “bad guy,” right? It’s impossible to ignore, as it’s basically taken over the radio in the past few months. But did you know there was a secret remix floating around that has totally different lyrics? Oh, yes. It’s by Google Translate, a rising star you may have heard of.

Kidding of course, but you may not have known that running a song that’s already in English through the automatic translation machine that is Google Translate will result in some hilarious lyrics. Basically, it works to find synonyms of each word since there isn’t another language to draw from. It’s a common internet pastime to run English phrases through the translator tool and giggle over the nonsensical lines it comes up with.

Jimmy Fallon had Camila Cabello tackle a translated track with Billie’s “bad guy,” which turned into a hilarious shell of its former self. The lyrics really have to be seen to be believed.

Some of the “translated” lines now include “Comfort, Demi’s nose wears a shirt” instead of “White shirt now red, my bloody nose.” But one of the best lines might be the switch from “Think you’re so criminal” to “What if you did some crimes?” What if?

It’s really hard to choose the funniest lyric of all, especially when “Your mom gets kind of weird” replaces “Make your mama sad type.” Mom, stop being so weird!

The pair explored additional Google Translated songs, with Jimmy taking on Smash Mouth’s “All Star” in the form of the side-splitting “Hot Ball.”

“Hey now, you’re an all-star,” was transformed into “Ahoy, you’re the hot ball.” Those lyrics kind of slap, TBH. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be singing the “new and improved “bad guy.” Ghosts!

Taylor Swift’s New Music Video for ‘Christmas Tree Farm’ Is Filled With So Many Adorable Home Videos

Taylor Swift surprised fans this week by releasing a brand new song and music video—and a Christmas-themed one, at that.

On Thursday, Swift posted about the new music with a video asking her cats—Olivia, Meredith, and Benjamin—if she should drop the single she’d just written, instead of waiting a whole year for Christmas 2020. “When in doubt, ask the itty bitty pretty kitty committee. When they shun you with silence, ambivalence, and judgmental brush offs… just put the song out anyway. NEW XMAS SONG AND VIDEO (made from home videos 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦) OUT TONIGHT #ChristmasTreeFarm 🌲🎄🌲🎄🌲🎄🌲🎄🌲🎄🌲🎄🌲,” she wrote.

The singer also dropped a brand new music video for the song “Christmas Tree Farm,” which features a ton of adorable home video footage of Swift as a little girl with her parents and little brother, Austin. As her fans know, she did grow up on actual Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania before moving to Nashville to begin her music career, and you can see the magical spot in the video. “I actually did grow up on a Christmas tree farm. In a gingerbread house, deep within the yummy gummy gumdrop forest,” she tweeted. “Where, funnily enough, this song is their national anthem. #ChristmasTreeFarm song and video out now .”

How cute is she? I love seeing her open up what might just be her first guitar, knowing what we know now about where that gift led. The song is lovely, too though not Swift’s first foray into holiday music. In 2007, she released the album Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection, which included covers of songs like “Last Christmas” and “Santa Baby.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Taylor Swift release if her fans didn’t go deep diving for Easter eggs and clues about future projects. One fan drew attention to one of the home video’s dates. “Uhm… guys. Look at the date. November 23 1989. Taylor wasn’t born yet. 8 days until the end of the month and then 13 days later she was born… 8… 13. TS8 is coming #ChristmasTreeFarm @taylorswift13 @taylornation13,” they wrote.

Admittedly, that’s a bit of a stretch—but we do know Swift likes to hide clues in her songs and videos, so nothing is totally off the table.

Lea Michele’s Christmas Movie Has Left Me With Many Questions

Warning: Light spoilers ahead.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Lea Michele’s holiday-themed romantic comedy, Same Time, Next Christmas, since I watched it last night. It’s your typical, delightful rom-com: An architect, Olivia Anderson (Lea Michele), heads to Hawaii for the holidays, where her family and another family, the Williamses, travel every year for Christmas. For context: Over the years she’s formed a friendship with the Williams’s son, Jeff. But after the Williams matriarch passed away, they stopped going to Hawaii with the Andersons.

Cut to the present day: Olivia is back in Hawaii, and so is the Williams family—including a very hot, very grown-up Jeff (played by Charles Michael Davis). Sparks fly, naturally, but there’s an issue: Olivia has a boyfriend back at home, Gregg (Bryan Greenberg), who surprises her on the trip. A love triangle of sorts unfolds with—spoiler alert—Jeff winning out in the end. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out how this specifically unfolds, but, in my opinion, there was no contest. Jeff is beefy and goofy and was down to go cliff-diving with Olivia. Gregg, meanwhile, would rather run laps than lay on the beach and didn’t want to pack a picnic for his hike with Olivia because he had protein bars. He was hilariously, dramatically un-fun.

“On paper Gregg and Olivia are a great match, but in reality there’s something missing,” Greenberg tells Glamour. “He conflates business with love. He’s looking more for a business partner than a mate. He doesn’t really understand the difference between the two, which in a romantic comedy doesn’t go over well, as you might guess.”

Part of the reason why I couldn’t get enough of Same Time, Next Christmas was that the right choices were just so obvious. Watching Olivia toggle back and forth between Jeff and Gregg felt a lot like watching a scream queen make poor decisions in a horror movie. I shouted at my screen many times while watching Same Time, Next Christmas. It was an absolute blast.

Liam Payne’s Debut Solo Album Is All Moody Ballads And Bedroom Bops: Listen

The wait is over, Liam Payne fans! More than two years after launching his solo career with “Strip That Down,” Payne-o has released his hotly anticipated debut solo album.

The succinctly titled LP1 arrived on Friday (December 6), filled with a mix of vulnerable ballads and bedroom bops. Most of the singles he’s released since 2017 are accounted for, including “Bedroom Floor,” “Familiar” featuring J Balvin, “Stack It Up” featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, the wintry ballad “All I Want (For Christmas),” and his 50 Shades Freed collab with Rita Ora, “For You.” All in all, about half of the tracks are ones he’s already dropped, but it’s the brand spankin’ new ones that demand your fullest attention.

Of the previously unreleased tracks, highlights include the Ryan Tedder-produced “Say It All” and the super sexual “Rude Hours.” The Cheat Codes-featuring “Live Forever” is another highlight, and appears to be Payne’s next single; he’ll be releasing a video for the track later today.

Those bangers aside, the 26-year-old gets confessional on cuts like the moody “Weekend,” which he recently told USA Today is “the most personal” song on the album. On it, he wonders whether he’ll “die on the weekend” after some crazy nights out. “It kind of outlines my struggle with mental health and different things that I had [experienced] living my life the way I used to,” he explained. “It’s probably something I’ll never talk about fully, but there are a couple situations for me that I highlight in that.”

One person who’s definitely got LP1 on repeat today is Payne’s former One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson, who sent a “MASSIVE” shout-out to his bud on Thursday. “Congrats mate,” he tweeted. “Cant wait to hear!” Gotta love a supportive friendship.

Stream LP1 in its entirety below, and check out Payne’s recent VOL.UME cover story for MTV News, in which he discusses mental health, fatherhood, and much more.

Camila Cabello’s Romance Features Shawn References, A Wedding Song, And DaBaby

Welcome to Camila Cabello‘s world of Romance. After months of anticipation, several steamy live performances, and one very high-profile relationship gone public, the singer’s second solo album is here. And Camilizers are definitely feeling the love tonight.

Romance is an album fueled by passion, which you probably already knew from the half-dozen advance singles. “Shameless” opens the album with a red-hot intensity, “Living Proof” flaunts Cabello’s falsetto, and “Cry For Me” stands out as a dramatic breakup banger on an album packed with heartfelt love songs. Of the new tunes, the DaBaby-featuring “My Oh My,” on which Cabello falls for a bad boy, is a definite highlight. Then, of course, there’s everyone’s favorite smash summer duet, “Señorita,” featuring the singer’s real-life boyfriend, Shawn Mendes.

Mendes’s presence can certainly be felt all over Romance, especially on some of the previously unheard tracks. “Used To This,” produced by Billie Eilish’s brother and collaborator, FINNEAS, is perhaps the most overt nod to Cabello’s beau. “Oh, I’ve known you forever / Now I know you better,” she sings, adding, “Seventeen when we started to fall, but we lost it all.” The couple, of course, had been friends since they were teenagers before taking their relationship to the next level this past summer. In July, the two were spotted kissing in San Francisco, a city that Cabello not-so-subtly mentions in the new song: “No, I never liked San Francisco … Till you kissed me there.”

Immediately following “Used To This” is the album closer “First Man,” which may be Cabello’s biggest and weepiest love song. On it, she calls her father “the first man that really loved me” and sings to him about how her new man just might be “the one.” It finishes with her envisioning her dad walking down the aisle, so yep, this one’s a major tearjerker. (And maybe a sign of rings — er, things — to come in Camila and Shawn’s future?!)

Stream Romance in its entirety below, and soak up all those lovey-dovey vibes.

Halsey Falls For A ‘Beautiful Stranger’ And Reunites With Suga On Her Two New Songs

As promised, Halsey has shared two new songs from her upcoming third album, Manic, and they could not be more different. Don’t say she didn’t warn ya.

The first, “Finally // beautiful stranger,” is a country-tinged, guitar-led love song that starts off sounding a bit like Lady Gaga’s “You and I.” It arrived alongside a video that stars Halsey performing onstage in two very opposite settings. In one, she’s singing in a dark, empty bar, and in the other, she’s all done up and bedazzled in a brightly lit room, putting on what could be seen as a forced smile. As with most of Halsey’s videos, you can bet there’s a hidden meaning behind the juxtaposition. Press play below to interpret it for yourself.

Halsey’s other new release, “Suga’s Interlude,” features BTS member Suga, and is two minutes of musically minimalist introspection. Halsey seems torn between two worlds as she sings, “I wonder what’s in store / If I don’t love it anymore / Stuck between the having it all and giving it up.” Her collaboration with the South Korean rapper comes after she guested on the BTS bop “Boy With Luv” earlier this year.

Halsey first announced the two new songs on Wednesday, warning fans that they are “two very different songs. Two very dreamy stories.” The 25-year-old also generously unveiled the full Manic tracklist, which spans 16 songs, including the previously released “Without Me,” “Graveyard,” and “Clementine.” Along with Suga, the album appears to include features from singer Dominic Fike (“Dominic’s Interlude”) and living legend Alanis Morissette (“Alanis’ Interlude”).

Manic, the follow-up to 2017’s hopeless fountain kingdom, arrives on January 17, 2020. See the tracklist in the post below, and check out Halsey’s two new songs up top.

Niall Horan Is In Total Post-Breakup Mourning On ‘Put A Little Love On Me’

After reintroducing himself with “Nice To Meet Ya,” Niall Horan is back with the second taste of his upcoming sophomore album.

On Friday (December 6), Horan released “Put A Little Love On Me,” which is a far cry from his rock-fueled, Arctic Monkeys-esque lead single. Notably, the wintry gem reunites Horan with producer Greg Kurstin, who worked on the Flicker ballads “This Town” and “Too Much to Ask.” Like those two tracks, “Put A Little” finds the Irishman going full-on balladeer as he reflects on the remnants of a shattering relationship. “When the lights come up and there’s no shadows dancing / I look around as my heart is collapsing,” he sings over a gentle piano medley. “Because you’re the only one I need / So put a little love on me.” In the accompanying video, he sings at the piano while a woman in a red dress (who, it must be said, bears a strong resemblance to his ex Hailee Steinfeld) dances around him.

Horan announced “Put A Little Love On Me” earlier this week by sharing a phone number that, when called, lets fans hear a voice memo of him writing the song. He added that the ballad is “one of my favorite songs I’ve written and a song very special to me.”

The 26-year-old further said in an interview with The Sun, “It wouldn’t be my album if it didn’t have a sad, sad, sad ballad on it. … I’d just gone through a breakup and it was all very real. It was very easy to sit down at the piano and speak and see what happens.”

Horan also revealed that he had only one request when approaching Kurstin, who previously worked with Adele on the breakup hits “Hello” and “Water Under the Bridge.” Horan recalled, “When I gave him this song and asked him to produce it, I said, ‘Adele the shit out of this.'”

Mission accomplished, Niall — you’ve managed to completely tug at our heartstrings with this one.