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A Game Of Thrones Star Really Wants To Play Harry Potter

It seems that everybody who grew up reading the Harry Potter books dreamed of being the boy wizard at one time or another. Everybody, in this case, includes one star of Game of Thrones. Kit Harrington recently completed filming on the final season of the hit show, making him a major part of the history of one popular fantasy franchise, but the actor recently admitted that he always wanted to be part of a different one. According to Harrington…

It’s entirely possible that after eight films and countless performances, Kit Harrington is one of the few U.K. based actors on the entire island that didn’t have at least a small role in a Harry Potter film. It seems like eventually, everybody got their chance, but Harrington was an exception. The actor still wishes he’d had a chance to at least be in a Harry Potter movie, though the actor tells Entertainment Weekly he really wishes he could have played the lead. Kit Harrington is three years older than Daniel Radcliffe, which, back when the first Harry Potter movie was underway, might have been enough to make him too old to play the role, which is unfortunate.

Today, however, maybe Kit Harrington could have another shot. If we were to see Harry Potter on the big screen again it would likely be in an adaptation of the stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. That story would require a fully grown adult Harry Potter and so there’s still a chance something could work out. At the very least, the odds of appearing in such a film would be much higher now, since Harrington is famous thanks to Game of Thrones.

It’s probably the only way Harrington will actually be able to play Harry Potter himself. The franchise reboot will certainly happen one day, but then the actor will be far too old to play the part.

There’s also the possibility for a future role in a Fantastic Beasts movie, which, depending on how you define it, would count as a Harry Potter movie. There are expected to be three more of them after Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald comes out this November, so there are several more opportunities for Harrington to find a place in the Wizarding World, and now that his responsibilities to Game of Thrones are done, he’d be free to take one if it came his way. Odds are that we’ll see that series of films finish up before we get any other films that might see the return of Harry Potter himself, though it seems clear that movies set in that world will certainly continue as long as the audience keeps going to see them.

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